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Disclaimer: Haim Saban owns Power Rangers, not me. But a certain fact I learned can't be copyrighted; not really. I think.

Tommy Oliver and Kat Hilliard were on a date. The two Turbo Rangers had heard from Adam about a new sushi bar. Apparently despite being a Japanese dish the owners of the place were Korean. Tommy and Kat didn't get it, but took Adam's word for it that the sushi was good and no the owner wasn't a relative of his.

So now the couple was sitting at a table at the sushi bar, looking over the menu to see what to eat. Trini had gotten the first six to eat sushi; Adam had simply carried on her tradition. What was weird was that neither was Japanese but apparently sushi was becoming a huge thing all across the world.

It had taken a while but now all the Rangers were fans of sushi. Well, not Justin, but he was new.

Once they ordered their food Tommy and Kat relaxed in an easy silence together until their sushi arrived.

After a short struggle with the chopsticks as usual the pair began to eat. While they ate Tommy and Kat discussed the usual: their friends, their daily activities, that latest monster battle with all the cool explosions. Kat pushed some corn silk hued hair behind her ear.

"Hard to believe I've been involved with the Power Rangers for almost two years already," she noted, wagging her empty chopsticks at her boyfriend, who just grinned. Over her increased heartbeat she heard him say, "I have you beat- going on twice that."


"What?" he chuckled, dipping his latest piece of sushi into his bowl of soy sauce. "It's the truth… plus I had the worst first afternoon after school ever."

"Yep; trumps even mine," Kat teased her boyfriend. "I mean, I just became a were-cat; you became an evil Ranger who'd go on to almost destroy the other Rangers."

Tommy sighed, his good mood almost visibly fading away. Kat felt a twinge of guilt, so she leaned across the table and lightly kissed him on the lips. As she pulled away she was greeted by renewed happiness in Tommy's brown eyes.

Sheepishly he looked away, his eyes falling upon the mini menu on the end of the table. Then he blinked in surprise.

"Does that say what I think it does?"

Kat looked upon at the menu to see what he meant. Scanning it, she noticed something rather odd. So she asked, "Do you see what I see?"

"If you mean…"


"Then yes."

"That is just weird."

Tommy exhaled. "Seriously? I had a talking weapon whose name meant mackerel in Japanese?"

"Apparently," Kat giggled. Tommy smiled lopsidedly.

"Still, I miss Saba."

"Those days were nice," Kat had to admit. Thoughtfully she added, "Except for the part where I wasn't your girlfriend."

Tommy's cheeks became as red as his Red Turbo Ranger suit. "Yeah… same here."

Both Rangers smiled at one another.

This gives a whole new layer to the DT episode entitled "It's a Mad Mad Mackerel" doesn't it?