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Big Time Adventure

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Logan sat in the lobby of the Palmwoods. It was Saturday and he had the day off, but he was still bored out of his mind. So, he decided to do what he always did when he got bored. He pulled out his math book and started to read. Most people would rather just sit there doing nothing, but not Logan. He loved math. It was his best friend. Shh, don't tell the guys...

As he was focused on figuring out the equation in the book, Carlos and James came racing in. Except James accidentally bumped Carlos and he fell on the carpet of the lobby. Logan immediately got up and ran over to his clumsy friend, "Carlos! Are you okay?"

"I win!" James yelled.

"You cheated!" Carlos yelled, "You pushed me so that you would win the race!"

"No, you fell, because you're just clumsy like that," James responded.

"You liar!" Carlos shouted.

"Guys, it's just a race. You don't have to fight about it," Logan told them.

"Actually we do," James answered.

"Yeah," Carlos added, "Wait... What were we talking about?"

James shrugged.

Logan laughed at their incredibly short attention spans.

Suddenly, Logan's phone rang.

"Hello?" Logan asked.

"Logan, get the dogs over here now. We have important things to discuss," Gustavo told him.

"Okay, be there soon," Logan answered before hanging up.

"Who was that?" Carlos asked.

"Gustavo," Logan responded, "We have to go to the studio right away."

"Okay," they answered, before retrieving Kendall who was talking to Jo, and dragging him to the limo.

As they sat in the vehicle, they pondered about what Gustavo wanted to say.

"Maybe we get to go to school for more hours a day," Logan thought out loud. The others gave him a funny look. He was the only one of them who actually liked going to school, "What?" he asked, when he noticed they were all staring at him.

"Maybe he got us a pony!" Carlos gasped at the thought.

"Or... Maybe we're going to France!" James was obviously excited about the idea of it.

"James, be realistic here. There's no way we're going to France," Kendell reasoned.

"Dogs, I'm excited to tell you that you're going to France," Gustavo announced once they arrived at the studio.

"Ha! I told you!" James yelled.

"Uh, I don't know if I want to go to France..." Carlos started.

"Why not?" Kendall asked him.

"Because the people there are so confusing. It's like they speak another language!" he explained.

"That's because they do," Logan told him.

"Oh," Carlos said quietly.

"So why exactly are we going to France?" Logan asked.

"Because, it's for your tour. You are going to do a concert in Paris," Gustavo explained.

"Wait, I thought you said we were going to France!" James exclaimed, upset.

"Paris is in France, you idiot," Logan stated.

"Oh," James answered, quietly.

"So when do we leave?" Kendall asked.

"Tomorrow," Gustavo told them.

"What? That's not enough time! There are so many things in life that I haven't gotten to do!" Carlos exclaimed.

"Carlos, you're only going to be there for a month," Kelly told him. (That's actually quite a while for them to do one concert in Paris, but I'm trying to build a story-line, okay?)

"Oh, well in that case... Yay! We're going to France!" Carlos cheered.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you... you can bring one person on the trip with you guys, but only one," Gustavo added, before they left to tell their friends the good news.

At the Palm Woods, everything was going fine, until Big Time Rush showed up. Camille and Jo had been sitting on lounge chairs enjoying the California weather.

"Hey guys," James greeted.

"Hey, what's up?" Camille answered.

"Nothing, we're just... going to Paris!" Logan exclaimed.

Camille gasped in excitement, "That's so cool! I've always wanted to go to Paris!" she yelled.

"Cool, because we can bring one person with us," Logan announced.

Camille's already huge smile widened, "Yay! I'm going to..." she started to say, but Jo interrupted her.

"Hey! I want to go to Paris too!" Jo exclaimed.

"Okay then it's decided, Jo, you're going, Camille, you're not," Kendall stated.

"Yes!" Jo cheered.

"Hey, that's not fair!" Camille argued.

"Yeah!" Logan added.

"Too bad, Jo wants to go to Paris and she's my girlfriend," Kendall tried to end the fight, but it just got worse.

"So? Camille's my girlfriend!" Logan told him.

"Gustavo said that I get to make the final decision!" Kendall told him.

"But..." Logan sighed. That was true. Gustavo did say that.

Later Camille was sitting in the lobby when Jo walked up to her smiling.

"You know it's been my dream to go to Paris since I was a little girl," Camille remarked.

"You just want to go to Paris so you can be with Logan!" Jo told her.

"How dare you say that? I happen to really want to go to Paris. Maybe your just saying that, because that's the reason you want to go!" Camille answered.

"Why would I want to go so I can be with Logan?" Jo asked.

"You know I meant Kendall," Camille stated, "Whatever. Have fun in France with your boyfriend," Camille told her sarcastically.

The next day, the guys met up at the studio with all their luggage. Camille and Jo both came as well. Camille had packed her bags so she could continue to fight and still be able to go if she won.

"What are you doing here?" Jo asked when she saw Camille.

"I'm going to Paris with Logan," she responded casually.

"You heard what Kendall said. I'm the one who's going," Jo told her.

They glared at each other until they reached the top floor where Big Time Rush was.

"You guys ready to go to Paris?" Gustavo asked them, enthusiastically.

"Yes!" they all agreed.

"So, which one of your friends are you taking?" he asked and they all looked at each other.

Hmmm... who do you think is going to be chosen? And was it as good as I said that I thought it was?