The night air was cool and slightly crisp as Sebastian led his master to his room, about to put the young earl to bed. The small child was swaying slightly as he walked, having stayed up later than he had originally intended due to a large amount of paper-work that he'd had to complete. Once inside the room, the smaller of the two males sat down on his bed, looking up as he waited for the butler to undress him, ready for sleep.

The demon went on as usual, starting to undress his young master slowly, taking care not to remove the clothing too roughly. "Sebastian..." The dark haired demon looked up at the sound of his master's voice, a very slight smile upon his face. "Hurry up..."

"Of course, young master, I apologise for taking so long..." the butler chuckled a little, very lightly. It was so laughable at how, during the day, the Earl looked so fierce, but yet during the night when he was so very tired like now, he looked so very vulnerable. A person could almost compare him to a highly stung pup, aggressive when it had the energy, but adorable when it did not.

A small weight against him made the demon pull away from his thoughts. The younger had fallen asleep, his body falling forwards onto Sebastian's. "Young master..." The demon said gently, placing his hands onto the smallers shoulders gently, pulling him off him gently, not wanting to wake him. Whilst the young earl was sleeping, Sebastian let his eyes roam over his small face. He looked almost like a doll. His skin pale, as if he would shatter when he was touched. His attitude was definitely far from what a person would perceive as a 'doll like attitude', yet his appearance whilst like this at lease, would lead a person to think that was how he was.

Gently, softly, the dark haired demon lifted the younger up, moving to place him down into his bed. Whilst he was doing so, Ciel started to stir slightly, his eyes opening a little to look up to his butler. "Sebas...tian. What..." He asked, his voice giving away just how tired he actually was. The demon chuckled softly, placing the younger into the bed. "I was merely moving you into the bed young master...after all, we don't want you to end up catching a cold because you fell asleep outside of it do we..?" He gave Ciel a smile.

"I'm not that tired..." The blue haired male mumbled before giving a yawn, his eyelids starting to droop as he settled into the bed, his hair falling lightly over his face as he turned his head a little into the pillow. "Sebastian..." He mumbled once again, his voice faint as he started to slip off into sleep once again. "Yes, my lord..?" The demon replied, continuing to watch the young earl. "Stay. Until I'm 'sleep..." He yawned again, his eyes closed at this point. "Of course..." He replied, with a soft whisper. That order would be soon completed with how Ciel was at the moment. Sebastian sat upon the edge of the bed, looking down at his master. How he couldn't help but to watch him. His anger, hatred. And yet, this was the most enjoyable thing to watch, when his young lord was a fragile as a doll. Leaning towards him, he gently brushed his hair out of his face, leaving a small kiss upon the young boys forehead.

He'd remain there until morning, just watching his master, waiting until the time came that he had to wake him up from this almost blissful looking state. Until then, at least, he would remain a pale, fragile, doll.