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Prologue: You got to be kidding me

[Watanuki's POV: Narrating]

I sighed as I was walking to Yuuko's shop one cold winter afternoon. It was the start of winter break and everyone at my school has either plans to go to or had families to spend time with.

I, have neither. No plans made and no family to visit. While that makes me a bit down; what really brought was none other than the adorable sweetheart of the school, Himawari.

Why you ask?

Well I was talking to her before leaving the school and I invited her to come by my place during the break. But she frowned (So cute~!) and told me that she was going to her aunt's place and won't be back until the day before school starts again.



So was walking home all disgruntled and angry. Disgruntled, because I won't get to see the angelic Himawari. Angry because that damn Doumeki was walking with me and wouldn't you know it, he had no plans for break! That just sucks!

And what's worse the jerk had to nerve to tell me that I was being an idiot and was overreacting! Like hell I am!

So after finally parting from that blank face, I heavily sighed; knowing the rest of day will go from bad to worse. Yuuko might want something fancy to eat with alcohol no less while the black furball would want to play tag or hide and seek; something along those line.

All the while insulting me and making fun of my misfortune.


I opened to front door of the shop. I looked around and saw bits of handmade snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. Typical of Yuuko; always trying to do things out of the norm.

"Hello? Anyone home?"

As soon as those words left my lips, I hear sounds of footsteps approaching. I smiled; knowing who was coming.



I laughed as Maru and Moro ran up to me and cheered. "Why hello there, you two~!"

Maru giggled. "Hi yourself Watanuki~!"

Moro laughed. "We're glad that you came today~!"

Suddenly my smile seemed a bit strained. "Well of course I would be here today; I have a price to pay for my wish right? Even if that means being that witch's slave for the rest of my life." Okay, the last part sounded a bit harsh coming from me and the two didn't deserve that kind of tone. But I'd be damned if I was called a pushover by anyone!

But thankfully, Maru and Moro laughed at my statement.

"Oh Watanuki~!" Maru cried out. "I almost forgot; we have a customer today~!"

A customer huh? Nothing out of the ordinary; I got used to the many people coming to the shop for one reason or another but all wanting their wish granted.

"Yeah, a customer~!" Moro agreed. "But he's not like any other customer; he's special~!"

I raised an eyebrow. "Special? How is this guy any more special than everyone else?" I asked; fully curious about this 'special person'.

However before either of the girls can answer for me; one voice reached my ears and made my heart sank.

"Oh Watanuki~!" Yuuko; as if anyone else had a voice like hers. "Since you're here, could you get some sake and gin from the storage~?"

I sighed. "Fine; Gin and Sake; coming right up." I placed my suitcase on the floor and took off my shoes….then I just thought of something. Yuuko always drink Sake….so why the gin? And as if she was reading my mind (I wouldn't doubt it anyway), Yuuko's voice reached my ears again.

"The gin's for today's customer, Watanuki~! On hop to it!"



I walked down the hallway with a bottle of gin and sake along with two glasses on a tray. I was already in my work attire (apron! Are you serious!)so Yuuko would just stop nagging about it. Really, that woman need s a hobby and not the perverted kind either.

As I was in front of the main door, I saw that it was opened just slightly, only letting me see Yuuko who was talking to someone but I couldn't see who exactly. Sighing, I slide the door open. "Here you go Yuuko; Gin and Sake."

Yuuko clapped her hands in glee; which she always does whenever she gets alcohol. "Excellent, Watanuki~!" She then gestured to the customer who was sitting across from her. "However I think introductions are in order. Watanuki; meet our new customer."

I glanced to the side and nearly bugged out at who came to the shop today. He was a foreigner for sure for he had blonde hair and green eyes. Not many people had blonde hair or green eyes in Japan. He looked young; maybe a bit older then I am but I wasn't sure. He was dressed very formally; more formal then a guy at prom night. However what really bugged me was his thick eyebrows. They were just so….obvious?

Nonetheless, it was certain that this was the 'special customer' Maru and Moro were talking about.

The Blonde man smiled and stood up; putting his hand out. "Good day to you. My name's Arthur Kirkland and I come from the UK. And you must be Watanuki, yes?"

I blinked. I never knew anyone can be so polite. But I smiled back as I took his hand and shook it. "Um, Yes sir. Name's Kimihiro Watanuki. But people just call me Watanuki." We let go of our hand and chuckled. I couldn't help but feel like we were a bit similar; not sure why though.

Yuuko giggled as she placed her hands on the table. "Now that we all got acquainted; I believe you were talking about me fulfilling a request for you."

Mr. Kirkland looked back at Yuuko with a serious look before sitting himself down. I just placed the try on the table and walked to Yuuko's side and placed my hands behind my back.

"Yes, well let's get right on that."

I then notice a bit of an accent on him; is that what they call a British accent?

Yuuko smiled knowingly as she saw Arthur fidgeted a bit. "Now as for this 'request' I understand that it's not a wish per se but nonetheless you want something from me."

I looked at the two with confusion. So he asked for a request but not a wish? That was unusual; not really rare but unusual. "So what do you want?" I found myself asking.

Mr. Kirkland looked up at me with embarrassing eyes. "I just want to…." He trailed off as a blush came across his face. What does he want to what? Have Friends, get a better life, or maybe find love? Whatever it was, I felt sorry for him.

However Yuuko was thinking the opposite. "Oh come now, don't keep us in suspense. What is it you want to do?"

Finally, Mr. Kirkland sighed. "I want to….learn how to cook."

….I'm sorry; what?

Yuuko giggled while I looked at the man like he grew three heads. D-Did he said that he wanted to cook. This wasn't the first time a request like that was made but really?

"I'm sorry My Kirl—"

"No please, don't be so formal. Just call my En-I mean Arthur."

I shook my head. "Right. Um…Arthur. Not be rude but why do you want to cook; not that I find that wrong or something."

'Arthur' sighed heavily. "I've ridiculed by my cooking for too long." He glared at the cup of gin. "I want to show those bloody wankers what for; that I can cook."

"And indeed you will." Yuuko added. "And you will prove your loved one that you can cook as well; that's your main reason right~?"

I looked at her confused before I heard Arthur stuttering some words that I couldn't make out.

"T-that's not what I'm doing it for! I have no idea what you mean Ms. Ichihara!"

Yuuko smirked. "Of course not." I didn't like that smirk. "However be it a request or a wish, it will end the same; a price must be paid in equal value to the request."

Arthur nodded. "Yes, I'm fully aware of that. My friend told me that you would say that so I was prepared."

"Are you?"

The room dropped a couple degrees before Yuuko's smirk turned into a smile. "Well I have to meet up with that friend of yours. But for now…" She stood up from her chair; making me step a couple inches away from her. "Your request has been accepted, Mr. Arthur Kirkland."

I sighed. That was very intense. For a second there, I felt like something bad was going to happen.

"However, I think I can recommend someone to teach you cooking lessons for if it were from me you would be paying more then you can afford."

My heart dropped a few meters. Oh no.

"So I think…"

Please god no.

"The one who will teach you to cook…."

No,no, no. Anything but that!

"…Would be none other than dear Watanuki~!"

Arthur and I then exchanged glances; he had hopeful but desperate eyes. I looked back at him. He seemed that he really wanted to do it and he had the guts to do it. Hanging my head gloomily, knowing that I lost the battle. I just couldn't say no now. Or Yuuko would have my head.

"…I would love to teach Arthur some cooking lessons." Then out of nowhere Arthur stood up and shook my hands with glee.

"Oh thank you Watanuki! You have no idea how much it means to me!"

I glanced at Yuuko and saw her smirk once again.

Yep, things just got bad to worse.

I hate my life.


[Arthur's POV]

I looked at this ball of black fuzz before me. It was nothing I have ever seen before and I have seen a lot. Looking around to make sure no one would see me and called me delusional (those close-minded gits), I keeled down in front of the creature and smiled. "Why hello there; might I ask you what your name is?"

The black-covered creature giggled as it put his (adorable!) paw out for me to shake. "Hi there~! My Name's Mokona Modoki but you can call me Mokona."

I raised my eyebrow but shook his paw politely nonetheless. "Mokona huh? What is a Mokona then?"

The creature smiled up at me. "Mokona's a Mokona. That's all you need to know~!"

"…I see."

I wonder if there was a white one floating around this shop.


Anyone confused?


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