"Abby... Abby, you're gonna hurt Bert... Abby."

"How? How could she be so... so scuzzy!" Abby said angrily as she squeezed her frustration out on Bert the Hippo and paced back and forth in her lab.

"She's not scuzzy Abby, she was doing her job."

"Her job is to go against all the work I did? Her job is to make me look like a liar! Her job is to make it look like I did my job wrong!"

"Yes, actually it is... She's a defense attorney. She was trying to defend the man you were helping to put behind bars."

"Well... It's just wrong!"

McGee walked over closer to Abby, "Here," He said as he stopped her and took a hold of Bert, "Why don't we put the hippo down and let him breathe? Okay?"

They stood silently for a few seconds, Abby's glare could have drilled a hole through his skull, but her face lightened and she loosened her grip on Bert letting McGee put him on the desk.

"I just... I worked so hard, then to hear her do everything she could to make me look bad."

McGee led Abby over to the two stools that they always sat together at when they were working on a case. He patted the seat of one stool for her to sit, which she did reluctantly. Then he sat down in the other one, "Why are you upset Abby?" He asked as she stared at the floor, "The jury came back with a guilty verdict. They believed you... Not the scuzzy defense attorney."

Abby looked up at McGee, "I thought you said she wasn't scuzzy," She said, her voice a bit calmer now.

"Yeah, well, if she made you this upset then I changed my mind."

Abby sighed, "Four days... I went for four days without sleep during that case. I worked all day and all night. I drank so much Caf-POW! that I was surprised there was any left on the planet. And then... in five minutes time she could have destroyed all of my work," Abby's voice began rising again at the last sentence.

"But she didn't."

Abby had just lowered her eyes back down to the floor when McGee placed his hands on her knees, "Listen to me Abbs, you did an amazing job today. You never backed down from that attorney... And you stayed calm until you got back to your lab. The jury came back with a guilty verdict. The murderer is going to prison forever and your work is what put him there. You should be celebrating."

Abby turned in her stool, put her elbows on the table, and placed her head in her hands, "I don't feel like celebrating."

McGee's eyes widened, "You? Abby Scuito? You don't feel like celebrating?" McGee shook his head, "I don't buy it."

"Well excuse me if I'm not my normal Abby self."

"Abby... Abby... Abbs!" McGee rolled his eyes as he tried to get Abby's attention, "You can be so difficult sometimes," He mumbled as he stood up and walked around to the other side of her, "Abby, look at me." Abby didn't turn her head. "Abby... Please." She tried to ignore him, but then she realized he wouldn't go away, so she turned and looked at him like he asked.

"Thank you," He said with a small smile on his face. The smile only lasted for a second, then he got back to the problem, "Is something else wrong? I know you get upset anytime anyone says anything against your forensics, but you seem... especially upset tonight."

Abby sighed. Why does he have to care so much? Why did his parents have to raise him to be a gentleman.

"It's stupid."

"I'm sure it's not."

"After four days of no sleep I went home to, well, sleep. When I got to my apartment there was this guy," Abby stood up and walked a few steps away from McGee, then she turned back around to face him, "He was visiting a friend that lives two doors down from me..."

"Keep going."

"We started talking... I don't know. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, or the amount of Caf-POW! running through my veins but we seemed to have alot in common so I asked him if he'd want to go to a Deaf Metal concert with me."

"He said no?" McGee asked as he wondered how anyone could say no to Abby.

"No, he said yes. The concert is... was for tonight," She looked at the clock in her lab, "In an hour from now actually. But he called right after I left the courthouse. He said he couldn't make it because he got back together with his girlfriend," Abby's death glare returned, but she wasn't glaring at Tim, she wasn't glaring at anything really, "His girlfriend! I mean, shouldn't he have known before he said yes to me that he was getting back together with her? Or at least that he wanted to get back together with her?"

McGee wasn't sure at first if he was supposed to answer the questions, but when Abby kept speaking after asking them, he knew that it was best to just let her get it all out first.

"What is it with me? Why do guys find me so repulsive?" Abby began pacing, "Do I smell? Is it my shoes? Is it my hair? What is it?"

McGee waited for a couple of seconds to see if Abby was finished. When she didn't continue, the pacing stopped, and she stared at him, he knew it was time for him to speak.

He took a few steps closer to her, "No, you do not smell," He said. The way he said it made Abby smile. "Your hair is perfect and if I could pull off wearing the shoes you wear... Well, I still wouldn't wear them, but you look great in them."

"Do you think... Do you think my problem is stupid?"

"Absolutely not..."

They stood in silence for a few seconds as McGee thought.

"I have an idea," He said.


"I'll go to the concert with you."

"You?... No, Timmy, you would hate it."

"I've been to concerts with you before."

"But not Deaf Metal. They're like... loud. Really, really loud."

McGee laughed, "Yeah, I figured that out by their name."

"Your serious? You want to go with me?"

"Of course. I'll even jump up and down and do some head banging for you."

Abby laughed, "That's okay Timmy. You being there will be good enough."

McGee held out his arm for Abby to link her arm with his, "Shall we?" He asked.

Abby nodded, "We shall."

They headed out of the lab and to the elevator, "Thanks Timmy," Abby said as she laid her head on his shoulder.

"For what?"

"For caring."

The elevator door opened and they walked inside, arms still linked, "Anytime, Abbs."

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