Anime: Togainu no Chi
Rating: K+
Warnings: None I suppose?
Pairings: None. Well, kinda. Unless you wanna imagine it's ShikiXNano, then go ahead. xD
Disclaimer: Obviously don't own TnC.
Notes: Akira does not appear in this story. Only Shiki and Nano. Honestly I prefer them as a couple over Shiki and Akira. That couple is so overrated it makes me wanna throw up. Inspired by the last portion of episode 10, where an implied Shiki vs Nano fight will begin in episode 11. I think this will be the first fanfic here where Akira is not in the story with Shiki. If you're looking for ShikiAkira go somewhere else, cause I loathe that couple...

I can never forget the first time I saw him.

The man with the purple eyes.

When he first looked at me, everything else around me disappeared. There were no corpses, there were no trees, all I saw was...


And I never saw him again after that, but I wanted to. I needed to. I needed to confront that man head on. He continued to stay in my mind. It was all I could think about sometimes...

But now with the Igura set up, I have the opportunity to face him. He's here in my city. He is mine.

But... even with the Igura set up... even if I knew this city like the back of my hand... even if I knew exactly where he was, somehow... he wasn't. Just when I thought I finally found him, when I finally got a hold of him, he is out of my grasp and disappears just as quickly. Numerous times. It has grown repetitive. Almost as if he was mocking me, as if it were a game to him. I began to get frustrated. I began to think perhaps he was just an illusion, a figment of my imagination. Maybe I really didn't see him in the battlefield. Maybe I was so frightened my mind made me see things that were not there. Maybe this whole Igura thing was in vain. Maybe he is my imagination running amok in Igura. Maybe those supposed 'traces' of him he left behind were pure coincidence. There is no Nichole Premier, there is no purple eyed man, there is nothing...

...Luckily I had better judgment. He was here, I was sure of it now. He was as real as I. He is obtainable. He isn't a ghost. He is mine.

Bitter night has fallen in Toshima. As cold of a night as always, but unusually colder. The executioners are not prowling around at this time, which is better for me. I've tracked down Nichole Premier to the highest building on the far west side of Toshima. I've noticed he seems to go there often, although in no particular pattern. I approached the building and looked up, trying to get a glimpse of what seemed to be a person standing on the rooftop. I immediately run inside the building and make my way towards the top. I get to the rooftop and see the person I've been searching for. I take one step forward. The man immediately looks slightly my way. He is literally a couple feet away from me. This was not the first time I've had him within my reach, but each time he is it feels just like the first time I saw him. I'm trying to asses on what I should do. He could just jump off the rooftop and I would have lost him again. Then it'll take hours, sometimes even days for me to track him down again. Unfortunately, excitement and impatience gets the best of me and I quickly charge to him, thinking in two seconds he will be in my grasp. I keep forgetting he is not a normal human I can just seize and defeat in two seconds. By the time I realize this he has vanished, almost into thin air. He leaves me by myself on the rooftop.

I am left alone.

I am left with nothing.

But more daunting memories.

[[Pretty god damn short. It was all I could think of. o_o Sometimes things are better short. Feedback would be appreciated. Cuz I know theres tons of room for improvement.]]