Ok well this is my first Glee story… Not 100% sure where I am going with this. But I hope you like it! Please Review!

Kelsy's POV

The first day at a new school mid school year is never fun. But moving from the beach to Lima, Ohio was even worse. This was going to be hard. Back at my old school I was the head cheerleader, lead in the school play, and was dating the quarterback on the football team. And now I know nobody.

As I walked in to the school I got some strange looks. I know I probably stuck out from others. I was tan and had perfectly sunkissed long hair. I was dressed in a pair of skinnys and had my new UGGS on.

"Excuse me, can you point me to the office?" I asked a talk guy in a letterman jacket.

"Sure, I am actually on my way there now." He said. "I am Finn by the way."

"Kelsy" I said shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you, so where are you from?"

"Is it that obvious that I am not from around here?" I said seriously.

"Well, um no…. Kinda" he said nervously.

"Finn relax. I was just messing with you." I said laughing. "I am actually from South Carolina. Myrtle Beach to be exact."

"Oh ok. That's cool. Why did you move here?" he asked. I wasn't quite ready to explain that yet so I was thankful that another guy came up to us.

"Hey Finn! Don't forget about practice after school. Bieste wants us on the field as quickly as possible." He said not noticing me yet.

"Ok I wont. Puck this is Kelsy she is new." Finn said pointing to me.

Pucks POV

I looked to wear Finn was pointing to notice a beautiful girl. And beautiful is a lot coming from me…. Usually they are just hot, sometimes sexy. But never beautiful. She had the most amazing green eyes.

"It is nice to meet you Kelsy." I said shaking her hand.

"Nice to meet you too. Puck is it?"

"Well that's my nickname. Noah Puckerman." I said scratching the back of my head.

"So Kelsy are you planning on doing any activities here?" Finn asked her.

"Well at my old school I cheered and did theater. What is there to do here?" she asked.

"Well we have the Cheerios but the coach Sue is a complete hardass. Then there is glee club, can you sing?" I asked her.

"Well I was the lead in the last school musical, so hopefully that means that I can." She said laughing.

"Well you should come audition. It has been a lot of fun." Finn said.

"Alright I will! I should probably get to my first class. Can one of you show me where Mr. Shuesters classroom is?"

"I have class with him right now. I will walk you there." I said.

"Alright, thanks. Finn it was nice to meet you!" she said waving goodbye to Finn.

I know it was short but I am going to write more soon. I am just trying to figure out where im going to take each character. Next chapter Kelsy will meet Rachel and Quinn for sure!