Expressions of Love

Summary: Love expresses itself in a variety of ways and there are too many to mention. The couples in this story will show you six of them.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the songs or quotes mentioned. I do not own Logo TV or The A-List: New York.

Warning: This story is about six male couples. There is one chapter with reference to non-con (rape). Rated T for adult situations and language.

A/N: Two things inspired this story. One of them is the men from Logo TV's reality show "The A List: New York". If you haven't seen this show, find it and catch up so you will be ready for season two. You'll also be ready for the shows coming from other cities. It follows six prominent/popular gay men in New York City. Which is why they are A List.

1. Reichen Lehmkuhl- Former Air Force pilot forced to serve under Don't Ask Don't Tell. He is also a model, public speaker, owns Naked Pilot jewelry line (available at www (dot) TheReichen (dot) com), actor, singer and author of "Here's What We'll Say."

2. Rodiney Santiago- Brazilian model, boyfriend of Reichen.

3. Mike Ruiz- Celebrity photographer and video director.

4. Ryan Nicklaus- Celebrity hairdresser and owner of Ryan Darius Salon. Ryan and his husband Desmond (no last name mentioned) were legally married in the state of Massachusetts. Desmond works in finance and is described by Ryan as his "Mr. Big". Ryan hit the jackpot- a rich black man.

5. Derek Saathoff- Agent of models

6. Austin Armacost- Model and instigator (What? Every show has one.)

Minor characters of the show:

1. TJ Kelly III- A redhead with heart and attitude. He is Ryan's best friend and assistant.

2. Jake- The Irish guy engaged (now married) to Austin.

The other inspiration is the song "Expressions of Love" by Raul Midon. I love this song! I love the way it's written and sung. And Stevie Wonder is playing harmonica. Who wouldn't love that? The only unfortunate thing is the song is only 2:47 long. I wish it were longer. It can be found on Raul's album "State of Mind" available on iTunes and Amazon.

This story also features prompts from the Fan Fic 100 and Sex Prompt 100 lists. I haven't done much with either of these. A quote, song or both along with the prompt further inspired some chapters. Hope you enjoy; reviews are cool and appreciated.