Valkyrie Season 5!

Hello! I just finished watching Valkyrie, and thought I'd make a fanfiction out of it! That's my hobby anyway! I've done this in the next episode/ opening/ending songs style, just like in the anime! Only, no pictures. Now then, onto the story, shall we?

"The door that leads deep into your hart

Which no one had ever touched

Knock, knock, now it's open

There is no way I could find out

Your honest feelings

I will now change the colour of the sky

With a surprise kiss

The fast heartbeat under your shirt

Was undeniable

No matter how many times I fall in love

I'm always trembling in the beginning

"See you tomorrow!"

I watched your hand waving for a long time

You're the reason for both

This happiness and these tears

Now I know how lonely I can be

On those days when I can't see you

Let these moments and feeling connect...

It will become a part of us

I walk on in the direction I set my hart on"

Valkyrie looked long and hard at Kazuto. Oh, If only I could tell him how I really feel... Valkyrie thought, instinctively putting her hand over her chest. Kazuto looked at her. "Val, what's wrong? You would tell me if anything bad ever happened, wouldn't you?" Kazuto looked deep into her eyes. "Kazuto, I have something to say" Valkyrie pronounced, looking at him. "For a long time now, I've... I've loved you, Kazuto!" This time, Kazuto knew that it wasn't a because we have a shared soul kind of I love you. This time, he knew it came from her hart. "And... I love you, Valkyrie" Kazuto said. Their faces grew closer, and then, it happened. They kissed, the one moment that their hearts were truly aligned. Kazuto held her for moments, not wanting to let go. In the end, Valkyrie separated because she could feel little 'Valkyrie' tugging at her dress. "Kazuto belongs to me! Get your own!" Little Valkyrie said, holding her head up high. "What! But, you're me! How can he only be yours if, your me? This makes no sense!" Valkyrie said, looking at Kazuto. "I'm sorry, Kazuto.

No, don't worry about it." Kazuto said. Valkyrie couldn't believe the man she was marrying. He ate all her rotten food, showed her how to do the laundry and the best places to go shopping. She felt like she was the luckiest person in the world. Little Valkyrie, however, didn't feel the same way. Ever since she had gone big, she had stolen her Kazuto away from her. Yes, stolen Val thought. "Listen, me. You knew that one day, this would happen, that I would marry Kazuto, not you. Only, you would marry him because you're me" This seemed to delight Little Valkyrie. "Yay! Val's is going to get married! Yay!" Little Valkyrie ran circles around Kazuto and big Valkyrie. That was when Kazuto turned his head and looked behind himself. Everyone was standing there, their faces in total disbelief. "You- you kissed!" everyone said, even Mehm and Inarba. Akina's face went bright red; all the princesses looked more than shocked, they looked jealous. Rika just shook her head. "Please wait for that, Ok Kazuto?" Rika said, her face also bright red. Kazuto and Valkyrie just looked at each other. Hydra walked up to Kazuto and gave him a high-5. "Nice work, brother!" she said jumping up. Mrs. Sanada was in tears, not for the first time since she had come to live with the Tokinos. Kazuto backed up, into Valkyrie, who tripped over little Valkyrie, who grabbed hold of Kazuto's arm, who then got pulled underneath the princess. Only, were he landed was the bad thing. Now, not a single person, not even spot or mar could hold back a blush. Kazuto had landed benath Valkyrie, sure. But his head landed between her boobs. When Valkyrie saw Kazuto, she jumped off him like a cat. "I-m so sorr-sorry!" Valkyrie spluttered. Kazuto couldn't even stand up on his own. That was when she heard something come out of his mouth. "Crushed... beneath... the... melons... anime... only" was all Kazuto could mutter before passing out. Val had understood what he had said. Her face was redder than anyone else's there. "What did you like Mhmp!" Hydra said, Akina putting her hand over hydras mouth. "That is not the sort of thing you should be saying" Akina said, whispering into Hydras ear. Hydra just nodded. Akina moved her hand. This time, Rika stepped forwards. "Imperial law number 773! A princess should never say anything vulgar, and should never think anything like it either! Now then, begone sinner!" She said, moving her hand in a horizontal cut like motion. Hydra fell to the floor, her eyes wide. Rika looked at Inarba. Inarba smiled and gave Rika a high 5. She was still getting used to summoning the book and couldn't always summon the power to send people to hell. She tried it on Inarba, once. That failed, backfired and she got sent to hell instead. Inarba couldn't stop laughing. When they all looked to find Kazuto or Val, they had ran. "I'll go this way! You lot, go that way!" Akina said, running. She had Mrs. Sanada on her side, along with the entire cat girl maid squad.

Valkyrie still held Kazuto's hand. They had been running for a while. In the end, Val stopped, and gave Kazuto a chance to catch up on lost breath. "The reason I did this, Kazuto" Valkyrie began "Is because I didn't want anyone to hear this. Kazuto, I love you. More than I love anything else, and I would like you to marry me as soon as possible!" She said, her chest swaying as she hopped on the spot. "Sure thing, Val." Kazuto looked her in the eye and said it. That made Valkyrie believe. They kissed again, this time for allot longer. When they parted, Kazuto walked to the window. "when do you want it, Val?

I, would like it, now, if that is possible." Kazuto reached into his pocket. He pulled out a velvet case, with diamonds all around the side. He got on one knee. "Valkyrie, would you marry me?" Valkyrie burst into tears. "Yes" She said. They kissed again. Then they walked back, to tell everyone. Valkyrie was already waring her ring, Kazuto doing the same. They reached the hall, and everyone was waiting. "Don't tell me!" Rika said. "You couldn't wait! Ugh! Such a perverted brother I have!" She said, holding her head in shame. "What! We did nothing of the sort!" Kazuto said in defence. "Oh really? Then, what's this!" she said. "She pulled out a sheet of paper. "Kendo training club, dunko chan belt?" Rika looked at the paper. "No! It had a picture on it before! Of you and Valkyrie I took from your room! I couldn't believe it when I saw that picture!" Kazuto blushed. "What was it, Rika?" Akina said. Rika leaned it closer, and whispered. "Oh my god! Kazuto, you will pay for that!" Akina said, pulling 4 sheets of paper, each with a different symbol on it. "What have I done this time!

You had a naked Picture of Valkyrie in your room!" Everybody gasped. "What! When did you ever get that idea! I don't have a camera, to start!" Akina stopped. "That's a good point." Valkyrie Ghost just smiled. My trick worked. You have a camera now, phantom lover. At that moment, a camera appeared around Kazuto's neck. Valkyrie snatched it off him. "So what if it has a nude picture of me on there! I mean, really, my body is magnificent" She said. She started going through all of the pictures, gasping at each one, her face going even redder each time. In the end, she just gave the camera back to Kazuto. "Next time, just ask and I'll give you those shots without me being asleep." Kazuto blushed again. "I'm telling you, I never took them!" This time, everyone laughed. "Isn't he cute when he's angry?" Akina said to Hydra, who was only just recovering from her 'punishment'. "Yeah, whatever" Kazuto threw the camera at the floor, grabbed a high powered anything can happen rifle and shot the dam thing into space. It still wasn't destroyed. "Oh, good one darling!" Valkyrie said, flying out the window. She grabbed the camera and split it 2. Everybody started asking Kazuto questions. "What! Darling! What happened, Kazuto?

I think it is pretty self explanatory." Kazuto held the ring up high so everyone could see it. Even Mehm gasped at the sight of it. It was beautiful; it had blue and green diamonds all around the rim, and in the centre it said Valkyrie and Kazuto Forever. Kazuto walked back to his room, only to see Valkyrie lying on his bed, in only her undergarments! "I'll come back later" He said. "No, wait! If we are going to get married, not only will you see me like this allot, but we will have to share a bed, right?" Kazuto sighed. She was right. He walked back into the room, grabbing a bottle of sake to drown out the sadness. Sake does me wounders! He thought. Then Val grabbed it and gulped most of it down. When she was finished, they both grabbed another bottle. Then another. Soon, it became a contest on who could drink the most. Kazuto had never seen Valkyrie like this before. After the contest, Kazuto and Valkyrie fell onto the bed. "I'm not feeling to good" Kazuto said. Val gave him a very naughty look. "How about I try and fix that the good old fashioned way?" Val said, crawling next to Kazuto. He blacked out after that. Or at least, he thought he had blacked out.

Akina walked to Kazuto's room. She wanted to get them up in time for breakfast, and didn't want them to be late. She knocked on the door. No reply. So she walked in. She quickly walked out. Valkyrie was on the bed nude, and Kazuto was also on the bed, rapped in only a few bed sheets. Akira then knocked on the door as loud as she could. She only opened the door a bit, but then she saw it. All the sake bottles lying on the floor. At least 20, if not more! She thought. She never knew Kazuto could drink so much. She didn't think for a second that it could have been Val, because she always acted so ladylike. She walked over to Kazuto and left him a note. Came to get you up for breakfast, but you look wasted. Will be in the main hall eating.

Akina. She walked out, leaving the pair alone.

Kazuto opened his eyes. He felt worse than hell. He looked at Valkyrie, and almost screamed. He remembered the whole sake drinking bit. Val looked at him. "Oh, thanks so much for last night!" Val said, sitting up. Kazuto moved his hand, to find a sheet of paper. On it was a message from Akina. He read it, and then gave it To Valkyrie who was already dressed. She read it as well. "I hope, love, that you're not going to breakfast looking like that!" Kazuto looked down, and screamed. He never wanted Val seeing that, not here at least. "You don't remember last night, do you?

Nope. What happened?

I'm not saying. If you can't remember, then that's fine. But, it wasn't something to take lightly. Anyway, we both enjoyed it." That's when Kazuto got the hint. "We didn't do that did we?

Yep, we did." Little Val spoke this time. "No, he did that thing with me, adult Val! Not young Val, he might get in trouble for child abuse.

Are you serious! We actually did it?" Adult Valkyrie just nodded. Kazuto got dressed into his denim jacket and jeans. "Anyway, let's keep last night to ourselves, ok?" Kazuto said. "Sure" Adult and younger Valkyrie said. Holding hands, Kazuto and Valkyrie walked outside, to eat. Little Valkyrie walked into big Valkyrie, and then the souls were re joined again.

Mrs. Sanada screamed higher and louder than ever before. "Why! Princess, why?" Valkyrie didn't want Mrs. Sanada knowing about what had happened. "I can't say. Kazuto asked me to keep it a secret, and that's what I'm doing.

Oh, so it was with Kazuto! That's fine then!" Mrs. Sanada just continued to bathe with Valkyrie, and they talked about what they had both done the first time they had done it. Mrs. Sanada gasped. "You did that!" She said. "Mrs. Sanada, please don't tell anybody about this, ok?

You have my word on it, princess!"

Akina was growing impatient. Where is Kazuto when I want to talk to him? She thought. Then she saw Kazuto and Val holding hands, coming from the direction of the bath. They are married now, right? They can do whatever they want! Akira couldn't believe it. She was growing jealous of the young couple. "Hey, Kazuto! Breakfast is almost over! Hurry up!" She said. She turned around and walked away. Valkyrie and Kazuto both walked into the hall, only to see Inarba's space ship docked in the centre! "What on earth is going on?" Kazuto said. "We are all going back to earth, to use the bath house! Come on, get onboard!" Kazuto and Valkyrie got on, and the ship flew into space.

Three days later

Kazuto awoke to the sound of falling rain. He didn't know what time it was, but he knew it was late. He walked out of his room; it had Val's stuff in it now, but they both slept in separate rooms. Kazuto wanted this until the proper marriage ceremony. He walked down the stairs, only to see the light on in the sitting room. That's when he heard the voice of Valkyrie, and everyone else. He walked in, walked straight past them and into the kitchen. He poured himself a glass of water, and guzzled it down. He could feel everyone looking at him. So he put on his I'm dead face and turned around. Akina and Hydra shrieked, Val laughed and Rika just couldn't believe how stupid her brother could be. He started to laugh, and everyone else joined in suit. He then walked back to his room, snuggled up in his covers, and fell asleep. His dream, however, was not one he had experienced before. He was back in Valhalla, and Valkyrie Ghost was standing next to him, holding his hand. She also had the Key of Time sword in the other. Kazuto looked at her, then saw that she was bleeding, and that she was in immense pain. The next thing Kazuto saw, was his Valkyrie standing there, with the same look. Kazuto started to cry. When he awoke, Valkyrie was kneeling next to him, his hand in hers. "Kazuto dear, why was you crying?

I don't know, Val." Kazuto looked at the clock. It was now time to get up for school. What a drag He thought, sighing.

"I smile a little and hurt a little

Then I want to do all that I can for us

I will do the best I can

So we can celebrate our new memories together

As tomorrow nears what I am searching for

Like a lost child could be

Gentleness or happiness or courage or love

I wonder where the future is waiting for me

I can get there

And I will.

"Hey guys, Rika here. Didn't think anybody would come back to this anime... anyway, Val – Q's back again and this time, she may really be in trouble! Wait, what do you mean, that bath powder? Big sister! Until next time! Now to study..."

Hey guys! Episode 1 down and out! What did Kazuto and Valkyrie do that night? Mabie you will find out in the next episode! Shock horror! Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this as much as the anime!