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So I decided to do something nice for Tohru. She deserves it, right? She takes care of me and that idiot Shigure and that damn rat. So I figure the least I can do for her is clean up a bit. Y'know, just enough so that she notices. Just so I can be said to have done something good for once.

So I clean up. Just easy stuff that I'd know how to do. I fix the door that I broke (again). I do some laundry for her. I wash the breakfast dishes. I just do some basic stuff.

And Yuki's watching me the whole time and it's like I can read his mind or something 'cause he keeps on shaking his head. And that's when he usually says, "You stupid cat." And from there, we break something of Shigure's house. Usually a door.

Four hours later, two fights later, and a broken door later, Tohru walks in and I'm feeling all proud of myself and I actually did something good for once. That didn't end up with someone being smacked or hit.

"Hello, Kyo," she says, walking right on past me with that goofy smile on her face. Tohru doesn't notice anything. She's so oblivious and that's what I love about her. She doesn't care.

But if she figured it out, I could probably place bets that she'd start spazzing out on me. Tohru has a hilarious tendency to do that. To just freak out. And that really didn't do much for me. It made me feel guilty for making her feel guilty for not cleaning it all and I don't like guilt.

Tohru just does that. And that's what I like about her. She really is amazing.

The rest of the night was quiet and uneventful. And Tohru never really did notice how clean things were until the next morning. And then she thought a robber got in and cleaned the house.

That girl always finds another way to make me smile...

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