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Warnings: YAOI(SasuNaru), BDD!Naruto, foul language, sexual material (oral, anal), first POV (both Sasuke and Naruto), no cross-dressing. Not yet proof-read.

Summary: Sasuke sees, but Naruto is blind to true beauty. His eyes are blue, but they look brown and there is too much make-up for Sasuke to realise that his want is truly a need. NO CROSS-DRESSING. BDD!Naruto

Inspiration: Nils Bech and Dean Martin.

A/N:This is the prologue of a small three-shot. Naruto isn't blind, but it is a metaphor (things will get clearer after the prologue). For any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Please take notice that this is another of my experiments with writing style (as in: I've never written in first POV before).


Written by Venerate

Prologue: Sway


I watch him.

There is nothing more, nothing less.

I watch him.

He can't see me, but I can see him. His eyes are ice blue, crystal clear and steely with determination and strength. They are unseeing. He can't see me, but I watch him and I see him. I want him. I want his blind eyes on me, seeing the arctic colour on me and no one else. I want him – to hold him, hit him, kiss him, fuck him. I want him to be mine, to belong to me fully.

I follow him.

There is nothing more, nothing less.

I follow him.

To his house, where I see him eat dinner with his parents. He doesn't see me, doesn't notice me. To school, where we have the same classes. His friends have noticed, but they have deemed me harmless. For I am, to him. Harmless, because I don't want to hurt him. Not now, not tomorrow, not later. I want him beside me, under me, above me – unseeing and warm. I follow him.

I hear him.

There is nothing more, nothing less.

I hear him.

His voice is loud. His tone is always brash and eager, wanting to be seen and heard. I believe that he has long ago forgotten that other people can see him. Forgotten what it is like to see, to be seen. I wonder, does he think that he still looks like before? Short, scrawny, childish. Not anymore, I want to say to him. I want to hear him whisper in my ear, quietly for only me, that he knows what he looks like.

(I don't think he knows how attractive he is.)

I want him.

There is something more, something more.

I want him.

There is so much more than want. There is a need, but hush! There is no such thing as needs within the Uchiha walls. Homeschooled, taught to fend for yourself and make your own path. Belief – believe in yourself, they say, and I listened. I still listen as my father speaks – 'you shall not need', 'you shall not depend on others' and God forbid 'you shall not expose yourself' – and I hear nothing but rules that we are all to follow.

I am not one for needs. I am in need for no one and nothing. I have everything; I am not taught how to need. I have money, I have a family, I have a home, I have love and education. I don't need anything or any one.

I want him.


Blue eyes turn brown.

It is an early morning process, a routine and habit. I know nothing else but to get up five minutes to five in early morning, when the birds are still asleep and the sun has yet to show up. I wake then, ready to become–



My eyes are red after a day with contacts, but they are never removed within the presence of someone else. In my dorm room, alone, I take them out and swear loudly over the rumble coming from my stomach.

No dinner. It isn't paid by the school. The cost of it is visible on my ribcage, bones poking gently against the insides of bronze skin. It's not bronze enough, I need to buy more tanning lotion, oh, but I'm really hungry.

There is no dinner for me tonight (tomorrow, the day after tomorrow), because I need tanning lotion and more foundation to hide my scars. More foundation with the shade called sienna, to create a perfect face.

I need it, there are too many…


I write letters to my parents, oh dear father, oh sweetest mother! I need money for food. Please, please, I need food.

There is always a thick envelope waiting for me the next week, green money within. Oh, but I needn't food. I am in such dire need for perfection.

Perfection isn't free.

Oh dear father and oh sweetest mother won't give me more food-money if I don't start working. Working, working – do they not know how stressful that would be? Stress, a word that shouldn't be present in a world of perfection. Stress makes wrinkles and I want to throw up.

Two hours. Shower, shaving, make-up, hair styling, choosing clothes. Two hours.

It takes two hours to become the acceptable, cheery person that I need to be.

(Or they might see my flaws!)

"Ne, Naruto… I've heard rumours."

I freeze – do they know? Do they know how I make money for my make-up, my designer clothes? Do they know that I'm dirty?

"Sasuke-kun likes you!"

Sputtering (liars, those lying rumours). I sputter. Haruno Sakura giggles and smiles, saying "yes, it's true; I've seen him staring myself!"

Her pink hair moves with the wind and I wish. I wish for natural beauty and a body to die for. I wish for muscles and a face without scars. I wish for–

–brown eyes…

…but my eyes are blue.

To Be Continued