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Chapter 15: This is MY FAMILY

Edward's POV:

My brothers and I raced home, eager to get back. I could not wait to see Bella again. I had been on edge this whole week, worrying about her constantly. I had a feeling that something was wrong, and that I should be with her; however, when I told my brothers they just said that I was worrying too much. In fact, they destroyed my phone the minute we left home so that I wouldn't be calling her every two minutes.

I had tried to go home the second day, but they had forcefully stopped me from leaving, saying that it was good for me to be away from Bella for a little while. I had finally given in, knowing I would not be able to get past the both of them, especially when they were watching me like a hawk. I had tried to relax and have fun, but my bad feeling had only gotten worse. Jasper, sensing my mood had started to get worried, which in turn got Emmett worried. They both started bugging me to spill what was wrong, but I couldn't tell them because I had promised Bella. Eventually though, they ran me down enough to where I spilled my guts to them. I was so anxious to get back, and I knew that the only way to convince them would be to tell them about Bella.

They had been shocked when I had explained the nightmares, and had then admonished me for not telling anyone.


Emmett and Jasper looked at me incredulously when I finished explaining my concerns about Bella and her nightmares.

"Why didn't you say anything earlier bro? We would've let you go if we had known there was something wrong with Bella," Emmett said.

Jasper just shook his head at me. "You should have told someone about this Edward. That totally explains why Bella looked so ill when we left. I thought she was just suffering from some kind of cold, but it's those nightmares that are making her look so sick. I can't believe you left her alone!" Jasper exclaimed, looking at me in surprise.

I bristled slightly at their accusing glares, while at the same time starting to panic. "Look, Bella promised me that she would talk to someone, and I didn't tell anyone because she made me promise I wouldn't. I didn't want to break her trust," I explained to them. "Besides, Dad is there and I know he wouldn't let anything happen to Bella."

"Edward man, you should have at least told Dad so he would be prepared to help her," Emmett said. I looked at him with growing guilt. If Emmett was saying that, then I really messed up. He was right, I should have told someone.

Seriously panicking now, I looked at them with wide eyes and begged, "Guys, we need to go home now. I have to make sure Bella is OK!"

Jasper walked over to me and laid a hand on my shoulder, sending me calming waves. "Relax Edward, I'm sure she's fine, but we'll go home anyways. Maybe the three of us can convince Bella to talk to someone about these nightmares of her," he told me calmly.

I nodded at him, allowing his soothing waves to help calm me. "Thanks," I mumbled to him.

"Well what are we waiting for?" Emmett then said boisterously. "Last one home is a rotten egg!" he screamed before taking off.

Jasper and I stared at each other incredulously before taking off.

End Flashback

I began to relax slightly as we got into more familiar grounds. Any minute now we'd be back in Forks, and with Bella. God, I had been so stupid to have let her convince me to go! My Bella is so stubborn, I thought, and I just wished she would have allowed me to help her. If we get back there and she's still having nightmares, then I'm dragging her to Mom and Dad, I thought determinedly.

Calm down Edward, you're making me panic over here, Jasper thought at me. Giving him an apologetic smile, I took huge breaths to help calm my nerves.

As we were nearing Forks, we all of a sudden caught the scents of our parents. Giving each other confused looks, we ran towards them.

That's odd, Emmett thought, the girls shouldn't have been home by now. I wonder if something- Oh shit, Edwards listening. Lalalala, oh how I love my Rosie.

I grimaced as Emmett's thoughts turned towards Rosalie, and once more began to worry. He was right, the girls shouldn't have been home by now, and they had never come home early from a shopping trip. Alice would never have allowed it, so if they were home then something bad must have happened. Picking up my pace, I quickly ran ahead of my brothers until I reached my parents.

I quickly tried to scan their thoughts, but they were blocking me. "Dad, Mom, what's going on? Is it Bella? Is she OK? Where is she? What happened?" I questioned them frantically. By this point my brothers had arrived, and were giving our parents questioning looks.

"Edward, son, please calm down. Bella is fine", my dad told me, while laying his hands on my shoulders. Confused, I then looked at my mom and asked, "Well, then why are you home early? You girls have never come home early from a shopping trip in Paris".

My parents shared a look before Esme nodded at him.

Sighing, Dad looked at me and my brothers. "Boys, Bella got into some trouble while you were gone," he began to explain.

My brothers and I shared a look, and Jasper asked, "Does this have anything to do with the nightmares she's been havin?"

Dad gave him an surprised look. "How do you know that?" he asked.

"I told them. I was really worried about Bella, and I had the feeling I had to come home. However, Jazz and Em wouldn't let me leave until I told them about the nightmares Bellas been suffering from", I explained. "So something happened?" I asked, urging him to continue.

My father grimaced slightly, while my mother had a pained look on her face.

Woah, I heard Jasper think, something really bad must've happened for them to feel so… pained.

Going up to Dad, I grabbed one of his arms and shook it. "Please Dad, tell me what happened! Is Bella alright or not?" I asked, panicking.

Grabbing me by my arms, Dad looked me in the eyes and responded, "I swear to you that Bella is as fine as she can be. She is a little malnourished from not eating well, and in need of a few good night's sleep, but otherwise healthy."

I sighed in relief, nodding my head at him.

"Well then what happened?" Emmett impatiently asked. "You said Bella got into some trouble, and we know it had something to do with her nightmares, so you gonna explain or are you gonna allow Eddie to freak out some more?"

"Emmett!" my mother scolded, while I growled lowly at him.

Shaking his head at Emmett, my father then began to explain how my poor Bella had suffered from a horrible nightmare that caused her to run away, and how she had then almost been hit by a car. I froze, staring at him in growing shock and horror. My Bella had almost died? Oh God, this is all my fault! What a horrible person I am. How could I have left Bella all alone? She almost died because I wasn't there for her when she needed me!

"What?" Emmett shouted. "But she's fine now, right?" he asked concernedly.

"Yes, she's fine, so don't worry," my mother soothed before turning to look at me. Are you alright Edward?

I jerkily nodded my head at her, all the while sinking into a deep depression. Bella must hate me, I thought dispiritedly. She'll think I abandoned her again.

Edward, son, are you alright? Son, answer me! my father thought at me, while shaking my shoulder gently.

I stared up at him and my mother, dimly noticing that my brothers were no longer here. "It's all my fault", I told them brokenly, as venom tears began sliding down my face. "I should've never left her", I said, before breaking down into sobs.

My father immediately pulled me into his arms, and my mother ran her hands through my hair soothingly. "This is in no way your fault, my son. You had no idea that something like this would occur," Dad said sincerely.

"Your fathers right Edward, this is in no way your fault. Bella is responsible for her own actions. She should have spoken to someone about her nightmares sooner, and should never have run away, especially in the condition she was in", my mother said to me firmly.

I shook my head at them, somewhat angrily. "D-Don't blame B-Bella! I-It's n-not her f-f-fault at all!" I yelled at them, pushing away from their embrace. My parents looked at me sadly, before Mom came over and pulled me into a loving embrace.

"Shhh, honey, it's alright. Everything is fine now," she whispered to me, while rubbing my back comfortingly.

Dad opened his mind to me and showed me glimpses of him and Bella talking and playing games together. I chuckled softly when I saw how my precious Bella had beaten him at Wii. She laughed delightfully, while pumping her fists into the air.

That was from earlier today he told me. She is fine, and in no way blames you for anything. In fact, she is quite worried that you will hate her for not having confided in you about her nightmares.

I had stopped crying, and was staring at him in shock. "Bella thinks I could hate her?" I asked incredulously.

He responded with an amused look, while nodding. "Yes, absurd I know. About as absurd as thinking she will hate you for any reason. You two are quite the pair," he chuckled softly.

I wiped at my face, embarrassed at having broken down like this. My father ruffled my hair, while giving me an understanding smile. Looking up at him, I was surprised to see how tired he looked.

"You OK Dad?" I asked him concernedly. "You look like hell".

He rolled his eyes at me, while throwing an exasperated look at Esme who had laughed. "I am fine Edward. It was just a stressful week."

I nodded my head at him sadly.

"Bella and I have discussed her nightmares, and she should be rid of them. We also had quite a few enlightening conversations, but it will be up to her to decide whether or not to reveal what was said. I have taken her driving privileges away from the next three weeks, so you will need to play the chauffer. I'm sure you won't mind. Also, she is to see me at least once every other day so I can check on her health until I deem otherwise", he explained to me.

I nodded my head at him again, starting to feel very sorry for Bella. "Did you…" I started to ask, but couldn't finish.

Yes he responded, while eyeing me closely.

I frowned at my feet, now feeling very sorry for my poor Bella. While I couldn't deny that she had definitely earned it, I really didn't like it. Knowing that arguing with Dad about it would accomplish nothing though, I just sighed before nodding my head back at him.

He gave me a knowing look before coming over and pulling me into a hug. My mother wrapped her arms around the both of us, and I relished in the feeling of love and contentment. Pulling away, my mother then surprised me when she abruptly gave me a sharp SWAT to my backside.

"Ouch!" I yelped, looking at her with wide eyes.

Shaking her finger at me, she sternly said, "You know better than to yell at us, young man".

If I were human, I would have been beet red at this point. I looked down at my feet ashamedly while saying, "I'm sorry".

Mom smiled at me, and then kissed me on the forehead. You are forgiven. Now go home to Bella, and make sure you don't wake her up! she thought to me as I abruptly took off for our house.

Jumping into my room, I quietly approached the bed, watching my sleeping beauty. She looked more peaceful than she had in a long time, I thought happily. I got into the bed and lay next to her, brushing a few loose strands of hair out of her face. Satisfied that she was alive and well, I began to hum her lullaby, my heart bursting with joy as a soft smile came to her lips.

Rosalie's POV:

We all sat huddled in Edward and Bella's room, waiting for her to wake up. We had all been shocked when we had found out she had almost died, so we all felt the need to be near her to assure that she was truly fine. I leaned against Emmett, sighing impatiently. Really, how long do humans need to sleep?

Looking towards Alice, I was about to ask how much longer when her face brightened and she announced, "Bella will wake up in one minute!"

Excitedly, we all stood up and huddled around the bed, watching as she slowly began to stir. "Back up you guys, you're going to scare her," Edward quietly hissed at us, while wrapping his arms around her protectively. Slowly, we all backed up a little, giving them some space.

"Edward?" Bella gasped, her heart beat picking up in space. "What are you" she began to ask before she noticed that we were all in her room staring at her.

She stared at us with wide eyes when Emmett, my idiotic husband ran up to her and swung her around like a rag doll. "Good morning baby sister! I'm so glad you're OK, and don't you ever scare us like that again! You're too important to this family!" he yelled at her, causing us all to groan out loud.

"Put her down Emmett, she is not a doll!" I yelled at him, fighting the urge to smack him upside the head. Really, I love the man, but he has no tact whatsoever. While what he said was true, his delivery left much to be desired.

"Dammit Emmett, she just woke up!" Edward growled at him, pulling Bella into her arms.

Bella, for her part just hissed in pain when she landed on her backside before turning beet red and burying her head into Edward's chest. I winced in sympathy, knowing how much our father's spankings could hurt.

"It's alright Bella," Edward soothed, "you don't have to be embarrassed".

I felt Jasper's calming waves spread throughout the room, releasing the tension we had all been feeling while waiting for Bella to wake.

"Come on Bella, will you talk to us?" Alice begged, going up and giving her the puppy dog look.

I then gave Emmett a pointed look, urging him to apologize to Bella. He grinned at me, before putting on a pitiful expression and hugging both Edward and Bella. "I'm so sorry for scaring you Bella, I didn't mean to. C-Can you ever forgive your big brother?" he asked, trembling his lip as though he were about to cry.

I rolled my eyes at his antics, while resisting the urge to burst out laughing. Bella peeked out at him, before she broke into a fit of laughter, causing all of us to join her. Emmett, for his part put on an affronted expression before crossing his arms and pouting.

"I forgive you Em," Bella said after a while, and then wrapped her arms around his big frame. Emmett gave her his beautiful dimpled smile before bounding over to me. I kissed him as a reward for a job well done.

Bella then leaned against Edward while staring at all of us with a wary expression. "How much did Dad tell you?" she asked slowly.

"Just that you've been suffering from nightmares, and that a particularly bad one caused you to run. While on the run, you fell asleep at the wheel, almost getting hit by a car," I explained to her quickly and succinctly. The fact that she had almost died was understood by all in the room.

Bella grimaced, turning towards Edward with a guilty expression. "I'm so sorry Edward, can you ever forgive me?" she asked him pitifully. "I should've told you about the nightmares, or talked to someone about them. If I had listened to you none of this would have happened" she cried to him.

We all turned our heads away at this moment, giving the couple their moment.

"Bella, there is nothing to forgive, my love. I'm just glad that you're alright, and that Dad was able to help you with whatever it was that was bothering you. But know that you will always be able to trust me, and that if you ever need to talk about something, I will always be there for you", he told her lovingly.

Good job, I thought praisingly to my brother. He was finally learning, I thought in relief.

"But can you forgive me Bella, for leaving you to deal with this on your own?" he then asked her.

Idiot, I thought to him. You've done nothing wrong.

"Edward, you didn't do anything wrong", Bella told him, and I smiled at the exasperation I heard in her voice. "I made my own choices, and I practically forced you out the door. I hate to say this, but you're leaving was probably a good thing because it forced me to talk to someone," she finished in a quiet voice. Edward then pulled her into a kiss, breaking apart only when it became apparent that Bella needed to breathe.

"Good, you're done!" Alice then said abruptly. "Now it's our turn to ask questions," she said brightly, causing Bella to grimace at us.

"You don't have to tell us anything," Jasper said soothingly, ignoring the outraged looks Alice and Emmett were throwing at him.

"You guys know she's alright, so why don't you leave her alone now?" Edward said, nodding towards the door. We all frowned at him, not wanting to leave.

"Don't be rude Edward, we've all been worried about Bella too you know," I told him. Honestly, we didn't spend all night here just to say hi.

"Yeah", Emmett agreed, "we want to spend some time with our little sister, so don't be a prude".

"Y-you guys were really worried about me?," Bella asked with wide eyes.

I rolled my eyes exasperatedly as Jazz answered her stupid question. "Well of course we were darlin'. You're our little sister; you're family and we love you," he told her sincerely, as all nodded our heads at her in agreement.

She stared at us, with tears in her eyes, and I didn't need Jasper's gift to feel how touched she was by our sincerity.

Alice then went up to her and pulled her into a hug. When they pulled away, Alice then looked at Bella seriously and said, "Bella, we've all been very worried about you, and we've been sitting here all night long waiting for you to wake up so we could see that you were all right." Taking an unnecessary breath, she then continued somewhat reluctantly, "And, I guess you don't really have to tell us what went on this past week," while giving her a pitiful look.

I bit my lip to keep from laughing. Manipulative little pixie, I thought before walking towards Bella. I gave her a warm smile and then said, "Regardless of what Alice's pitiful stare is urging you to do, you truly don't have to explain anything to us Bella. You know we're here just to cheer you up," I explained to her.

Bella threw me a grateful smile, while Alice pouted. I glared at Emmett when he looked about ready to open his mouth, causing him to also start pouting. Bella, noting their expressions, sighed. "Thanks for your concern guys, I really appreciate it. And I guess I can tell you guys some stuff" she said, causing Emmett to immediately sit at the foot of the bed, looking like a little boy who was about to be read to.

We situated ourselves on and around the bed, while Edward kept Bella in his lap and wrapped his arms around her comfortingly. Jasper sent her soothing waves, while we all gave her encouraging smiles.

Staring at each one of us, she then began to describe the past week. She started off talking about the contents of her nightmares, and we all gasped at how horrible they sounded. I was touched by the love Bella exhibited for all of us, and wondered how I could have ever believed she was selfish as she recounted how she felt she was to blame for all our troubles.

As Edward went to open her mouth, she emphatically shook her head at him. "No Edward, let me finish. You guys can say whatever you want afterwards, but I'll never finish if you interrupt me". Nodding his head, she then continued.

She described how she had almost died, causing us all to shudder in pain at what her death would have done to us. Vampire or not, Bella is already a little sister to me, and the thought of losing her was unbearable. She told us about how she felt that she was a burden to us, causing us to all stare at her sadly.

Taking a breath, she then explained how Dad had convinced her that she was not to blame for everything, and how she was not a burden to our family. I smiled in relief, glad that Dad was able to talk some sense into her.

My eyes widened in shock when she then told us of all her fights with Dad, and of how she had told him to fuck off. Emmett whistled lowly, as we all just cringed at what Dad had done in response. Wow sis, you've got guts, I thought astonished.

She then finished by explaining what her punishment was, blushing when she mentioned yesterday's spanking.

Silence permeated the room, as we all tried to absorb what she had told us. Bella looked at each of us nervously, probably thinking we were going to yell at her too. I had half a mind to, but I knew that Dad and Mom had probably already laid into her enough.

"Bella", Jasper finally said, breaking the silence. "Bella, I want you to know that we would never think of you as a burden. You have brought so much happiness to not just Edward, but to this entire family. Without you, we aren't complete," he told her simply, but sincerely.

We all nodded our head in agreement, while Bella absorbed our words. Edward gave Jasper a grateful look, as Alice rubbed his arm soothingly. I put my hand on Jasper's arm to comfort him as well. Jasper had had a similar problem to Bella when he had first joined the family, I remember, and it had taken all of us ganging up on him like now to convince him of our love for him. In fact, the words he spoke to Bella were very similar to the words Mom had spoken to him all those years ago.

Silence once more reigned, but it was no longer uncomfortable. We all sat around Bella's bed, offering her our support and comfort as she came to terms with everything that had happened this past week.

When she had finished, she looked up at all of us with a wide smile on her face, and no words were needed.

Emmett's POV:

I couldn't believe that Bella had been suffering from these nightmares for so long without help. I couldn't believe that she could ever think that she would be to blame for everything that had happened to us, and I couldn't believe she tried to run away to keep us safe.

Bella, my little clumsy sister who I would do anything for had almost died, and my heart ached at the thought. I loved my family with all my being, and I would do anything to protect them. I may be a goofball most the time, but somebodys gotta keep things light; somebodys gotta know how to put a smile on people's faces.

I'm the big brother who mercilessly teases my siblings, but who would be the first to bash in the head of the bastard idiotic enough to hurt any of them. My family means the world to me, and the thought of anyone hurting them makes my venom boil with rage. The stinkin Volturi are responsible for my baby sister's nightmares, and right now I would love to just go and rip all their fucking heads off for daring to mess with my family.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and a calming wave pass through me. I look at Jasper and nod my head in thanks to him. There's no use getting pissed right now, because there's nothing I can do about it. What I can do is be the big brother, and do my best to cheer up my little sister Bella. With that thought in mind I look up at her and give her a goofy grin, letting her know that all is well.

Jasper's POV:

I could feel the shock and sadness from my siblings as we listened to Bella recount her story. I myself felt the same things, as I couldn't believe what she was telling us. I couldn't believe that she felt as I once did.

I clearly remembered when I first came to this family, and how I felt that I was nothing but a burden to them. I felt that someone as damaged as myself could never be a good addition to the family my Alice had brought us to. At first this had not bothered me; as long as they treated Alice right, and she was happy, I was happy. However, as time went on and I began to know them, my feelings began to change.

Emmett and Edward had become my brothers. I had never had so much fun as I did when we hunted together, rough-housed, or teased each other as only brothers could. Rosalie became a sister and close friend to me. Though she put up a tough and bitchy exterior, she was truly a caring and loving woman. Esme, bless her, became the mother I never realized I wanted or needed. She had such an enormous heart, and was always striving to make things better for me. Carlisle, father and coven leader to us all; I had been so wary and confused by him at first because he was like no other coven leader I had ever come across. I could tell he truly loved his family, and worked his hardest to make them happy. I admired him so much, and looked to him as a father.

Although I was coming to love every member of this odd family, I concealed my thoughts and emotions from them all. I had thought that there was no way they could ever come to think of me in the same way. There was no way they could ever see me as a brother or son. They only put up with me because of my beautiful Alice. I knew they loved her, and would always take care of her. Seeing her so happy, I could not help but think that it would be best for me to leave. I did not want to force myself on this happy family any longer, and I knew Alice would be well looked after and cared for.

These had been my thoughts for months before the day came that changed everything. I had angrily shoved Esme into a wall and screamed at her after she had been trying to help me. I couldn't help but still cringe at the memories. I had regretted the action immediately, but the damage had been done. I could feel the hurt and concern coming from my mother, along with the anger and disappointment from my father. When he had demanded that everyone leave, I truly thought he was going to kill me. I had harmed the coven leader's mate, and in any other coven I would have been killed... but not in Carlisle's coven.

I smiled at my own foolishness. I had already been told by my siblings how Carlisle dealt with misbehavior, but I had felt that he would never do that to me since I was not his son. Standing in his office, I could feel as his anger quickly dissipated to be replaced by concern the longer he stared at me. He questioned why I was so afraid, and when I eventually answered, I could feel his shock. He had then proceeded to explain how we were a family, and when he called me son, I had completely broken down.

If I were human, I would be blushing at the memory. I had bawled like a small child, and my Dad had scooped me into his arms and rocked me like an infant. As embarrassing as it was though, it is one of my fondest memories because that was when I truly realized that I was a member of the Cullen family; that I was Carlisle and Esme's son, and that I was Edward, Emmett, and Rosalie's brother.

Yes, I knew exactly how my little sister felt, and my heart couldn't help but ache at the thought of her going through that pain. I'm just glad Dad was able to save her and help her as he did me. Looking up at Bella, I couldn't help but smile at her. She would be alright now because we would always be at her side; for all eternity.

Alice's POV:

I rubbed my husband's arm soothingly, while staring at Bella sadly. I still couldn't help but feel guilty at not having seen any of this, especially considering the fact that we had almost lost her. My sister and best friend had been suffering and I hadn't realized, I thought sadly. Some psychic I am.

I felt an arm wrap around me, and looked up to see Jasper staring at me lovingly. He nuzzled his head against my cheek, whispering very softly that I wasn't at fault. I smiled at him.

I had felt exactly like this when I had found out Jazzy had been considering leaving our family; when I found out he had thought he was not wanted in our family, and that he was going to leave to make us all happy. As though he could read my thoughts, Jasper sent me waves of love and contentment, easing me of my guilt.

Shaking myself out of this guilt fest I vowed that I would never allow Bella to suffer alone again. I would be the best sister ever, and always be there for her. I looked at her, as she nervously watched us, and I smiled back at her.

Edward's POV:

Guilt wracked my body as I thought of everything my sweet, angelic Bella had been going through. I hated myself for not having been able to realize how badly she was suffering, and for not knowing that she felt that she was a burden to us. I wrapped my arms tighter around her, burying my head in her hair. God, how I loved this woman. She was my life, and without her I would not be able to live.

Pain tore at my heart at how close I had come to losing her. I was never going to leave her again because it seemed every time I did something bad would happen. Thank God Dad was here to save her, and to help her deal with the issues that were bothering her. I only wish she would have trusted me enough to tell me, but I understood. I knew my darling Bella was a very private person, and if she had to confide in anyone, then Dad was the best choice. He always knew the right thing to say or do.

I would prove to her though, that she could always turn to me when in need. I would prove to her that I would never leave her to suffer alone. I breathed in her lovely scent, while listening to the thoughts around me. I smiled at the thoughts of my siblings. They truly cared for Bella, and they, like me would always be there for her.

Bella's POV:

I watched as they all smiled back at me. How lucky I was to have such a loving and understanding family, I thought happily.

I leaned against Edward contentedly until he asked me with a teasing smile, "So Bella, why don't you tell us about how you got Dad to play the Wii and then totally kicked his butt?" he asked, causing all my siblings to look at her in anticipation.

"No freakin way!" Emmett crowed. "Tell me everything Bells," he said, looking at me with wide eyes.

I smiled bashfully while saying, "Well, I just begged and gave him the most pitiful look I could and he totally caved".

"Good girl", Rosalie praised while Alice nodded her head. "You gotta learn early how to play the pitiful little girl card with Dad; it will get you anything you want," she said proudly. I chuckled at her look before continuing.

"We were playing tennis, and I don't think he's ever played tennis because he had to ask me what to do. And then he just started swinging randomly, not hitting anything, and I had to explain to him how to use the controller," I said with a huge smile, trying to control my laughter. They were all smiling back me, as Emmett broke out into booming laughter.

"Well, when I finally managed to teach him how to play, we decided to play against each other, and I completely massacred him," I said gleefully. "I thought vampires were supposed to be graceful, but he was fumbling all over the place! And he had the most serious expression on his face, which was even funnier because you could tell he was really trying," I said as we all laughed. Wiping tears from my face, I looked at Emmett and said, "And I have you to thank for this Em, because if you hadn't forced me to learn to play that idiotic game, I wouldn't have been able to win, even with his horrible skills," I said, smiling brightly at the memory.

"Glad I could help!" Emmett boomed. "Man, I am definitely getting the old man to play with me," he said, laughing heartedly.

"Old man, huh?" a voice suddenly said, causing us all to freeze before staring guiltily towards the door where our parents stood with crossed arms.

"Hi Mom and Pops!" Emmett greeted boisterously before wrapping his arms around Mom and then Dad. "You know I didn't mean the old man comment, right? So will you play with me?" he asked, giving him a bright smile.

"Absolutely not," Dad responded before looking straight at me. "I take it you told them," he stated, huffing embarrassedly when I nodded. We couldn't contain our laughter anymore, so we all burst out laughing at his expression.

"You won't be laughing if I ground you all, will you?" he asked, causing us to laugh even more. He then turned to Mom and said exasperatedly, "You see Esme, they don't respect me at all. Your children are an unruly bunch," he complained to her. Mom started to laugh, kissing him on the cheek before turning towards all of us.

"Alright children, that's enough!" she said, causing us to all stop laughing at once. She smirked at Carlisle, who pouted, causing us to start laughing once more. "That's it, I'm selling all your cars on Ebay for a dollar each," he said turning for the door, causing us all to immediately shout "NO!"

He slowly turned back towards us, chuckling at our panicked expressions. "This event will never be spoken of again?" he asked mildly. We all nodded our heads at him vigorously, and then muffled our laughs when Esme slapped his arm. "Carlisle Cullen, you are not blackmailing your children!" she said angrily.

"But Esme", he said, rubbing his arm, before giving a long suffering sigh as Mom shook her head at him.

I leaned against Edward, loving the feel of his arms around me, and watched as Emmett tried to change Dad's mind. Staring at my parents, Edward, and each of my siblings, I couldn't help but feel content. This was my family, and through thick and thin, they would always be there for me.

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