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Ok I wanted to leave this note thingy here to let my readers know that I will now be adding the sings from the show into my story. Like the beginning and ending ones then songs that are added inside an episode I will be getting help from my consult of sorts.

-Some Baron Wasteland of some sort-

This scenery is not as beautiful as it once was now the keep seems to be abandoned no sign of life to be seen from it at a distance but there is someone that still lives here after many years of solitude from the other nobles. Lord Darcia stands staring longingly at a woman with long green hair that was in some type bed, this woman's name is Hamona and she is all Darcia has left, so he thinks.

As Darcia was staring at Hamona he thought back to when it was just then against the world, he remembers the day they met, the day they got married and the last day Darcia remembers sharing with Hamona was the birth of their own Daughter, who they decided to name Serenity.

Serenity is as beautiful as her mother before her with her green hair and her sapphire blue eyes. But as they say you don't know what you got til it's gone from you. "Lord Darcia, a wolf has appeared in the domed city to the north, they have not been since passing into legend 200 years ago." said a female servant of Darcia's.

"Yes, you were but a child then. The flower maiden...has she awoken?" asked Darcia. "So it would seem." said the servant. Darcia leans down closer to Hamona, he rubs the back of his left hand against her left cheek and then he spoke. "Hamona…very you will awaken as well my love."

-Cue the Opening Credits of Wolf's Rain-Stray! Stray!

In the cold breeze that I walk along
The memories of generations burn within me
Been forever since I cried the pain and sorrow
I live and die, proud of my people gaining

I'm here standing at the edge
Starin up at where the moon should be


No regrets 'cause I got nothin to lose
Ever stray!
So I'm gonna live my life as I choose
Until I fall...

Stray! Stray!
Stray! Stray!

In the white freeze, I never spoke of tears
Or opened up to anyone including myself
I would like to find a way to open to you
Been awhile, don't know if I remember how to

I'm here waiting on the edge
Would I be alright showing myself to you?
It's always been so hard to do...


No regrets 'cause I got nothin to lose
Ever stray!
So I'm gonna live my life as I choose
Until I fall...

Stray! Stray!
Stray! Stray!
Stray! Stray!

Is there a place left there for me
Somewhere that I belong
Or will I always live this way...?
Always stray

No regrets 'cause I got nothin to lose
Ever stray!
So I'm gonna live my life as I choose
Cause all things fall

Stray! Stray!
Stray! Stray!
Stray! Stray!

-Cue the End of the opening song-

-In a Lab in the Domed City-

"Anything on the kirlian?" said a woman that was the lead scientist in charge at the lab who also happened to be Leara's mother. Her name was Cher Degre. "Spectral radiation unchanged." Said the lab technician. "Any response to the test?" said Cher. "None, just as we suspected. "Said the Lab tech. "So, she has been awake this whole time." Said Cher. "Yes. Although she appears to be calm now, but the data indicates that she's still in a fairly excited state." Said the lab tech. a phone rings in the background behind the two that have been conversing with one another.

Some other lab tech person answers the phone. "Doctor Degre. You got a phone call." Said lab tech #2. "Who is it?" asked Cher. "Your husband." Said #2. Cher looks at the technician a little weird because she is wondering why her husband is calling her at work. "Uh, Detective Lebowski is on line 1." Said tech #2. "Cher Answers the call on a different phone. She is still wondering what he wants. "Yes, what it is?" Cher asked Detective Lebowski that is on the other side of the phone. "Ah come one Cher does it really what title I am called?" asked the detective.

"Just tell me what do you want." asked Cher. The detective sighs at how somewhat impatient she is. "There is something I wanted you to see." the detective said from his end of the line. "So what did you catch this time? An elephant?" asked Cher.

Some room that had no name but had a dead body on a table to the side of the room.-

The detective pulled a white sheet away from the body's face to show Cher what he wanted to show her. "Sorry. Humans aren't really my specialty." Stated Cher. "He was one of the kids involved in the warehouse theft. He fell from the roof while trying to escape." Stated the detective. Cher just listened to the detective while he was talking and she found an interesting bite mark on the body that was in front of her.

She leans over the body to get a closer look. Are these tooth marks from a dog?" asked Cher. "The wounds are still pretty fresh. What do you think?" asked the detective. (By now I may as well say his, its Hubb Lebowski.) Cher stood up to her full height with one hand on her hip and looked at Hubb. "Are you trying to tell me the dog that escaped did this?" stated Cher with somewhat of an annoyed tone in her voice.

"I don't know. I should've taken molds of its teeth while I had the chance." Said Hubb. Cher turned away from Hubb and looked at something else like the body of the body's clothes that are in a cart thing right next to the table that the body is lying on. "I wonder why it hasn't been found yet. With a dog that big running wild around the city someone would've reported it by now." Said Cher. Hubb just looks at Cher and then spoke what he remembered from the crazy old that shot the dog in the first place.

"Maybe they are trying to deceive us…."stated Hubb. Cher fully turned and looked at him with a 'what the hell do you mean look on her face.' Hub realizes what he said and states. "No Forget it. It's impossible." Said Hubb. Cher closes her eyes while she spoke to him. "Oh Hubb. Am I down here just because you wanted to see me?" Hubb looks at her with his eyes raised a little bit.

Hubb then closed his eyes a little bit and shrugged his shoulders and stated "Maybe just a little." Cher just looked at him funny. "You never change do you?" she asked. Cher then turned and looked at the stuff that used to belong to the body. She lifted some type of hair with her fingers and looked at them closely.

Then she turned and looked at the cage that held that big dog that was brought in from before but escaped and hasn't been found yet.

-Somewhere else in the city, I think it's an alley way with crows all over the place-

There is brownish 'dog' that had four bangles on one of its front legs. It was staring at the garbage can that some leftover food in it. But he noticed the crows hovering over the cans. So he went and charged at them, to try to get some food because he was really hungry he would eat anything right about now.

The dog barked then tried and failed at getting food from the attacking crows. The crows scare or fight him off so the dog runs away while bumping into a cat that ended up hissing at him. He then cowered behind some wooded boxes that was at the opposite end of the alley that the crows were in. he peeked around the box and saw human girl walking right past the alley he was hiding in.

He saw a potato roll out of her bag that she was holding. The girl that was walking who dropped the potato turned and saw that she dropped some of her food, went to go get it. She bent over and got it. When she saw that the dog/wolf was hiding behind a wall. This girl Leara saw that is wasn't really a dog but wolf because her best friend Aura told her that wolves were still very much alive and that she (Aura) was one as well.

Leara knew he was hungry so she decided to give some of the sausages that she had in her bag. She took them out and had them in her hand trying to give it to him but he was hiding from her. "Here. Try some of these. They taste better. Come on. You can have them. You hungry aren't you?" Leara said as she bent down to give him the sausages.

The wolf came closer somewhat slowly towards Leara to get some food. He smelt the food but when he heard the crows, well crow, he got somewhat scared and looked over at them. Leara saw that the crows were being mean, so she glared at them. She then turned back to the wolf. "Don't be afraid. There not poisoned or anything." She stated as she took a bite from of the sausages to show that they weren't poisoned.

"See its fine." She held out the rest to the male wolf. The wolf then sniffed and licked them before grabbing them and eating them. Leara was smiling as all of this was transpiring. She was happy that she another wolf here in the city besides Aura herself and that white wolf that was taken by the police, who later escaped.

"Where did you come from little fella? If you wonder around for too long the dog catchers will get you for sure." She was a little surprised when the wolf licked her hand after has done with the food. She petted him a little bit. "You sure are warm. Aren't you boy?" she asked. As all of this happening at the front of an alleyway Aura was standing by looking on with a bag or two in her arms. "Leara!" Aura shouted to get Leara's attention. Leara turned and saw that was Aura was back. "Bye now. No stay boy. Even if you followed me home I couldn't keep you." She said.

The wolf just sat down and turned his head to the side. "That's funny. You can understand me. Can't you? I'm sorry." Leara turned away from the wolf and went up to Aura to go somewhere else. Aura waited for Leara to get to her. "So, did you have fun Leara? I noticed you looking at the wolf pretty closely." Aura stated as soon as Leara was by her. "Ya. I haven't seen a wolf like that before. Have you Aura?" Leara asked.

Aura looked at little more closely. "Ya. Once. A long time ago that is. He looks young. Might still be a pup from the looks of it? Poor thing doesn't know how to survive yet." Leara looked at Aura when she said the last bit because she was confused.

Aura continued. "You can tell that he was raised by a human for most of his whole up until a little bit ago. Well Leara should we get this food to your mom and dad or what?" Aura asked Leara as she turned and walked away from the alleys.

Leara followed after Aura back to the lab so that Aura can get a better look at Cheza and the research her mom is doing on Cheza and the wolves. The wolf that stayed behind stared after the girls. He knew one was somewhat human but the other.

The other one he wasn't so sure about. He knew that older female was a wolf but he couldn't tell because she was hidden extremely well in her human guise. Plus he hasn't really seen another of his kind before so he couldn't really tell all that well.

-With Leara and Aura on some random street-

As Leara and Aura walked down the street. They walked to Aura's Shop first to drop off some stuff that they bought for the store. They walked upstairs to Aura's apartment like place to put everything away in the kitchen or something.

Leara glanced at Aura for a moment or two choosing her words carefully before she spoke to her. "Aura…"Leara asked. Aura turned her head around to indicate that she was listening and motioned for Leara to continue what she wanted to say.

"Aura…there was something I was thinking about and wanted run it by you first." Aura stopped what she was doing, took the groceries that were in Leara's arms and took them into her own arms, carrying them to the kitchen. Leara then continued talking. "I wanted to know if you wanted to steal a look at my mother's work that she is working on at the lab. By work I mean Cheza, the flower maiden that you told me about in the book that showed me."

Aura completely froze for a minute, turned and stared at Leara with really wide eyes. Leara continued again. "I want to show you her because isn't she what the wolves have been searching for all these years. Isn't it? Am I right Aura? If you want to see her today I suggest that head there now after we are done putting away the groceries that is. Also we are going to have to steal a card or to because I don't know how else we are going to get into the lab. So what do you think?" Leara finished.

Aura finished putting away the last item, turned to Leara and then spoke. " I think you are nuts for thinking this but I also think that you are right about stealing a card or two to get fully into the lab cause we didn't get that far last time." Leara smiled real big and nodded her head. The two then started down the stairs, closed everything up and left straight to the lab this time.

-Some other alley in city. Probably far from the girls just were-

There was guy running away from something in an alley. As the guy ran out of the alley he was ambushed by the police of the city. The cops swarmed the guy and captured him and they took him to a vehicle they used to transport people they captured to jail.

The runaway guy tried to fight back and get away but sadly he failed, badly. The cops kept a firm hold of him regardless of what he tried.

-Somewhere else on a different street-

"Did you hear? Someone saw a wolf in town." Can you believe it? "Said a woman in a reddish coat to her friend that she was with at the moment. "Oh, my. What is this world coming to?" said the red coats woman's friend and she continued after a bit.

"You don't suppose it was just a big dog, do you?" she said. A little pug that the coat woman brought coward behind the legs of its owner, hiding away from the wolves he saw. Those wolves happened to be Kiba and Hige walking down the street looking like humans to blend in with the normal everyday crowd in the city.

Coat woman spoke next as the Kiba and Hige walked right on by the two women. "From what I heard no one has seen a dog that big before. Oh these are troubled times." The coat woman said.

-With Hige and Kiba-

They were walking down the street after they passed by those two women that were talking about the big dog that was spotted in the city. As they were walking they passed a person cooking hotdogs at a hotdog stand. Hige stopped to smell the hotdogs for a minute while Kiba walked right passed Hige and the hotdogs.

Hige then left and jogged right passed Kiba into an alley not too far away from the hotdog stand. Hige then sat down a set of stairs that were in the alley. Kiba followed Hige into the alley and stood while Hige sat. "See what I tell ya? Nobody notices us" Hige stated as he sat down and when he did sit down he tossed a hotdog that he swiped from the vender to Kiba. Kiba grabbed the hotdog and was a little surprised I guess.

Kiba looked at the hotdog and then looked up at Hige who pulled out another hotdog for himself. Hige started eating his while Kiba sniffed his. Kiba took a bite after smelling it and making a weird face. "This is awful." Kiba stated after he took a bite. "That's the best you can get around here. If I see a deer loping by I will be sure to catch it for ya." Hige said as he finished the last bite of his hotdog the he enjoyed.

Kiba just listened and looked at Hige then he took another bite from his food. Kiba looked at some birds that were perched not too far away from where they sat. "Those nobles are at it again. They keep catching one idiot after another." Hige stated as he was looking around. Kiba spoke then. "Where do they take them once their caught?" Hige then turned and looked at Kiba as he answered Kiba's question. "Well the same place they took you I guess."

They both looked at the building they came from the night before and the very same one where Kiba was taken to after he was shot. "That's perfect." As Kiba said this Hige looked at him confused. "I'll blend in and sneak inside." Kiba said to Hige while still looking at the building. Hige was a little startled about that statement.

"What? But we had to fool them just to get out of there." That hotdog fried your brain." Stated Hige while he looked at Kiba. Kiba turned back to Hige after that statement. "I'm going back in." Kiba stated while Hige got even more confused. "Now wait a second. What the hell happened to Paradise?" Hige said to Kiba. Kiba just continued from what he meant from before.

"Look. That scent is coming from somewhere in that building. And as far as we can tell the only way is to get captured. You know what's there don't you? What they are hiding behind those walls. The beacon that will lead us to Paradise."

Hige just closed his eyes and leaned back a little bit after Kiba was done talking. "Forget it. There is no way you can get close to Cheza." Hige stated to Kiba. Kiba was confused about the name Cheza because he never heard it till now.

"The Flower Maiden that was created from lunar flowers. That's what they say anyway. Listen, it's useless they got that place locked down. Even I couldn't get as far as the lab." Hige stated. "So, then why did you try to sneak in there?" Kiba asked Hige after Hige's previous statement. "For a little excitement I guess." Hige Said.

"Hige don't you believe in Paradise too?" Kiba asked. "I'm not going. No way." Hige said while closing his eyes and sticking his nose in the air a little bit. "Alright, see you around." Kiba said as he turned and started walking away from Hige.

"Hey Kiba!" Hige shouted. Kiba just kept on walking away from Hige towards the building that held Cheza within the walls. Hige looked at Kiba as he walked away. "You try to give a guy advice and where does it get you. See if I care."

-With Kiba-

Kiba was walking to toward the building thinking how he can into it. He was also thinking about Aura, his old friend and eventual mate. He wondered where she was right now and he wanted to know if she wanted to come along with him on the way to find Paradise.

-At Tsume's gang hideout-

Tsume was just sitting on a ledge overlooking the city that was close to a tree. He was thinking about Gehl's death. The look on his face as he fell will haunt him for a while. Tsume felt guilty for not saving Gehl from certain death but some things you can't control or know when it will happen.

His gang of humans is behind him. One of them spoke. "They say that the nobles have put a bounty on every gang in the city." Someone said who I don't know the name of. "Is that So?" Tsume replied.

"Ya they already started to round people up. And our stuff has been high profile lately. We figure we're next. Maybe it's time we should move on. There's a freight train pulling out at midnight we can sneak on-" Some other guy said before he was cut off by Tsume.

"Our next raid is going to be tonight. Make the usual preparations." Tsume said to his fellow members. "Why so you can just sit back and watch? Gehl is dead because of you. You let him die. Sorry pal I'm not working with you anymore. I wouldn't want to slow you down now would i?" said some guy wearing a red helmet.

Tsume looked at him as he said the last bit and then replied. "Suit yourself." Tsume stands up and continues." We'll meet up at midnight. Get the word out." Tsume says as he walks away from the others.

-The Lab-

"We analyzed the dog hairs found from inside the cage. They don't match the ones found on the corpse. There is also a third set of hairs yet unidentified." Cher said over the phone to Hubb. "A third set?" he asked.

"As far as we can tell there were two types of hair around the cage." Cher said to Hubb. What the hell is going on here? There isn't anywhere for them to hide." Hubb stated. Cher took off her glasses while still on the phone with Hubb.

"You okay? You're not acting like yourself. No offence but I thought you didn't like dogs? And to be onist (sp?), you are starting to sound a little obsessed. "Said Cher after she was done taking off her glasses and put them on the table in front of her.

"I'm not obsessed Cher, don't worry I'm probably looking for another excuse to see you again." Hubb stated with his eyes closed. Cher looked at the phone and then hung it up. Hubb looked at his phone and then he closed it. "It may be time to track down that guy." Hubb stated as he got ready to leave.

-Outside a bar or something-

You see Quint the old man sitting down with his dog opening a bottle of alcohol. The dog is looking at him while sitting down. The dog watched the old man take a drink from the bottle. Then Quint saw that his dog was looking at him.

He turned and looked at her then he spoke. "Listen up Blue. I know you can understand me. You can't let them get away. Wolves are evil. They'll kill you if they get the chance. Right now they are laying low somewhere. Breathing their foul, demons breathe." Quint said as he was looking at his dog. Blue lowered her ears a little and just sat there.

-With Leara and Aura again in the slums or something-

Leara was walking down a sidewalk with Aura at her side. They were carrying bags again. This time it was food for the people in the lab. Someone ran in front of them. Whoever it was ran past the two girls. There was a young boy about Leara's age peeking out from behind a pillar.

The boy had brown hair and gold eyes. He was wearing a red shirt, green pants and I think a pair of boots. Aura looks up from the sidewalk and sees the wolf from the alley that they fed food too. The male was just casually leaning against a pillar waiting to be noticed by Leara. Leara then looked up and saw the young boy in front of them.

Leara leaned close the Aura. "Is that a wolf Aura?" Leara asked Aura. Aura nodded her yes and continued walking because they stopped to look and talk a little bit. The girls just walked on by the male. Leara looked for a sec and then looked away while closing her eyes. Aura did the same as Leara. The boy noticed they didn't look or say anything. So he decided to follow them and talk to them while he was at it.

The boy ran up to Leara and Aura. "Hey. Thanks a lot for before. For the sausages." The boy said. Leara just looked at him with a somewhat confused face. And she looked at him wondering how he knew she had sausages from before. The boy continued once he saw that she was a little bit confused. "Back there in the alley. That was my dog that you gave them to." He said pointing to himself when he said the dog was his. "That beautiful dog belongs to you?" Leara asked. "That beautiful...Yeah he's mine." The boy stated.

"But how did you know about it?" Leara asked him with a knowing look on her face. "Um, I heard it from the lady at the store." He said with his hands behind his head. "What its name anyway?" Leara decided to ask him. The boy was confused at first the he knew what she meant. "The name is Toboe." Toboe said as a response to her question. "Toboe? What a weird name?" Leara said as she laughed a bit.

"You think so? Yeah I guess it is." Toboe stated. "My name is Leara. This is Aura my best friend who is like a sister to me. What's yours?" Leara stated while pointing at Aura and asked Toboe. "I just said. It's Toboe." Toboe stated to Leara and Aura. The two girls looked at each other. They defiantly knew who he was now. "I thought that was your dog's name." Leara asked. Toboe realized what he said to them. "Oh. Well we are a lot alike so I decided to name him after myself."

Leara just looked at Toboe funny. "You're pretty weird alright." Leara stated to Toboe. Toboe just laughed. The girls shared a look with one another then they turned to Toboe. "Do you know who I am Toboe?" Aura asked. Toboe looked at Aura funny. He wondered what she was talking about. "What do you mean? You're Aura. I mean you couldn't be anyone else could you? Why are you asking me this? I don't even really know you. I never even meet you til today." Toboe said to Aura.

Aura stared at him with her icy blue eyes. Not blinking one bit. Toboe got a little bit uncomfortable with the stare he was receiving from Aura. Aura then flashed what she really looked like to Toboe. Toboe was shocked. He never saw another wolf like him before and he hasn't seen a wolf that looks like this one before. Aura then went back to her Human form.

"Now do you know what I mean Toboe?" Aura asked. Leara spoke next. "We know who you were back when we saw you in the alley. Aura told all about the wolves. She even told about some of the legends that they are involved with." Toboe stood there thinking for a little bit.

"Yeah I believe you know. I just can't believe that there is another of my kind here. This is unbelievable. Are you the only other here besides me and you that is?" Toboe asked Aura. Aura shook her head left and right. "No. There are a few others that are here as well. My old friend that I knew since I was a cub just arrived here just yesterday I think. Then there is one who is a leader of some gang or something. There is this chubby one as well and there is a half-breed who is traveling with her human owner. That is all about I know. They are the only ones I know of in the city right now." Aura stated.

Toboe was a little wide eyed. He couldn't what he just heard from Aura. There was more wolves and he was not alone anymore that much he knew for sure. "Wow, really? I can't believe it. There is that many here." Toboe said. Aura nodded her head. "Well Toboe Aura and I got to go. We got some more errands to run. Hope to see you around. Ok?" Leara asked Toboe. Toboe nodded his head as well and said by to the girls. He watched them walk away and couldn't wait to see the other wolves he just heard about.

-With Tsume-

Tsume was walking down an alley with his hands in his pockets just minding his own business. He reached the end of the alley and looked around the corner. He saw the police loading up people from other gangs. He stayed hiding behind the corner away from the cops so he wouldn't be caught by them.

You can see Kiba walking into the vehicle with his hands on his head. Tsume then walked away from the scene. The cars were done loading the people into them and left to take them.

-With Toboe now-

Toboe was walking around laughing a little and he was just plain happy that he saw another wolf. He turned a corner and almost ran into Tsume. Toboe saw he was a fellow wolf like him. "You're another, just like me." Toboe said to Tsume.

"Move it kid. You're in my way. "Tsume said. Tsume looked behind Toboe and saw the half breed dog. The dog was glaring at them. Toboe turned around and saw the dog as well as the human owner Quint who just walked from behind a wall or something.

The two of them were frozen. "You find something?" Quint asked his dog. Tsume jumped up real high as soon as the human talked and looked their way. Toboe didn't know that Tsume jumped away from the human and his dog. Quint dropped the bottle that he was holding and reached for his that was in his coat.

Toboe backed up a little away from them as Quint pointed the gun towards him. Toboe was shaking a little as Quint started walking towards him with his dog at his side. "A boy? No, you're not a boy." Quint said as he looked more closely.

Quint couldn't see clearly but he saw the boy's appearance shift to that of a brown wolf for a second then it went back to the boy a second later. Quint's eyes widened a bit. Toboe shook even more as Quint pulled the gun onto Toboe. Tsume jumped out of nowhere and slashed Quint's hand to get the gun away.

The dog that was with Quint tried to bite Tsume but he backed away from the two in front of him. "J ump! Hurry Up!" Tsume franticly yelled to Toboe. "I was getting ready to!" Toboe yelled. And then he jumped up and away. Tsume followed after him.

The two escaped. Quint looked at the two as they left and then he looked down at his hand to see what the damage was done to it. He saw claw marks on his hand. "That was them. I finally found them." Quint said while looking back up.

-With Toboe and Tsume-

Tsume is walking far in front of Toboe. Toboe then decides to jog to catch up to Tsume to have a small chat with him. "Who the heck was that? And what's up with his dog?" Toboe asked Tsume while he looked back behind him. Tsume had one hand in his pocket and replied back to Toboe. "I have no idea." Toboe faced forward to look at Tsume. `

"Hey you're Tsume right? This is a first for me. I have never another wolf like me before, well until today that is. I heard rumors about you from the crows though. They say you make friends with the humans and run wild with them." Toboe said while chuckling a little bit. "You're wrong. I don't have friends." Tsume stated back to Toboe. "I'm Toboe. Thanks for the help back there. You know what? I have been living with humans my whole life too. "Toboe stated with his eyes closed and with his hands behind his head.

Tsume looked back at Toboe. "Just get lost will you. I'm getting pissed off and it only happens when I am around idiots." Tsume said as he stopped walking while glancing back at Toboe. Toboe in turn stopped as well. "But, can't I come with you?" Toboe asked. Tsume turned away from Toboe first the spoke. "No. you can't." said Tsume as he was walking away from Toboe.

Toboe just stayed where he was. And stared at Tsume as he walked away. Tsume glanced behind him once and saw that Toboe was gone.

-With Kiba in the Jail Cells of the City-

You can see a bunch of people in one cell and Kiba was in there as well. Kiba was sitting at one wall with his back against it with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes once he heard the door to the cell he was in. Kiba looked up as he saw the newcomers coming into the cell. Kiba saw that Hige was one of the newcomers. "Yo." Hige said once he was in the cell and say Kiba. "Hige? What in the world are you doing in here?" Kiba asked his friend as Hige sat down beside him.

"Come on. We're friends now aren't we?" Hige said with one eye open. Kiba looked at Hige with one eyebrow lower than the other. "Coming from you that sounds a little fishy." Kiba said to Hige. Hige just shrugged his shoulders a little bit.

Hige then looked at Kiba with both of his eyes open this time. "So did you run into that female you are so fond of again? I know you have been thinking about her since we last saw her at the ledge looking at the moon with that human girl at her side." Hige asked to Kiba. Kiba looked at Hige a little funny.

"Why are you asking me this Hige? There is no way I am going to give her up to you. I hope you know that. I have loved since we were cubs back in the village we lived in for a short time before she left on her journey to find the Guardians of Paradise." Kiba stated.

"Well I know you won't give her up no matter what happens. I was just asking because I heard that she was heading this direction. And I smelt her scent coming this way, so what I heard was true. It's also a plus that she is heading toward to the lab that is holding Cheza." Hige stated to Kiba.

Kiba was shocked at what he heard from Hige. He just couldn't believe it. "Was she caught or something?" Kiba asked frantically to Hige. Hige shook his head. "No Kiba she is going to be visiting with her human friend. Apparently that girl is related to the woman in charge of the lab who works directly with Cheza herself." Hige replied to Kiba. Kiba was relieved to hear that she was going to be ok. Aura meant the world to him and he didn't want her to end up in the jail cells like they are right now.

-Somewhere else that I lost track of-

You can see Leara walking with Aura when a hawk landed on her shoulder. She feeds her hawk some food that she had with her at the time. The hawk took flight while the girls watched. Toboe was hiding behind a tree watching Leara interact with her hawk and with Aura walking by her side.

Toboe saw the hawk fly away from Leara, so he decided to chase it down and catch it. The hawk dived down to catch a mouse. While Toboe, as a wolf, went after the bird. Leara heard her bird cries and looked at Aura before taking off to go find her bird. "Leara!" Toboe exclaimed as he saw her approaching for a distance. He ran to her to hand her bird back to her.

Leara stopped running and waited for Toboe to get to her. Toboe stopped in front of Leara and handed her the bird. "Here, it's your bird." Toboe said as he handed the bird over. He realized that the bird wasn't moving at all. Leara just stared at her now dead bird. Toboe's smile dropped from his face.

He poked the bird to try to get it to move again. "Hey, wake up. Leara." Toboe said after he realized he killed the bird. "He's dead…my birds dead." Leara stated as she was looking at her bird. "But I…I didn't mean to kill him I swear. I knew it was yours…I just wanted to…I didn't know it would die." Toboe stated as he went onto his knees and cried a little.

Aura caught up to Leara and Toboe. Aura was watching on from behind Leara. Aura could still hear everything that was going and what was said. Toboe started crying even more now while looking up at Leara. Leara just stared at him as she started hearing wolf sounds coming from Toboe. Her eyes widened a little because she hasn't seen a transformation right before her eyes before.

Toboe starts howling right where he was in front of Leara. Tsume was walking by on some building and heard a wolf's howl. So he turned and saw Toboe in front of Leara the human girl. Tsume decided to take action because he didn't know that Leara already knew the secret of the wolves. Tsume ran towards Toboe and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck. The two wolves took off to the forest.

Aura came to Leara and put her hand onto Leara's shoulder. "Well Leara, let's head to the lab after we burry your bird. He deserves that much. Don't you think so?" Aura said to Leara. Leara nodded her head. They turned toward a tree that was perfect to bury the bird under. They dug a hole, placed the body in it and then covered the body. They exchanged a few words and then left for the lab.

-With Tsume and Toboe in Tsume's hideout-

Toboe was crouched down on the ground with his knees to his chest and his arms wrapped around them. "I didn't mean to kill anything…Granny, she…I was all alone at the entrance to the dome, and she was so nice to me. She said I was so little that my eyes had barely opened. She gave these to me and we lived together ever since." Toboe said as he lifted his arm that held the silver bracelets.

Tsume was sitting in the window looking out into the night of the city while he listened to Toboe talk. "You she kept you as a pet? That human tamed you. You were nothing more than an obedient dog." Tsume stated to Toboe. "I was not! I only wanted to protect her but she still…" Toboe exclaimed to Tsume after the obedient dog comment. "She still threw you out?" Tsume asked. Toboe continued. "She still died. She died…I let her die." Toboe exclaimed as he buried his face into his arms that were lying on his knees.

Footsteps could be heard outside the room in which Tsume and Toboe were. Tsume looked at the door as the footsteps got closer and closer to the door.

-With Hubb going to the old man-

"Well look who it is Detective Dandy." Quint said as he opened the door to see Detective Hubb Lebowski. "I wanted to ask you some questions." Hubb stated. "And there is something you need to see." Quint replied back. Hubb just looked at Quint a little odd like.

-Back to Tsume and Toboe-

"Sedo…"Tsume started saying. The person who was walking towards Tsume's room was a lackey of his. "No one is going to come…"Sedo said. "Then why are you here?" Tsume asked. "I'm leaving after this. Tsume, you're just too different from the rest of us." Sedo stated as he turned and started walking away from Tsume. Tsume just stood there and turned his head to the side a little bit.

The sound of a noble airship went overhead. It was heard by all and by all I mean the wolves that were in town.

-With Aura and Leara-

Leara and Aura made it to the lab with no complications what so ever. Cher noticed the girls at the door. "Hey girls. Glad you could come and visit. I hope there was no trouble for you." Cher said. Leara responded back. "No mother there wasn't any problems at all. We just got sidetracked no and then. But we made it here. Mom this is the friend of mine I wanted you to meet. This Aura, she is interested in the type of work that you do with and Cheza and everything. "Leara stated as she introduced Aura to Cher.

Cher stepped forward and shook Aura's hand. "Glad to meet you Aura. I'm happy that Leara found someone she could relate to. So how are you?" Cher said. Aura shook Cher's hand then let go. "I'm doing good. Glad I could be here to see all of this. I don't know what it is but I have always been interested in things that aren't supposedly real, you know?" Aura said to Cher.

Cher nodded her head. "Yes I can understand what you mean. Well this is the lab where that everything goes down. Cheza is in that container that you see there at the front of the room." Cher stated to Aura while pointing at Cheza.

Aura saw Cheza was there, there right before her eyes. She couldn't believe it. Cheza the flower maiden was real, real and alive right here. Aura walked to the container or tank that Cheza was and gazed at her. Cheza looked and saw that Aura, a wolf, was here to see her. Cheza smiled a little bit because of this.

Cher saw the reaction Cheza had at seeing Aura. "Wow. I never have seen a reaction like this in Cheza before. This is remarkable." Cher stated to the girls. Leara stepped next to Aura and gazed at Cheza as well. "Well was it worth the wait? After all this time, Aura are you happy that I brought you along with me?" Leara asked Aura. Aura nodded her head yes as thanks. Aura lifted and put her hand on the glass of the container that held Cheza. "Yes Leara I am glad that I came. Thanks for bringing me." Aura said to Leara. "Well Girls. It's about time you get on walking home. It's that time of night you know. Be safe walking home." Cher stated to the girls as they were leaving.

After they left the lab Aura paused at a hallway. Leara saw that she paused. "Aura... What is it? Are you okay, is there something wrong?" Leara asked. Aura shook her head. "No it's just that I feel that Kiba is nearby. And so is that one guy who helped Kiba escape here in the first place. Let's go. I think we will meet up with them out on that alley or something." Aura stated as she turned and started walking away. Leara nodded and followed after Aura. "It's time to play the waiting game." Aura said as they made it to point where they will see the boys exit the building.

-With Kiba and Hige in Jail Cells-

Kiba opened his eyes suddenly. He heard the sound of a ship. Feeling that danger was right around the corner Kiba spoke to Hige who was laying on the ground behind where he was. "Did you feel that?" Kiba asked Hige.

Hige opened one eyes and replied. "Feel what?" Kiba continued. "Something doesn't feel right. It feels like something is going to happen." Hige closed his eyes and sniffed the air around them. Then he opened his eyes. "I don't smell anything, except for the mildew." Hige stated to Kiba.

"It's getting closer." Kiba said to Hige. "So you want break out of here?" Hige asked Kiba. "Yeah." Kiba replied as he and Hige got up from the ground. Kiba went to the bars ready to pry them apart to get out of that stupid cell.

Hige tapped on Kiba's shoulder before he could do anything. Kiba turned and looked at Hige to see what he wanted. Hige pulled skeleton key out of his hair while smiling with one eye open.

-With Cher-

Cher was asleep on her desk so she didn't her someone coming from behind her. "Doctor? Doctor Degre?" a lab tech asked as he shook Cher wake. Cher groaned a little bit. Cher woke up after a bit of being shaken awake.

"Oh, is it that late already?" Cher asked as she looked at her watch. "Did something happen?" Cher asked the Lab tech. "No ma'am. There has been no change for a while now, so I thought you might want to call it a night." Said the lab tech. "I'm too pretty to look like this." Cher stated as she moved a piece of her behind her ear.

The lights suddenly went out of power. "What the hell?" stated the lab tech. Cher got up and ran to check on Cheza to see if anything happened. The lab tech ran after Cher.

-With the noble who has landed-

The doors of the whole place were opening simultaneously. The final outside door opened to reveal a figure in dark clothes. The figure started walking forward, his destination as the lab.

With Kiba and Hige-

Hige and Kiba were running around corners to find a way to get out. They stopped at the end of a wall to peak around the corner to make sure no one was there to spot them out of the cell. Someone was coming from around the corner so Hige looked up at the wall and saw their escape. They popped open the air vent and went on through it. A Tech saw the vent cover on the ground, didn't think much of it anyway.

-Back with Cher-

Cher and the lab made it to the lab and saw that Cheza was safe. "Everything is fine. The lab's power supply is away from the main grid." Cher stated. "Yes, I know." Stated a voice. Cher turned and saw a dark covered figure behind her. The lab tech was on the ground. Cheza, is not vital to you is that correct?" he stated.

"Who are you?" Cher asked as she tried to find something. "Everyone is resting now. You look exhausted as well. So tired, you should rest a while." He said as he took of the mask he was wearing. Cher stared at him as he took off the mask. She saw one blue eye and then the other was a yellow wolf eye. As soon as she saw the yellow eye, she fell down to the ground.

"It's been a long time, Cheza. You can sense my presence can't you? Though your eyes do not see me? There is nothing to fear. You are awake now. At last." He stated as he looked at Cheza then swooped his hand around and him. A keyboard appeared around where his hand was. He typed on the keyboard. The tank started emptying out the liquid that was in it. "We can finally set out on our journey." Stated the man. Cheza started coughing when the water went past her head.

-Kiba and Hige Time-

Hige kicked out the vent cover that was outside, looked around and the jumped out. Kiba followed afterwards. "This way." Hige said to Kiba. As they ran they ran into a man walking out of the building with something in his arms.

Kiba and Hige stopped when they saw the man. Aura and Leara came running from around some random corner. The boys saw the girls there and then turned back to the man. The girls saw what the boys were looking at.

The man stopped and saw the four of them down there staring up at him. There was a mini stare off.

-Cue the Ending Song-

been a long road to follow

been there and gone tomorrow

without saying goodbye to yesterday

are the memories I hold still valid?

or have the tears deluded them?

maybe this time tomorrow

the rain will cease to follow

and the mist will fade into one more today

something somewhere out there keeps calling

am I going home?

will I hear someone singing solace to the silent moon?

zero gravity what's it like?

am I alone?

is somebody there beyond these heavy aching feet

still the road keeps on telling me to go on

something is pulling me

I feel the gravity of it all

-Cue the End of the Ending Song-

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