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Part I.

I sprinted out of school, three periods early, and hopped into my friend Josh's car. I didn't have time to waste. I put my hand in my jean pocket, my fingers fumbled around old gum wrappers and crumpled dollar bills, hoping the key I had grabbed from him earlier hadn't fallen out.

I emptied the contents of both my pockets onto the car seat. Nothing useful came out. Crap. I threw open the glove box, hoping that Josh was stupid enough to leave a key in an unlocked car. Nothing but some old fast food joint napkins, a few sleazy magazines, and a half empty bottle of coke, typical jock. I slammed it closed and began searching the rest of the car.

I figured I'd start with the back. Some more empty soda bottles, a single football cleat, half a cheeseburger long ago forgotten, numerous unidentifiable items, and a picture of him and the mall Santa that couldn't have been more than a year or two old. I'd have to ask him about that one later, when I wasn't in the greatest rush of my life.

Why couldn't male bean sidhes have some useful powers, like oh I don't know, super speed, mind control, maybe a built in key locator? Because I wasn't getting anywhere-except maybe closer to an incurable and unidentifiable disease- searching through this mess of a car. Damn.

I sprinted back to the school, planning on checking my gym locker for the key. Hoping, that there would be a lost freshman willing to open the door in exchange for directions. As I approached the door I slowed to a jog, my heart skipping a beat when I see that I have hit the jackpot. A nerdy little freshman boy on his way to the office with his teacher's attendance sheet-suck up. Perfect. Hopefully he wouldn't be too much of goody-two-shoes and would open the door for me, disobeying the sign.

I stopped at the door, a plan already forming in my head to suit this particular situation. I put on my frantic face and began to wave the kid down. Cautiously, he approached the door. "Hello?" He asked through the door, his voice unsure. "Hi, I'm Todd Hudson . Maybe you know my brother Nash. He's a sophomore, like you right?" Give the nerd a compliment, get on his good side. If that doesn't work…pull out the lies.

"Uhm, no sir." Aha, he called me Sir, "I'm only a freshman. I guess that's hard to believe though. Well, anyway, I've heard of him, but I don't really know him. He's on the football team right? I was gonna try out, but I figured they wouldn't be up to my level." Over confident little sucker, I doubted he'd ever thrown a football in his life. "Oh, yeah, of course. Look, would you mind opening the door? I really should be in class." I was getting tired of standing outside when I could be out of the gym and back in the car by now.

"Sorry, I really don't think I should. We're not allowed, and I hardly even know you. But maybe the main office will let you in through the front?" Great, just great. Now I'd have to give him my story and waste even more time, "I would but it was my brother and his football friends who pushed me out here. I'll get killed if I get them suspended before the big game! Please just let me in, I'm already really late to class." My mentioning being late seemed to remind him of his duty, he looked down at the slip in his hand and began to move his hand toward the handle.

"Uhm, yeah. Late. I'd better get going too. So, I guess, given the circumstances, I can let you in. But you owe me." Given the circumstances? I owe him? Who did this kid think he was? But then again, he thought I was just as big a nerd as him. Whatever, what matters is that he finally opened the door. "Look, thanks kid. I don t know what I would've done if you hadn't shown up." I began sprinting off towards the gym. When he called after me, asking for the names of the guys who locked me out so that he could avoid them, I just ignored him. I had wasted enough of my time talking to him.

I picked up speed and whatever doubt he had about me was confirmed when he saw the back of my jacket, a big varsity football logo flashing. Oh well, I was done with my cover anyway, and he would've found out soon enough. I ended up I the locker room in under a minute, with no one but my coach to thank for my speed. I worked my way through the clusters of pitiful shirtless, ab-less, freshman boys. I couldn't see any of them joined the team anytime soon.

So, I made my way to the senior section of the locker room, spun my lock around, putting in my combination, and threw open my locker door. I bean pulling out football equipment rapidly. I had lost all hope when I reached the bottom of my locker. I picked up my shoulder pads , ready to begin throwing everything back in my locker and rush around to check everywhere else I could think of.

Just then, the sun filtered in through the window, bouncing off something small and metal stuck beneath the laces of my left cleat. I dropped my shoulder pads into my locker and grabbed the shoe. Sure enough, stuck between the tongue and the laces, was the key to Josh's 1989 Honda.

I grabbed the key, stuffed it in my pocket, and threw the rest of my gear into my locker. I slammed it shut and sprinted out of the locker room, down the hall, and straight into a very angry freshman on his way back from the office.

"I knew something was up with you! I saw the back of your jacket. How stupid do you think I am? I'm going to tell the principal all about you!" Ooh scary. I rushed past him without even gracing him with a response. He wouldn't do anything. He'd just get himself in trouble for opening the door. Sure, I might get a detention or something, but I was used to that.

I rushed out the door and straight to the car. I threw open the door and sat down at nearly the same seconds. I only had about 30 minutes to make the 25 minute drive to the airport and get to Addy's terminal in time to say goodbye. I would have the hurry.

Even though we had said our goodbyes and officially broken up- we knew that a long distance relationship between glamorous Hollywood and small town Texas would never last- I still wanted to see her one more time, before she became a big star. I liked to think she wouldn't change, and that eventually shed come back to me the same person, but deep-down I knew that was a long shot. She'd never come back. And if she did, she'd be different .

Sure, Addy had always been different. That's what had made her perfect for me, a bean sidhe, the most different person in this school- besides my brother, who was also one. But she was different in a talented, creative way. I was different in a nonhuman way. Of course, she didn't know that. I'm not sure if that would've changed things or not. But that's besides the point now.

I was so deep in my thoughts of Addy, Addison Page- Addison Page Hudson?- that I didn't notice how fast I was driving, how sharp the curve in the road was, or the reaper smiling at me in the rear view mirror from the back seat. I was lost in these thoughts when Josh's Honda flipped over while taking the curve, and was smashed in the side by an oncoming semi, causing the engine, and the rest of the car, to explode. Lost in these thoughts was how I died, sort of.

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