Chapter 2

Did The Plan Work?

Burtonburger Household

The Following Morning

"Daddy!" Millie Burtonburger cries to her dad. The single-digit girl dashes around the house, flips over the chairs and tables, and roses around the sofa pillows: "I can't find Mr. Kat!"

She bumps into Burt, who's making scrambled eggs at the stove. The bump causes Burt to splash the scrambled eggs into his face.

"AGH!" he yells and dashes for the sink.


Immediately After

Coop leans over his window seal with both eyes peel. He hasn't slept that well, despite the good news of Kat's kidnapping. Ordinarily, that would give him a good night's sleep, but unfortunately, the thoughts of Kat returning with a vengeance now terrifies him. His eyes are soulless. What has he done?! It would be pretty easy for Kat to escape.

Coop panics and yells into his walkie-talkie: "Dennis! We need to find Kat!"

The Streets

1 Hour Later

Millie tapes a Missing Pet sign on every electrical pole, building, car, and wall in sight. Dad calculates the printer bill on a handheld calculator, and Coop and Dennis skateboard with fliers near them.

"Alright, Millie and I will take the East block. You boys take the West block" Burt confronts his teary-eyed daughter and heads off with her.

Coop nods, remembering the kidnapper's address: "Oh yes, we know exactly where to go"

To be continued

(Date of Publication: December 8, 2020)

(Authors Note: Did I really publish a Chapter 2 after 10 years? Yes)