Moon Light Howl


Follow Aura (my OC character or Role Playing Character) on a journey of self-discovery. She loses all she holds dear to her heart but doesn't give up on what is right and what is wrong no matter what. She'll need all her strength, courage, justice, her heart and soul. She'll need everything in order to survive in this cruel world that the humans created with their weapons of war. All Aura has is herself. She lost her pack when she was a pup and she nearly lost the one person she holds dear to her heart. This story is a journey some people might need in order to get back what was lost or forgotten. **The only thing I own is Aura and I think the plot, if there is one, and I no way at all own wolf's rain. If I did I would have somehow made it longer or something but I don't own it. I wish though lol. Please enjoy the story, once I get more chapters up. I hoped you liked the summary thing I made up there. I pretty much made it up on the spot after I wrote on three pages of notebook paper and most the pages are front and back. If you have any suggestion, comments, concerns or questions. Don't hesitate to ask me. And I am thinking about dedicating this story to a friend of mine who is having some troubles right and I want her to know she isn't alone out there in this world. NO ONE IS EVER ALONE.