I sat on the floor next to my appointed "gift giver" he was tugging harshly at the lead around her neck trying to put her in as much agony as possible until I would be given as an apology to King and Queen Northman. I was just hoping that the Northmans would be able to find a way to kill me. I was being given as less of an offering and more just to get me out of the Demons hair. See I am half Fae , one quarter fire demon and a quarter light/ healing demon. As a result of the coupling I am immortal I can not even be beheaded the sword just bounces off my skin. I was born out of both an act of love and an act of treachery.

My mother was a demon born to one of the greatest marriage contracts the Demon realm had ever seen. Fire and health were brought together and it ceased a war that had been waging for 3,000 years. However my mother was in love with an earth fairy. He was a slave of the house I believe he was captured during the last fairy/ vampire war and given as a gift. But she loved him just the same and they had a passionate affair. She became pregnant and was terrified there would be no way to pass a half fairy child off as a full demon. However she kept the act up until I was born but as soon as I came out they knew. My iridescent white hair and pointed ears gave me away.

My mother was killed on the spot and my father hunted. They tried to kill me because I was an "abomination" but I apparently cant be killed. I stopped aging after 25 when my Fae abilities manifested. That was when the shit hit the fan. Before that I was just a slave but after I came into my powers I was desired and the prince of the realm used me as party entertainment and gave me to guests to use me for pleasures of the flesh. I have been living that life for just over 100 years and Im ready to die… There is nothing left of me.

A young looking man walked passed me (but were dealing with vampires so really who knows right?) He had short blond hair and deep blue eyes. He had to have been 6 and a half feet tall he glowed like a fairy but I could see his fangs descend as his gaze caught me. Perhaps he was angry that I was the gift? Maybe he was going to send me back to that hell? I pray to the Gods that he keeps me and finds a way to kill me.

He walked in and told my guard to follow him. The big stupid brute dragged me by the iron chain around my neck not even giving me the chance to walk. I felt the carpet burns start on my back. This was going to be a long night if they sent me away. The iron did not hurt me all it did was prevent me from "popping" away. However after the punishment I got for that I would never ever try to do it again so the leash was a bit over kill.

I was thrown to the ground and my head mad contact with the cool marble steps leading too the thrones. My blood was leaking but the cut healed almost instantly. I caught the gaze of the tall man who brought us in again and this time the look on his face was… PITTY? What the hell? Is he mad or does he feel bad for me? There might be hope yet.

The King and Queen entered the room dressed very casually; jeans, t-shirts and boots. I was glad it was so informal because I was wearing nothing but tatters and my most important spots were barely covered. But who knows that might have been the point. The king sat followed by the Queen. The King cleared his throat and began.

"what is this Demon?" he stated sounding board but his wife was staring at me and I felt like someone was massaging my brain… weird.

"She is a gift of good will." Stated the brute sent to deliver me

"A gift you say? She looks damaged. What good will do you speak of demon?" he demanded obviously he knew but he was going to force this ass hole to give him the proper apology he deserved. Im liking this guy already.

"The king of the Demon realm sends her as an apology for tearing a new rift in your territory and harming one who owed you featly." He stated with a deep nod "As for the damage, she cleans up nice and is already broken so she heels well." He looked like a smug ass hole. I wanted to punch him in the face.

The King and Queen looked like they were in a deep silent conversation glancing at the tall man beside the thrones from time to time. Finally the Queen spoke up her voice soft as honey.

"What is her age and lineage?" She smiled after and it made me feel safe… Stop it! you're not safe you're never safe. I repeated this mantra over and over to remind myself not to get comfortable. Then the brute spoke up again.

"She is 143 years old and immortal. She is half fae and half demon." Wow… he was very vague weird. The queen looked furious and practically yelled in her southern Drawl.

"WHAT LINE OF FAE! DO NOT LIE DEMON! YOUR LIFE IS FORFIT NOW SO LIEING WILL MAKE YOUR DEATH SLOW!" I was shaking. She started to glow and things started to shatter in the room. What the hell is she? The king reached over grasping her hand rubbing small circles trying to calm her. This is obviously a love match. Watching him try to sooth his furious wife sent a chill down my spine… damit more comfort… STOP THIS ! I told myself. The tall man who was standing walked over to me to remove my shackles'. I flinched and tired to scoot away as fast as I could until I got caught by the length of the chain. I was cowering metallic black tears streaming down my face. He reached to touch my face and I flinched again. He sat next to me snapping the chain then staring at me.

"She is earth Fae I believe." The demon brute said with a shaken voice. The Queen stood and walked towards the brute. What was she going to do she was so tiny! Oh My Gods he will crush her like a bug. I started to inch towards her to stop her fearing for her life. Brutes are strong but very very stupid they would not think twice about killing a Queen if they felt threatened. But the Tall man scooped me up to stop me. I whispered to him in a panic.

"I have to stop her she is so tiny! He will kill her!" He smiled and simply said "just watch Darling." I watched in horror for a moment until I saw a sword appear in her hand. The brute was trembling and what the hell are those tears? Okay now I really want to know what she is. Then she spoke.

"Demon the earth fae have been extinct for 100 years are you telling me you have been holding one captive for well over 140?" the brute dropped to his knees and said

"No Ma'am she is only half… shh.. she is a hhh… hybrid" he stuttered like a fool

"She is Fae and your life is mine." She stated calmly as she removed his head. I clung to the tall mans body as he lifted us off the floor. In this moment I did not care he was nice and brought me comfort I could give in just for now. The King took me in and gave an instruction to the tall man.

"Alex, remove the iron and bring her a chair. Also some food she look's hungry. Please request a room be made for her and have some proper clothes left in there for her." Alex I liked that name… but the he started to separate from me and I freaked I clung to him like a child… I was afraid that if I let go and he left the demons would take me back and I would spend an eternity being tortured. The king saw this and summoned a woman named Pam giving her the instructions allowing Alex to continue to hold me while I clamed. Then the Queen spoke.

"Dear what is your name?" I looked astonished no one had asked my name in 100 years, if not for my total recall I may have forgotten it.

"Lily" I stated trying to not draw attention to myself. Then Alex repeated my name whispering it to himself like he was testing how it sounded coming out of his mouth. The Queen smiled at him then me and began to speak again.

"You have no more reason to fear you are under our protection and no further harm will come to you. You may stay at the palace but you don't have to it is safer here for you but you are a free woman, We do not hold slaves." I sighed and peeled myself away from my savior throwing myself at the King and Queens feet arching my neck in a sign of submission as almost my whole body touched the floor… dramatic I know but I was really really grateful.

"I pledge my life to you there is no way to repay this debt. I have many gifts some even the Demons knew nothing about and I want to share them all with you. I am yours." What the fuck? I don't know what Im doing I just feel like Im in the right spot for the first time ever.

"your life is yours my dear." She said with a smile as Alex started to rub my back… I was starting to like him. "what are your gift's? Share what you are comfortable with." I saw the King tense at that he apparently wanted to know everything I could do. Alex put an arm around me protectively. What the hell he is practically defying his king in public… people are going to die and it will be my fault.

"I will tell you everything, You deserve to have it all at your disposal. I have all the standard Fae gifts popping, summons and such my Fairy gift is stealth. No one can track me or find my if I don't want them to… unless they have had my blood then I cant mask my scent to them. I am one quarter fire Demon with full powers. I think I am fully developed demon because of the fairy spark. Im also one quarter light/healing demon. That makes me immortal I have not aged since I was 25 I also heal instantly but can still spill blood. I cant be killed to my knowledge not even by beheading the blade bounces right off. Im not really a gift to you." I paused as a gauged there reactions… not good "they are trying to get rid of me because they cant kill me. They have been trying to pawn me off on someone for 50 years. They are tired of me I guess." Everyone seemed to relax Alex pulled me into his lap when Pam brought in the chair then zipped out again. The king spoke

"Lily, you may call me Eric when we are in the home this is my wife Sookie and the man whos lap you are warming is my son Alex." He said with a smirk. SON! HES A FUCKING VAMPIRE… OH SHIT! I just walked into the kingdom of the prophecy. This is intense…

"wow… cool" was all I could get out Alex and Eric laughed. Now it was obvious this apple belonged to that tree.

"I see you just figured out where you are?" he said smirking. Alex took that moment to twine his fingers in mine, A move that did not go unnoticed by his mother.

"Ya I did." I said squeezing his hand willing it to never leave mine.

"well now that that is out Alex will take you to your room and settle you. If you need or want for anything just let someone know, your home now." He said. I started to cry silently. I have never had a home. Just a place to sleep until the horrors started again. Then Alex addressed his Father.


"yes Alex?" he said visibly relaxed now. No longer in King mode he was just a guy at home now.

"I would like to keep her with me and make her mine if she is willing." He smelled my hair as he said that… weird. I have never been sniffed before but I heard it was a big thing with sups in this realm. I don't know what being "his" means but in this moment I want nothing more than to never leave the safety of his arms so in this moment Im pretty much game for anything.

"Do you wish to bond with her or make her a toy?" he said with a cock of his head and a warning glance. Shit I don't want to be a toy! Bonded ummm that's like a vampire wife right? Like a love match in the Vamp world. I hear they are rare. Shit Im going to be a toy… no way this guy wants to bond to me after holding me while I cry and wreck his shirt. Uhhhh welcome to my life.

"Bond. She is special to me I can tell. Her blood sings to me." Okay what they hell? This guy is a vampire hybrid fairy human and my muddy blood is singing to him? I must be looking at him funny because he just coos at me and runs his free hand threw my hair.

"If she is willing and only then may you have her. Lily are you willing? You have no obligation the choice is yours. Do you know what a bond is?" I looked at him wondering what to say then Alex kissed my temple and I was all in.

"I know what a bond is. It is a rare love match between a vampire and another being. Im willing." Alex gazed at me like I was the only thing in the room.

"Her things will be moved to your room son. Good luck with your new Mate." With that the king and Queen got up to leave. The queen touched my shoulder and kissed her son on the forehead. With that contact I saw myself and Alex fighting in a battle against Demons. Then we were being wed My dress was white and I was in my true form. No one has ever seen my true form. Then I was pregnant and he was doting on me and spoiling me. Then we are King and Queen not just of a state but the whole Supe world there was peace. I felt so loved Sookie and Eric guided us the whole way… wow.

"Love match indeed." She said with a wink before she left

"wow." We both said at the same time. And with that Alex scooped me up and we were flying (yes really fucking flying) to his room. He opened the door and before I could take stock of my surrounding he crashed into me with a kiss. This kiss was melting me. It was not violent or demanding it was tender and loving.

"Im going to worship you until my final death my queen." He said

Im in so much trouble….