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The night air was cold and silent as it blew through the trees, following the river, to the door of the Malfoy Manor. The Manor itself was huge and gothic in nature, warning all who dared enter its gates that you were in the presence of a Malfoy. The owner of the manor and his wife were sound asleep curled up around each other warmly; their dreams pleasant as they watched their son, who was several years older now, run around the field, chasing butterflies and yelling in happiness. Just when the young blonde was about to catch a beautiful emerald green butterfly, the dream was shattered by a loud scream of pain coming from outside of the dream.

The man and his wife looked at each other with dread in their eyes; they knew that this day was coming. The calendar on the wall had a big number fifteen on this day. They shot up and took off at a dead run to their heir's wing; frantic and worried thoughts ran through their minds. There was always the potential that a wizard or witch going through their inheritance would not survive; the magical surge that they would experience would be too much for their body to handle. They had heard that the experience was not pleasant to watch. Both parents believed that their son was strong enough to handle his magic, but sometimes a creature inheritance would occur too. A magical inheritance combined with a creature inheritance could be fatal. The frantic parents had a feeling that it was happening tonight; one was needed in the Malfoy family to keep their status.

They opened the door and peaked inside with worried and eager eyes. The small petite blonde woman wondered what kind of creature, if any, her son would become. Personally she hoped that her son would become a Veela; the beauty and power associated with the creatures could gain them a wonderful status for many years. The Malfoy family also has a little elf blood in it too, the woman mused to herself. Maybe he will be a Dark Elf! That would be wonderful. Oh the possibilities.

Meanwhile, the tall and elegant, Lord Malfoy, hoped that his heir would get some of the vampire blood that was floating around from past generation. The blood that his son would need after the inheritance would be difficult to come by, but they would manage until a suitable mate could be found for his son. He was, after all, a Malfoy, and all Malfoys got what they wanted.

Blonde heads snapped up at the sound of a pained cry. The inheritance was starting. The young blonde boy turned his head to the side and bit his lip, the teeth puncturing a rosy, red lip. A low moan was swallowed as the boy curled up into a tight ball, his arms wrapping protectively around his knees. The room seemed to swell as the golden magic built itself up inside the protected room; the walls were groaning with the effort of trying to keep all of the magic inside and controlled. Suddenly, everything stopped moving in the room and silence rang out. Neither parent dared move or breathe as they watched the magic continue to swirl around their heir. They anxiously watched the magic for a change in color; a cry of triumph could be heard when a red streak of magic entered the golden tinge. Their son was to have a creature and magic inheritance.

The cry of triumph was soon cut off as the parents winced. Their heir's back was bowed and a silent scream seemed to be coming out of his mouth. They could only imagine the pain for neither had gone through the creature inheritance themselves. Deep ragged breathes could be heard throughout the room as the room seemed to further swell from the magic surrounding the young boy. A great crack echoed through the room and the Lord and his wife watched as trickles of blood started to flow from their son's back, specifically by the shoulder blades.

The young man's body was lifted off of the bed and hung delicately in the air. His head tip back and his mouth opened as if he was screaming at the sky. With a great shudder the inheritance began.

"Please, Please, I'll do anything that you ask, but, please, stop," Harry Potter pleaded as his Uncle's foot loomed close to his stomach once again. Emerald green eyes begged to be let go, but Uncle Vernon was not a man of mercy. He had already been beating the boy for the past hour because he dropped a plate accidentally after the Dursley's dinner.

"Look at you. Pathetic and begging like the whore that you are," Harry's Uncle said as he sneered at the boy on the ground. Vernon brought his foot down with a much force as he could muster and watched with glee as his nephew curled into a ball with tears rolling down his face and screams of pain making their way out of his throat.

Harry was pulled up by a fatty and repulsive hand, the collar of his holey and too large shirt making it harder than it already was to breathe. His uncle was trying to choke him.

"You are nothing! Do you hear me?" Uncle Vernon yelled at the small boy as he backhanded Harry across the face. Another line of blood appeared out of Harry's mouth as a portion of his tooth broke off. He whimpered in fear, but knew not to scream. His uncle liked it when Harry screamed in pain.

Harry nodded his head in a frantic motion when Vernon shook him for not replying.

"Good, now clean up this mess boy!" Vernon said as he unceremoniously dropped the boy. Harry whimpered as pain bloomed from every part of his body. His frail body was already covered in bruises, and he didn't know how he was going to convince Hermonie and Ron that he tripped. Again.

Harry's bedroom door slammed shut with a resounding thud and the clicks of the locks on the door made Harry relax a little bit more. He lay back onto the floor, sighing with relief and pain; he had gotten through another one of his uncle tirades. He just didn't know how much longer he could last. He gently placed his hands on his broken ribs and pressed down trying to count how many his uncle has broken this time. He whimpered in pain as he pressed on an extremely sore one. His uncle had managed to break three ribs this time, and Harry knew that more were bruised or had some fractures.

He didn't feel like moving; there was no way that he would be able to make it to the bed. The pain would be too much and he didn't want to black out like the last time that he had tried to make it to the bed. Harry tried to make himself as comfortable as possible on the floor, but the wood was digging into his back and it was starting to get extremely hot in the room. He could feel little spots of sweat starting to burn his new and fresh wounds.

He wiggled once again as an uncomfortable heat settled into the pit of his stomach and seemed to seep out towards all limbs. Harry bit his lip hard enough to draw blood as a wave of pain overcame him. He groaned as the feeling of red hot pokers touching his shoulder blades swept through his body, and it felt like someone had hit him in the head with a baseball bat multiple times. What was going on, Harry wondered in the back of his mind.

He gasped in pain as it flared once again, and then with a sharp crack, Harry felt his right shoulder blade promptly break clean in half. He lifted his hand to his mouth and bit down hard, trying to hold the screams back, but with the second great crack, he let out a wail of pain and was lifted into the air; his head was thrown back screaming at the sky.

The young heir's hands scratched frantically at the shoulder blades, desperately trying to let the bulges come through the skin. Angry red marks and welts were highlighted across his body as the young heir continued to scratch helplessly. Finally, he was able to break the skin of his shoulder blades as his nails elongated into daggers and pierced the soft flesh. A shill of pain echoed through the manor as great, black wings exploded from the heir's back and swept outwards. They were shiny and tinged with dark green tints though it was hard to see the exact color from the blood and sweat that held the young heir's wings captive. The parents watched with wide and happy eyes as their son went through the final part of the transformation; the most painful part.

Dark green tattoos started to appear on the young heir's body, digging and imbedding themselves into the supple flesh of the willing creature. Starting at his temple, they flowed down his jaw, curled onto his collarbone, and then turned sharply back towards the rib cage only to trail down to the hip bone. The tattoos were a deep and pulsating dark green color as they permanently burned their way into the skin of the heir. The parents winced as the smell of burning flesh reached their noses.

The young heir was thrashing about pulling at his hair to try to relieve some of the pain, but he was being held in place by the invisible force. Lord Malfoy watched with sad eyes, as his son's legs were suddenly snapped, the bone breaking clean in half to prepare for the height change. Little bubbles began to throb under his son's flesh as new muscle grew. Another loud crack sounded throughout the room as one leg healed and the other broke. The process would continue until all parts of the body had been adjusted to the appropriate height and width.

A loud scream came from the heir's throat as the crack of another bone was heard. The right leg had finished growing and repaired itself, and now the process was moving onto the arms and chest. Time seemed to pass slow as the correct adjustments were made and the heir's body was made into the right form.

Both parents watched as their son tried to latch a hand onto his jaw as it broke too and a line of blood was dribbling down his chin as long canine teeth grew in the place of two old teeth. They couldn't believe that their son was being so completely redone; they had always thought that their son was perfect just the way that he was. They both sighed with relief as the bone cracking finally stopped and their heir was slowly being lowered to his bed. Their son had been changed so drastically, he was now taller, bulkier, and stronger. Obviously, his mate was a very strong and tall man in order for their son's inheritance to be so painful. Muscles were now bulging and rippling with each tiny movement, and a nice set of abs had appeared on the heir's abdomen. The heir's once lean and lanky form was gone.

With the transformation complete, the two parents watched with eager eyes as the young heir stood up and wobbly spilled to the side. He looked quite disoriented, and they knew that the weight of his wings were throwing him off balance. It would take a while for him to get used to the new weight. They watched with amusement as their son reached up with a shaky hand and ran his fingers over the now protruding teeth, wincing as he accidentally cut himself on the sharp tooth and blood found its way onto his tongue. A look of pleasure came over his face, and both parents glanced at each other with wary expressions. What exactly had their son become?

Suddenly their son's head snapped up to look out the window and his eyes glazed over. His wings fluttered a little as though he was trying to fly away, spots of dried blood fell off at the movement. A cocked head showed the parents that their son was listening to the cry of his mate who had to be extremely close. A look of pure anger overcame their son's face and a high pitched shrill came out from his mouth as his body crumpled with the pain that his mate was feeling. The heir's black wings started flapping up and down, straining under the weight it was trying to lift from the bed. The boy's mate was calling and it could not be ignored.

Lord Malfoy raced forward to try to grab a hold of his son as he managed to make his way to the window, but he was too late. His son was out the window and flying into the distance; a high pitched shrill of pain and anger was the only sound that could be heard for miles around.

Both parents stared at the window in shock. They looked at each other, their mouths still hanging open and their eyes wide.

"I pity the man who dared to mess with our son's mate," Lord Malfoy said as he looked at his wife and gestured for her to come back to bed. Their son wouldn't be back for a while.

"Oh this is exciting, I get to be a grandmother," Lady Malfoy exclaimed happily as she followed her husband back to the bedroom. Lord Malfoy rolled his eyes in exasperation.

His ribs forgotten, Harry started to scratch at his back with frantic hands. He wasn't even shocked when he felt two bulges where his shoulder blades used to be. With tears running down his face, Harry managed to break the skin. He howled in pain as two black wings came out of his back and a gust of wind knocked something over. Just when he thought the pain would be over, the smell of burnt flesh filled his nostrils as an imprint of something was placed on his temple, neck, and chest. He howled in pain and wished for someone to take the pain away. Unconsciously, he sent a plea out to his unknown mate.

Harry screamed loudly when he felt his legs start to vibrate and a great pressure was placed on his shin bone. He promptly fainted when he felt his leg break clean in half. His mind managed to flash between consciousness and unconsciousness, and at one point, though he may have been hallucinating, he swore that he heard shouting from somewhere in the house.

Great cracks of legs breaking seemed to wake Harry up, and he wished that he could hold his jaw when he felt it break knew that something was happening to him, but he didn't know what. His body was changing drastically; muscles once deprived were now full and strong. Harry felt his body filling out. He floated back into the darkness once again when he felt his gums break open and a trail of blood was made down his throat.

A gentle humming was flowing through his mind. It was relaxing and peaceful. And wanting for Harry to come back. It was calling and Harry knew that he could not ignore it.

I am here now. Do not fear for your life. I will protect you mate. You are mine, now and forever. It seemed to say.

Harry sat up with gasping for air. His ribs were still protesting from sudden movements, and he wondered why that was. Once he got his bearings, he noticed that he was leaning against someone who was very warm and felt very safe. With a curious expression plastered on his face, Harry turned around and stared at the blonde haired creature behind him. He was magnificent. Dark silver eyes seemed to pierce Harry's soul as he automatically showed his throat in a submissive gesture. The silver eyed man smiled with approval at the gesture and leaned forward to gently nip at Harry's throat. They both hummed in satisfaction.

The man's giant black wings were spread out around Harry protectively and seemed to move to accommodate the smaller man's every movement. The man's silver eyes never stopped looking at the exquisite creature in front of him as his mate tenderly touched the soft canopy of feathers around him. Silver eyes knew that his mate like the protective feeling that came with the wings.

"You are mine little one," the blonde haired angel said as he tenderly reached to Harry's face and ran his fingers down his cheek before cupping it. He smiled a little and Harry caught the flash of fangs before he bared his throat once again. He knew what his mate wanted and he was required to give it.

"Yes, I am," Harry responded automatically as he closed his eyes and leaned into his dominant's touch, his throat still exposed. A feeling of peace settled into both creatures. Finally, the bared throat presented before the silver eyed man became too much and with hungry eyes he licked a line up his mate's throat. Harry shivered with pleasure and pressed closer, exposing his throat further. He wanted to be taken.

Harry felt the hand on his cheek tighten. He opened his eyes and turned towards his mate only to find lustful silver ones staring right back. Harry automatically purred and nuzzled his dominant's throat. Harry felt his dominant's face into his throat and a small kiss was placed on his neck. A small purr was emitted by the silver eyed man as he took in a deep whiff of his mate. He wanted to take what was his, but he had to have his mate's permission first.

Harry could feel that the boy's magic was more than enough; yes, this blonde haired boy was the perfect mate for Harry. He stood up and lowered his eyes to the ground as he slowly removed his clothes for his dominant. Harry somehow knew that his dominant would not be able to do that for him; it was Harry's job to let his dominant know that he wanted this just as much as his dominant did.

He stood still once all of his clothes were removed and waited for his dominant to tell him to come. The silver eyed man looked at his mate with lustful eyes; he was perfect. Toned and tall, the man would make the perfect mate. He growled deeply and watched as his mate promptly jumped onto his lap at the sound.

With careful hands, Harry removed all of his dominants clothes while kissing and sucking at random spots. Soft and big hands roamed his body, squeezing and touching every singly piece of skin. Both men moaned when hands cupped Harry's arse. Harry finished taking his dominant's clothes off and moaned with pleasure as his head was tilted.

Sharp teeth punctured the skin as a mouth was latched onto supple flesh. Harry could feel the blood being drawn out of his body and he moaned loudly. Suddenly, Harry found himself on the bottom with the entire length of his mate on top of him. His wings were spread out to either side while his mate's were wrapping around both boys. He bucked his hips up and growled deeply when he felt his dominant's cock press into his own. Harry was pulled closer and he let out a wail of pleasure as he brushed up against his dominant once again.

Lips unlatched themselves from Harry's neck and a hand was placed on the back on Harry's head. The silver eyes man tilted his head to the side and encouraged his mate to pierce his skin with fangs; he knew that Harry needed the blood. Harry leaned forward at the incessant pressure from his mate's hand and placed his fangs at his mate's neck. They both shrilled in pleasure as Harry bit down. Harry tried to buck his hips up to connect with his mate's hips once again, but found them being held down by a hand. He suck hard and moaned in pleasure as the sweet, filling of blood flooded his mouth.

Harry continued to suck until he felt his dominant growl. He immediately pulled back and tilted his head in a sign of submission. A hand turned the head back and soft lips found each other as the claiming started. The silver eyed man pulled his mate's hands up and pinned them above his mate's head as he continued to kiss his mate until he couldn't breathe anymore.

He let out a growl of satisfaction when he removed his lips from his mate's lips, and his mate automatically leaned to the side to expose his spacious and tasty neck. He made the perfect submissive and the silver eyed man loved that.

Harry opened his legs as his dominant settled in between them and ground their center together. Harry shivered with pleasure and tried to pull his hands from his mate's grip, and when he couldn't, he wrapped his legs around his mate's waist to hold their centers together. His legs were pulled from around his mate's waist and were placed on shoulders. Harry looked at his mate with half-lidded eyes as a finger ran over his entrance, over his balls, and then up the entire length of his cock. He thrusted eagerly into the hand that was wrapped around his steel length and pre-cumstarted to run over the silver eyed man's hand.

The dominant growled in lust and let his submissive's cock go with a little reluctance; he knew that he could always play later. With curious hands, he dragged his fingers back down to the twitching entrance. He had wanted to try to prepare his mate, but when a loud wail of need sounded throughout the room, the dominant promptly placed his own cock at the entrance and started to push in, loving every second.

Harry once again exposed his throat; his mate had yet to mark him yet and he knew that it would happen at orgasm. He felt his channel starting to burn and stretch to adjust to his mate's length. He could feel his mate vibrating with the need to take Harry animalistically. Harry let out a high pitched whine in acceptance, and then his dominant's cock was thrusted fully into the virgin hole.

The dominant held nothing back; his hips immediately sought the angle that both craved. A tight, hot channel was surrounding his throbbing cock, and the man knew that he would not last long; he thrusted hard and fast into his mate and his hand found its way to pump the hard length pressing in between them.

They both groaned and then lost each other as Harry's dominant continued to thrust into an all too willing Harry. Soon, both roared with satisfaction as their orgasm shot through both of them and the silver eyed man brutally bit his mate's neck. Blackness overcame both of the creatures; the inheritance was not complete until the couple had spent twenty hour hours asleep. The last thing that registered with the silver eyes man was gathering his mate close and placing a kiss on the weeping wound he had just made.

Someone far away, one ancient vampire lifted his heads and stared into the distance. He had not felt the power surge that powerful in a long time; the last time was when his heir came into power. But now with his kingdom in muck and his heir dead, a new king had arisen. It looked like the end of his kingdom was coming; one that was sure to be more powerful than his. But it would be silly to think that he would go down without a fight; he had, after all, been a king for many centuries. With a flick of one of the ancient vampire's fingers, a warrior stood up and started to make his way to the exit. He had a new order and he would fulfill it dutifully. His kingdom depended on it.

*nervously bites nails* Was it okay?