Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed were just chilling in the Outlands. Thinking about stuff

"Hey Shenzi," Banzai said

"What?" Shenzi answered

"I was just wondering. Do you think we're the best disney villian minons?" Banzai asked

"Why would you be thinking that?" Shenzi said "Of course we are,"

"Well, I mean their are just so many more minons in Diseny movie history. From the Magic mirror in snow white. To The shadow dude from Princess and the frog. Where do we rank on such a vast list?"

"Well Banzai," Senzi beegan "First off we we are very original minons."

"How so?" Banzai asked

"Well we killed the villian we worked for," Shenzi said

Ed said something

"Yeah Ed Scar was tasty," Shenzi said

"But didn't that Iago guy blow up Jafar?" Banzai said

"Only after he became a good guy, so he dosen't count," Shenzi said "Plus we hepled Scar kill Mufasa, we accualy acomplished something evil."

"Okay so we ate a guy, and killed his bro, that dosen't make me feel very special," Banzai said

Ed said something again

"Yeah Ed we were in that Timon and Pumbaa series," Shenzi said "How many minions have done that?"

"Pain and Panic, Kronk, Iago again," Banzai said

"And of those only Pain and Panic stayed evil," Shenzi said "Also we got to be real villians in that one and a half thing they did for lion king,"

"We did?" Banzai said

"Yeah, sure it was pretty short, but we gave little Timon and his family a good scare," Shenzi said

"Well to be honset Shenzi you did most of that," Banzai said

"That's cause I'm the leader of this trio Banzai," Shenzi said

Ed said something again

"Ya That's true Ed, we were in that Kingdom Hearts game," Banzai said

"Plus, and maybe the most importaint of all." Shenzi said "We got tons of fans out there in the world who still love us. And not just for my super cool bangs (props for Shenzi's bangs)"

Banzai thought about all of this and said

"Ya, Shenzi I guess your right. We are the number one Disney Villian Mnons,"

"Now if only we had gotten paired with a smarter villian," Shenzi said

Ed said something

"Ya Ed Scar was stil tasty," Shenzi said

Who do you think was (or were) the best Disney Villian minions?

The End