Chapter 3: Let's Play a Game!




"Kwuuweee, kwee!"

"Oh God! This is so boring! You'd think that they'd make the homes of Craymels more exciting, not just some dull old cave!"

"Well, for the Craymels, this is probably exciting! Craymels aren't material obsessed beings like us Reid, they enjoy whatever element they rule over, and in this case it's earth!"

"Pffft, how can anyone find this interesting?"

"Why don't you try and enjoy some of the simpler things in life for a change?"

"Shut up Keele."

"NO arguing! Quikie hates arguing!"

"Meredy's right!'s an idea! Let's play a game!"

"HAI-NA! That sounds like so much fun Farah!"

"Heehee! Aaw come on guys, it could be fun!"

"You two can play a game if you want,"

"Yes, no one is stopping you!"

"Yes but if I don't include you two you'll keep arguing!"

"Why argue...he's the most UN annoying person I've ever met!"

"Oh yes, and Keele, you are the most UN smug, UN obnoxious, UN smartass, UN dickheady idiot I've ever met!"

"RIGHT! You two are playing whether you like it or not!"


"HAI! Ok what game shall it be?"

"Hmmm...a singing game!"


"C'mon guys, it'll be fun I promise it will! I bet you two can sing really well!"
"You must be joking Farah,"

"No I'm not joking Reid,"

"No, Farah, I must agree with him on this one,"

"NO, I am not joking Keele."


"Baiba! Meredy will play!"
"Good! So, what are you going to sing Meredy?"

"Ummm...Meredy only knows Celestian songs..."

"Well sing one of those!"

"Um, I don't see how this is a game..."

"Keele, please! Ok, Meredy, start singing!"

"B-but Meredy is shy now!"

"What? Of all things, you're shy? You're the one who used to enjoy dancing like a lunatic on tables in public for fun and you're shy?"


"W-well, doesn't matter then, I'll start!"

"Baiba! Go for it Farah!"

"Hmmm hmm hmmmmmm hmm hmmmmmm mmmmmm-"
That's not singing, it's humming, Farah,"

"So? I never said humming was against the rules!"

"What rules? There's no game!"

"Yes there is Keele! It's a game where people sing, or hum, or whistle whatever tune!"

"That. Isn't. a game!"

"Yes. It. Is! If we're having fun, it's a game, right Reid?"

"...Just because Keele said otherwise and I don't wanna agree with him, then yes, it is a game,"

"You're such an ass Reid!"

"Baiba! Keeellleee! That is RUDE!"

"OK OK OK whatever, yes it is a game, can we just play it now, please?"

"Yes, yes we can,"


"And since you brought us back into 'the game' you can start Keele,"

"...Aha...U-Uh ya see Farah..."

"NO! I'd rather die than listen to that Einstein sing!"

"Baiba! Hahaha!"

"How come when I say rude things about Reid you tell me off but when Reid says rude things about me you laugh?"

"Oh right it's because everybody hates you,"




"Hahaha! I was joking Keele, I was joking I promise! Only Reid hates you!"


"Haha sorry Reid, no Keele, Reid doesn't hate you either,"

"I don't particularly care about his opinion..."

"DAMMIT guys Ok, if you won't start the game, I'll start for you all! This is ridiculous!"

"Oh really, Reid? Is it RIDICULOUS!"

"Stop making fun of me and listen to me sing already!"

"Ok, sorry sorry! Go ahead Reid, SING FOR US!"


"Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura (Blablaburoblaburerobure) Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura!"

"NO! Not this song again! Please!"

"Oh God, Reid, when we said sing, we meant sing well!"

"Baiba! Farah is now RUDE! Reid has pretty voice, Meredy thinks!"


"T-thankyou Meredy!"

"She's lying to make you feel better..."


"You know...I think I preferred it when it was silent..."


"...Back to square one..."




"You know...I have a game we can all play."

"Oh yeah, what is it Farah?"

"Oh, I think you know, Hershel, I think you know..."
"...Why is she using my last name?"

"Beats me."
"Baiba! Farah! What game is it? Meredy is excited!"
"Oh sweet little isn't A's THE game!"

"...No! It can't be! You can't be serious!"

"I'm as serious as ever Zeibel when I say WE ARE GONNA PLAY THE GAME!"

"F-farah, please, it's not funny anymore, please say you're kidding about that!"
"HAHAHA Try me!"

Oh God..."
"Baiba...Meredy is confused, what's the game?"

"The Game is The Game, Meredy."

"But what is it?"

"Ok, the game is never ending. If you think about the game you lose and if you lose you have to say 'I lost the game' and by doing this, you have to try and get other people to lose the game. When you think of the game you MUST say you lost the game, otherwise it's cheating. Whoever goes the longest without thinking of the game wins."

"...Hai-na, Meredy understands I think! Ok! Let's play!"

"Meredy! You don't know what you're getting into! Me Keele and Farah played this all the time when we were kids, LET'S NOT PLAY IT AGAIN!"

"We're playing Reid! I say so! Meredy wants to know if it's fun!"

"...Fine...I guess it will pass the time..."
"That's the spirit Keele!"

"Right! Starting...NOW!"

"Oh God..."








"...I lost the game."

"Baiba! Reid, you made Meredy lose the game! And I was doing so well!"

"Sorry Meredy..."



"Don't you two have something you wanna announce?"


"...Nope! I haven't lost yet!"


"...Now I have"


"So Farah's out, that just leaves..."



"Keele, you're cheating."

"What! No I'm not? How dare you!"

"You must be, it's impossible for someone to play for this long!"

"Play what? I am decoding complex Grobulic equations in my head, I have no need to think about whatever I am not allowed to think about because I am focusing on something else. I will tell you when I think about what I am not supposed to think about."

"...I despise you..."

"Thank you Reid."





"GAH! Lose already!"


"I have no intention of doing that, thank you."
"HA you just lost the game!"

"No I didn't!"

"Yes you did! You mentioned what you weren't supposed to think about in a sentence, and that thing is the game, so that means you lost the game!"

"That's ridiculous!"

"Alright sorry you're right, I was outta line."

"Thank you..."




"Reid! Stop it!"


"Reid! No!"




"..Ok now I lost the game."


"Meredy doesn't like this game..."

That was SO much fun!