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The war against The Reapers was now at a standoff.

Legion who would lead the Geth had lost many drop ships and battle cruisers during the assault against The Reapers on the ground.

But their reinforcements came at the hands of the Rachni as their assault against the Human/Reaper hybrid foot soldiers turned the tide of the war as they had managed to defeat them.

Then the Asari, Turian and Quarians would next lead their cruisers against the first and second wave of Reaper cruisers.

The battle was a long and bloody one with each side suffering many fatalities with debris of Asari and Reaper dreadnaughts littering space itself as the Turian and Quarian battle cruisers storm in to take out the remaining ships.

However the Reapers hit back with more warships as the two races ships are now pinned down by the much larger and powerful ships as they began to fall like flies.

As hope looked lost for them the Alliance arrives in the nick of time along with The Normandy, their battle cruisers and warships and this battle has been won as the war took a vile turn with the arrival of Harbinger.

"Normandy on route to Harbinger, Commander what're your orders?" Joker asked.

Looking to the crew and at the monitor which displayed Harbinger he gave his look.

"Joker…set a course full speed ahead, we're taking that Reaper scum out once and for all!" Sheppard ordered as the ship went right at the leader of the Reapers.

Harbinger…you and the Reapers will be stopped!


The fleet of Alliance, Asari, Turian and Quarian battle ships launched one final asault against Harbinger as the many Reaper cruisers came at them but it was all a distraction as The Normandy slipped by and entered Harbinger for the fate of the Universe.

Shepard knew this could be a one way trip and the team knew this as well as the plan was simple, fight their way through to the core of Harbinger, plant the Quantum bomb and try to escape.

But nothing goes as according to plan…

Garrus led his team on the attack while Shepard along with Grunt, Legion, Jacob and Tali went to the core of Harbinger to plant the bomb and end this war.

"Sheppard! What's your status?" Garrus asked.

"We're nearing the core how's everything there?" Shepard asked.

"We've got several casualties, Thane's down, Samara and Kasumi are pinned by gunfire, Jack's fighting the husks on her own, Zaeed, Miranda, and Kolyat are with me we're holding them here but we can't do it for long!" Garrus said as a rifle shot was heard over the comms.

"Garrus…if we're not back within ten minutes get out of there and get everyone clear of Harbinger!" Shepard ordered.

"Shepard don't do this!" Garrus pleaded.

"Vakarian that's an order!" Sheppard said.

"As you wish…Commander." Garrus said.


Shepard's team took some heavy hits, Grunt and Jacob stayed behind to give him more time to set the bomb and blow Harbinger straight to hell.

"Shepard, we need to set the bomb now!" Tali said as she shot a couple of drones down.

"Shepard Commander, creator Tali Z'orah is more logical action to take but quickly we must." Legion said shooting a few more drones down.

"Listen to me both of you go and help Grunt and Jacob and get out of here, I'll set the bomb off." Shepard said.

"Shepard you can't!" Tali pleaded as Shepard put his hands on her shoulders.

"Tali please if has to be like this then I would gladly die again to save this universe, now go that's an order!" Shepard asked.

"S-S-Shepard…my captain, I will never forget you." Tali said as she hugged him hard as he returned it.

"Shepard Commander, the consensus will know of your acts and will learn from them." Legion said as they shook hands.

They left as Tali looked back and Shepard looked to her as he began setting the bomb.

"Garrus." Shepard contacted.

"Shepard, we've got casualties, Thane, Samara, Zaeed are dead, Kasumi and Jack are wounded bad, what about the bomb?" Garrus asked.

"Get out of there now! I've sent the others back to you make sure you get everyone off this place!" Shepard said.

"But what about-"

"No time Garrus, get everyone out, save who you can let me stop do this, just do something for me…tell them, tell them what happened here." Shepard asked as the timer counted down.

"I will and it was an honour fighting with you." Garrus said.

"You too, buddy take care." Shepard said as the comms went dead.

Garrus knew he had to do as he said and saw Tali limping towards them and Jacob and Grunt fighting off husks, Legion was trailing behind them.

They quickly covered the four of them and got onto the Normandy as Joker awaited them by the docking door.

"C'mon everyone in! Where's the Commander?" Joker asked.

Garrus just looked at him and he guessed it as he closed the doors to the ship.


Shepard began to fight off the hordes of drones and husks as they came at him but he took several laser blasts, as a few ripped through his shields and he got hit in the left thigh, his right shoulder, he fractured some ribs, the top of his head was cut open and his left collar bone might be broken, he didn't care as he made sure the bomb went off.

"Human…your futile mission will not succeed, all organics are obsolete, the machines will be the dominant race."

"You're wrong! Every being in the galaxy united for a common cause, a just cause to save their homes, families against the Reapers, you may have destroyed one race before but you will not do it a second time!" Shepard stated.

As then a screen popped up and showed The Normandy escaping and realised what was about to happen.

"JOKER! DO YOU READ ME?" Shepard shouted over his comms.

There was only static as he knew the ship was jamming his communications, as he heard the sound of what he believed to be the weapons powering up as he just watched helplessly.

"NOOOOOO!" Shepard shouted as the weapon fired and hit The Normandy as the damage was crippling as he saw it beginning to implode.

Shepard could not watch anymore as he saw the bomb was armed, he looked back at the monitor to The Normandy…


The SR-2 Normandy was no more.

"THIS IS FOR THE CREW OF THE NORMANDY! AND FOR THE WOMAN I LOVE!" Shepard said as he hit the button.


"Field run is complete returning to-What the hell is that?"

"Bravo three, this is Bravo nine I have an unidentified debris falling and heading towards Roger Niner."

"Affirmative, pursue debris and be careful SHIELD has been notified."

The falling debris crash landed in a deserted forest.

"The bogey has landed, tell the big boys to get them some tow truck…a hell lot of em."


Meanwhile in New York at Stark Industries.

"Mister Stark, I have detected an anomaly crash landing five hundred miles outside of the border." Jarvis said.

Tony looked up from his screen and looked at what his AI was talking about.

"SHIELD are already on the scene?" Tony asked.

"Yes there have been reports the ship is alien but have confirmed reports of a survivor." Jarvis said.

"Was it alien?" Tony asked.

"Human." Jarvis said as Tony looked on interested.

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