chapter 1 The Beginning

Ginny Weasley had never imagined that there was even a possibility of loosing the War. She was so naive and so young, foolishly thinking that the good side will win because that was how it was supposed to be. The thought that bad people could win never even crossed her mind. She was lost in the excitement, proud that she was a part of something so important. She actually thought that she could make a difference.

But when the War finally started, it hit her that it was not a game. Good people were dying. It was not supposed to be that way. All she could hear was screaming and explosions. She was barely able to see anything. It was dark and smoke was making matters worse.

Her hand was shaking, but that did not stop her from sending curses and spells on Death Eaters. There was a complete chaos on the Battle field. Destruction, screams, dead bodies, blood. It was everywhere. Ginny tried hard not to look to the ground, because it was covered with corpses. And it made her sick. For a split second she could swear she saw Hermione on the ground, crawling as if she was looking for something. But before she had a chance to take a better look, something hit her from behind. A strong force that pushed all air out of her lungs. Her eyes closed and her body fell to the ground. That was Ginny's last memory of the battle.


Severus Snape could see what was happening. It was not what he had expected. The Dark Side was winning. He was hiding from his fellow Death Eaters, fighting on the good side, trying to stay unnoticed. It was easy to lose yourself in a dark night, filled with screams, explosions and curses. No one was paying attention to him and most of all – no one of the Death Eaters expected him to turn against them. It was easy for Snape to send a few killing curses and end their pathetic lives. But then it all turned around. He could see that the Light was loosing the War. It was just a matter of time when it would all end.


Snape turned towards the scream, recognizing Lucius' voice. Not far away he could see the-boy-who-lived, his wand pointed at the lifeless body of Draco Malfoy. Snape removed his eyes from his dead ex-student, not allowing himself to feel anything. Running towards Lucius, he stopped him, before he could go after Potter.

"Let go of me, Severus!" Lucius barked at him.

Snape did not know what to say to stop him from killing Potter. Lucius was furious and unable to see clearly. It would not be hard for Snape to simply kill him at that moment, ridding the world of another Death Eater. But out of unknown reason he simply could not do it. Perhaps it was because he and Lucius were truly friends for over twenty years, even though they had different view on the world. Perhaps it was pity. He had never seen Lucius that broken. Not even when Narcissa was killed.

Snape would not release his arm, trying to calm him down.

"Lucius! Control yourself!" he snarled at him, "You cannot harm Potter. Only the Dark Lord can-"

"I could not care less about The Lord's orders! Potter will beg for life when I'm finished with him!" Lucius insisted, his whole body shaking with rage.

At that very moment they both saw Voldemort approaching Harry with a malicious sneer on his face. It was as if he knew how everything was going to end. There was not even a trace of doubt on his face.

"There is nothing you can do now!" Snape said to Lucius, "It is all in the Dark Lord's hands."

Though there was still fury on his face, Lucius gave up, leaving Potter to his Master's mercy. With a look full of pure rage, he turned around and went back into the battle, sending even more curses and spells than before.

Snape knew he had to do the same. It was all in Potter's hands now. But when he sent the first curse, his whole body froze as he heard the screams. Screams of pure agony. And it was coming from Potter. Snape allowed himself to throw a glace at him and the Dark Lord. Potter was on the ground, his body twisted in a strange way, shaking. It seemed as if an invisible force was breaking his bones. Voldemort only stood there with a terrifying smile on his face.

Snape could hear Potter's screams, his begging and pleas. It was pathetic. So many people were risking their lives for the-boy-who-lived, so many lives were depending on him and that foolish boy was begging. Begging for mercy.

At that moment Snape knew it was all over.

"God help us all," he whispered before switching sides without hesitation and starting to send curses onto good people. He was decided to come out on top no matter who won this war. Every spy had to do his job knowing that if one side loses, he is still safe. Snape acted according to a role that was going to ensure his survival regardless of the outcome.


Everything was silent. Snape could not believe how many dead people were simply lying on the ground. Some were still moving, some without a leg, some without their arm. He hid the disgust on his face as he observed everything around him. He recognized a few corpses. But what hit him the most were his students. Children he used to teach, now barely adults. And dead. He felt sick to his stomach. Taking a deep breath, he turned to his colleagues, who were laughing and celebrating their victory. There was only one Death Eater who did not seem to be in the celebrating mood. That was Lucius Malfoy. He was standing a few feet away from him, his gaze fixed onto something in the distance. His face was hard and emotionless, but Snape noticed he was gripping his wand with such force that his knuckles were white.

Finally Voldemort spoke:"My faithful followers, the day we all have been waiting has finally come, the day we'll all take the places in society that we deserve, the day we've destroyed those who've opposed us. The day has come that we will finally rule the Wizard World and destroy those who are not worthy to live in it."

Snape looked up into the red eyes of his master, the man who would rule the world now that Harry Potter had failed.

Shouts of approval erupted from the other Death Eaters and Snape allowed himself to once again look at the damage they had done. There were a few survivors, moving between the corpses. Snape met the eyes of a young girl and he recognized her as his former student. He could see absolute despair and fear in her eyes. After a few moments he could no longer stand the intensity of her look and he had to break the eye contact. If he could only grant her death, save her from her terrible faith. The ones who lost their lives had it easy. The ones who survived would soon know what it means to be in hell.

"As the generous master that I am, I'll reward you for your loyalty, my friends."

Snape once again looked at his Master, trying to seem interested. All he wanted at that moment was to go to his Manor and rest. Forget everything that happened and what he had done.

"I'll grant my most loyal followers who have lost their family to my cause the honour to choose their rewards first. You're free to do with this scum whatever you please."

While that information caused the other Death Eaters to laugh and cheer, Snape barely raised an eyebrow. He did not want a reward. The last thing he needed was a slave in his house, someone who would always remind him of what he had done.

Snape did not move from the spot, but his eyes were fixed on Lucius. He tried to ignore the other Death Eaters as they all chose their rewards and the cries and screams of the girls. Mostly girls.

Lucius slowly made his way to a young girl, roughly grabbed her arm and pulled her up. The girl tried to fight him, but it was as if she could not stand on her own. It was when Snape's eyes landed on her face that he recognized her.

Hermione Granger.

She was still alive. One part of the Golden Trio, the brightest witch of her age, a Muggleborn. Why would Lucius choose her?

"This is a girl you choose? With all the blood-traitors you chose a mudblood?" Vodemort asked him with disgust, "As you wish, you may do with her what you want. She is your property from now on."

Hermione struggled harder, bringing her head down to Lucius' arm and biting hard. Snape could see Lucius hiss in anger and slap her across the face, sending her to the ground. What was strange to him was the way that Granger girl was moving. She did not even try to run away, even though she did not seem to be seriously injured. There was something wrong with her eyes, she was completely confused and lost.

As Lucius once again pulled her up from the ground, she did not struggle much as they dissaparated from the Battle field. Snape tried not to think about Granger's future with Lucius. A large part of him doubted that she would make it through the night. Lucius was furious and grief-stricken, desperately in need to take his anger out on someone.

His thoughts were interrupted as the cold voice of his Master cut through him:"Severus? Is there something wrong? What is the reason that you are standing here while your colleagues are choosing their rewards?"

Snape faked gratefulness in his voice:"My Lord, I am thankful, but I do not need a reward. I am perfectly fine on my own."

"But I could not live with myself knowing that you, the person who is responsible for our victory, got nothing in reward," Voldemort spoke with a sweet voice.

Snape allowed himself a slight smile:"I assure you that I am fine. I do not expect nothing in return for my actions."

"I have to insist you choose someone, Severus," Voldemort said, "It is for your own good and it might be a use for us in the future."

Of course, Snape thought. There were always hidden intentions behind the Dark Lord's actions. The look in his Master's eyes left no room for arguments and Snape sighed in defeat.

"If that is what you wish, My Lord, I will choose a reward for myself."

A cruel smile spread across Voldemort's face:"Please do. And I hope you will show more taste than your friend Lucius. I do not know what possible use could a Mudblood be to him, except the obvious, of course."

With those words, Voldemort walked away from him, leaving Snape in a horrible situation.

He knew what was expected of him and there was no way to escape it. He had to choose someone to take home with him. It was the last thing he wanted to do, but he did not have a choice. He was already used to it by now. He slowly made his way to the survivors, but the moment his eyes met theirs, he could not bring himself to even make a step towards them. Some were killing him with their eyes, the others were pleading him, begging him to rescue them, still foolishly hoping he was on the side of Light. And even if that was the case, his hands were tied. He could not do a thing to help. He could not even kill them to spare them.

He then heard someone scream 'traitor' and immediately he knew it was meant for him. He tried not to react, even though it always burnt him when someone called him a traitor or a coward.

He took a deep breath and took a few more steps, looking around for someone he could take. He was hoping that if he hesitated long enough with the choice, all the other Death Eaters would already take all the survivors and there would be no one left for him to choose.

Horrible screaming started and Snape could not help but to see what was happening. He regretted that choice immediately. Obviously some Death Eaters decided they did not want to take their rewards to their home. They were having fun with them right there, on the Battle field. He quickly removed his eyes from the horrible event that was happening only a few feet away from him.

He felt sick. He needed to get out of there. With a cold expression he searched through the corpses and then his eyes landed on a young girl with red hair. He stopped and approached her, her appearance reminding him of a woman he knew and loved a long time ago.

As he kneeled down next to the girl, he shook his head in disappointment. The girl was not moving, she was obviously dead. But she did not seem to be seriously hurt. Then he noticed her face.

"Ginevra Weasley," he said to himself. Again, his former student. He could not look at her anymore, but before he could stand up, he noticed something.

Was she-?

Her chest was moving up and down lightly, barely noticeable. Snape gently touched her neck, searching for a pulse. His face paled when he realized the girl was very much alive.

What now?

In a moment he made the decision. He would take Ginevra Weasley. As he picked her up in his arms, a thought accured to him. Maybe he was a coward after all. He could not stand the accusing looks of the other survivors so he had to choose an unconsciousness girl. Someone who was unable to scream at him, to accuse him and insult him.

With Ginevra in his arms, he took one last look of the Battle field, covered with corpses, then Apparated away.

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