Have The Right To Remain?

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Chapter 1:
Self Doubt

"You done it once again Davis," cried an angry Yolei. "You didn't think about
what you did could do to us. All you could think about was how you can show off to all of us.

Davis wanted to defend himself about what Yolei was saying but knew that she
was right. He did do a pretty dump stunt which caused his friend DemiVeemon to be



They have just comeback from the digital world were they where they were taking
down some of the Emperor's control spires when they were attacked by a group of
control Tryranamon. Everything was going fine as they were able to free some of them from the their dark rings but when their were a few left Davis thought of a way to finish the job.

He thought that if he use himself as a decoy it will allow the Digimon to get rid of
the remaining dark rings. As well as get a couple points with Kari. So he ran to the side of the Tryranamon and started yelling at them, "Hey, Tryranamon. Is it just me or does your breath smell worst than raw sewage?" The other DigiDestined turn to where Davis was and looked at him as if he was nuts.

"Davis what are you doing? Are you nuts? Get out of their before its too late,"
yelled T. K.. "Shut up TM, I know what I am doing. Just get ready to go for the dark
rings." Kari was a little upset with Davis but saw that he was giving them a chance to end this, "In a way Davis is right. We need to attack the Tryranamon while they are distracted with Davis." The others nodded in agreement and hope Davis knew what he was doing.

*I hope this plan works. * thought Davis. And indeed his plan was going as
planed. The Tryranamon started to come after him. Now all he had to do was get out of the way before they attack. As if on cue the Tryranamon Were about to fire their attacks at Davis. *Okay, here it comes. I better get a move on it before I get fried. * With that thought Davis was about to get away from the Digimon's attack when he fell. "What the heck?" Davis looked to see why he fell and he saw that his right foot was stuck between a crack that was in the floor. "Damn it. This is just great."

The others saw that the Tryranamon were getting closer to Davis. They also saw
that Davis was on the ground and not running. T. K. was the first to yell to Davis, "Davis what are you doing? Just don't lay there, get up." Davis quickly shot T. K. a glare, "What do you think I been trying to do?" Kari looked on, worried as the Tryranamon were almost on top of Davis. 'You guys we have to save Davis." Without asking any questions the DigiDestined started to run to Davis to help him. Davis was them coming and knowing they were trying to do.

"You guys stay back. Don't take another step closer." T. K. looked at Davis and wondered what was he thinking, "But Davis, if we don't do anything to help you'll get hurt." "Don't worry about me. Just protect Kari for me." Kari was touch by what Davis was doing. He was willing to sacrifice his well being so she can be safe. "Davis you don't have to do this." Kari couldn't finish as the Tryranamon were getting closer to Davis while T. K. was pulling Kari away.

Finally Davis was able to get his foot free but saw that it was no way he would get away in time. One of the Tryranamon released their fireball and was coming fast at Davis. Knowing he couldn't get away in time Davis decided that if he was going to die he was going to go out fighting. "Come on. Hit me with your best shot you over grown lizards." As the fireball came closer Davis could feel the heat but remain strong. Just as he was going to get hit Flamedramon grabbed him and jumped out of the way of the blast.

Davis turned to look at where the fireball had landed and saw that their was now a huge crater. "Man that was closed. Thank you Flamedramon. Flamedramon?" he looked where the digimon was and saw that not only that he reverted back to Veemon but was in pain. "Veemon what's wrong?" The Digimon let out a small shout of pain, "Davis its my shoulder." Davis looked at Veemon's shoulder and saw that it was scraped up badly and how it looked it looked like it might be broken.

While he was checking on Veemon the Tryranamon were coming towards him and looked prepared to end Davis and the injured Digimon as they fired their fireballs. Davis saw the attack was coming and since Veemon couldn't be moved in his condition he covered himself over Veemon to protect him.

The heat of the fireballs seemingly were burning off Davis' jacket but his only
concern was saving his friend. The attack was now mere seconds of them when
something blasted the fireball away from them. Davis looked to where the attack came from and saw that it came from the other Digimon as they were all now digi armored and taking care of the remaining Tryranamon. "Davis get Veemon and get to safety," yelled T. K. who was on Pegasusmon. For once Davis didn't argue with T. K. as he carefully scooped of Veemon and took him to where the others were.

All the remaining Tryranamon were freed from the dark rings and left. The
DigiDestined were now ready to go back to the real world. They all gathered around the TV. But Davis stayed in the back not even looking up. He just looked down at Veemon who was still in his arms. After they freed the Tryranamon they were able to fixed up Veemon's hurt arm. Luckily, it wasn't broken, just merely banged up. Even though he knew that Veemon was going to be all right in a few days he couldn't stop feeling that it was his fault that he was hurt. With that thought him and the rest of the DigiDestined went through the TV and were sent back to the real world.


End of Flashback...

All of the DigiDestined were still in the computer lab, trying to shake off the last
battle. Davis continued to look down at his Digimon. Even though Veemon was now
DemiVeemon his arm was still hurt but he was in no pain and was taking a deep sleep in his arms.

As he was looked at DemiVeemon he heard footsteps coming towards him. When he looked up he saw that it was Yolei with a look of anger on her face, "Davis did you even think what you were doing. Not only did you almost die, but you almost got Veemon killed as well." Davis was opening his mouth to defend himself but Yolei
stopped him before he could say a world. "Now look what happen, DemiVeemon's arm is injured." Davis didn't even try to defend himself anymore. He instead looked at the other DigiDestined how they felt about what Yolei was saying. Not being that surprised he saw in each of their eyes that they were agreeing in a way with Yolei in what she was saying, even Kari.

Not wanting to hear Yolei putting him down any more and seeing the look in the
others eyes he got up from his chair, grabbed his bag and carried DemiVeemon as he was ready to leave. As he was about to step from the doorway Yolei yelled one more thing at Davis. "Sometimes Davis I wonder if we would be better off if you never were a DigiDestined." The words hit Davis like a truck for of bricks. He stopped moving but instead of yelling back at Yolei he simple yet out a deep sigh and continue to walk away.

"Yolei I think you were pretty hard on Davis." Said Kari. "Well, he still had it
coming. He shouldn't have done that crazy stunt in the first place." "But he was sorry he done it. Didn't you see the look in his eyes after he saw Veemon injured? Then you had to say that we would be better off without him being a DigiDestined." Yolei tried to say something but Kari stopped her. "Sure Davis does some dump things but he always does it for the team. So I don't know about you guys but I am going to help Davis." Before she could leave T. K. grabbed her arm, "Kari let him be for now. He needs sometime to himself." She reluctantly nodded her head and hoped that T. K. was right.