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A Long Kiss Goodnight

A light breeze came up and caused Emily to shiver in her fitting red dress. She hugged herself against the late spring chill. It had been her idea to walk from the restaurant to her apartment since it wasn't that far, however she hadn't anticipated it being so cool. "This wasn't one of my best ideas." She replied her chin quivering slightly.

"Here." Daniel Fitzpatrick, her date, maneuvered around her and placed his coat across her shoulders. She smiled, settling into the warmth. "It's no towel but it'll do." He said with a completely straight face. She cracked a smile.

"Wow, seriously? That was lame." She laughed and he held up his hands to his chest in mock hurt.

"Yeah, I know." He admitted lowering his hands and falling into step next to her. He'd been so perfectly polite, a true gentleman. A huge change from the men she usually dated.

"Thanks for dinner." She said as they reached her apartment building. She slipped off his jacket and handed it back before reaching into her purse. Her fingers closed over her keys but she made to move to unlock the door.

"My pleasure." He smiled, a dimple bloomed on his left cheek making him appear boyish, and it reminding her of some one else with dimples that also had dark hair and hazel eyes. She ignored that train of thought and instead decided the best way to do that was invite Daniel up to her apartment. He was so nice, he actually laughed at her lame jokes and he knew exactly what the significance of 42 was. She was so glad she'd accepted his date invitation.

"Would you like to come up for some coffee?" She asked searching his face. His smile faded slightly and he lowered his head. She suddenly felt embarrassed, she'd misread his signs. "Oh, sorry. Yeah, it's late, I understand if you don't want to…" she backed up.

"Oh, no! It's not that." He smiled, taking hold of her hand, stopping her and drawing her close. He was looking her right in the eyes so there was no way she could miss the desire there. "It's just the first date." He offered searching her face for understanding.

She ducked her head, she could feel the blush on her cheeks. He was so proper. "My God, you have to be last gentleman in the world. Unless you're gay, are you gay?" His hand came up, cupping her face, silencing her and lifting it so she was looking at him again. She only had a moment to process what was happening before his lips touched hers.

The kiss reminded her of a first kiss, a very first kiss. It was the kind of kiss where just the lips touched top to top and bottom to bottom. It was the kind of kiss between 50's movie stars.

Still, it left her breathless and wanting more. And he was so not gay.

"Good night, Emily. I'll call you tomorrow." He said bringing her hand up and kissing the back of it. She bit her bottom lip, there was no way this guy was for real.

"Good night, Daniel." She was strangely glad he'd refused her as she watched him walk away. She couldn't wait to see what their next date would be like.

To Be Continued...(?)