Because every story deserves an ending.

He woke up in the dark with the silence reigning throughout the room. Slade raised his head a little from the cold, hard, dusty floor and moaned as the pain of having his head bashed in caused a throb in his skull. Gingerly letting his head lay back down on the concrete, Slade tried to stop the world from spinning. They must have given me something, Slade reasoned as he slowly but surely realized that he couldn't smell, hear, or see anything. The air held no smells or scents that could tell Slade where he was located, no sound, not even a mouse moving across the floor or the drip of water was heard, and everything was pitch black. No light from a doorway was to be found. And with that statement, he felt his training from Blade take over. He was a soldier; he had been training for these moments for his whole life.

It was easy to let his breathe steadily calm down and his adrenaline to spike. This is just like those god damn simulations, we used to do. Slade thought to himself as he laid back and waited. He didn't feel any vibrations of someone walking on the ground so he took a few more minutes to assess the damage done to his body. Arms tied together behind back, a few cracked ribs, a pounding headache. In other words, he was pretty fucked up, but that wasn't going to stop him. He had to get back to Kieran. A pang of hurt rang through Slade's body at the thought of his submissive mate alone.

Slade knew that Blane, Jace, and Shaydon would protect Kieran to the best of their abilities, but that still didn't help the blooming panic that he was beginning to feel spread throughout his chest. He was a failure as a dominant mate; he had let down his mate. Again. It was his fault that his first mate had died, and now… Slade mentally sobbed. He couldn't protect Kieran, and now he would probably never get the chance to ever see him again. Slade wasn't stupid; he knew that he probably wouldn't get out of here alive. And if he did by some miracle, he would never be the same. He could only hope that Kieran would accept him if the time came.

Slade tensed as he felt the ground start to shake from a multitude of footsteps. The vibrations were light, but slowly started to get bigger and more forceful as the filth got closer to him. Slade figured that it was Ulric that had caught his unaware and managed to capture him. Slade was a little pissed that he hadn't sensed the attack until it was too late, but he also knew that he would have most likely been outnumbered. Ulric was too much of a coward to not send enough troops to take on the world.

And judging by the multitude of vibrations that Slade could feel, he knew that Ulric had sent multiple guards to deal with him. The coward. Slade took a deep breath and retreated into his mind a little; he needed to remember his training. For some reason though, it was harder to remember it this time around; maybe because he was worried out of his mind for his mate.

Always stay calm. No matter the situation. Blane's strong commanding voice told him years ago. Even know Slade could hear the deep baritone rumble as Blane spoke; Blane's voice had always demanded attention. It may seem like you are at the end of the road, but never give up hope that you will be rescued. We are your brothers, your friends, and your saviors. We will never give up on you so you don't give up on us. Slade took another deep breath and prepared himself. He knew that whatever was coming next would hurt. He could only hope that he managed to last until he was rescued. If they could find him.

"Now there will come a time, where all the hope in the world cannot save you. We, as your brothers, will have failed in our duties. I can only pray that it never happens, but if the situation arises and we cannot find you, bite down hard on your back molar. Inside all of the King's warriors' teeth are pills especially developed for this purpose. The pills are packed with poison and within seconds you will be dead. While this may seem like a betrayers or an easy way out, you are not a betrayer or a failure, you did a great service to your king and you will be rewarded with the highest honor when or if your body is found. If you are never found, than you are never found but know that you would never be forgotten."

Blane made eye contact with all of his brothers; making sure that they understood. It was a hard lesson to comprehend, but he had faith in his brothers and knew that if the time came that they could and would do the right thing. After all, it was their job to do the right thing.

"Never be afraid of death, my brothers, because it is just another part of life."

Slade sucked in another breath when he felt the footsteps stop and then a whoosh of air as the door was opened. Light flooded into the room and Slade had to squint as his eyes tried to adjust; he would later never admit it but the amount of relief that he had felt when he realized that he could still see had almost brought tears to his eyes. The light only allowed Slade to see the outline of the person standing in the doorway, but Slade felt his breath leave in a whoosh, leaving him breathless, as a small light was turned on. He saw who was standing there; someone that he thought that had been dead and gone for years. Someone that had abandoned him in his time of need; when his mother had just died from a brutal submissive fight and all Slade wanted to do was curl up against his dad and mourn his mother's death with the only person that could possibly understand the turmoil he was going through. The person that had given him life had captured him, hurt him, and left him in this little dingy cell.

Slade turned his bruised check away from his father and vowed then and there that he would never be able to see his father as the man he once had. He couldn't believe that he had looked up to this man, the man that had abandoned him by pretending to die causing Slade to be sent to a warrior training facility.

"Hello son," The man's deep voice said as it resonated throughout the small space. Slade didn't respond as he kept his face to the side; he knew that it was childish to ignore his 'father' this way, but even the sight of the man was making Slade sick to his stomach.

"I said," The man said as he walked further into the room and pushed the heel of his boot into Slade's face to smash it against the floor hard, "Hello son. The proper thing to do is respond to your father when he is talking to you."

Slade's eye burned with hatred as he jerked his head away from his father's dirty boot and glared up at the man, hissing, "Hello father."

"That is better. I knew that you had some sort of manners."

Slade didn't say anything. There wasn't anything to say.

"I see that you finally decided to claim a mate. Who is the lucky little bitch?" Slade's father said as he moved a step back from Slade and looked curiously at Slade's neck. "She got you good to with that bite."

Slade hissed and whipped his head to the side to cover the mating mark. "What in the hell do you want?"

Slade watched his father tisk in disappointment and then sigh heavily, "You still haven't figured it out? I always thought that I had taught you to think, but I guess that I was wrong."

"You were never around to teach me anything, father," Slade spat out as rage flowed throughout his body like a poison. He couldn't remember the last time that he had been this angry. It was all consuming and terrifying. He couldn't control it, but frankly, he didn't know if he wanted to control it. He wanted to hate his father; the bastard that had abandoned him and made him think that he was dead.

Slade's father laughed cruelly, "Still bitter are we? You were weak; I made you grow up and become a man. You should be thanking me for what I did for you."

Slade chose not to respond to that. "What in the hell do you want?"

Slade shivered as he father kneeled down to rest on the balls of his feet and breathed his putrid smelling breath over Slade's nose. "What I want? Well what I want is your pretty little bitch. I want to know where you have been hiding. But most importantly I want to know why in the hell you deserted your king? You don't deserve to live for betraying our lord, and it will be my pleasure to slowly kill you once I have spilled your guts across the floor."

Slade turned his head; clamping down on his fear with a vice grip. "I have nothing to say to you."

Slade's father stood up and smiled menacingly. "Making you break like the little bitch that you are is going to be fun." He then proceeded to slap Slade across the face, hard enough for a ring to dig deep into Slade's flesh. "Get used to the smell of your blood, bitch because you are going to smell it for a while." Slade's father stood up from his crouched position and turned around sharply, and without a backwards glance he shut the metal door with a heavy thud and a clank as the lock shifted into place.

Dear God. Please find me Kieran. Please find me soon.

Draco hummed as he sucked in another mouthful of his mate's blood. You taste so good, pet. Harry moaned and arched his naked body to grind against Draco who was currently holding himself up above Harry with his arms and knees. Draco knew that he was being a little mean by not letting his mate grind his rock hard erection against Draco's equally painful appendage, but Draco wanted to give Harry more than just a good fuck. Harry deserved it. He had been so good lately; he had finally stopped with the pranks and life was going grand. Except for all of the other constant naggings in their life like Ulric wanting to destroy them with an army, Kieran and Tristan always wanting to cause trouble with Harry, and Shaydon, Slade, Blane and Jace making life complicated by training and educating them on everything Fallen.

More…more…Dominant please, Harry whined loudly as he whimpered out loud when Draco took another long drag of his blood and lifted his fangs out of Harry's neck with a wicked grin on his face and a trail of blood sliding sensuously down his chin and onto his neck. "No," Harry said pathetically as he tried to force Draco's fangs back into his neck. Harry pushed himself up a little and licked the line of his blood from Draco's neck with a whine. Dragon, Harry whimpered as he lay back down on the flat desk and squirmed. Harry felt his own fangs pop out of his gums; Harry easily bared his teeth and knew Draco saw them immediately when he heard a small gasp and then felt Draco lower his body to touch Harry's own.

"I thought that you wanted me to fuck you," Draco whispered huskily into Harry's ear as he licked his bloody tongue along his submissive's ear. "You are just being greedy though aren't you? You want me to fuck you and let you feed." Draco licked up and down Harry's neck catching the extra blood that was slowly seeping from the closing feeding wound that Draco had left on Harry's neck.

You almost always let me feed while you fuck me though, Harry whined.

You are so demanding and whiny, my little submissive, Draco said as he grinded his pelvis into Harry's teasingly. You should just lay back and let me take care of everything because that is my job as your dominant.

Harry laid back with a giggle and spread his legs obscenely wide as he shivered slightly from the chill that the room provided and from Draco sliding his large hands up Harry's bare thighs. "I love you, Draco."

Draco paused and his eyes softened as he stared at his mate. Draco didn't know what he would have done if he had never found Harry and claimed him as his mate; Harry was his everything. He was the perfect mate, and it would kill Draco if he ever lost his precious mate. "As I love you, Harry."

Draco leaned down to give Harry a chaste kissed and jumped back with a start when their bedroom door slammed opened and hit the wall with a loud bang. Draco growled in annoyance. "This had better well be damn good!" Draco snapped as he glared at the doorway.

Draco moved slightly to hide his naked mate as Harry leaned up on his elbows to see who it was disturbing them and their private moment. It was Kieran; the man looked absolutely petrified and worried sick. Something was seriously wrong, and both Draco and Harry felt it settle into their bones. Something was terribly wrong. Someone was missing, and the fact that Kieran was here made it obvious to both Draco and Harry. The end was coming. King Ulric had finally had enough and was coming after them.

"Who did he take?" Draco asked softly as he moved off Harry and covered himself with an available robe, also pausing to toss Harry his robe too.

"Slade. He took Slade," Kieran whispered as his body shook from suppressed emotion. Harry whimpered in sympathy and waved Kieran over to the bed that Harry was now sitting cross legged on without a care in the world that he was showing Kieran everything. Harry winced as the thought of Draco being taken from him entered his mind; it was unbearable and Harry could only imagined how it felt.

"Come here, baby," Harry said softly as cuddled Kieran close and gave Draco a significant look. Draco nodded and started to dress quickly, but taking the time to glance over at his mate and a grieving yet shocked Kieran cuddling close on the bed.

"I'll be back," Draco said as he paused to kiss Harry and Kieran's foreheads and then left the room to go find his guards. He had some ass to chew.

"I wonder where old Sladey is," Jace said jokingly as he sat back in the chair. Jace gasped and flailed his arms when Blane pulled the chair's back backwards quickly causing the sensation of free fall.

"You know where Slade is you idiot," Blane said as he hit Jace on the back of the head. Jace pouted and turned to Shaydon.

"Shay, Blaney is being mean to me," Jace whined in a childish voice as he pulled out the puppy dog eyes and pouty look hoping that the man would do something. Jace knew that Shaydon probably wouldn't fall for the puppy dog eyes; Jace still didn't know how Tristan managed to get the man to do anything he asked with one single look.

Shaydon proceeded to laugh at Jace and shook his head signaling that he wasn't going to do anything. Jace really had to work on the puppy dog face; maybe he could get Tristan and Harry to help him.

"Suck it up, Jace. No one cares," Draco said as he sauntered into the room and smacked the man on the back of the head hard. Draco was secretly paying Jace back for messing with Harry in the Great Hall weeks ago; Harry had a blast when he discovered that his clothes changed color with every step, but Draco needless to say, did not. He had wanted to strangle Jace by the end of the day, and his head was hurting from the amount of colors that he had to witness. Some of them also clashed horribly with Harry's complexion.

Jace pouted more and rubbed his head. "Geez Draco, you don't have to be so mean about it." Draco smiled a little in apology but didn't offer words; he simply looked around at the men who were casually sitting about at first glance, but Draco knew better.

"So what are you waiting on? Slade to give the go ahead signal?" Everyone tensed up as Draco spoke. The guilty men looked at each other and smiled sheepishly. Jace went to stand up and try to creep out of the room without Draco noticing, but one look from Blane had the man sitting back down and pouting. Again.

Shaydon was the bravest one to speak, "We...Umm...I don't know how to explain this."

Draco did not look amused and rolled his eyes as he placed his hand on his hip and glared at the men sitting around him. Draco pursed his lips and looked to Jace, who he knew to be the one to break the easiest. "You can start by telling me why in the world you thought to even plan something like this without consulting me."

Shaydon shifted uneasily and ducked his head down to rest against his chest. He was the most connected to Draco and therefore felt the disappointment radiating from the young king. Shaydon wanted to sink to the ground and beg for forgiveness, but his training and pride didn't allow him to do that. He simply whined a little and hoped that Draco would know what he was trying to say.

Draco turned around at the sound of Shaydon's whine and smiled, albeit a little slowly. Draco walked a few steps to the warrior and crouched down so that he was eye level with the man that he trusted the most to protect him and his mate. "You must know that I am mad and I am disappointed in you all, but I also know that you were trying to do this without my or Harry's knowledge so that we would be safe from harm. I do appreciate that, but it isn't your place to not tell me things that involve me and my mate. This war is about Harry and I, and I kind of need to be in the loop if my group of savage warriors decide to invade the enemy camp."

Everyone nodded and sunk a little in their seats as Draco's words hit them. Somehow they had missed the young man growing up into a strong, knowing king right before their eyes; they knew that he would be a great ruler and with Harry by his side, they would be unstoppable. Jace suddenly sat up and looked with wide eyes at Blane and Shaydon. "Shit!" Jace exclaimed as he stood up and threw his arms to the side, "Harry is going to kill us!"

Draco smiled smugly as he called for his sleeping mate in his head, and watched as Blane and Shaydon cowered into their respective chairs with contrite expressions. They could only imagine what Harry was going to say once he got here. Harry was going to eat them alive, and Draco couldn't wait.

"Well he is going to have to wait a little bit longer because we have somewhere to be boys," Blane said as he stood up and stretched his muscles. "Your majesty," Blane said respectfully as he inclined his head, "I regret to inform you that we must be leaving, but we will be back shortly. You have nothing to worry about. We will be back within the hour."

Draco cocked his head to the side and stared at his comrades. The men that had stood behind him when the world was crumbing beneath him, and the ones that he knew would take a bullet for him in a heartbeat. "Don't get killed or any blood on the carpet when you come back."

Jace laughed and patted Draco on the back as he jumped onto Blane's back and kicked his legs into Blane's side like he was a horse. "Giddy up horsey!" Jace yelled as Blane rolled his eyes and started walking out of the room. Blane knew to just go along with it rather than try to stop the madness that was Jace.

Shaydon smiled at Draco warily. "Sorry Draco; we didn't mean to lie, but you know how it goes. It is better if you just don't know this. Harry wouldn't like what we are about to do and I know that you don't keep anything from him. Just go suck some more blood from him and leave everything to us. We have been planning for this day for a long time."

Draco nodded and watched as Shaydon shut the door after walking outside. He sighed and looked up the heavens. "Please let them come back." Draco turned and walked back; he had a mate and a distraught friend to take care of.

Slade spat out the blood filling his mouth continuously and smiled. He wanted to laugh. Everything was going perfectly maybe not the getting beaten up part because Slade knew that Kieran was going to kill him, but everything else was going perfectly to plan. He knew that he had played his part to the t; acting desperate and weak had only made his father feel stronger and reassure him that Ulric and Dumbledore were safe. Meanwhile, Shaydon, Jace and Blane had been secretly sneaking in recruits and killing those that were against Draco and Harry. There weren't many that had been killed though; it seemed that everyone had been ready for a new ruler.

"What in the bloody hell are you laughing for son?" Slade's father said maliciously as he stood up from his kneeling position and threw the crowbar to the side.

Slade laughed harder, throwing his head back and cackling like he was a mad person. Sure it hurt like hell to move his body like this, but he had accomplished his mission. He had become the inside person, the inside source. He would bring Ulric and Dumbledore down.

"You are fucked father," Slade spat out as he spat up, breaking the chains that were supposed to hold him down. "You always underestimated me. Never thought that I would be anything great," Slade continued as he snapped the chain cuffing his wrists together like it was a knife going through butter. "But I am here to tell you, that you were there one to fuck up this time. You have failed to protect your king. His life is on your conscience."

Slade's father backed up warily as he eyed his son slowly breaking the chains that were supposed to hold anything. They obviously weren't working. "What are you talking about?" Slade's father said in a shaky voice.

Slade stood up after snapping the chain between his legs. He spat out one more mouthful of blood and smiled evilly. "Your time is up, pops. A new ruler and his mate are in town." And with that Slade pounced for the kill.

They didn't tell Draco or Harry much about the battle when they returned to Hogwarts. Harry lectured them for at least an hour before Draco calmed him down enough for Slade to tell his part. Kieran hadn't left Slade's side since the man had entered Hogwarts, and Harry knew that the man would be getting a long lecture from his mate the moment that they were alone. Kieran was pissed at Slade to say the least. Slade has explained that while Draco and Harry had been training, Slade and his boys had been planning and recruiting new warriors onto Draco's side. Everyone, even the town folk, were ready and willing for a new ruler. Ulric had been there too long and they felt that someone younger and someone with a mate that wasn't Dumbledore was needed. Anyone that had made resistance had been silenced.

It had taken them a long time, but slowly they had made a plan. One that wouldn't fail. Slade had been sent into the castle to act as a weak and desperate warrior that had been captured. Once, he had been put into place, Shaydon and the other boys waited exactly sixteen hours before storming the castle. Inside, warriors that had once belonged to Ulric, killed anyone who stood in their way or wasn't willing for change. They also captured Ulric and Dumbledore as they were showering and getting ready for bed. They didn't even see the attack coming; Draco thought they were dumb fucks for not preparing for a counter attack.

Draco and Harry were never told what exactly happened to Dumbledore and his lover, but they knew that they had been killed and that they wouldn't ever have to worrying about them ever again. Now all that they had to worry about was running a new kingdom, graduating school, ordering annoying warriors around, finding new clothes and crowns, making sure the people were happy with the new reign, making sure Kieran didn't kill Slade, Blane and Jace didn't try to hump their new prospects, setting aside time to be together and feed, and just not go crazy. Oh and they also needed to find the time prepare for a little one because Draco was sure that Harry having his head in the toilet throwing up every morning was not from food poisoning.

Nonetheless, Draco and Harry would have a happy life filled with little ones and stressful situations. But they did their best to rule the kingdom with a firm but fair iron grip. They were proud of what they had accomplished. But no matter where life would take them, they would always remember the night that they had first met; the night that changed it all. The night that they had become creatures of the night.

So that is the end folks.

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