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Two Damaged Souls

Five-year-old Harry Potter found himself sitting in corner in his relatives hotel room. They were supposed to be going to New York City on vacation, but they'd gotten lost. Harry's Uncle Vernon of course blamed him for that. He didn't really understand it though. How could it have been his fault that they'd gotten lost? It must have been though. His uncle said it was, so it must be true, right?

Harry looked over at his cousin, Dudley, who was playing with a small hand held game.

"What are you looking at, Freak?" Dudley asked.

Harry didn't say anything. He knew better. In the end, it would just end up getting him in trouble. It always did.

Dudley suddenly got an evil glint in his eyes. He threw his game on the ground and stomped on it with his foot, breaking it.

Harry's eyes widened with fear. He knew what was going to happen next. It had happened too many times for him to count.

"Daddy! Harry broke my game!" Dudley yelled.

Soon, an angry Vernon entered the room. He went over to Harry grabbed him roughly by the arm. "How dare you break my son's toys, you little brat?"

"I didn't, I swear. Dudley did," Harry said. He knew the second he said it he'd made a mistake because his uncle's face grew an even darker shade of purple.

"Don't you blame my son for your freakishness!" Vernon yelled before backhanding the child across the face.

Harry instantly fell to the floor and started crying.


Todd Manning was walking through the Palace hotel to visit his ex-wife when he heard loud voices coming from one of the rooms.

"Uncle Vernon, please stop. I'm sorry," came the voice of a child.

"I'll show you sorry, you little freak!"

Todd then heard a cracking sound. His eyes widened. He knew that sound all too well. He immediately opened the door to the hotel room. What he saw angered him beyond words. There was a whale-like man beating up on a little boy, who looked no older than three or four. "Hey! What the hell are you doing? Get your hands off him!" he screamed as he pushed the obese man out of the way. He bent down and picked the small child up.

Harry wrapped his arms around his new savior's arms. He didn't know who the man was, but he'd just saved him from his uncle, so he must be okay.

"Who the bloody hell do you think you are? You have no right to come into our room like this!" Vernon yelled.

Todd glared at the man. "But you have the right to beat up on a little kid, right?"

"That's right! He's my property. This is none of your business," Vernon screamed.

Todd wanted to rip the man apart. He was everything he hated. The bastard reminded him so much of the monster he grew up with. No wanted nothing more than to kill him, but that wouldn't do the trembling child in his arms any good. He needed to get the boy out of there. "Yeah, well I'm making it my business. I'm taking this child out of here. You're never going to put your hands on him again." He then walked towards the door.

"You can't just take my nephew. It's kidnapping!" Vernon said.

"Yeah, call the cops then. Explain how you beat him to a pulp," Todd dared as he continued to carry the boy out the door.