A Memory's Just a Memory, After All

Summary: [(Ever-So-Slightly AU.)] What happens when Shawn's abusive ex-boyfriend gets out of jail and isn't too fond of Shawn's current boyfriend? Shassie and Shawn Whump!

Warnings: Domestic Violence, Attempted Rape, Bad Words

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Damn Steve Franks…

Pairings: Shassie (Shawn/Lassiter), Gules (Gus/Jules) – both established relationships

Note: Hey Psych-o's! I'm back with another Psych story! I hope you all love this as much as my last fic, because that was the warmest reception I've ever gotten for any of my work. I love ya'll! :D



Chapter 1


Lassiter lovingly stroked Shawn's sweaty hair. The two sat on the back of an ambulance, Shawn wrapped up like a borrito in the bed quilt and his head on Lassiter's shoulder as he shivered. The pseudo-psychic had been pretty sick, his fever hadn't gone below 102 in the past three days. Thankfully as they sat here it was at its lowest yet, 101.6. But then again, this was the first time he had seen medical attention – seeing as he'd just been in a burning building.

At the thought Lassiter tightened his hold on his lover. He had only gone to the precinct to pick up some files and promised to only be gone for an hour, he'd told Shawn just to sleep. Lassiter made it to the precinct without any problems, and he'd been gone for maybe twenty minutes when his cell phone rang. At seeing the ID he picked up quickly.

"Hey you, need something?"

"Lassie." The husky lost-but-still-trying-to-use-it voice sounded panicked.

"Shawn, what's wrong?" He asked, suddenly worried. Juliet looked up from her desk at that.

"Someone was here." He slurred, "Broke in. Ah think…think kitchen's on fire."

And that was all Lassiter needed to get more backup than needed, an ambulance, and two fire trucks over there in five minutes. Now here they sat on the back of an ambulance, having already given their statements, as firemen and policemen all walked to and from the no longer burning one-story house that Lassiter used to share with his wife but now currently lived in with his boyfriend. Their neighbors were standing behind the yellow tape, some giving statements and some just standing there in their pajamas with worried looks on their faces.

"Looks like the kitchen is the only room that sustained any damage. Doesn't look like a cooking mishap, either. Looks intentional." Lassiter could hear the fire chief telling his chief and partner. "We found a charred lighter. Doubt you'll find anything on it."

"We're going to check anyway." The chief sounded almost venomous. She let out a quick sigh before adding, "Someone broke into the house just to set it on fire? O'Hara, was anything missing at all?"

"Carlton said just some pictures, along with souvenirs from vacations – nothing of monetary value." Juliet piped in, and Lassiter couldn't help but smile at her choice of words. Nothing of monetary value. "It looks like Shawn and Carlton were specific targets." He could almost see the shiver that ran through her voice.

"I was afraid of that." Vick seemed to whisper.

He was pulled from his eavesdropping as a shiver wracked Shawn's body. "You ok there?" Lassiter asked quietly, as his rubbed his arm up and down Shawn's quickly, trying to generate heat.

"M'jus cold." His husky, barley-there voice cracked as he spoke.

"Don't worry we'll go ho—somewhere. As soon as they let us."

"Shawn!" Two familiar voices cried in unison. Shawn took no notice, but Lassiter looked up.

"Henry, Gus." He said, with a nod to the cop who was holding them back.

"What happened?"

"Someone broke in while Shawn was sleeping. They stole some personal items and…and set the kitchen on fire." Lassiter was trying to keep himself steady, for Shawn and his family (because yes, Gus was his family), but it was only then hitting him. "I…I was only gone for twenty minutes." He all but whispered.

"It's not your fault, Carlton." Henry said, his voice filled with rage, but not at his son's boyfriend.

"Someone was targeting Shawn?"

"Both of them." The retired officer said with such certainty that you would think he was the officer in charge.

"Who the hell would want to do that?"

"We're going to see how many people either of them put away have been released," Came the new voice of Juliet from behind them. Gus turned, and upon seeing the mirrored look of worry on her face, he took her hand and squeezed.

"Ah w'nna go home." Shawn mumbled from Lassiter shoulder, tugging on his boyfriend's arm in his half-asleep state.

Lassiter seemed to melt at that. "Once we figure out what home is at this moment, we'll go there."

"Carlton, of course you two will be coming home with me." Henry said, almost in awe that Lassiter didn't know that already.

Lassiter looked up and gave a Henry warm smile, one that most would not think him capable of if they knew him before he met Shawn. "Thank you, Henry."


Lassiter sat at the kitchen table of the Spencer house, sipping at his tepid coffee. He was trying to think of someone who'd want to do this to them. As far as he knew, no one Shawn put away was out, some he put away were out but they had been for a long while now. What would be the point of attacking now? But he had Buzz checking their alibis for the night, just to be safe.

But if they had prepared as much as it seemed they did why not make sure Lassiter was there with Shawn, too? Did that make Shawn the only physical target? Lassiter shivered at the thought.

"Can't sleep?" Lassiter jumped, and cursed his cop-senses for not being on tonight.

"Not too much." He sighed as the elder Spencer took the seat next to him.

"It really wasn't your fault, Carlton."

Lassiter looked up at the ex-detective and gave a sad, forced smile. "You keep telling me that…"

"Because it's true. It's like when Shawnie was a kid. When he didn't get something the first time I just kept repeating it until it stuck." He smiled genuinely and Lassiter let out a single laugh.

"Seems things haven't changed."

This time Henry laughed too, "With Shawn, things never will."

They sat in a comfortable silence for a moment before Lassiter broke it. "I could have lost him tonight. We could have lost him tonight." Henry just nodded. "Is this what it feels like to be the family of a cop?" He almost whispered, and with a small smile Henry just nodded again. "Maybe I should quit." Both men laughed softly, before Lassiter stopped and looked to the doorway. Henry turned and saw his son standing there. For a moment Henry flashed on when Shawn was a nine-year-old in his Thunder Cats pajamas, standing in the doorway saying "Dad…I had a bad dream."

"What are you doing up, Shawn?" Lassiter asked, starting to stand.

"Had a bad dream." Henry bit back a rueful laugh.

Shawn came over and took a seat next to Lassiter. "You're looking better." His boyfriend commented and Shawn merely shrugged as the older man placed his hand on Shawn's forehead. "Yea, your fever is definitely down."

"Mmm, feeling better." He said as he swallowed the rest of Lassiter's coffee. The head detective lovingly ran his hand down the back of Shawn's head before letting his arm wrap around Shawn's shoulders.

"Wanna talk about that dream?"

"I…I dunno. It's just at one point, when I was back at the house, I saw the guy in the doorway of the bedroom. And I just thought…well, no. I didn't think I knew him. My dream just morphed it so I thought I knew him." He rambled on. Lassiter would have smiled at how, yes, he was indeed feeling better, if Shawn wasn't so distressed sounding.

"Who'd you think it was?" It was Henry who asked, and Shawn seemed to send his father a silent message, Henry's eyes widened and Shawn nodded, looking more distressed now than when he'd been standing in the doorway.

"Derek?" Henry snarled the name as if it was acid in his mouth. Shawn nodded, looking away.

"Who's Derek?" Lassiter asked, feeling completely lost.

"Old boyfriend." Shawn whispered, still not looking up.

"Yea, boyfriend." Henry snarled again, this time a bit sarcastically, and Shawn seemed to flinch at that. "He's in jail, Shawn, he can't get you." He said more gently, and Lassiter had to suppress a confused gasp.

At seeing how much it was torturing Shawn, Lassiter didn't want to press it, but still wanted to know why the fuck this man was scaring Shawn so badly when he wasn't even there. Sensing the older man's confusion Shawn looked up at him. "Derek, uh…he was, well…"

"Derek was abusive." Henry said quietly, the rage radiating off of him.


Henry sat on his porch, and sighed happily, the warm evening air contenting him. He almost expected something to come and ruin it, particularly his twenty-two-year-old. He jumped slightly when the phone rang. Man, I must be psychic, he thought to himself as he reached inside the open window to grab the phone from where it sat. "Hello?"

"Dad?" Henry's happy mood came to a screeching halt at how much panicked terror was packed into that one word.

"Shawn? What's wrong?"

His son let out a choked sob and said again, "Dad…oh god, dad." He sounded to be almost hyperventilating.

"Shawn, Shawn listen to me. Take deep breaths ok. In…out, ok? Good." Shawn calmed down after a few seconds. "Shawnie, where are you?"

"Dad, can I come over?"

"Of course, Shawn, you don't need to ask. But what-?" The line went dead. Henry sat there for about ten panicked minutes wondering what could possibly be bothering his son so much. Think, Henry, where was he tonight–


Shawn had been at his boyfriend Derek Singer's house that night. To say that Henry hated his son's boyfriend would be a major understatement. Henry saw the look in his boy's eye whenever his boyfriend was mentioned. It wasn't love or affection. Hell, it wasn't any form of joy at all. It was fear. No matter how well his son masked it, Henry could see it.

That and the bruises.

The bruises shaped like hands that covered Shawn. He thought no one saw them, that no one knew. But not only did Henry notice it, so did a panicked Gus.

Henry was pulled from his angry thoughts at the sound of his son's motorcycle pulling onto the street. Before he could blink Shawn had pulled into the driveway, his helmet in hand, as he ran up the porch, his face drenched in tears.

"Shawn." Henry stood, carefully taking his son's shoulders. "Shawn, what happened?" Shawn shook his head franticly, "Son, tell me, please."

"I—I told him no, dad. Please believe me, I told him no." Shawn begged, looking into his father's eyes as tears streamed down his face and his helmet crashed to the porch, neither taking notice. Henry had to fight off the urge to throw up.

"Shawn, please tell me he…he didn't?" Henry practically begged and his son shook his head fiercely.

"I hit him. Kicked him as hard as I could and ran. He—he was so mad…" Shawn whispered, more tears forming.

"Oh, oh god, Shawn…" Henry could feel his heart break, though the relief that his son hadn't actually been raped practically made him crash to the ground like the helmet. Without thinking he wrapped his arms around his son, and under any normal circumstances Henry knew Shawn would have pushed Henry away in mock disgust, but tonight his son just sobbed into his dad's shoulder. "It's ok, Shawn, I won't let him touch you ever again-" Henry's promise was cut off as another vehicle pulled into the driveway.

"Shawn!" cried the driver as they got out of the car. Shawn let out a small panicked sound as Henry let him go and took a step in front of him.

"Derek." He snarled at the dark skinned man with the obviously broken nose and swelling eye – Good job, son, he thought – standing at the bottom of his steps.

"Mr. Spencer, no offence, but this doesn't concern you."

"Derek, no offence, but get the fuck off my property."

"Look, whatever he told you, it's not true."

"That sounds pretty guilty to me."

"He over reacted."

"Over rea—are you shitting me?"

"Shawn, just come and talk to me." At being addressed Shawn shrank into his father's back, like he did when he was a scared child.

"Go inside, Shawn." Henry ordered softly and Shawn seemed to pause for a moment, before opening the door.

"Shawn!" Derek called, and that seemed to put Shawn on fast forward as he jumped, rushed inside, and slammed the door. Derek took a step forward, but Henry quickly stopped him.

"I'd re-think that idea, boy. You forget, I'm armed."

Derek paused at that, then started to walk back to his car. "Tell Shawn I'll call him tomorrow."

"Get the fuck out of here!" Henry snarled so venomously that the boy seemed to panic slightly when the cop took a step forward. Derek pulled out and sped away.


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