Occurs shortly after Season Three's "Inside Job".


It wasn't quite four years later, June of 2010, when he stood in his Boston apartment, making breakfast. Across from him, Sophie Devereaux, now his very own team's grifter, sat, legs crossed and elbows leaning on the table as she watched him.

"Here, try this." Nate manoeuvred a fork towards Sophie. She looked at it, cross-eyed, before steadying the fork and guiding it into her mouth. She let out a soft moan and nodded in approval.

"I think I might like this new tradition."

"What?" He smirked and went back to tending to her omelette. "Me making you breakfast every morning?" She shrugged. "I thought you were still mad at me?"

"A few more breakfasts like this, and I might change my mind." Nate laughed and shook his head at her. The spatula in his hand scooped her omelette out of the pan and flipped it onto the plate.

Nate went quiet for a while. He cracked a few eggs, and sprinkled cheese and peppers and tomatoes. Sophie watched him, silently chewing and wondering what was going on inside of that brilliant head of his. His eyes found hers suddenly. "There was something I wanted to tell you, before."

"Before what?"

He moved his omelette around on the pan and glanced back at her. "Before the whole Parker and Wakefield incident."

Sophie nodded and set her fork down. "Ok."

He sighed into his omelette and watched the egg as it darkened for a long time before he looked back up at her. "I know it's taken me a lot longer than you had hoped and... and I know that I deserve to have you sitting there still... still even..."

He jerked his head away and a low guttural noise escaped him. Nate Ford has never been the best with words, especially when they deal with emotions or his relationship with Sophie. But then he feels her hand slide over his. He glances first down at their hands and then up to her face. She was smiling at him softly. His face softened; he loved how well she understood him even when he was a blundering mess.

"I guess I just wanted to say that I'm ready whenever- whenever you are."