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The three of them stood in an outer room that led to the room holding Daniel. Hotch was to her left, she could feel his heat through her jacket as he stood just a fraction closer than he normally would. Derek was to her right, his arms crossed over his chest. "We can just let him sweat it out." Derek offered when she hesitated at the door to the interrogation room.

She wished she'd had enough time to take a shower before coming back to Quantico but she didn't want to raise suspicions about what she was doing for so long alone with Hotch. She knew she was only worried because she had done something while she was alone with Hotch. She didn't look to Hotch incase her eyes gave something away. "No, let's get this over with." She could feel the tension coming off Hotch through her jacket. She glanced at Derek wondering if he noticed it too. He didn't seem to be concerned with his boss at the moment. Taking a deep breath she opened the door and walked in.

Daniel looked up from the scuffed table top, his cuffed hands clasped together, fingers laced. He smiled and it was the same one he used when he sat across from her at dinner. The earlier distain for her was temporarily gone. "Hello, Emily." He greeted and she compared him to Karl Arnold. "You don't seem so tense anymore, has something happened?" He raised his eyebrow and she kept her face neutral not wanting to play his game.

She closed the door behind her, walked over to the table, a manila folder in her hands that held pictures of Alice Perry and Kate Timmerman, and sat in the empty chair. "What is your real name, Daniel?" She asked levelly.

He leaned back in the uncomfortable metal chair, one arm over the back the other handcuffed to it awkwardly hanging from it, his legs open wide. "What makes you think that isn't my real name?"

"I had my Technical Analyst check. Come on, you and I both know what you're here for." She reached into the folder and picked out the grainy photo of him with Kate Timmerman. She placed it on the table facing him. "You told her your name was Johnny." His eyes went to Kate's smiling face and he grimace like he'd smelled something foul. He leaned forward and shoved the photo back to Emily's side of the table. "Is that what she called you when you did this?" She took out the crime scene photo. She reminded herself that she wasn't going to end up like that as she looked at the picture. It wasn't a close-up of Kate's face, Emily wanted him to see the whole picture. Kate's half naked body, her legs splayed, her genitalia glistening from blood and her own fluids. Her face bluish purple as her eyes looked at nothing.

His face contorted into a snarl. He couldn't bring himself to touch the photo this time. "Put that away. That's disgusting." His distaste for the contents of the photo wasn't just because it was a grizzly sight but also for the very reason he had done those things in the first place. Emily took out the mirrored picture of Alice and placed it next to Kate's and watched his reaction. There was a flicker of something like pride underneath the disgust.

"Put a name on your work, Daniel. Tell me you real name." She coaxed like she might a child. He licked his lips. There was a long pause. She didn't think he was going to say but she wasn't going to take the pictures away. "Fine, you wanted to talk to me, you talked to me. If you want to continue talking to me you'll tell me your real name." She moved to get up, pushing her chair back from the table with both hands on the table top.

"Bernard Thomas Matheson." He held his head up, his chin jutting out, proud. Emily nodded knowing Derek was on the phone telling Penelope to check out the name. They would have everything on this guy in minutes.

"Tell me about the A's, Bernard." She asked, "Is it a grading, an 'A' for effort as they struggled for their lives? Did you have one for me?"

"I had one for all of them." He sneered. He sat back, slouching again, his face smoothing out into a mild expression. "It's a Scarlet Letter. I would hardly have given them an 'A' for anything. Including class, all of them whores. Practically begging for me to take them." His smile was derogatory. "Just like you. So eager for me to come up to your apartment. So eager to get me between your thighs."

"Actually the Scarlet Letter A was a novel about a woman named Hester Prynne that was forced to ware the letter as a symbol of her adultery. It was supposed to be a badge of shame. Alice Perry and Kate Timmerman weren't married and had nothing to be ashamed of." She replied her voice low and even. The door at her side opened and Hotch came in holding a file open in his hands. She glanced over and settled into the chair, she hadn't noticed she was a little tense until Hotch was behind her to her left. She kept her eyes on Bernard as he too looked towards Hotch but then he smiled and looked back to her.

"So that's what happened." He said. He brought his hands up and rubbed his mouth as if trying to rub off the smile. She knew exactly what he was getting at but pretended to be clueless. "He relieved that tension for you Emily?" He wasn't asking.

"Bernard Matheson, born 1972." Hotch started, speaking over Bernard, purposely ignoring him. "Father; Richard Matheson died five years ago from cirrhosis of the liver. Mother; Patricia Belliveau died thirteen years ago in a car crash along with Micah Letourneau." Emily saw Bernard's lip curl at the mention of his mother's name. A photo of a dark haired woman was handed to her, the woman's name was printed at the bottom. She didn't have to guess where Bernard got his victim type from. His mother could have been Alice, Kate or her.

Emily took the photo of Patricia and placed it on the table next to the other women, so it was facing Bernard. "I'm willing to bet my whole years salary that Micah Letourneau was banging your mother." She used that wording to get a rise out of him and it worked.

"That whore was willing to leave her family for some filthy piece of shit. She got exactly what she deserved. My only regret was I couldn't pin the A on her at the funeral. Closed casket." He shifted in his chair, his mouth working as he shook his head. "God only knows why my dad footed the bill on that one. Shoulda left her in the damned car. Whores don't deserve much more than that." He narrowed his eyes on her. "I was really looking forward to putting you in your place, whore."

Emily leaned forward so there was no chance he wouldn't hear what she had to say. "You forced yourself on them, they had no choice and that makes them victims not whores. Having sex with someone you like doesn't make you a whore. But you didn't even like them, which makes you the whore." She felt Hotch's hand on her shoulder and she normally would have shaken it off but she didn't. It was comforting.

Bernard scowled like a petulant child and she walked out of the room with Hotch following behind her. They had what they needed from Bernard. He was going away for a long time. She was sure his apartment would have all the evidence they wanted and more. The police were probably already there.

Hotch closed the door behind them and without a word he pulled her into an embrace. Derek left to give them some privacy which she was grateful for, however she still worried about what the team would think about her, bad enough she was a poor little Ambassador's daughter, now she was sleeping with her boss. "Let's go back to your place." Hotch said after a moment.

She pulled back slightly to look at his face. "Don't you have to go home to Jack?"

He shrugged. "I had anticipated this case taking longer than a day so he's with his Aunt this weekend."

"I was hoping you would say something like that." She grinned. She paused, remembering earlier. "Why did you laugh before, when you were kissing my neck?" He frowned then nodded once he realized what she was talking about. He started to laugh again.

"I was just thinking that you ruined 'Hotch' for me." It was her turn to frown. "Every time you call me that all I'll think about is you moaning it." She couldn't help it, she started to laugh full out. She almost cried from laughing so hard. "What?" He asked clearly confused.

"I hope it'll only be me that gives you that reaction. If you get a stiffy even time Derek calls you…" She couldn't even finish the sentence she was laughing so hard.

Hotch grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss that made her stop laughing and almost stop breathing. "Come on, let's get out of here. Maybe I can ruin your name for you, so we'd be even." She bit her lip and nodded.

"Mmmm, yes. I'd like that."

THE END...(maybe, we'll see)