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When I woke up I was standing in largest, emptiest, creepiest building ever. And that's the only way I can describe it. The only reason I knew there were walls or even a ceiling was because of the painful, ear shattering echo that came with each step, each breath I took. I looked around me through the gray haze I knew only existed in one place, the netherworld. My mom had told me and my brother about this place, warned us of it and its dangers. Yet I had never actually visited, sure I had peeked in, but that was different. I couldn't get to the netherworld without a female bean-sidhe. And my mother refused, fervently. So naturally, I decided to explore.

There was so much I didn't know about this place, so much that I had always wanted to learn. Was the moon really red? How sharp was razor-wheat? How badly was everything disproportioned? Did it really look like someone had put the world in a blender and hit frappe? It seemed I had all these answers before me, I couldn't be hurt right? I mean hadn't I just died, what could they do to me now…besides steal my soul and torture it for eternity, but I was pretty sure it was even to late for that. It didn't make sense to me why I had ended up here, weren't all souls-except those lost in transit *shudder*-supposed to be recycled? Yet, it didn't matter, all my answers were just steps away-if I could ever find the door to this place-or so I thought.

Just as I began taking my first steps towards escape a woman appeared across the room from me. She smiled slowly and I immediately recognized her as the reaper who had appeared in the back seat of Josh's-probably now totaled, he'd be pissed-car, the one who had taken my life, my soul. But that didn't bother me. I knew that it was only her job, my name had been on her list, my time was up and there was no arguing that. What bothered me were the first words she said. "You've passed all your tests." "What?" I knew she hadn't brought me here just to let me know I'd passed my calculus test-I probably didn't- what was the point in that? But then it clicked, my brain barely had the chance to process the new realization when she confirmed it, "Your reaper tests. You're a bean-sidhe right? You should know all about this…" I couldn't believe this, "I thought you reapers hated us, why would you guys want me to want one of you?" Her reply came quick, "Ah yes. Our kinds don't get along well, especially not when you interrupt our schedule. And now that you're one of us, you wouldn't want to do that, would you? It wouldn't be in your best interest if you plan on keeping your job. And you know what a reaper's lost job mean right?" Of course I knew. Reapers are technically already dead, the job keeps them alive. So for a reaper, a lost job also means a lost life, their own. Harsh right?

"So what, I'm supposed to be some crazy bean-sidhe slash reaper thing now?" "Sure, you could call it that if you want. But it's not crazy, talented is the word I would use." That shocked me, "Talented?" "Of course. I would explain our reasoning further, but I should probably get you to your boss now." Joy. A reaper is my new boss. Won't my mom be proud? NOT. But I guess it'll make my death easier on her if I'm still around. Weird, huh? "Ohkay, take me too your leader." "How cute…yet perhaps you're too cute. I never imagined meeting a reaper that looks almost like cupid." Cupid? But she did say cute right? So maybe that's a good thing… "Ahem!" She cleared her throat loudly, regaining my attention. "Oh, right. Gotta go meet the boss. How do we get there?" She let out a short amused laugh and disappeared. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about reapers, but I guess I still have a lot left to learn…but wait, CUPID? I really hope that doesn't become a nickname. A bean sidhe slash reaper called cupid? I don't think so. Hmm, maybe I should figure out how to poof outta here and catch up with the reaper chick.