Annin groaned as she slowly returned to the land of the living. The goddess wanted to bash Mr. Popo's head in. She had told him to add a little alcohol to the drinks for a pleasant buzz. Judging by the headache and the weird visions she was getting, Mr. Popo needed to redefine what he considered little. Seriously, how drunk off her gourd did she need to be in order to dream of pulling Bulma into a HLS show for her husband?

Ever so carefully, Annin summoned a bit of her power and began to dull her hangover. She started to smile as the pain melted away enjoying the sensation of cuddling next to her husband with his tail wrapped possessively around her. Normally, Annin would just lie on the bed and enjoy the morning. However, Goku felt unusually tense and that caused her to open her eyes. Seeing Bulma lying on her husband quickly sent memories of last rushing to the forefront of Annin's mind. She felt the divine Saiyan's nervousness increase tenfold as he saw her eyes.

Rage as hot as the sun's core burned in Annin's heart. How could this travesty happen? A little variety might be allowed under their marriage contract; however, Annin had suspected something along those lines would come up in a couple of centuries. Something like this occurring only a couple of years into her marriage was a slap in the face to her pride as a woman. Only her desire to keep this situation from spiraling further out of control the memories that she started this situation kept Annin from vaporizing Bulma.

As for the blue haired genius, she was just starting to wake up with a pounding headache. "Ugh, what happened last night? I'm so sore." Bulma muttered to herself not realizing she was with company. Goku's face turned an even paler white now that everyone was up. Bulma then opened her eyes and stared in shock for a second. She then jumped off of Goku and screamed, "What happened?"

Seeing a chance to blow off a little steam harmlessly, Annin gave a dead panned response. "Offhand, I'd say we're coming out of a drunken virgin sacrifice. But, I'm not quite sure if we can call this that since usually those involve offering the virgin's life to the god or demon the sacrifice is being made to and not the virgin's virginity."

Bulma's cheeks turned bright crimson from embarrassment and then tears began to form in her eyes from the conflicting emotions she was feeling. "Oh no, I can't believe this is happening. How could this have happened?"

Annin quickly shot back, "This happened because none of use kept our heads when we got a little alcohol and now we've got to deal with it!" Annin closed her eyes and took a deep breath before continuing. "Sorry for yelling at you, but this little incident is going to have more effect on us then some awkwardness between friends. Go to the restroom and get cleaned up while my husband and I have a serious talk. Mr. Popo will get you some new clothes and then you can wait for one of us to talk to you."

Normally, Bulma would verbally attack anyone trying to tell her what to do. However, she was so shocked and in such a mess over what had happened last night that she nodded her head. Bulma quickly stood up and hurried to the bedroom door. She paused for a second to consider picking up her clothes so she wouldn't have to run naked through the halls. That wasn't in option for her as her clothes' remains lay shredded on the floor. Seeing Goku's fear and Annin's barely controlled rage, Bulma quickly left the room.

Once they were alone, Goku started to give a panicked apology. "I didn't mean for this to happen! I swear to you Annin, I didn't want something like this to happen-"

Annin gave her husband a glare cutting him off and then she stood up. "Quit apologizing to me husband. I hate this happened and that another woman was in our bed. However, I have to accept my responsibility for this since I asked Mr. Popo to put a little alcohol in our drinks to lighten the mood. Furthermore, I recall inviting Bulma here when you drunkenly suggested that she should 'find a real man to be with' when she was complaining about Yamcha's behavior last night. Relax a bit since you can't be thrown into that gay bar yet because I drunkenly gave approval for what happened last night."

Goku gulped when Annin brought up that part of their marriage contract. He hadn't thought of that since he had been more worried about Annin, Bulma, even the two of them together killing him. The mere mention of the punishment clause sent shivers of fear down his spine. Trying to gain some control, Goku got up and quickly put on a bathrobe from the closet. He then looked at Annin who had remained unclothed and positioned herself as if she was trying to remind him what he had.

In a nervous voice Goku said, "Annin, dear, what are we going to do about this? How do you want us to proceed? What can I do for you to help?"

Annin closed her eyes and thought about their situation. Deity sex lives usually didn't have much impact with celestial bureaucracy. As long as everything was kept quiet, everyone was okay with their fellow deities doing what they wished on their own time. However, she and Goku were not regular deities. Goku was still young by deity standards and a scandal, even a minor one like this, would hurt his pull with other deities for favors in the next century or so. The fact that she was his boss's granddaughter only increased the problem since having Goku seen as running around would hurt her reputation. This scandal both decreased her influence and would get King Yemma enraged. The best case scenario would be if everyone kept quiet which wouldn't be that hard if Bulma wasn't pregnant. If she was, then it was time to move into damage control.

Knowing that it would be too early for ki detection, Annin focused her mystical senses on Bulma's soul. It was infinitely harder to sense a person's soul compared to their ki, but it provided a wealth of information. Annin looked at the patterns of Bulma's soul and let out a howl of rage. To her senses, it was clear as day that Bulma body and soul were preparing themselves for a new life. She quickly disengaged her senses and grumbled, "I'm going to kill my cousin Murphy."

Bulma sat on one of the temple's balcony tables wearing a kimono and looking out at the Lookout. There was a try in front of her with a half-eaten breakfast Mr. Popo had brought out for her an hour ago. Bulma still couldn't believe last night had happened. How could she just jump into a threesome with her best friend and his wife? To make things worse, she hadn't even officially broken things off with Yamcha yet even though that relationship was dead and buried. Thinking of Yamcha was like a knife twisting in her heart. Annin had invited her here to deal with Yamcha cheating on her and how did she replay her friend? She had sex with her friend's husband. That whole situation made Bulma feel like shit and her memories of last night's pleasure only made her feel worse.

About the only thing that had gone right since she had gotten up was that Mr. Popo was able to get Gohan out of the Lookout without the little guy realizing that something was wrong. Thinking of little Gohan only drove the proverbial knife deeper into Bulma's chest. What if she had ruined Goku and Annin's marriage? There had certainly been a lot of yelling coming from their room. How would Gohan be caught in the backlash?

The creak of a door opening broke Bulma out of her musing. She quickly turned her head to the door and saw Annin standing in the doorway formally dressed as the Goddess of Earth. Annin's face was stoic, but Bulma could see the storm of emotions in the goddess's eyes. Bowing her head in shame, Bulma nervously said, "I'm so sorry that-"

Annin level a stone shattering glare at the genius shutting her up. "Be silent Bulma!" The goddess walked over to the balcony and put her hands on the railing. "Let get something straight, you may be my friend, but I don't want to hear you or even look at you right now. If things were going my way, I wouldn't even see you for years until I could calm down from this travesty. However, some complications have come up as your going to have a child."

"The fact that you're carrying my husband's child creates a lot of headaches in the celestial bureaucracy. Having an illegitimate demi-deity running around weakens Goku's ability to call in other gods for help. Thus there is only one thing to do; you must be bound as his concubine."

Bulma blinked her eyes in shock and stammered out, "What? Me, be a concubine? You can't be serious!"

A snap drew Bulma's attention to the balcony. Specifically, the genius looked at the stone slab that Annin had accidentally broken off. Annin slowly turned around to face Bulma. "Oh I am serious Bulma. Do you think that our actions have no consequences? Do you think that because Goku and I are deities, we can make this situation okay with a wave of our hands? We have our superiors and at times need the aid of other deities; aid which we may not get if other deities feel that Goku has a bad reputation. Our actions last night might be minor, but even that has a major impact for young deities."

"Making you into my husband's concubine is our only face-saving option now. You being a concubine will let other gods know that you have my, admittedly forced by my own actions, approval to be with Goku making it acceptable for you to carry his child. Since you're only a mortal, making you a concubine instead of a wife maintains my honor and more importantly the honor of my clan which has a major sway in this part of the galaxy. We can't hide the fact that you're having a demigod from celestial bureaucracy as it is going to pick that fact up. Having an abortion wouldn't hide the child's existence since its soul would still need to be processed and would only sign your sentence to Hell. This is our only option."

Bulma gulped in nervousness. Things were spiraling out of control to her. It wasn't even two days since she had been with Yamcha and now she was being told to become Goku's concubine? Part Bulma wanted to tell Annin to shove it and leave the Lookout. It was obvious that Annin didn't want this and why should she suffer for some celestial bureaucracy. However, another part of Bulma feared what might happen if she didn't accept. How would she be able to raise a half-saiyan god? What if a catastrophe, which seemed to occur every few years, happened and Goku couldn't get the support he needed to correct the problem? Both sides warred within Bulma and finally she hesitantly spoke, "What can I expect if, and I do mean if, I become Goku's concubine?

Annin took a deep breath and then spoke in an almost emotionless tone. "As a deity's concubine, you'll have a seal branded on your body signaling your status. You won't be permitted to pursue a relationship with anyone besides your lord or any partners he might have. Any romantic actions you take outside of these people will be harmful to you. For example, kissing another man romantically would make you feel like your being electrocuted. However, the concubine bonds do permit platonic actions."

"In return for these penalties, you will have several advantages. First, you'll become immune to all diseases and will retain your current looks until the day you die. When you do die, you'll automatically be granted access to Heaven and granted your body back. This is so you can continue to serve Goku even after death. Finally," Annin paused for a second as if she was sucking on something bitter. "Finally, I'll permit you to, to, to share Goku's bed one night a week."

That last bonus had been painful for Annin to agree to give Bulma. She had wanted to make Bulma into a concubine and then have her stay away from Goku for the rest of her life. However, Goku had at great personal risk pointed out that it would be a bit unfair to Bulma if she was forced to live like a nun for the rest of her life and afterlife. Besides, he would need to be there for her child since he was the father. Annin's compassionate side agreed with Goku's points. This distasteful concession was the agreement her pride and compassion could accept.

Bulma mulled over everything she was being told for a few minutes. Unfortunately, all the twists and sucker punches she had mentally taken were making it hard for her to think strait. "Is there someplace quiet and remote I can go to think over all of this?"

Annin nodded and said, "I'll take you to Goku's old home. No one goes there and we use it when we want to go somewhere peaceful to think."

King Fuzzy was sitting at his desk looking in dismay at the video on his computer screen. The images were poor, but one could clearly see Goku fighting against some unknown fighter. The video had been captured on a hyper-speed camera that someone in the village near where Goku had his training grounds owned. King Fuzzy sighed and said, "Great, we don't need this on the air causing a panic."

The king then heard the sound of rustling leaves behind his chair and smiled. As his office was in the palace, that sound could only mean one thing. King Fuzzy turned his chair around to see Goku smiling and leaning on wall. The king immediately bowed his head and said, "Your Grace, it is an honor for you to make an appearance."

Goku smiled and said, "Come on Fuzzy, how many times to I have to tell you that you don't need to bow to me? It's a bit annoying and I already get enough headaches from all the bowing and incense offerings at the temples. You more than anyone else must realize what a pain it is given all the bloodsuckers that try to gouge money and power from you."

A hearty chuckle emerged from the small canine king. "That's true Goku. I think your predecessor created politicians as a curse on my ancestor for gaining the throne of Earth."

"Kami didn't do that, those pests were around long before even his predecessor's predecessor was born. Why do you think I keep the fact that I'm a god secret from the world at large? Can you imagine the headaches I'd have if everyone knew I was Earth's god?"

There was a pause as King Fuzzy considered what Goku told him. He then shivered in fear; that was something too terrible to imagine. Once the king regained his nerves he asked, "Why are you here?"

Goku smiled and replied, "I wanted to clarify what happened yesterday since I know from my students that segments of my fight are now viral on the internet. An old enemy of Earth's last god named Garlic Jr. managed to escape from a prison he had been sealed into and was out for revenge. He also wanted to take over Earth, but that's a mute point now that he's been resealed. Piccolo showed up because Garlic Jr. attacked him earlier so don't panic if you see images of him in the fight. This time he was on our side."

King Fuzzy nodded in relief. Why was it that his reign was seeing the most troubles than that of any six of his predecessors? He then asked, "Were any of your students able to help you in your fight?"

"No, Garlic Jr. and his men were all stronger than the other senseis. In fact, Garlic Jr. was stronger that I currently am in my base state."

"That's not good Goku. We need more fighters than just you to defend the planet. Even if you are a god, you're still just one person. That's why I've been throwing as much covert support into your training program as I can. Please tell me that your students have made some accomplishment?"

"Oh trust me Fuzzy; they've all have come a long way. Most of my students and a good number of the other senseis are strong enough to rival King Piccolo. If a threat like that occurred it would be easily taken care of. We just have had the bad luck of very powerful beings crawling out of the woodwork lately."

The King nodded his head accepting Goku's words. He then thought about the situation for a few minutes and then said, "I want you to get Capsule Corp. to run a 24/7 global ki detection system. I know that you use it occasionally to find new recruits. I now want it to run so that we'll know the instance someone with above normal abilities appears. The next one may not decide to go after our top fighters before causing destruction."

"I don't know if we can start something like that immediately Fuzzy. Bulma made some heavy modifications to the scanner design in order to give them the range and power needed for our current usage. I don't know if the current sensors can be operated continuously."

"I understand Goku, but we need that warning system. I'm placing a special order to Capsule Corp for the sensor grid and I want you to let Miss Briefs know I want every available resource they have on that project."

"Don't worry, I'll tell her at the next appropriate time I see her."

The Check-in station in the Afterlife was a busy place as always. Annin was grateful that she could use the Tennin Gates to move about her grandfather's palace. Was it any surprise that he had a short temper thanks to all the people and commotion in the place? Luckily, Annin knew all of the hidden passages between the gate and her grandfather's office allowing her to move unseen.

Just like always, Annin reached her grandfather's office to see King Yemma sitting at his desk looking over office figures. King Yemma looked up when he heard his office door open up and smiled when he saw Annin walk in. He quickly set his paperwork down and got up from his desk. "Why hello there Annin, I didn't know you were coming over. Why don't you give your grandfather a hug?"

Annin quickly grew in size until she was just inches shorter than King Yemma. She then walked over and gave her grandfather a hug. She then sobbed as she cried into his shoulder. "Oh grandpa, I really need some advice."

The check-in deity's eyes narrowed in concern as he gave a reassuring hug. "Tell me what the problem is dear. You know that you can always come to me when something is wrong."

Slowly, ever so slowly, Annin told her grandfather the painful tale of her, her husband, and Bulma. She covered everything from Bulma coming over because of her cheating boyfriend, to her fateful decision to have alcohol mixed with the dinner drinks, and to the current mess the trio was now in. Part of her wanted to hide her role in the crisis, but Annin knew it would only cause more problems down the road. While she talked, King Yemma carefully listened to her and didn't let his eyes judge her one way or another. Judging souls for millennia made him a perfectly impartial judge even where his favorite granddaughter was concerned.

Once Annin finished, King Yemma closed his eyes and weighed the facts he was given. After what seemed like an eternity to Annin, King Yemma opened his eyes and spoke. "I must admit Annin; I am a bit disappointed in you. Since you knew there was alcohol in the drinks, you should have moderated yourself. I know that your parents taught you to know your limits and that you can control yourself as I've seen at my court balls. Being in your own home does mean you should get drunk. What happened is your own fault and you must accept the consequences."

"That said, I am proud of how you handled the consequences given how trying they were. Far too many goddesses have killed mortals in the situation that this Bulma was in and have had to deal with constant investigations into their behavior as a result. I also think that you have come to a reasonable and just solution to your current situation. However, my opinion on that is of no concern. If this Bulma woman agrees to become a concubine it is up to you to organize her rights in the household as you see fit."

A small smile appeared on Annin's face as she heard her grandfather's words. "I'm grateful that you think I've handled this situation appropriately grandfather. That means a lot to me. However, I do have a question for you. Even though Bulma is a good friend and this was all an accident I still feel a great deal of rage towards her. Is it right for me to be mad at her?"

"Annin, you have every right to feel what you feel and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. You're a woman even if you are a goddess and you have ever right to be mad at the thought of your husband being with another woman. Over time, you may want to experiment a bit to help relieve some monotony. However, that doesn't change your basic right to want your husband to focus solely on yourself."

Bulma sat on a stone right next to a small lake near Goku's mountain home. She stared out at the calm lake wishing she could feel as calm as it looked. How was she supposed to resolve this damned mess she had gotten into? Biting back the urge to cry again, Bulma sighed and spoke out loud. "Come on Bulma old gal, pull yourself together and use that brain of yours to think this through."

She then closed her eyes and considered her options. The choices before her were either agreeing to become Goku's concubine or trying to live as a single mother since she didn't want to go to hell. She then began to add up all the pluses and minuses of each situation so she could compare them. Public shock when word got out what had happened didn't matter since it would occur in either situation.

Being Goku's concubine would insure that her child would have a father who would look after him or her and Bulma knew from Gohan that Goku was a good father. Good health and keeping her looks were also tempting bonuses as was the thought of having Goku for a lover. Her memories from last night had been extremely enjoyable. Also, she had considered Goku to be a very good catch back before he married Annin. It wasn't like she had been planning on dumping Yamcha at the time, but she had planed to introduce Goku to some work friends who needed a good boyfriend. However, becoming Goku's concubine meant playing second place to Annin and that burned Bulma's pride. Even though she was the interloper, the thought of having a guy split his attention between her and another woman was infuriating. That's why she dumped Yamcha!

Being a single mother meant that she wouldn't have to play second fiddle to anyone. She had the money and the resources to raise her child on her own. Hell, she could stop inventing things, become a 24/7 mother, and still be pulling a nine figure income. Eventually, she could try to find a guy who would be devoted to her and would accept her having a child. However, going that route would apparently cause headaches in god land and Bulma had been in too many crazy situations to not realize earth needed every bit of assistance it could get. Also, it would be almost impossible to find a guy who wasn't after her money. Bulma had seen far too many breakups in her 'proper' social circle to be naive about it. At least being with Goku she'd know that he actually cared about her for herself.

"What can I live with? Is being 'the other woman' for the rest of my life better then being alone? I just want to have a good man to love, a family to be proud of, and friends to be with. Why can't my life be that simple?"

Bulma then heard the telltale sound of someone teleporting into the area. She turned around and saw Goku appearing by one of the trees. Unconsciously, Bulma gulped in apprehension at the arrival of her old friend. How was she supposed to handle this situation now that he was here? Was Goku coming for her answer? Nervously she said, "Good day Goku."

Goku turned around and gave Bulma a friendly wave. "Good day to you to Bulma. The weather sure is great today and best of all it is all natural." He then walked over and plopped himself in the grass by the lake. Goku looked up at the sky and let out a contented sigh. "It sure is great to just relax here; it always helps me think whenever I'm dealing with something stressful."

Still nervous at Goku's proximity, Bulma gave a slightly shaky reply. "Yeah, it is a good place to relax. Annin suggested it. Um, how's Gohan doing?" Maybe talking about Gohan wasn't the best topic she could come up with, but Bulma prayed it would help distract her from her current situation.

Earth's god made sure that he didn't show any outward signs that he had heard Bulma's prayer. Goku quickly answered her. "Gohan's doing well. I took him flying for a bit before I went to check on my students. Right now Gohan should be in his tutoring session with Mr. Popo."

Bulma nodded her head. "That's good to hear Goku." Silence then descended on the duo. Bulma wasn't sure what she should say and Goku felt it was better to let Bulma set the pace. Finally, Bulma couldn't take the silence anymore and she snapped. "What do you want out of this Goku?"

"I don't want much Bulma. I just want what's best for everyone."

"Is that so? Well then, what do you think is 'best for everyone'?"

Goku turned around to look Bulma in the eye. "I don't know what truly the best course of action is. No matter what we do, someone is going to be hurt. We're all affected by what happened, but I think you and Annin are going to be suffering the most. So, I'm just going to try and help both of you deal with this as you think best."

Part of Bulma was touched to hear Goku tell her that. However, another part of her was upset at his indecisiveness. "And just what would you do if I told you to get lost and never visit me or my child?"

There was a frown on the god's face as he replied, "If that happened, I would not appear before you again. However, I would still keep my eye on my child. If he or she wanted to see me I'd be there in a heartbeat."

To Goku's surprise, Bulma smiled at his statement. "It's nice to hear that Goku. At least the kid will have you looking out for him no matter what. But I wonder about me. Where do I fit into all of this Goku? If I accept Annin's offer what will become of me? Will you be there for me as well or will I be left to myself with only my child for happiness?"

Goku sighed and tried to find the proper words. "I won't leave you by yourself Bulma. You're my oldest and best friend; I couldn't ever do that to you. I care for you and I have a place in my heart for you. It's not the same as what I have with Annin, but it is a significant place. If you want me to, I will try to be the companionship you desire. Annin may have first priority to me, but that does not mean I'd leave you in an instant if Annin called. Sorry if what I'm saying is confusing or hurtful, but it's hard for me to put what I'm feeling into words."

Bulma sighed as she listened to Goku's words. It sounded like Goku did care for her and would treat her like he did Annin. However, Annin would always be the first among equals for him between her and the goddess. That did make some bitter sense as even if she accepted Annin's offer she'd only be the concubine. Bulma considered everything for a few more minutes in silence until she made her decision.

With her mind made up, Bulma stood up and gave Goku a playful wink. "Tell you what Goku. I'll accept Annin's offer. However, you'll have to catch me before I'll accept!" She then took off running towards the woods leaving Goku in shock.

Goku quickly regained his wits and smirked. Bulma's offer was very similar to the old way female Saiyans in heat sought their mates. Goku quickly joined in Bulma's little game running after her and making sure to go slow enough to not immediately catch her. The duo ran through the woods for a few minutes until they reached a meadow. Goku decided that enough was enough, jumped at Bulma, and gently brought her to the ground in a rolling tackle. They rolled in the grass several times before they stopped with Goku on top pinning Bulma to the ground. Goku leaned his mouth next to Bulma's ear and huskily whispered, "You're mine now."

Bulma looked up at Goku in surprise at the joy filling her heart at the possessive tone in his voice. To her own surprise, Bulma grabbed one of Goku's hands and moved it to the knot keeping her kimono closed. "That's right, I'm yours."

Up in the trees hidden from sight, Annin watched as Goku pulled the knot loose. She had come here shortly after Goku arrived to see how things developed. As she expected, hoped, and feared, Bulma finally accepted the offer to be her husband's concubine. Annin redirected her gaze as the duo on the ground began to disrobe. Tears freely fell across Annin's cheeks as she heard the sounds of Goku claiming his new concubine. "Remember," she said to herself, "your actions have consequences and you'll have to live with them."