Title: Only Fair
Theme: Set 4 #4 Pie
Claim: Zoro x Nami
Words: 1563
Rating: PG?
Warnings: Implied violence, awkwardness
Disclaimer(s): I'd ask for the rights for Christmas, but that's very unlikely to happen. As such, everything and everyone you recognize is the intellectual property of Oda. (Except maybe mikans-he didn't invent those.)

Zoro insisted that he didn't want or need a special dessert for his birthday. However, he was obviously not the only person with a birthday, and Luffy declared it a crew tradition. Trying to refuse Luffy never went well for anyone, and Zoro was especially weak against "Captain's orders." No one could understand why he put up such a fight every year.

Backed into a corner, literally and figuratively, Zoro insisted that he didn't want a dessert that was overly sweet. Despite several complaints from various crew members that were not Zoro, Sanji insisted he could manage something everyone would like. He was aided greatly by the fact that Nami offered the use of a freshly harvested batch of mikans and decided upon an orange custard pie with meringue to balance the slight tartness of the pie without being overwhelmingly sweet.

Every birthday since Brook's joining the crew had been celebrated with various kinds of sheet cake, so no one saw the eventual problem coming-it's extremely difficult to cut a pie into nine equal pieces. The extra tenth piece sat temptingly in the pie pan, awaiting either a unanimous decision, or the more likely event of someone simply deciding to sneak off with it when no one else was looking. It remained uneaten as everyone headed off to bed, except for Nami, who had a bit of charting she wanted to finish, and Zoro, who opted to take the first night watch.

Zoro let his mind drift as he sprawled half-asleep in the crow's nest. He wasn't completely out because he never really slept on his watch, except maybe once or twice... Maybe he should head to the galley and get himself some coffee or something.

For some reason, he kept thinking about that last piece of pie. Much as he hated to compliment the cook unless he had to, it truly had been a delicious dessert. If that extra piece was left for too long, it was bound to be eaten by the captain, and extra sugar was one of the last things Luffy needed! He'd really be doing everyone else a favor if he ate it, and it was made for his birthday. It was only fair.

Nami knew she'd spent more time working than she had initially intended. While Robin might still be up reading, she felt bad about slipping in so late. The archeologist was a light sleeper, a result of spending most of her life on the run. Maybe there was something she could do that would help her put off disturbing her roommate's sleep a little longer?

For some reason, she thought of the last piece of pie. She hadn't thought she was still hungry, but her mouth watered at the thought of the confection. They never had decided what they were going to do with it. It would be silly to let a fight break out over something as petty as who got the last piece of pie. She'd really be doing everyone a favor if she took care of the issue, and it was made from her own mikans. It was only fair.

Nami flipped the switch to turn on the galley lights to find Zoro squinting in the sudden brightness, pie plate in hand.

"Nami? What are you doing up?"

"Why are you in here in the dark?"

They stared each other down for a moment.

"I was up late working on some maps, and I thought I'd get a quick snack before bed."

"I didn't see any reason to turn the lights on when I didn't really need them."

Nami pointed at the pie plate accusingly. "Or maybe you didn't want anyone to know you were taking the last piece of pie."

"Why should I hide it?" Zoro countered. "It was made for my birthday, right?" He narrowed his eyes at her. "You probably just wanted it for yourself."

"That pie wouldn't even be here if I hadn't let Sanji use my mikans."

They glared at one another for a few more long moments.

"I got here first," Zoro finally declared.

"So? You haven't actually eaten it yet, so it's fair game." Nami strode over to stand directly in front of Zoro, the piece of pie between them. Never breaking eye contact, she leaned forward and darted her tongue out, licking a portion of the meringue.

"Please," Zoro scoffed. "You think I'm afraid of a little spit?" He stuck his right index finger in the pie, mouth pulled into a smirk of challenge.

"You know what's great about this kind of pie?" Nami asked with blatantly false sweetness, a smugly triumphant expression on her own features. "Whatever your finger is touching will just stick to it." She grabbed the plate and pulled it out of Zoro's left hand, leaving him with a bit of custard and meringue on his finger and a rather amusing shocked expression on his face. He reached for the plate, but Nami slid it behind her back.

"Fine," he grumbled grudgingly. "I didn't really need a second piece anyway." He looked at his finger and shrugged. "At least I get this much of it."

Nami had no idea what possessed her to do it, but the next thing she knew, she had her mouth over Zoro's finger. If she thought he'd looked shocked before, it was nothing compared to now!

"What... You just... Why?" Zoro was starting look a little panicky.

"Um..." Nami was having trouble answering for two reasons. First, Zoro's finger was still in her mouth. Second, how could she explain why she did something if she didn't even know! The extremely awkward moment was broken by a sound neither expected to hear-the tell-tale clink of a teacup settling onto its saucer.

Nami took a step back, and they both turned their heads simultaneously to find Brook sitting across the room with a cup of tea. There was another lengthy moment of silence.

"How long have you been over there?" Zoro eventually managed to ask.

"Sometimes I have a little trouble sleeping, and I find a nice cup of tea to be very soothing. Tonight was such a night, so I came here for some assistance in making my eyelids heavy, though I have none!" The skeleton stopped himself just before his usual crow of "skull joke!" Perhaps he had picked up on the fact that embarrassed shock had quickly given way to budding anger on the part of both other occupants of the room. "I was already here when Zoro first came into the galley," the musician finished his explanation. "Don't let me interrupt you. By all means, carry on as you were. Pretend I'm not even here."

"Zoro," Nami began in a dangerously calm tone, "we'll finish our discussion about the pie later."

"When we don't have an audience?" he asked, voice equally deadpan.

"Yes," she agreed, "when we don't have an audience."

If Brook still had skin on his face, one might have seen an expression of alarmed realization as Nami and Zoro closed in on him.

Sanji was surprised to find Nami and Zoro sitting in the galley together when he came in to start preparing breakfast. Each had a small plate and fork in front of them, and they were both finishing what appeared to be cups of tea. He noticed next that the pie was gone.

"So, you finished off the pie?" he asked casually.

"Yes. We decided to split it," Zoro informed him.

"Zoro's half was a little bigger, but he let me have his meringue." Sanji's expression must have looked rather skeptical about the fact that the two seemed to be getting along so well because Nami continued, "We can both be mature, reasonable people."

"Absolutely," Zoro agreed. "It was only fair."

Okay... Sanji decided not to pry any further. He did take note of one more thing, however. "I'm a little surprised Brook's not in here, since you're having tea." His comment received no response.

Outside, Chopper was trotting across the deck to do some organizing in the infirmary before breakfast when he heard an odd sound from the large tree with the swing. He froze and was torn for a moment between fleeing and investigating. The noise had almost sounded pained, but what if it was a monster or an enemy? Deciding to be brave, he moved a little closer and peered up into the foliage.

"Brook? What happened? Somebody call a doctor! Oh wait, that's me..." The skeleton was contorted into an odd knot of lanky limbs and precariously perched in the very uppermost branches of the tree. Chopper couldn't begin to imagine how he'd come to be in such a state and location!

"The fly on the wall must take care not to be seen or heard," the skeleton mumbled cryptically.