Tim walked down to Abby's lab. They were going out to lunch today, but she hadn't met him at the front entrance like she was supposed to.

"Abbs? Abbs, you in here?"

"I'm here, Tim!" She called back, coming out of the middle area of her lab.

"I thought we were meeting out front."

"We were, then I got this," She held out the game cards that Tony had made… it was the same game they had played a week earlier.

"I don't get it," Tim replied.

"I never got my turn."


"Come on." She moved closer to him, took his hand and let him to the stools. "Sit," She said as she handed him the cards. She sat across from him and cleared her throat. "Okay, go. I'm ready."

"Abby, we don't need to do this. I know you know me."

"I want to do this, Timmy. It's not fair that you got to play the game but I didn't."

Tim sighed. "Fine." He looked down at the first card. "What's my favorite food?"

"Chinese. Anything Chinese to be exact."


"What's the biggest thing I dislike about myself?"

"The fact that people often don't take you as seriously as an agent because you have such an innocent face… That, and your ears."


"Favorite color?"

"Used to be blue, but for the past year you've preferred orange."


"Pens or pencils?.. My God, Tony must have been drunk when he came up with these questions."

Abby laughed. "Pens, black ink; you hate blue ink and you think gel pens should be banned from existence."


Tim sighed. "Abby, can we please go eat? I'm hungry," He whined.

Abby took the cards from Tim's hands. "Say I know you as well as you know me."

"What? Abbs, I already said that you know me."

"I know, but you didn't say I know you as well as you know me."


"Say it, Tim."

He crossed his arms. "No," He said stubbornly.

She crossed her arms as well. "Fine," She said, standing up.

Abby took a few steps away from him then turned back to him.

"What are you doing?" Tim asked.

"Gathering my thoughts. Okay, here goes nothin': You don't like the color yellow cause it reminds you of when you threw up macaroni and cheese when you were little; even though computers are your life you have a stack of notebooks that you write in at home; you listen to heavy metal when you're at home; you love green colored highlighters; you went to one party in college where someone spiked your drink and you still can't remember what happened for the next six hours of your life. That enough? No? I'll go on," She said, repeating what he had told her a week ago. "Marley and Me makes you cry. Sometimes you wish you could turn off all of your electronic devices and just not exist for a few hours. Tony makes you laugh a lot more often than you let on. You still have a MySpace account that you visit more frequently than you say you do. You contemplated getting a Tumblr page. You wanted to be Jewish when you were a kid. You hate when people write in cursive. You think butterfly kisses are sweet. Sometimes you wonder if putting kids behind bars is helping them or hurting them even more than they already are. When-"

"I get it," Tim interrupted. He couldn't help the twisted feeling in the pit of his stomach. No one, not even his family, knew him that well. It made him both uneasy and completely amazed at the same time.

Abby smiled. "So..?"

Tim sighed. "Okay, Abby. You know me as well as I know you. I admit it."

She ran over to him and gave him a big hug. "Oh, Timmy, I knew you'd see it my way."

After a moment, she pulled back from the hug, patted his back, then took his hand and basically pulled him up and to the door. "Now let's go to lunch. I'm starving!"

I'm glad you guys liked the last Q&A! A lot of you wanted to see Abby talking about Tim, so I decided to add this :) Hope you guys enjoy and, for those in the USA, have a great Thanksgiving!