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Impatient yet faithful part one: Scones



Artie. Wake up.




Listen, Artie! You have to wake up! You're in danger! Please!



A pair of green eyes snapped open as the brit was pulled from his slumber. He checked his surroundings. He slowly got up. He saw that he was still in the guest room. He raised an eyebrow before yawning. "Another day in this bloody shop. But now I can't leave. Those poor lads must feel terrible too; being locked up in here for god knows how long…." He then pulled off the covers and got out of bed and put on his slippers.

"I'll have to call Kiku and tell him I won't be outside for some time. Hopefully whatever the reason for the sudden lock-in will be resolved before the meeting." He then started walking towards the door. However he stopped short of touching the doorknob as something rushed threw his mind. He looked at the door. "I may be hallucinating but…." He narrowed his eyes. "Just before…I thought I heard Alfred's voice….I wonder why that is…"

Arthur then opened the door and went outside. He closed the door behind him.

Not noticing once that a black widow was lurking outside of his room window.

Arthur walked to the kitchen in hopes that he can make a cup of tea to start the day. As he ventured down the hallway, he heard a series of tapping echoing from the walls. Perplexed, he continued his way to the kitchen. Upon arriving, he spotted Watanuki who was in a foul mood.

Watanuki was tapping his foot rapidly in extreme distaste. He didn't get much sleep the night before and why was that? It's because he had to share a room with Doumeki of all people. There wasn't enough spare rooms in the shop and he didn't want to impose on Arthur who was just as stressful as he was. He grumbled to himself. Oh how he hated his life.

Feeling a bit sorry for the teen, Arthur coughed once; making Watanuki look up at him. "Um…Good morning Watanuki. Did you…sleep well?" He knew the answer was obvious as he saw Watanuki's eyes had dark bags under them and that his posture was questionable at best but he just wanted to be sure.

Yawning, Watanuki shook his head. "No. Not even a little. I just couldn't fall asleep with that jerk being in the same room. It pissed me off."

Raising an eyebrow to the boy's choice of words, Arthur went to the counter and got a tea kettle. "Why do you dislike Doumeki that much? Does he snore while sleeping?"

Watanuki threw a glare at the Englishman. "No, he breathes." He seethed.

When he saw Arthur suppressing a chuckle, Watanuki's glare intensified. "He's the main reason why my life is a living hell. Ever since I even see that jerk I wanted nothing more than to kick him in the face." He threw his arms in the air in annoyance. "He eats my food without permission, insults me no matter what I do and always interrupts me when I'm alone with Himawari! Just when I wanted to get closer to that sweet angel, that pig-face comes out of nowhere and ruins the moment!" He then sighed in defeat. "But the worst part was that he always there for me when I'm in trouble…like he cares or something…I'm not even sure what to think….that idiot."

Arthur glanced over his shoulder as he waited for the water to boil. He could see and can sort of understand Watanuki's distaste for Doumeki….but the reasons he gave sounded more like excuses then reasons. Granted, his first impression of Doumeki wasn't very high on the likeable level but there really wasn't anything to support Watanuki's claim…even if they were all true. He chuckled.

"Funny; I know a lad who's in a similar position such as yourself."

Watanuki glanced at Arthur in surprise. "Really?"

"Oh yes." Arthur grinned. "His name was Romano. He had that kind of problem with a guy named Sp-Antonio." He silently cursed at his almost fatal slip up. "However they knew each other their whole lives; back when Antonio was a babysitter and Romano a wee little lad." The tea pot started to whistle. "Romano was always annoyed by him. With his bright smile, a very upbringing attitude and that he's very oblivious to just about anything." 'Like….him.' He thought sadly.

Watanuki raised an eyebrow. "But what's there to not like about him? Hearing from you, it sounds like this Antonio is really nice guy." He placed a hand under his chin. "Aside from being oblivious part, he sounds like the kind of I…sort of want, so why would this Romano hate him?"

Arthur smirked as he sat across from the teen with his cup of tea. "Same as you. When he sees him, he wanted nothing more to head-butt him in the stomach….and he does that on occasion. Granted the poor lad has been casted aside because of his younger brother and what not but that's another story. He waved it off. "But after some intervention and some emotional distress, the two became the best of friends." He glanced at the teen. "The point I'm trying to make is that no matter how annoying a person is or how much you might 'hate' them, if they stood by your side through thick and thin then….I suggest giving him a chance."

As Arthur drank his tea, Watanuki just sat there; deep in thought.

"But…." Watanuki muttered after a few seconds. "But how I can even be friends with that Doumeki when it's obvious that we hate each other?"

"I know a guy from France who I fought with all the time." Arthur answered with a bit of distaste. "Doesn't necessarily mean that we hate each other. Frankly hate is a too dark of a word to be used so lightly even for you." He then smirked. "Besides you shouldn't judge a book by its cover anyway and to put it simply; it would make you a bit shallow, don't you think?"

Standing up suddenly, Watanuki blushed in anger. "I'M NOT SHALLOW! IF ANYONE'S SHALLOW; IT'S HIM!" He gritted his teeth. "I just….he's the one….it's….." He then sat back down in defeat; finding no ammo to argue back with. "It's not fair….it's just not fair…why him…why me…?" For once in a long time…he felt like crying.

Reaching out, Arthur patted Watanuki on the shoulder. "I know. Life usually isn't. But like you mentioned yesterday; there's a reason for everything. I don't particularly like it but at least I'm doing the gentlemanly thing and embrace it." He then smiled. "I think you should too."

Looking up at the brit, Watanuki sighed. "I know; it's inevitable but still…." He then chuckled bitterly. "Now I feel the urge to apologize to the jerk."

"Believe me; I feel the same way every time I see that French frog."

The two shared a laugh before Arthur's stomach rumbled.

Blushing in embarrassment, Arthur covered his stomach. "I guess this talk has worked me quite an appetite."

Smiling, Watanuki stood up. "Well then, since I'm in a better mood how about we cook something up for the lazy bums? Let's use the time as another cooking lesson." He held out his hand. "How's that sound?"

Grinning, Arthur took that hand. "Sounds like a plan."

Outside of the kitchen, Doumeki let out a breath that he didn't realize he was holding. He woke up a bit earlier then he wanted and originally went to the kitchen to get something to eat. However he caught wind of Arthur's and Watanuki's conversation and started listening in.

He figured that Watanuki was still pissed at him for some reason. But when that guy said that 'when it's obvious that we hate each other' bit, he felt a sharp ping in his heart. Oh how wrong Watanuki was. He didn't hate the guy. Sure he called him a moron or an idiot but that doesn't mean he hated him.

In fact it was the opposite.

Of course it took a lot of time to sort his thoughts out about what Watanuki really meant to him. But he can guarantee that after putting a lot of thought into it, he can call Watanuki a friend and a best one at that.

However, the feeling ran deeper than that. Deeper than mere friendship.

He knew that he and Watanuki were meant to form a bond (courtesy of Yuuko's cryptic words) but was it this that she was talking about?

Maybe; maybe not.

But he was sure of one thing: he will be there for Watanuki no matter, whether or not he wanted him to or not.

"No Arthur! You don't put that much salt in the egg batter!"

Doumeki, despite himself, felt his twitch up to a smirk. "He really is a moron."


After a hearty breakfast, there was still the issue about staying at the shop. They knew that Yuuko said to stay put but what for? What do they need to look out for? Nonetheless, they resided in the shop since none of them have Yuuko's number to contact her. But knowing her, she'll contact them at some point.

After Arthur made a call to Kiku about his predicament, he opted to play a game of chess with Doumeki.

Watanuki grabbed a random book and started reading.

Mokona was playing with the girl who woke up not too long after breakfast in the garden. Watanuki was rather worried about the girls but shrugged it off thinking that they were just tired and needed some rest.

As Doumeki won the fifteenth game of chess (causing Arthur to deeply frown), Mokona suddenly hopped into the room with the girls in tow; giggling like a crazy person.

"Watanuki! Watanuki!" Mokona called out. "There's call coming from the other Mokona~!"

Watanuki looked up from the book and sat up. "Really? Well, put it up." He smiled brightly. It was a while since he has talked to Syaoran and the gang. It would be a nice change of pace for the otherwise dull day.

Mokona jumped on top of a table with a smile.

Arthur looked up from the chessboard with a raised eyebrow. "What's Mokona doing?"

Doumeki briefly glanced. "Transmission."


All of a sudden, Mokona's blue jewel lit up and a projection came up.

Rather surprised at the ability that the creature had, Arthur fell out of his seat in extreme amazement. His wide eyes went to Watanuki who rubbed the back of head sheepishly.

"Yeah…there's something else that I guess I forgot to tell you…" The blue-eyed teen trailed off.

The projection was filled with static before a clear picture was seen. In it was a young boy about fourteen with short brown hair and equally brown eyes. He was wearing a dark green tank top and goggles around his neck.

The boy smiled. Hey Watanuki! Long time no see!

Watanuki chuckled as Doumeki helped Arthur off the floor. "Well Syaoran, it has been a while but I doubt it was that long ago." He looked at the projection with a slight frown. "Um…was there anything you needed for or something?"

Syaoran laughed softly. No, not really. Our group just entered into a new world but I wasn't conscious at the time. He coughed a few times. I was in a battle against a ruler who had the princess's feather. We won but I was so exhausted that I passed out right after Sakura got another piece of her memory back.

"Well that's good." Watanuki commented. "But I'm guessing that Kurogane and Fai gave you a lecture, huh?"

Actually it was more like Kurogane yelling at me for being an idiot and Fai hugging me and telling me how worried he was that his 'son' was hurt. Syaoran blushed. But the princess wasn't really mad. Upset but not mad and that's a major relief because the last thing I needed was to make the princess angry.

"I would hate to see that. So where is everyone else?" Watanuki looked over Syaoran's shoulder. There wasn't anyone else with him (excluding the white Mokona), just a wall and a bed. "Considering that the financial problems you guys have every time you go from world to world."

Oh. Well, Kurogane and Fai made me stay here while the two and Sakura go shopping for food. I was actually resting until a couple minutes ago. So how are things on your end?

As Syaoran and Watanuki continued their conversation, Arthur stared at the scene with disbelief. He looked at Doumeki with his mouth open. "What in the world just happened?"

Doumeki sighed. "Yuuko is not called a wish granter for nothing. Turns out, there are more worlds out there; other than ours. I didn't see what exactly happened but according to the idiot, that boy; Syaoran came here with a girl named Sakura who was unconscious at the time." He then cleared his throat. "Sakura lost her memories….and she was on the verge of dying and unless he can retrieve it…."

Arthur gasped in shock. "How dreadful."

Nodding, Doumeki continued. "So Yuuko told him that he would have to go to different worlds to get them. That's where Kurogane and Fai come in. From what I heard, Kurogane's a ninja who has anger issues while Fai left his world and didn't want to go back. One thing led to another but they all paid the price and went on a journey to get Sakura's memories back."

Letting the information sink in, Arthur found himself nodding. "I see. But what did the three pay with to go?"

Glancing sadly at the projection, Doumeki sighed. "The ninja paid with his sword, Fai paid with a tattoo and Syaoran…." He hesitated. "His and Sakura's relationship."

Blinking in confusion, Arthur tilted his head. "I'm afraid that I don't understand."

"…When Syaoran came to Yuuko, she said that a price of equal value…and those two were close." Doumeki waited a moment before he saw Arthur's expression change from confusion to understanding.

"I see…" Arthur muttered out. "The poor lad…." He looked up just in time to see Watanuki and Syaoran saying goodbye. "Will he be okay?"

Doumeki shrugged. "Hard to know."

The day finally ended on a good. As Arthur walked into his room, he let out a big smile on his face. Of course, the new knowledge he obtained about the 'group' that was traveling from world did bring him down a bit but now he had new bound confidence in himself and his cooking.

And it showed.

After Watanuki finished talking to Syaoran, he opted for another cooking lesson and he agreed.

Doumeki just stood by and watched as the two stared cooking. Which of course wasn't complete without Watanuki constantly yelling at him for every little thing.

The two made what was called strawberry shortcake. At first it seemed like it was a lost cause on Arthur's part as he almost ruined half of the kitchen but came back strong as he concentrated on his baking with a light heart and a good attitude. He presented his masterpiece to his teacher and Doumeki.

The cake looked a bit sloppy on the icing department but it almost looked perfect. When the three of them tasted it, it was actually edible but it was more than that.

It was…delicious.

When they give it to Mokona to try it as well, the black creature nearly jumped in happiness. Of course it took some convincing when it was told that Arthur was the one who made it but it was a start.

His wish was starting to come true….

…Well the cooking part anyway.

There was still a matter with…Alfred.

Sighing, Arthur went to the nightstand and fished out his phone. He checked the screen. No new messages, one missed call, one new voicemail. His heart dropped; oh no, he can only think of one person who would call at a time like this. Nonetheless, he opened his voicemail.

You have one new voicemail…first new message.

Hey there Arthur…

Oh great; it is him.

Um…this is your hero Alfred here. Just…wanted to call to see what's up. I'm…in Tokyo with Kiku with Feliciano. I didn't bring him but he wanted to come; not I blame him; it's been a while since we've seen him.

Then there was a short pause.

Look Artie, I'll just say it. I don't know why you would lie to me about going on vacation and go to Japan. When I first heard it I was…worried. I know; heroes don't worry but…I was. It's just like you to push me away even after we have been through. If you didn't want me to know then you should've said so.

I'm not angry…just…confused. I know that we're not on best terms but I least wanted to make it work. And I also know that you and I won't be seeing each other for a while anyway. This chick named Yuuko said it's not time yet. I asked why and all I got was some cryptic BS that I didn't really care about.

What a hag.

Despite how rude that sounded, Arthur let out a small chuckle.

So anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I'm not angry for what you did. If anything, I understand…or at least I want to. Besides when this whole thing blows over, there's something I want to tell you….but I can't do it over a voice message.

It has to be face to face because….it's important. I hope you can wait that long.

So….bye and I hope that wherever you are; you're not bored out of your mind.

See ya.

End of message. To delete this message; press 7. To save it….

Arthur tuned out as he sank to the floor. He let out a small smile. The good news was that Alfred wasn't mad at him (not that he cared in any way) and that he still didn't know exactly where he is so the lessons can continue. The bad news was that he and Alfred will meet again and that an ultimatum will be set.

Can he wait that long to hear what he has to say but more over…

…will he handle it?

He cursed at himself. He really was an impatient man.

Then his phone vibrated. Looking at the screen, he saw that he had a new text message. Raising an eyebrow; he opened it.

Be careful. There is someone constantly watching you.

That was it, no name, no return number.

Arthur couldn't help but frown. "Someone's watching me? That's preposterous." He scoffed. "Who on earth would be bloody watching me?" What he didn't notice was that the same spider from the morning was still lurking outside of his window.

Nor the dark figure that was looking at him with bright eyes from far away.


Well crap; more issues to deal with.

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