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Brennan stared at the wall as she felt Booth's chest rising and falling against her back. She couldn't help but think back to the Eames case when she had been so frightened of ending up alone for the rest of her life. She remembered the late nights at the lab, the conversations with Micah when she was convinced she was going crazy. She had heard the universe and it had told her to tell Booth the truth. Little had she known that it would set her on the path that would lead her here.

She wondered what had ever become of Eric. She imagined a world where he was chief of neurosurgery in a hospital in California. He was probably dating a supermodel/ actress/debutante philanthropist and living his life in peace. He was like Sully that way. They always found their peace wherever they went.

She also wondered how Hannah was doing. In Brennan's imagination, she was in the desert somewhere, chasing down a story, riding a camel and living an adventurous and nomadic life. Of course, Brennan hoped that her impact on Booth and Hannah's relationship hadn't left a scar. Hannah had been a decent person and if she hadn't been sleeping with the love of her life, Brennan might have actually gotten along quite well with her.

She thought about her family at the lab. Cam and Michelle, her irritating but loyal interns, Angela and Hodgins and now, little Mikey, as Booth had affectionately dubbed him. They were a beautiful family and she was glad that she could have such good-hearted and kind people in her life.

She pictured her father and Russ and Amy, as well as the girls. She knew that without Booth, she wouldn't have been able to find them again. She was thankful that they had all come back into her life.

She thought about Parker and Edmond playing in the park together and an unbeatable smile instantly came to her face.

And as the man behind her began to stir, she knew without a doubt that she had beaten every single obstacle that life had ever thrown her. She had survived her childhood, the abandonment and the abuse of the foster care system, and even the glass ceilings within her field. She had identified thousands of remains and had locked away hundreds of criminals. She had faced guerrillas, death squads, gangs and kidnapping serial killers. She also knew that the greatest revenge she could ever exact was to be lying in this bed right now, completely and one hundred percent content. Booth was right. The world hadn't won. It couldn't win because it would never be able to destroy this feeling that lying in his arms brought her. This was indestructible, powerful. It was everything.

She smiled as she felt him kiss her shoulder blade and she turned over to greet him.

"Good morning." She smiled.

"Hi." He said with a tired smile. "How are you feeling this morning? Any regrets?" She shook her head.

"None." He picked up her left hand and smiled as he twisted the silver band delicately adorning her finger.

"Good because I have to admit, I love the way that ring looks on your hand." He smirked. Brennan had always said that she needed a good reason to get married. Making Booth happy was the greatest reason she could ever think of. She didn't need the piece of paper and frankly, she could care less so long as they were together, but to see the smile on his face and the look in his eyes when he got to say the word 'wife', she wouldn't give that up for anything.

"Are you having any regrets?" She asked as she climbed over top of him.

"About you? Impossible." He said honestly as he looked up into her eyes and brushed the curtain of hair away from her face.

"I'll remember you said that." She murmured as she kissed him. "How about I play your domestic wife and order you breakfast?" She asked her husband.

"Breakfast would be great." He said, trying to remember the last time he ate. Between the sex and the dancing and the alcohol, he couldn't quite get his brain to reach back that far. His stomach growled at just the idea of food.

"Eggs and bacon?" She said, knowing him well.

"Yes please." She reached over him for the phone, but paused. "What?" He asked her, knowing that something was wrong.

"It just feels strange, for me to be the one reminding us to eat." She chuckled. Booth smiled. "It's not usually my responsibility."

"Well, you've been taught by the best." He teased. She rolled her eyes and started to dial. He watched as his wife (God, he would never tire of saying that) ordered them breakfast and he couldn't help but stare. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen and she was his, forever. They had taken a Hell of a winding road to end up where they were now, but Booth had learned so much about himself and about what he truly needed in life along the way. He knew that they were exactly where they were supposed to be. As she hung up the phone, she turned back to face him and caught him staring.

"What?" She asked, feeling self-conscious at the way he was looking at her. He just smiled and pulled her into his arms.

"Thank you." He said.

"For what, breakfast?" She asked, confused by his gratitude. "Because that really isn't a big deal." He shook his head.

"For helping me evolve." She couldn't fight the sappy grin that covered her face. She wasn't aware when she had become the person whose heartbeat sped up at lines like that, but she knew that it had definitely occurred. It was only made worse by the fact that Booth had such a wonderful memory and a smile that could charm a snake.

"Then I should return the thanks." She said. "You helped me evolve even more than I helped you." She knew it was true.

"I don't know, Bones. You helped me quit gambling, taught me about logic and truth, and a Hell of a lot about science." He said. "You turned me into a pretty smart guy for being a gut person."

"I am responsible for a few of those things, but I am not responsible for that." She said as she shook her head. "You were always a good man, Booth." He looked doubtful so she persuaded him the only way she knew how. She kissed him long and slow, drawing him towards her as she fell backwards onto the bed. He covered her body with his own as he pressed her deeper into the mattress. They finally broke the kiss as they heard knocking on the suite door. Booth groaned as he pressed his forehead against hers.

"If I had eaten anything in the last twenty four hours, I would ignore it." He assured her.

"We can make time to eat, Booth. We have the rest of our lives to have amazing sex." She promised him with a teasing grin as she slipped out from underneath him and put on her silk robe that Angela had gotten for her.

"Hold on." Booth said as he grabbed her passing hand and pulled her back for one more kiss. "Okay, now go." He gave her permission to leave the bedroom and answer the door. He smiled like a fool as he read the stitching on the back of her robe.

Mrs. Booth

Brennan heard Booth's surprised chuckling at her gift as she left the bedroom. The sound vibrated within her own core and she smiled instantly. Yep, there was no doubt about it: Living well certainly was the best revenge.