Star of Millenia~ Chapter Nine

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The poor desk vibrated wildly as the radio's bass was extended to it's full power. The windows throbbed and wobbled in time with the poor furniture. A lone figure bopped around the room, in time to the CD player, proudly blasting Prodigy's Smack My B*tch Up. The figure, from the streets, was silhouetted in the drawn blinds by the light of a lamp. Several people walking by could also notice that the figure was repeatedly tossing around clothing.

            Inside the room, Anzu was prancing around, banging her head like an 80's rock star. In bras and panties, she had numerous items of clothing strung around the room. Keeping in beat, she waltzed over to a pair of tight leather pants. It had been a gag they had all pulled on Yami once, every last one of them had dressing to the nines in the black leather that the ancient Pharaoh so favored. It had been amusing to show up to a duel tournament, all of them dressed in that get-up. She slipped into the pants, pulling them up snug, and zipped them up. Following them was a belt with a group of dangling streamers that reached her knees.

            She rocked around the room again, coming to a stop at an immodest top, which she pulled over her head and shoved down roughly. A little adjusting here and there, she looked at the mirror. A smile reflected back from the sinful black leather-bound goddess that appeared on the mirror. Giving a graceful spin, she stopped and thought to herself.

            "Needs something else…" she muttered. She rummaged through drawers and boxes til she found what she wanted. Holding up the bend metal device to the light, she slid it up her arm til it stopped on her triceps. She spun it around to where she wanted it and smiled at the added effect it gave. She blew on her newly polished black nails in approval. After pecking around in another bag, she produced two items. One was blood-red eye shadow, which she used; the other was black lipstick, which she also applied.

            Ugh…that hair! It had to go! She squeezed a large amount of gel into her hands and streaked it into her hair. The annoying poof fell flat and the gel kept it in a slight wave. Running bright red highlighter through it, she was done!!

            "If looks could kill…" she smiled, blowing a kiss at the mirror. "Now…wait…all I must do is wait"

            The first night had passed rather slowly. Kurina and Anzu argued over the bed, bickering almost to the point of violence on Kurina's part. Til they realized one could sleep on the bed and another in the Star. They flipped a coin, and Kurina won. Anzu went to her Soul Room and slept there, while Kurina stayed with the pillows and sheets. Kurina had tossed about on the bed, while Anzu never laid down once within the Star, only paced the length of her chambers til sunrise.

            The next day came, nothing to break the monotony of the room, except watching the shadows slowly pass through the room. That night, Anzu got the bed, and Kurina paced. It was a dreadful and depressing routine. Very little had come of conversation since the incident with the song, instead, they left each other to their thoughts. Anzu wondered about the standard who, what, where, when, why and how's. She fretted over the condition of Yugi and the others back in Domino; they must be worried sick, wondering where she was! It was til the third day Anzu noticed something.

            "Kurina…I haven't eaten since the morning before we got kidnapped. For some strange reason, I'm still not hungry."

            "Magic" Kurina replied sharply. With that one word, the whole conversation was over. Anzu couldn't understand why her Yami was so snappy. Kurina was tense, all right. She was also hiding something from her Hikari, that much Anzu could tell. Deciding to let it go for the moment, she turned back and studied the room for the millionth time. It never changed, always the same as the last time she saw it. Grey stone walls, with no door. It was a pretty room, really, but too much time in even the most gorgeous of rooms got boring. She turned over and clanked at the walls, sighing in loneliness.

            "Yes Bakura…I know Bakura…I'm happy for you…when are you leaving...Tonight." Yugi talked into the receiver, amidst the rapid-fire chatter of the white-haired Brit on the other end. Bakura's father had sent him a latter several days ago, inviting him on a special dig he was working on. He said in the letter that he was sorry about not being involved with Bakura for so many years, and wished to make it up in a Father-Son dig in southern Africa.

            "I'm sorry I'm going not be there for Jouno's trail." He lamented. Yugi nodded on the other end.

            "I know." He sighed. "I dunno what to do. Anzu said she saw Jou do it, but he says he was at home the whole day. He has nobody to back him though. But on the other hand, they have no real evidence against him, only Anzu's testimony." 

            "I know…I just can't figure it out. I want to be there to support Jouno, but I can't just dismiss Anzu too."

            "Same here." Yugi confirmed. "Even Honda feels the same."

            "Indeed, but here's the pinch, my Yami says he felt something like magic in there." Yugi bolted up at that.

            "You too?? Yami said he felt the same thing. Think Kurina could be behind this?!?!" Yugi thought.

            "You could be on to something Yugi. I don't think Kurina hates us enough to do something like that, but, we never know…"

            Yugi 'hmm-ed' into the phone, Anzu hadn't called in several days; she hadn't been seen at school or anything. Anzu, no matter how upset, wouldn't miss a whole week of school for just that. Something was definitely up.

            "Bakura, don't sweat about it, me and Yami will figure this out. You just go to Africa and enjoy the time with your father, okay?"

            "You sure about this Yugi, this could be dangerous. What if Kurina decides to get rid of the other Items?"

            "Hey, Yami is more than a match for her. Don't worry, even if she might come for you, your Yami won't give up that Ring without one heck of a fight."

            "Yeah…comforting." Bakura replied, his voice laced with sarcasm. Yugi chuckled despite himself.

            "Alright then, I'll talk to you later, okay?"

            "Sure thing, later!"


            "Oh, and Yugi?"


            "Watch your back. We don't know what we're dealing with."

            "I know."

            Kurina had laid back down on her bed after Anzu asked her question. She snorted, that answer should have been obvious, but not to her ditzy abiou. She also gave Anzu a few more names, but deep inside her mind, she was in fault for snapping at her abiou. Anzu was lost, scared, and confused.

            She'd give anything for that luxury right now. She knew what would come soon. She should be telling Anzu, but that would make the girl panic. Right now, ignorance was Anzu's invisible best friend, so to speak.

            So why didn't he come already? Bah, she knew that answer, it was to wear their nerves down, to get them so inept by the never changing scenery, that they would do just about anything to get out. She looked up at the tall ceiling above them, letting her eyes travel over the tapestries in silent reverence. They were works of art, incredible pieces of craftsmanship that told a beautiful story. She remembered it, it was burned into her clouded memory.

            Once upon a time, in a place long and far from this Earth, there lived a girl. She was a poor girl, very alone and lonely. She had once had a lovely family, with a pretty, kind mother and a strong brave father. On sunny days, they would go into the gardens around their house and play hide-and-seek in the roses. When the game was over, they would crowd on a blanket and eat a picnic dinner under the warm sky, watching the stars peep out, one by one.

            One day, her mother and father went away. They were packed into large wooden boxes and carried away on a big carriage. People came to the cart as it passed and threw flowers and wreaths on top of her parents. They cried, and the girl thought they were sad because they were going away. It wasn't until her aunt told her, that her parents had gone away forever this time, never to return. She didn't understand then, she was very naïve. She thought that they had gone somewhere, and that she would soon travel too and join them wherever they were.

            The little girl went on, she played with her dolls, and had tea parties with her toys in the rose garden where she and her mother and father played hide-and-seek. But then, one day she woke up, her toys were gone. The beautiful china tea-set her mother had given her was gone. All the beautiful things she had had been snatched in the night. She ran to her aunt who said that she was leaving, and that her things had been packed away.

            The girl grew excited, thinking that she would finally see her mother and father again. But "going away" wasn't what she had thought. Her aunt had taken her by the hand and lead her outside, then shut the door behind her, leaving the girl alone. The girl waited and waited, finally, hungry, she knocked on the door, wanting inside. The lowest servant in the house came and told her this was no longer her home, and she had to leave.

            For many years, the girl wondered the streets, angry and bitter at what had happened to her. She snapped and snarled at all who came near her. She became secretive and cold to others, and the people on the streets began to call her "Ice Face" for her face was always stiff and unmoving, like ice. One day, a girl her age came to her. The girl was pretty and well-clothed. The beggar had no idea what to do, usually, the people like that avoided her, or boxed her ears with the butts of their spears, and laughed as their horses almost ran over her. The Rich Girl offered her a coin, and the Beggar refused. The Rich girl was confused, giving money to poor people usually made them happy. Shrugging, she went away, only to come back the next day.

            Day after day, the same thing happened, Rich Girl would offer a coin, and Beggar would refuse. This happened for many days…then many years. One day, when the both of them were grown, the Rich Girl asked the Beggar something.

            "Why do you refuse my coin?"

            "Because I always loose everything that I cherish."

            "Why do you loose it?"

            "I don't, it's taken from me."

            "Then maybe you should fight back."

            The Beggar blinked, surprised. She thought again…she saw the wisdom of the Rich Girl's words and nodded, standing.

            "Your right. I should fight back." With a nod of her head, the Beggar walked away.

            For many hours, the Beggar walked til she finally reached a back door. Mustering her courage, the knocked the door. Almost immeadiatly, the Lowest-Servant- Of-The-House came and opened the door. Upon seeing the Beggar, dressing in shambles, she asked what she wanted. Without a word, the Beggar walked in. Upon entering the largest, most grand bedroom of the house, she came across a gathering of people around the bed. One lady picked up her head, and cried in joy, and ran to embrace the Beggar. The woman had been the Beggar's Nanny, back so many years ago. All the servants of the house recognized the Beggar as their long-lost mistress. They rejoiced and cried happily as she entered. They took her to the bed, and pulled back the sheets to reveal the Aunt, withered with age, and twisted and wracked with disease.

            "She did it" said the Nanny. "She lied to everyone, including us! She poisoned your mother and father, and when they left you everything, she had a crooked lawyer write you out. She then turned you out to the streets." Said the Nanny. The Beggar shook her head.

            "Even if she has betrayed me, I will not turn her away, she is family. Take her to her former chamber, for now I claim this room as is my right as ruler of this house, and my destiny."

            Many days later, there came a knock at the Rich Girl's door. Opening it, she was surprised the see the Beggar, now dressed like a Rich Girl herself, stand there, smiling.

            "Thank you," the Now-Rich-Girl said. "Because of your good advice, I am now no longer ruled by my past, instead, I am ruled by my heart, thank you!" The Rich Girl smiled and the two embraced, forever the best of friends.

            The sun has long set over the far hills of the landscape. Kurina sat on the floor, leaning against the wall, a small smile gracing her lips.