Star of Millenia

Premise: The Puzzle, the Ring, the Rod, the Tauk, the Ahnk, the Eye, the Scale and the Star. These are the sacred Millenium Items. All were recovered but for the Star of Millenia. The star has been lost to the sands of time and shrouded in fog and mystery. For so long it waited, waited for the other Items to find owners, so it could finally come forth and claim a master. Now that the Items are found, it's the Star's turn to shine. It slips through countries and places, searching for the perfect master, til it finds itself in the hands of Tea Gardner........

", not good enough. Maybe this?? Nah, not her." Yugi mused, riffling through the racks of the trendiest clothing store in Tokyo, The Wyld Eye vintage clothing store.

"Hey Yug!! Check this!!" Joey came running over to him, carring something in his arms. "I found a birthday gift of Tea!!" he announced proudly. Yugi's eyes lit up in hope.

"Let me see it Joey!!" he pleaded. Joey nodded and held up his prize. "Ta-Da!!" Yugi took one long, searching, glancing look at it, and promptly facevaulted.

"What?!" Joey wailed. Yugi weaved to his feet and stared at the item in his hands.

"Joey!! She wants to look nice, not look like a chess board!" he cried, yanking the offensive black-and-white checked dress from his hands and pushed it on the rack. Joey witled and sighed.

"I dunno what then Yug, we've been to every place in Tokyo. Mai is so easy to buy for..."

"Yeah," Yugi teased, "All you need is some dark quiet place and no police officers and your both set." he chided. Joey perked up and smiled a bit.

"Okay, okay, so we do get a bit...loud at times. So what? She doesn't mind." he amitted. Yugi just sighed and walked out the store. Joey followed, hands in his pockets, seemingly unhassled by the fact Tea's birthday was two days away and they had yet to find a suitable gift, even Yami was sortta begining to worry. They walked the streets, just looking in windows for something, nothing really jumped out at any of them, til they passed an antique store. Suddenly, Yugi halted.

"Whoa, hey Joey, look at that!!" He cried, pointing to the window. Joey stopeed and looked, then got the same look in his eyes as Yugi.

"Thats perfect!" he cried. Inside, on display in a small gold box was a star-shaped pendant, made of crystal, with a gold plate in the center. The plate had no markings on it, but was just plain gold. It was perfect. Tea loved antiques.

"Should we go get it?" Yugi asked.

"It can't hurt to try." Joey replied. They walked around the corner to the door and walked inside.

"Hello?" Joey called inside. The store was small and cluttered. Old nick-nacks shoved here and there, on shelves, covered in dust and ages of dirt. Boxes were piled here and there, half-open and some contents strewn out. Small and narrow paths wound around islands of nothing. Joey called again, and from the other side of the store, a female voice answered.

"Hello? Who's there??" Joey shouldered through some more piles of boxes and to the counter where a tall, lean brunette stood. She smiled at Yugi when he crawled under a pile of various nick-nacks and came up to the counter.

"Hello! welcome to Pharoah's Eye Antique Shoppe! What can I do for you?" she smiled. Yugi smiled back and pointed to the necklace in the window.

"We want to know how much that necklace is please." he asked. The woman followed his pointing and saw the necklace.

"Oh!! That old thing? You mean you actually WANT that thing?" she snorted. "I can't seem to give it away. I dunno why, it's pretty. But hey, if you want it, you can have it, free." she replied. Joey smiled and leaned over to hug her.

"Oh man lady, you have no idea how happy that makes me!" He hugged her tight and let her go, and the girl blushed lightly. Yugi went to the window and lifted it off the display prop and closed it up. Both failing to notice the Puzzle begining to glow softly under Yugi's shirt.

Yugi walked back to the counter, and bowed graciously to the woman. "Thank you miss, this means alot to us." he said. The girl just smiled, brushing it off as nothing, and wished them a good day before turning back to the back part of the store.

They left the store, Yugi holding the box under his arm, none, not even Yami felt nor saw the Puzzle glowing faintly beneath his shirt.

"Oh man!!" Tristan exclaimed as he held the box in his hands, examining the pendant. "Tea's gonna love it! where did you and Yugi find this?"

"Ehh, nothing special, just a little shoppe on 14th and Sakura." he explained. Tristan looked up at him.

"Sakura and 14th?? That's impossible." he said.

"No, Sakura and 14th.." Joey insisted.

"No way.." Tristan shook his head. "Remember that's where that old building that almost fell three years ago during that earthquake? It was never torn down and never used for anything else." Joey looked up at him, looking odd.

"Ehh, maybe I just remebered it wrong." he shrugged. At that moment, Bakura came rushing in.

"Guys, Yugi and Tea are coming!!" he cried. Everyone in the room. (everyone being Joey, Tristan, Bakura, and Mia) ran and hid under various items of furniture, and flipped off the light.

"C'mon Tea!! We're almost home, then you can sit down!" Yugi called, running ahead of her.

Tea stopped and was tempted to just keel over. Her feet hurt painfully, and they throbbed in her flats. Yugi said he wanted to go out to town today, she never guessed he wanted to run laps around the school's track!! Three miles around a quater mile track. Oww..

"Alright, alright I'm coming! You didn't have to run around the track in these things!" she cried. Yugi just smiled and urged her on the last few feet to her door. Inside the Soul Room, Yami supressed a chuckled at the expression on her face as she painfully removed her shoes at the door. Taking some time to rub her red feet, she followed him into her living room, grateful for the cool stone foyer on her tired soles. Yugi bounced ahead into the dark room, making sure everything was ready.

"Yugi, why didn't you turn the lights on??" she asked, clamouring blindly into the dark room. Suddenly the lights snapped on, forcing her eyes to dialate suddenly. She reeled back, sheilding her eyes. Everyone leaped from their hiding places and screamed.


"Eep!!" she cried, and leaped back. She blinked, once twice, and yet her jaw drop in surprize.

" guys.." she started. "This is so nice, you shouldn't have..." Joey came forward, hugging her and smiling.

"Hey, think nothing of it. Your our friend, right?" he said. Everyone around the room nodded. Tea melted and hugged Joey back.

"Thanks guys...I thought you had all forgot.." she smiled.

"Hey..sorry to interupt this love fest, but lets open these gifts and eat, I've been on a diet for three weeks and I'm looking to break it!" Mai cried.

"Oh, Bakura!! This is incredable, thanks!" Tea cried, pulling the blue sweater to her chest, comparing it to her body. It was a perfect match for her eyes. Bakura just shrugged.

"I saw it and thought of you.." was all he said. She reached over and hugged him breifly before folding it carefully and reaching for Mai's gift. Gently tearing open the package, she reached inside and pulled out a small white box, and opened it. Tea's eyes went wide and she put it out to let the others see it.

Inside were three, chibi crystal angels. One held a candle, one a song book, the last had it's hands clasped in prayer. In the top of the box was a poem.

Your Worry Box

This Box is for your worries,
The aches within your heart.
A place to tuck away your fears,
Where love and hope can start.
So keep this box near you,
And know how much they care.
For when you need peace and joy,
An angel will be there.

"Oh Mai..this is beautiful..." she whispered. The vulupous blonde just shrugged.

"I figured you needed it, your the biggest worry-wort I know." Tea just let the comment pass, and placed it down by her feet.

"Thanks, I'll put this beside my bed." she promised. She looked around, one last gift. Joey picked it up and put it in her hands.

"Tea, this is from all of us. Joey, Yugi, Yami, and me. Happy birthday." he backed away, crossing fingers hoping she'd like it. She opened up the box, and lifted it out of the packaging. Speechless, she undid the hook and brought her hands behind her neck to fasten it.

In his Soul Room, Yami watched the scene unfold. Using Yugi's eyes, he caught something reflecting off a mirror on the other side of the room. Yugi, aware of Yami looking at something, turned to face the mirror full-front. On his chest, something was glimmering. Yugi reached into his shirt and pulled out the vibrating Puzzle.

{What the??} Yami asked softly in the Soul Room. He looked down at the Puzzle through Yugi's eyes. The Puzzle had only reacted like this in the precense of other Millenium Items. He looked down at it, thinking, then, he turned to look at Tea, reaching up to fasten the necklace.


the next few seconds were chaos. Yami instantly switched with Yugi and bolted up to knock the neclace from her neck. But it was too little, too late. The second he stood, Tea had locked the snap into place. There was a second of painful silence before eveything erupted into light.

A sudden rush of wind knocked everyone back, they were pushed back to the far wall. Yami, using the Puzzle's magic, shielded himself and stood to walk back to Tea. He was walking against hurricane winds, as the windows cracked, then blasted into shards. After the wind, came thunder, loud, peaircing thunder and lightining. Insane lights danced about the room, things and items not bolted down that had been tossed by the wind now were catching fire. And, just to add irony, the room turned instantly hot as waves of fire blasted above their heads. The house began to rock as the earth beneath began to twist and pitch. One last second of chaos before the last assult came. Water, and amssive wave of water flooded into the room, the pressure sucking them under like a riptide.

Then, as soon as it started, it stopped. The water, and light, and thunder dissappeared, and all was still. Yami stood up, and looked across the room at Tea.

Tea levitated above the soaking floor, suspended in mid-air by the aura that teemed about her form. The pendant around her neck was the source of the energy. The gold plate in the middle of it now bore the Eye of Horus, like all the Millenium Items did. And, as with Yugi and Yami, the Eye now burned itself into Tea's forehead.

{Y-Y-Yami?? What's happened to her?} Yugi stammered in the Puzzle. Yami just looked up at Tea, awe and some sense of danger combining in his mind.

{I ..........don't know. I think that necklace is a ..Millenium Item.} he said back. Ygui sent a wave of shock thorugh Yami's mind.

{No way!! We found all seven of them!}

"Thats what I thought too.." he breathed. From behind, he felt Yami Bakura rise up, taking control over his partner's body. He stalked up behind Yami and snarled.

"What in the hell happened?" he groused. He looked Tea up and down, up and down, before his eyes came to rest on the necklace and the Eye on Tea's forhead at the same time. "No...way." He breathed. "Another Item?"

Slowly, the others rose, and looked at Tea. They basically all had reached the same conclusion as Yami Bakura and Yami had.

There were EIGHT Millenium Items.

"What are we gonna do?" asked Tristan. "She doesn't seem to be coming down anytime soon." Yami hadn't moved since he had laid eyes upon her. He just gazed hard at her, waiting for something to happen.

Something did happen, her aura died, the eye faded, and Tea collapsed out of the air. She fell to the floor and crumbled. Everyone crowded her in an instant, helping her up to the couch. When she was liad down, they looked over each others shoulders expectantly. Tea then opened her eyes.

"Get off me!!" she shouted. Everyone jumped, except Yami, he just looked down at her, a harsh look on his face. Tea shifted her much narrower eyes at everyone. The normally blue eyes were pale grey, and her face was sharper and sterner. She stood up from the couch, and screamed.


"Hey!! Calm down Tea! No need to get upset..." Joey pleaded. Whatever had just happnened, it had put Tea on PMS-Overdrive. Tea smirked, a smirk not unlike Yami's.

"Tea, huh? So that's this girls name....Tea. Hmph, sounds like a whimp to me." she snarled. Yami stepped forward at that moment.

"Listen, who are you? Where is Tea?" he asked in that calm "answer-me-or-else" voice.

"I think of all people you should know who I am. I'm this girl's new Yami, her new dark-side. As for her, she's in her Soul Room screaming at the top of her lungs at me. Loud too.." she shook her head a bit. Yami scowled.

"LEt her go, leave her now." he commanded. Yami-Tea shook her head.

"Sorry, no can do. I like this body and I'm not leaving."

"I said.." Yami got cut off suddenly by a fireball being held close to his face.

"The power of the Millenium Star.." Yami-Tea cooed, "Is total control over the elements, so unless you want a flash flood all over this city, you'd better shut up." Yami sortta...growled, and backed away.

"Well boys and girls" she cried. "Looks like I'm stuck here for a while. My name is Kurnia...and I'm here to stay..."