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Epilogue: Honeymoon

Edward and I arrived at Boston's Logan International Airport to begin our journey. Our first stop was the United Airlines Check-in.

"Checking in," Edward said as he handed over the tickets.

The United Agent scanned our tickets then greeted us both with a huge smile. "It is wonderful to have you flying with us again Mr. Cullen."

The Agent checked our baggage. "I also have this letter for you from Ms. Alice Cullen. The instructions are that you are not to open it until the flight is airborne."

"Thank you," Edward said taking the letter.

As Edward and I turned to head to our terminal we were intercepted by another United Airlines Representative. "Mr. Cullen?"

"Yes, Edward Cullen," Edward said.

"Alice Cullen has arranged for you to be escorted to your flight. I am also told that congratulations are in order on your marriage," the Representative said. No doubt, Alice was trying to keep us from reading the letter until we were on the plane.

"Yes, thank you," Edward replied.

"Follow me, please," The Representative said.

We were lead through security and were first to board the plane for the first leg of our flight. We took our seats in first class, and declined the complimentary beverages. We taxied thirty minutes later.

"Let see what the letter says," Edward said as he pulled it out of his carry on bag, before handing it over to me

"Dear Jasper and Edward. I hope that you are enjoying your flight to Rio de Janeiro. Sit back and relax as your journey continues until landing in Rio. Upon arriving you will be met by Gustavo and his wife Kaure. They will take you to your final destination, and will be available during your honeymoon to attend to your needs," I read. "Signed Demetri."

"Sounds like Demetri will be taking care of our transportation while in Rio. I'm very curious now as to where, and what our final destination will be." Edward said.

"As am I," I replied.

Upon landing in Houston we were met by another United Representative who took us to the international terminal where we caught the next flight to Rio. We again declined our complimentary beverages, and faked sleeping through dinner.

We landed in Rio just as the sun was preparing to set for the day. We'd be exiting the airport at twilight. We collected our baggage and found Gustavo and Kaure holding a sign with our names on it.

I felt fear from Kaure the moment we approached them. Edward introduced us in perfect Portuguese. Kaure's fear only seemed to increase as she realized we were the people they were to escort. I had an uneasy feeling that Kaure knew or at least suspected what we were.

'She suspects strongly that we are Libishomen,' Edward projected. Libishomen is a term used by some South American tribes to describe blood-drinking demons that prey on beautiful woman.

Kaure watched us closely when we arrived at the rental vehicle that would take us to our next destination. We placed our bags in the back of the Land Rover, and then took our seats. Kaure sat in the passenger's seat while Gustavo drove.

Rio traffic was heavy and it was dark by the time we reached the Marina da Gloria. Gustavo drove up close to a path that led to the docks. We exited the vehicle and collected our bags. Kaure handed a large manila envelope to me. I thanked her in Portuguese. My language skills weren't quite as good as Edwards, except for my Spanish.

Gustavo told Edward where we could find our boat and explained that the directions where in the envelope. He also explained that he and Kaure would arrive at the end of the week to clean the residence and take care of any problems we had. Edward thanked him and we headed toward the docks.

We found the boat easily. It was located at a special dock reserved for Cullen. "Why is that I don't know we have a dock in Rio di Janeiro," Edward said.

I shrugged, "Don't ask me I'm not the one who deals with our money. You should talk to Carlisle or Alice if you are feeling left out," Edward along with Alice were the financial genius of the family. Edward had gotten a degree in International Business Management during the early nineties.

He gave me a sour look as he hopped onto the boat. I handed over my bag and he stowed them away for travel. Edward began preparing the boat to leave dock as I opened the envelope with the information for our next destination.

"Dear Jasper and Edward. This boat is yours to use for your entire honeymoon. You will also find a sailing boat at your destination that you may use. Included within the envelope are navigational maps that will guide you to your destination," I read. "Signed Carlisle."

Edward looked over the maps before taking us out of dock and into the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

"Do you know where we are headed?" I asked.

"No clue and the island doesn't even have a name on these charts," Edward said.

Edward and I sped across the water in complete silence just listening to the roar of the engine, the sound of the boat as it glided along the surface and the wind as it blew in our hair. It was about an hour out of Rio before we saw land.

"There," Edward said. I looked out over the bow of the boat and could see the silhouette of an island form in the distance. We pulled up to the small dock about ten minutes later. We collected our bags and headed up to the large house that over looked a pristine white sand beach.

I swept Edward up into my arms as we reached the threshold with a huge grin. I stepped over the threshold and we kissed. I wanted to get him and me out of these clothes and make love to my husband, but first we needed to look around.

We turned on the lights as we went from room to room. Edward placed our bags in the white room, and then joined me in the kitchen where an envelope sat on the counter. Edward quickly opened the envelope.

"Dear Edward and Jasper. Welcome to Isle Esme." Edward and I looked each other shocked. "Did you even know about this place?" I asked.

"No idea. Carlisle never said a word about this place, nor has Esme," Edward replied.

"This place was a gift from Carlisle to me for our sixth anniversary. I am happy to share this place with you on the start of your own marriage. Any mother would be envious to have two wonderful boys such as the both of you. The island has many wonderful natural features that I'm sure you will enjoy," Edward finished reading. "Signed your loving mother, Esme."

"Wow this is awesome," I said.

I pulled Edward to me and pressed my lips against his. We kissed passionately. I slide my arms around Edward and he wrapped his arms around my neck. I slide my hands down his back and over his firm ass and then grasp his thighs as I lifted him into my arms. Edward wrapped his legs around me as I carried him to the white room.

'I'm going to make love to you all night long,' I projected, and Edward moaned.

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