Chapter 6:
The Epilogue

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The others waited for Davis to come out before it was too late. They saw all the
control Digimon get out but paid no attention to them. Their only concern right now was Davis safety. "What is taking him so long? He should have been out of there by now," questioned Kari. "Well, he was better banged up, and knowing the Emperor Davis properly had to knock him out to make him come," answered T. K.. I don't know about you guys but I going back after him." As Kari was about to go in part of the rooftop of the passage clasped. Preventing anyone to go in or out. "Davis no." She wanted to go in and help but T. K. kept her back. "T. K. let me go. We have to help Davis." As she said that the base started to completely come down.

After the base clasped the others stared in wonder if their was any chance that their friend had survived. They looked around and saw nothing a trace of him. They were all now standing in the place were the main entrance was. All of them with tears in their eyes. But no more than in Kari's and Veemon's. "Davis you idiot. Why did you have to go back and save the Emperor? You could have gotten to safety with us but you decided to help the Emperor, even though you knew what he had done. That was just like you. I hope you can rest in peace."

After wiping their eyes and were sent to leave when they heard a noise. They
turned around and to their amazement some of the boulders started to move. Not
knowing what to do they watched as a figure pushed the boulders away and slowly stood up. What shocked them even more that the figure was a beaten and battered Davis with some blood coming from his forehead. "Davis your alive. I don't believe it." Davis look at them and give a small laugh. "Yelp. I made it." Then suddenly Davis clasped to the ground. Worried about their friend they quickly went over to him and were relieved when they saw that he was still breathing and had a smile on his face.


"Davis wake up. Come on Davis wake up." Davis slowly opened his eyes and
saw that he was now in a bed in his own room. Right beside his bed was all his friends. Even Tai and the older DigiDestined. "Hey you guys." He put a hand on his head and felt some bandages, then he looked down to his chest and saw more bandages. "Why am I all rapped up for?"

"When you clasped we immediately got you back home. We took your parents
and sister that you got in a little accident in school. They called a doctor come to check on you. He found out that you have two cracked ribs and a slit concussion," informed Kari.

"Man thanks for telling me. But how did Tai and the others know about this?"
"When the doctor was checking on you we called them over and told them about
everything. Even the part about you wanting to quite the DigiDestined." "Everything?
Did you show them the letter I gave you?" "Yes, we did. Don't worry about them being upset with you. They understand what happen with the Tryranamon incident. They realized that you just needed sometime to think some things throw."

"Thanks you guys. Hey T. K.. Do you still have those goggles I gave you?" "Yes,
I do Davis." T. K. reached into his pocket and pulled them out. "Why do you want to
know?" "Well, I was wondering if I can have them back. Isn't the leader of the
DigiDestined supposed to were them?" "You mean you reconsidered on quitting?" asked Tai. "Yes, I have. That is if you guys still want me to stay." "Of course Davis. You proven yourself to us that you can lead us to victory against the Digimon Emperor." T. K. then stepped beside Davis' bed and handed the goggles back to Davis. "You can have the leader job. I don't want to lead. It is too much pressure." "Thanks T. K.. I hope you guys understand why I was considering on quitting."

"Don't worry Davis, we understand. We all at one point or another wondered
about quitting the DigiDestined," replied Tai. "Their is just one question I need to ask
you about your letter." "Uh sure Tai. What's the question?" "Why did you give T. K. the goggles? You could have given them back to me." "Sorry Tai, I just thought he should have them. Besides I heard that a certain redhead girl thinks you look better without them. Isn't that right Sora?"

"Well," Sora stumped with her words as she started to blush a deep red.
She look to see Tai's reaction and saw he was as red as she was. The others couldn't help but laugh at the two. Davis was laughing like their was no tomorrow until he stopped when he grabbed his chest and moaned in pain. "Oh my ribs." "Davis better keep still so your body can recover," replied Joe. "Your right. Can one of you get me my jacket for me." Tai turned around and handed Davis his jacket. Davis looked through his pockets and apparently he couldn't find what he was looking for. "Davis are you looking for this?" Questioned Kari as she showed that in her hand was the flower from his dream/promotion. "Yes, that is it Kari. Can you please give it back to me?" Kari carefully handed the flower over to Davis.

"What is the deal with that flower Davis? Don't tell me that you picked it before
you came to save us." "No, Yolei I didn't. In fact this flower helped me decide to stay a DigiDestined?" "How is that?" "If you guys don't mind listening to a long story I will tell you." Davis told them everything that happen after he was hit into the river. The way the real world looked like. The way the Emperor took over both worlds. How Cody saved him from the Tryranamon and telling him what happen in the eight years. Even telling them how all the Digimon were controlled, how each of them had died and his confrontation with the Digimon Emperor.

He saw that they were listening to every word he was saying. "And to make a
long story short. When I woke up in the Koromon village I thought it was all a dream.
Then I looked into my hand and saw the saw exact flower. Their I knew it had to be more than a dream so then I decided that I would remain a DigiDestined and make sure something like that will never happen."

"We are just glad that you decided to fight on. We are proud of you," said Tai.
"Thanks Tai. If it is no problem with you guys I am going to get some sleep." "No
problems Davis. I mean saving the DigiDestined and both worlds as well as almost being killed three times in one day can really take it out of you. So we will just leave now and let you rest." All the DigiDestined were now leaving. As Davis was about to go to sleep he saw that someone still was in his room.

"Kari what you still doing here?" "Davis I just want to say something before I
leave." "All right. What is it?" "I just want to say thanks. Thanks for saving all of us. Also showing me that one person can make a difference. Finally, I want to thank you for showing me that I should fight with everything, so I can help my friends." "Your welcome Kari but I know that you could do it all on your own."

"Maybe Davis, but I still want to thank you. Maybe this will help." With that Kari
walked over to Davis and kissed him on the cheek. "Now you rest Davis. We all want you to get back at one hundred percent." Davis nodded and quickly drifted into sleep. Kari could just smile at him. She picked up the flower and the goggles and placed them on his night stand and pulled the covers over him. As she closed the door behind her she looked back and thought that Davis showed today that he deserved to remain as a DigiDestined.