"Dare mo fureta koto no nai kokoro no oku

knock, knock, hiraita.

Kimi no honki tashikameru subemonai

sora no iro wo ima fuiuchi mitai na

one kiss kaeteku

shatsu no mukou kodou no hayasa shinjita

nando mo koi shitemo hajimari wa furuete iruno

"Mata ashita!"

furu te zutto miteta

konna shiawase mo konna namida mo

minna kimi ni sei ne

aenai hi no sabishisa wo shitta no

konna shunkan wo konna omoi wo tsunage

futari ni naru

kokoro wa kimeta hou e aruiteku"

Kazuto walked through the lonely halls of his school. Part of it had been salvaged, and that were all the classes were to be held. But school was going to be closed anyway, so he didn't worry about a thing. He just continued walking, not noticing the pair of red eyes that glazed into his back. He reached the gate, walked out and spotted Akina. She froze, removed 4 seels and threw that at him. He ducked and looked behind himself, to see where they had hit. He didn't notice Valkyrie Ghost until he had looked at her. She stumbled backwards, and disappeared without a trace. Kazuto walked over to Akina, and thanked her. They both walked back to their houses, separating half way. Mrs. Sanada came to greet him on the way back. He smiled and walked back with her, lost in thought. I thought we killed her... How can she still be alive? Before Kazuto knew it, he was home. He walked upstairs, Valkyrie wondering what was wrong. He changed out of his school clothes, threw them onto the floor and changed into the bath house clothes. He walked downstairs, put the sign up, walked inside and gave his orders to Mrs. Sanada. He then walked outside, and climbed up a massive pole that had Bathhouse written on it. He stood at the top, looking over the city. Then he saw a person he recognised. It was a woman, but she went to his school. He didn't know her first name (Makka was her last name) and he climbed down after her. He didn't know why, but he followed her. Then she turned around and bit him. Her teeth penetrating into his skin. He froze, stiffened up then just slumped. He had blacked out a while ago.

When Kazuto woke up, Valkyrie was changing a towel on his head. He was laying on his bed, and the put his hand over his neck. Sure enough, there were marks from where Makka had bitten him. Valkyrie stared at him. "I can't believe it either, Kazuto. But one thing is for certain, that you will become a vampire." Kazuto almost screamed if it didn't hurt so much. Valkyrie stood up, walked to the door, and stood there. "Oh, a man called by today. He wanted to meet you when you have some free time... When you're feeling better, just come and get me." Valkyrie walked out of the room. Kazuto just cried, not caring if anybody walked inside. He could feel his humanity slipping away with each moment that passed. In the end, he wobbled out of bed and walked downstairs to Valkyrie. He had put his collar up, so nobody could see the bite marks. They walked for a bit, and Valkyrie stopped outside of a house. "He asked you to come alone, so I will wait here" She said. Kazuto nodded and walked inside.

The first thing that got him was the smell. The house was allot bigger on the inside, and there was 2 sets of stairs: one leading to the second floor and another leading to the basement. The ones to the basement were in both of the top corners of the room. The one leading to the upper floor was in the middle. It had a red carpet running the whole length of the upper stairs, then Kazuto could see it ran to the right and left at the top, probably taking him farther upstairs. He also noticed a typewriter in the left hand side of the room, next to the stairs. He walked over to it and saw that a note was attached to the inside. He removed it and looked at the paper. It had a picture and some writing on the back. Who the hell uses a typewriter these days? Kazuto thought. He then heard what sounded like a gun bullet coming from behind the stairs. He ran to it, and found a man in his late 20's laying down, his back propped against the wall. Kazuto ran over to him and looked at his wounds. "Hey! Are you ok?

Yeah..." Then man managed to say. He handed his gun to Kazuto and he freaked. "Please... Kill... Those freaks... Bravo team..." Was all the man said before he died. He was wearing the uniform of the special forces in his town: S.T.A.R.S. it was green. Kazuto closed the man's eyes and stood up, the gun in his hand, and he walked over to a door. It was shut, and had two places to put something. He walked back to the main door, as Valkyrie came running in. "Kazuto! People are starting to attack me!" Kazuto didn't know what she meant, so he walked over to the door and opened it, only to have a man shove his arm through the door. "Valkyrie! This way!" Kazuto shouted. He saw that there were a few doors upstairs, but he just took the one closest to himself, and burst through it, bruising his shoulder and tripping. Valkyrie ran in after him, slamming the door shut as well as she could. They were in a room, filled with paintings and a massive statue. Valkyrie could see something was in the statue. She grabbed it, and it was a map of the house they were in. It was a basement map. Kazuto walked over to a dresser that was blocking a hall. He pushed it aside and gulped as he looked down, stairs leading the way, but it was so dark he couldn't see anything past his face. Valkyrie walked over to him and looked down. Then she turned around and screamed. A woman in chains, her face (she wasn't too sure if it really was a girl) had something over where its face was supposed to be, and it had an old fashioned handcuff set over its hand. Kazuto took control, and pulled her down the stairs. Valkyrie couldn't hear anything coming after them, so Kazuto let her go and they both walked at their own pace. Kazuto knew he was at the bottom when a light was shined in his face. He heard a sigh of relief. Kazuto looked at the person. It was another S.T.A.R.S operative, but this was a woman. She was clad totally in blue, with a beret on her head. She was holding a gun just like the one he was holding. "Hey, what are you doing here! This is no place for kids..." She said. "We can't go back, miss" Kazuto said, raising his hands. "Where did you get that?" She asked. "A man in green gave it to me." She burst into tears at this point, and Kazuto didn't know what he had said to upset her. "Hey, what's wrong?" She didn't reply. Kazuto now got a good look at where they were. It looked like a lab of some kind. He walked over to a door and looked inside. That was when a alarm when off. "Warning, Self destruction sequence initiated. All personnel please evacuate immediately." The message kept on repeating itself. The woman stood up. "Listen, I'm going to need your help. I-we need to get out of here. There is a door over there" She pointed around a corner. "Take it. You will be taken to a heliport. I will join you soon after. But I one last thing to do first." Was all she said before she ran off in the opposite direction. Kazuto and Valkyrie started towards the door the woman had told them about.

Jill valentine wouldn't, couldn't believe it. Chris can't be dead. Can't be. She said. She into 3 passwords and a door opened, and she ran through the hall, into another room. She cried when she saw her former comrade, Chris Redfield. "Jill! Your ok! What about Wesker?

Lets save that for later, for now let's get out of here!" Chris nodded and ran after her. "Hey Jill, do you have my gun? I gave it to a guy in an S.T.A.R.S uniform; it was to be set up so Wesker would thing I escaped.

No, but a kid does." She ran through some double doors, down a hallway and to an elevator.

Kazuto ran out onto the heliport. Then he heard something that made his gut do summersaults. "Warning. 3 minutes until detonation." Kazuto ran over to a door, and it was locked. Then the woman he had seen before ran over to him. He handed her the handgun he was holding. Then something burst out of the ground. The woman, a man, Kazuto and Valkyrie all turned to look at it. Valkyrie used the key of time and shrunk it, and then the man stepped on it. A helicopter was then heard in the distance. Valkyrie said bye to the S.T.A.R.S people and used the key of time to teleport them back to their house. When they arrived, a small earthquake could be heard. Then he realised that he didn't have the bite marks anymore. He smiled and walked into the kitchen.


Kazuto walked the halls of his home. It was the day they closed: and to be honest, he didn't feel like opening anyway. Not after what had happened a few days ago. He was still shocked.


The Phone was ringing. Valkyrie thought it was another prank-caller, or asking about what the bath house offered. She picked it up, and in her normal cherry tone, said "hello, Tokino Bathhouse, how may I help you?

I would like you and Kazuto to meet me in 15 minutes downtown. Just you two." Then the person on the other end of the line hung up. She went and told Kazuto, and they both walked downtown, until they spotted the man in green and Jill. They jogged over. "You called?" Kazuto said. "Yes. We want to tell you about what had caused all of that… and some other things. Please, follow us" The man in green said. "Oh, my names Chris by the way. Chris Redfield." Kazuto remembered that name. They walked for about an hour, until they came to a shabby, rundown apartment. They walked inside. "This is our base. We use this to tackle umbrella… And other bio-weapon threats across the world. That was our latest mission." Chris walked into a living room and put some drinks down. He offered Valkyrie and Kazuto a seat, then sat Jill down, then himself. "Ok. Onto the main subject. That mess was umbrella's fault. They were creating virus's that could bring people back to life, or kill them, then revive them. The setback: you would be the living dead. This virus got out two days ago, and you happened to walk in when it was loose. At least you guys aren't infected.

How do you know?

You would have turned by now. Anyway, Wesker; that's our S.T.A.R.S leader, he betrayed us. He was using us to get data on those Bio-weapons… anyway, to cut a long stories short, Umbrella was fooling around with some dangerous stuff, our leader betrayed us and you got out in the nick-of time. Now…

Wait. Umbrella, the people who create the biggest and best medications in the world is trying to kill us now?

I knew you would say that… but you saw it for yourself. That thing in chains: that was once human, two. Now, not so much." Jill handed Kazuto a picture. It had a family of three; a little girl, a woman and a man. On the back it said: William, Annett and Sherry. Kazuto looked at Jill and Chris dumfounded. "William and Annett were the people who developed the T-virus and the G-virus. Sherry, we rescued her from a underground umbrella lab." Kazuto couldn't belive it. "Anyway, we just wanted you guys to back us up in making everything you saw, into the court room. What do you say?" Chris asked. "Ok, sure" Kazuto said. He stood up, shaking Chris's hand, and saying goodbye to Jill. "Call me when you're going in" Kazuto said, and they both walked outside, looking back on everything that had happened…