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So, this is my first Glee fanfic, and I hope I did the characters justice. This Klaine just had to be written. It was floating around my head for days until I finally began to write it.

I've only written this chapter so far, and I am making this up as I go along, I might as well just say that now, so suggestions are very welcome.

I guess I'll add that this fic will definitely be AU. I am taking Never Been Kissed and Furt, and making it my own from there. I really didn't like how Wes and David and even Blaine acted in Special Education and that is partially the reason for this story. So, Wes and David will most likely be very different to the Wes and David in Glee as I am taking some liberties with their characters. This isn't to say that I won't take into consideration what's happened in both Special Education and the Christmas episode.

At any rate, I'll guess you don't want to keep reading my rambles up here. If there are any questions, be free to ask them. Any constructive criticism is always welcome as well. Enjoy.

Also, btw, this is not Beta'd, but I hope I caught most of my mistakes.

Disclaimer: I do not own glee, if I did...I really don't think you want to know what my mind might make the characters do...

Summary: Klaine. Kurt is stepping into a whole new world whether he is ready for it or not. After all, behind the face of structure, tradition, and well mannered boys there is chaos just waiting to be unearthed.

Chapter One

One thing that the hallways of Dalton Academy did not have was lack of order during the school day. There were the occasional things that shook things out of order, of course, like when Greg Preston tripped over his own feet and his things scattered everywhere, or when Derek Blake had set himself on fire in his AP Chemistry course and run out of the classroom with a beeline to the fountain in the courtyard. He had explained later that it had been the only logical thing to come to his mind at the time and ignored anyone that tried to tell him there was a fire extinguisher in the Chemistry classroom for that reason.

So, when Wesley Wright was seen running down a hallway, holding his messenger bag close to him so as to not hit anyone, it was the right of any Dalton student to worry about the mental state of one of Dalton's Warblers.

Wes paused as he turned a corner, out of breath, and leaned against a wall. He ignored the stares he was getting as he looked around, and when he spotted his two best friends he began to run again.

"Blaine! David!" he called out, breaking yet another unspoken rule of the Dalton hallways.

No one ever yelled. They laughed, they talked, and even sang when they were in the mood, but they never yelled.

A few of the other boys walking to class or the dining hall turned to look at him, but not the two that he was shouting for, who were walking calmly with their bags slung over their shoulders.

Wes sighed and started jogging to catch up to them, glad that at least he could get to them quickly, as everyone parted for him to get through. After all, it wasn't every day one of the Dalton boys took off running down a hall and so, most of them reasoned, it had to be important.

"David!" he yelled as he approached his friends.

They came to stop and David Price turned to look at him with a grin. "Oh. Hey, Wes, so, I hear you're thinking of joining track."

Blaine Adams, his other best friend threw an arm around Wes' shoulders. "If you want to create a commotion," he said, "I would advice getting Neil's help. But, if you're trying to create a competitive sport I would go to Mark."

Wes pulled away and glared at them both. For all the running he had done to get to them before they headed to class, Wes no longer wanted to tell them his very important news. News that he knew Blaine in particularly would find interesting.

"Very funny," he stated and fixed his Dalton uniform from all the running.

"Anyway," David said, "if you are trying out for track, I would definitely show Coach Davis this picture."

He extended his phone out towards Blaine and Wes.

"Oh, yes! I was sent the same one," Blaine said. "Thad's photography magic."

Wes groaned into his hand. For all that Dalton was a prestigious boarding school, it was still full of boys that couldn't always be as pristine as they were supposed to be.

"Forget about the running," he said and snatched David's phone away so they could stop looking through the pictures that had by this point travelled every corner of Dalton. Wes knew without a doubt he would be hearing about this for a long time to come.

Blaine rolled his eyes. "So, what was so important? If this is about Em again, I'm just going to walk away, right now."

Wes ignored Blaine and turned to David, "Have you checked the message boards?"

Both Blaine and David shook their heads, David looking more amused than before. "So, you ran all this way scaring most of the freshmen to ask us if we've checked the boards? You realize we're going to have to deal with this later when they don't want to stay in Stevenson later with the crazy senior."

"I didn't scare anyone and for your..."

Blaine waved his phone in front of Wes, cutting him off. "There is a thing called technology, now," he informed Wes. "I'd be happy to show you how it works. You punch in a number, and then a message, and then you press send and the other person gets it instantly."

While Blaine said this he kept a straight face. Wes scowled at him and David laughed.

"But, now, seriously, what did you have to tell us?"

Wes shrugged. "I don't think you really care."

Blaine threw an arm around Wes' shoulders again. "You ran all this way, made a fool of yourself and now you won't tell us?" He began to lead him down the hall and David joined them, linking his arm with Wes' on his other side.

Wes sighed. "Fine. Only because I ran all this way. No other reason."

Blaine and David shared a smile.

"There's a rumor going on in the glee message boards. Apparently a certain member from McKinley's New Directions is transferring."

Blaine paused mid step.

"You don't think Kurt..." David trailed off because Wes was nodding.

"No one knows why, just that he's leaving, and with just a week before sectionals. So, they're looking for a replacement, apparently. But, this means that we have even more of a chance at beating them."

Blaine made a sound that came out like a mixture of a gasp and a pained squeak and then he was pulling out his phone and tearing down the hall. Wes was disappointed to note that after he had already given everyone a show, no one was snapping pictures of Blaine.

Kurt Hummel was still in shock. Twenty-four hours, eight batches of cookies, five outfits, and three songs later, and Kurt was still in shock.

He was seated as still as possible in front of the T.V. in the family room with a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. When Carole had asked if he needed her to stay home with him, Kurt had told her he was alright to stay home alone, but now he was regretting it, because being alone meant that every creak he heard made him jump.

For a while Kurt had made an attempt at being productive by packing up his things, but that hadn't held him for long when he considered that at Dalton he'd be wearing a uniform.

His iphone rang, an hour into his staring at the T.V. and Kurt had to force himself to reach for it and answer the call.

"Hey, Kiddo, how are you doing?" His dad asked.

"Hi, dad. I'm alright. A little shaken, still, but it's normal." Kurt tried to sound as normal as possible.

Kurt heard his dad shift the phone, before he answered, "Well, I thought I'd call and check in on you. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that Sue woman called. She's set it all up, you're going to Dalton, kid."

A relieved grin spread across Kurt's face. "They accepted me?"

"Yeah. There's still a few things that need to be sorted concerning you boarding there, but you can commute for the rest of the week..."

Kurt let out a relieved sigh. More than Karofsky his biggest fear since telling Sue Sylvester that he wanted to transfer to Dalton, had been that he wouldn't get accepted. But now, he was, and he could officially tell Blaine.

"...so, she'll be home in a few hours. Also, that Sylvester woman mentioned you might be eligible to some scholarship. So, we can look into that. Anyway, I have a few more cars to take care of, but I'll be home soon. I love you, kid."

Kurt smiled fondly. "Love you too, dad. See you later." He dropped the phone to his lap and stared at it. How did he go about telling Blaine that he was running away and transferring.

Just as Kurt had made up his mind to text The Warbler and ask him to go get a cup of coffee with him or something so he could tell him in person, a knock on the door interrupted him, and Kurt froze on the couch.

It was this fear that Karofsky could at any time just come knocking on his door and hurt him that kept him from getting up to even check who was outside. His phone rang a second time. Kurt grinned when he saw it was Blaine.

"Hey, Kurt, are you home? Because I'm outside your house. I went to your school and I didn't see your car so I just thought you might have stayed home. Anyway, if you're home could you let me in?"

Kurt didn't answer Blaine, instead he got up and walked to the front door, and there he was, his phone pressed to one ear, hand raised to knock again, and a worried look on his face.

"Kurt," he said and dropped his hand. "I...are you alright?"

"I don't know," Kurt said truthfully and pulled the door fully open.

Blaine dropped his phone inside his pocket and stepped inside. "What happened?" he asked without a pause.

Kurt shrugged. He closed the door slowly and didn't turn to face the older boy for a long moment. When he'd been thinking of texting Blaine, he had anticipated at the very least an hour to figure out what he was going to tell him.

"Kurt? What happened?"

Blaine placed on of his hands on Kurt's shoulder and the younger boy felt his cheeks flame up.

"I'm transferring to Dalton," Kurt told him.

"I know."

Kurt blinked at him, "how..."

"Message boards. I wasn't sure it was you, but I didn't know if anyone else from New Directions would have any sudden reason to leave. Wes was pretty sure. I...are you alright? What did he do to you?"

Kurt shook his head at him. "It's...he didn't do anything. I left before he could. I just keep wondering if I should just stay. But, I'm so scared, Blaine." He hadn't said it out loud before.

Blaine had kept his hand on Kurt's shoulder this entire time, but now he took a step closer and pulled Kurt into a hug. Kurt's arms lay limply at his sides for a moment, but then he lifted them and wrapped his arms around Blaine too. Neither said anything for a while, and Kurt let himself enjoy being pressed up against the boy he had spent most of his time thinking about. His scent had overwhelmed him at first, it was that good, but now he just took it in and felt himself calm down.

"I heard once," Blaine said as he let go of Kurt, "that hugs are actually great for calming someone down, not just because of the emotion or anything like that, but just the pressure."

Kurt couldn't help but grin, "have you been watching Grey's Anatomy?"

Blaine blushed and Kurt decided there and then that he would make more of an effort to make Blaine do so more often.

"It's alright. I watch it sometimes too. Carole. My step-mother watches it, and I've been watching it with her. She's obsessed. So, who do you think is hotter, McDreamy or McSteamy?"

Blaine choose not to answer. "As great as it is to see you smile and look a little more like yourself, I want to know what happened Kurt."

"It's nothing big," Kurt told him, and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the living room. "Cookie? I made them this morning."

Blaine frowned at him. "Stop trying to change the subject. But, sure."

Kurt sat down and motioned for Blaine to do the same. "I got him expelled," he told him. "I was teaching my dad to dance for the wedding, and Karofsky was mocking me. My dad saw and I told him. Not everything. Just about the bullying and he went out there and confronted him and, anyway, we wound up at the principal's office."

"So far this is sounding good," Blaine said, although he knew that there would be a turn to the story soon. A reason that Kurt was transferring.

Kurt smiled faintly. "Figgins the old principal, well, he should be back by now, anyway, he was replaced by Coach Sylvester and once she heard what happened, she didn't bat an eye before his dad was there with us, and then she was expelling him. It all happened so fast. Death threats are taken seriously, at any rate. I don't think this would have happened with Figgins, but at any rate, he was expelled."

Blaine had been taking a bite of a cookie, and he spluttered. "What?" he asked and began to cough.

Kurt grabbed the glass of milk he hadn't drunk earlier and handed it to him. Blaine gulped about half of it down and then he coughed again.

"Death threats? He threatened you, Kurt?"

Kurt looked pointedly away from him a nodded.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Blaine whispered.

He shrugged. "I don't know. I didn't want to think much of it. If I just ignored it, if I didn't make a big deal out it I thought maybe it would go away or something. But, I obviously didn't really believe that. I mean, I told them. My dad, Finn, Coach Sylvester. I told them. And they did something. He was expelled."

"But something else happened," Blaine said and Kurt nodded.

"Karofsky and his dad went to the School Board and they convinced them that no one had proof that anything had even happened. They needed more than just my word, especially on the threats. So, he went back to school today. My dad and Carole saw how it affected me, I guess, and so, I'm transferring to Dalton."

Blaine wrapped an arm around Kurt's shoulders, bringing him closer to him. "It's for the best. If Karofsky is giving you death threats, Kurt, this has changed into something more. It's not just bullying anymore. He's confused and volatile, and you can't predict his next move."

"But you said, courage..."

"It can only get you so far," Blaine cut him off. "Now, this is the best course of action."

Kurt nodded. "I know that. I do. I just...I'm going to miss everyone so much." He let his head drop to Blaine's shoulder where he could better inhale the other boy's scent. It was a mixture of sandalwood and something that Kurt couldn't describe but had to be just pure Blaine.

"...just took off," David said with a gesture of his arms.

"That was wonderfully portrayed, David, Wes," Ms. Blythe, The Warbler's coach, said, "however, I believe you have now wasted more of our time." She gave Wes a pointed look. "To be fair, there isn't much that we can do in preparation without Blaine. In the time remaining, please just practice your harmonies for 'Hey Soul Sister' and we'll hopefully have Blaine with us tomorrow."

"I really should stop listening to you," David told Wes as they headed to their spots.

Wes smiled brightly. "Oh, you know you love causing trouble just as much as I do and without Blaine or Rhys there isn't really much we can do. Figures they both skip on the same day. Where is Rhys anyway?"

Wes had asked the question loud enough for the rest of the Warblers to hear and answer, but no one did. A few shrugged.

"See, I still stand our dramatic representation of what took our Blainey-boy away was both useful and important. If Rhys had any sort of good friends, they might have done the same and we would all know that he hadn't just suffered some terrible fate at the hands of a squirrel or something."

David rolled his eyes. "Come on, we really should get some practice in."

Thad Roberts patted David on the back. "Good luck dealing with him without Blaine."

"Thanks. I really have no idea how Blaine controls him. It's worse than having a puppy."

"Settle down, settle down, boys," Ms. Blythe said. "I just want you to run through a few exercises and then you can go."

In just half an hour they were allowed to leave, making a record for shortest Warbler practice ever, despite Wes and David's drawn out dramatics over what had taken their lead singer away.

"Do you think he'll answer if I text him?" Wes asked.

David shook his head "No. He's with the endearing spy. What do you want anyway?"

"To ask how everything's going. I'm kind of worried about Kurt. Blaine doesn't say much about Kurt and the bullying, but if he's transferring it must have something to do with that. What if he's really hurt or something?" Wes came to stop. "Should...do you think it'd be creepy if we just, I don't know, showed up at Lima to check on him?"

"Wes, David! Wait up."

Wes turned and grinned. "Jimmy!"

James Van Buren was not a Warbler, but he was in the same house as Wes, David, and Blaine. He was a slight pale boy that always seemed to have a cold. He rubbed at his red nose now.

"Where's Blaine? I was looking for him, but he didn't come out of the meeting. Ms. Goolsby wanted to see him."

"Really?" David asked. "Any particular reason."

The smaller boy shrugged. "I tried to ask, but she just to find Blaine. So where is he?

"Lima. Probably serenading a certain spy that caught his attention," Wes offered with a grin. "We think he's transferring here."

Jimmy's eyes lit up. "Really? Do you think he'll be in our house if he boards? Wouldn't that just be awesome. I can't wait to meet him."

"Yes it would," David said. He caught Wes' eye.

Kurt jumped when his phone went off for a third time. Blaine who was closer, grabbed it and handed it to him. Kurt stared at the caller. Rachel Berry.

"It's customary, I hear, for one to answer the phone when someone calls."

Kurt rolled his eyes before he answered.


"Oh, good. You answered. Finn didn't think you would. I just wanted to say I'm really sorry for what I said yesterday. I was just shocked. It was the first thing that came to my mind. Everyone else is sorry too. So, we were thinking since you're probably starting school tomorrow that we could have some sort of goodbye dinner or something tonight. We just...we want to see you before you go."

Kurt sat in shock. He and Rachel had been on the road to friendship since their duet, but he'd never expected her of all people to make an attempt at being supportive. Kurt had already decided Mercedes would be the only one to understand, yet it had been Rachel that called.

"I...thank you." He didn't know what else to say.

Rachel laughed. "We really do care about you, Kurt. Out of everyone I think I understand best what you're going through as I do have two gay dads. And I know it must be hard for you, so I just want you to know that I understand why you need to go and I'll support your decision. So, dinner? It'll be at Breadstix."

"Dinner. I'll talk to you, then. Just text me when. And, thank you. I really appreciate it. You guys could only do so much." He smiled remembering the offer Sam and the other guys had made him.

"See you later, Kurt. We're really going to miss you."

He hung up then and was surprised when he felt moisture on his cheeks.

"Are you alright?" Blaine asked.

Kurt nodded. He wiped his tears away. "I'm just really going to miss them. Glee was the only thing that got me through it. They're not just friends, they're part of my family. I think, some of them might still be mad, but not all, and they want me to go out to dinner with them. Well, Rachel does, I don't know how many of them will show up."

"If they're really your friends, they'll support you."

Kurt nodded. "I know. I just...I wish I didn't have to leave. I know I said they didn't seem to care, but they all prepared this song for me at the Wedding and the guys all went after Karofsky. Sam still has a black eye. They offered to follow me around and form a perimeter around me once they heard. They're my family, and I'm just walking away."

He hadn't mentioned any of this to anyone. How broken up he was about leaving New Directions. The looks on their faces as he announced it were popping in and out of his thoughts. Kurt couldn't even think about what Carole and his dad were giving up. It wasn't that they weren't well off. His dad owned his own very successful business, but even with that they had just finished paying off the hospital bills, and the wedding though small had not come cheap. They had saved up for their honeymoon so that it wouldn't be a big deal once they spent so much on it, but now that money and Kurt thought even more apart from that, was going to Dalton.

"What are you thinking about?" Blaine asked. He reached for another cookie. "By the way, these are awesome."

"My mom's recipe," Kurt replied. "Just everything that's happened. It's all been so fast. I just left McKinley yesterday, and tomorrow I'll be at Dalton. It just seems surreal." He sighed just as the front door opened.

"Kurt honey? Are you hungry? I brought you some lunch," called Carole. She was carrying a few bags that obstructed her vision, so she walked right past Kurt and Blaine without looking at either of them, into the kitchen. "I got off work early. Did your dad call? I told him to call. Kurt, why is all the tupperware out?" She returned into the family room, "how many cookies did you bake?" She stopped short when she saw Blaine who was trying to stop himself from breaking out into laughter.

Kurt shrugged. "I thought five batches, but it could be more. I...I bake sometimes when I'm stressed. And it's only cookies, it's the cupcakes you have to worry about, and I didn't make any of those."

"A la Izzie Stevens," Blaine supplied.

Carole beamed at him. "Oh, you watch it too! We'll have lots to talk about, then, but first, what are we doing with all these cookies?"

"Have you met your son?" Kurt asked her with a pointed look. "Oh, this is Blaine, by the way. From Dalton. Blaine, this is my new step-mom."

"It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Hummel?" Blaine said and extended his hand. Carole shook it and smiled brightly at him.

"Call me Carole. Come on, boys, lunch."

When Blaine wasn't looking, Carole winked at Kurt who blushed.

Kurt got a phone call a few hours after eating lunch with Blaine, just as the Warbler was leaving.

"Call me or text me if you need anything," he was telling Kurt. "Text me tomorrow when you get to school. Don't worry. It won't be that bad. You'll have me, Wes, and David. They're nice guys, I promise."

It was then, before Kurt could answer him back that his phone rang.

"Go ahead. See you tomorrow," Blaine said, pulled him into a quick hug and then headed to the door.

Kurt looked at the spot he had been standing for a long moment, before he answered his phone. It was Quinn.

"Quinn?" Kurt asked. She hadn't called him in months.

"Kurt!" She said excitedly. "I'm so glad you answered. I didn't know if you would. I just wanted you to know directly from me that I'm really sorry I didn't notice anything going on more than the usual. We're supposed to look after each other and it took Rachel of all people to bring it up to me. Anyway, I just, I want you to know that I get it, and I'm going to miss you, but if you'll feel safer at Dalton, then you should go."

Kurt smiled at hearing her. This was different from Rachel. He had hated Rachel for so long, but Quinn he had been friends with. During the pregnancy drama and afterwards. They hadn't talked in a long time, but she had come to him when Sam had given her the promise ring.

"It means a lot, Quinn. Thanks. But, why are you telling me now, aren't you coming to dinner tonight? I thought everyone was coming."

Quinn sighed. "It's why I called. Kurt, I can't come. Mercedes is taking it really hard, and I have to be there for her. You understand, right? But I wanted to give you my support just so that you know I'm not mad at you."

So, Mercedes was still upset about it. Kurt didn't know why. He and Mercedes had been spending less and less time lately. Part of it had been his fault once he started hanging out with Blaine, but she wasn't blameless. Mercedes was supposed to be his best friend, and she hadn't noticed that anything was wrong. Rachel had.

"Oh," he said to Quinn. "I get it. Well, It's not like I won't be home for weekends. We can hang out then sometime. I...thanks. For the call. For being so good about this. I know Mercedes and Finn aren't taking it all that well. I saw their faces yesterday."

Kurt got up from the couch and took the empty plate of cookies to the kitchen.

"Anyway, I wish I could be there tonight. Good luck at Dalton. You have to tell me all about the boys there. We'll make a night of it soon."

"Definitely," Kurt agreed.

"Well, I have to go. I just wanted you to know how I feel. See you soon. Have fun tonight."

It was another half hour before Rachel called Kurt to tell him she, Mike, and Tina were outside waiting for him, and as Kurt grabbed his Burberry scarf, he wondered if it would just be the four of them. As Kurt found out later, Sam, Brittany, Artie, and Puck were meeting them there.

"...And Mr. Shue's going to be late," Rachel finished. "I'm sorry about Finn and Mercedes. They'll come around."

Kurt nodded and decided that he wouldn't focus on the issues that were his stepbrother and Mercedes. Instead he would enjoy his time with his friends. There was no doubt he would be seeing them again, but it wasn't going to be the same. Kurt was leaving McKinley. He had come to terms with that. So, although he would keep in contact with them, he was going to join The Warblers, and he was going to go to a different school. He would miss the drama and the craziness that went on at McKingley, but he was ready as he would ever be to become a Dalton boy and a Warbler.

So, there it is. The first chapter. I wasn't sure where to finish it. At first I considered going into the dinner...but there's enough emotional speeches in this one chapter and I knew there'd be more if I went on to the dinner. I'm not sure if I'm even going to write it for that reason alone. I really just want to get Kurt to Dalton already and see where the story goes from there. But this place seemed like the right one.

I'll try to get the next chapter as soon as possible. I usually don't write like this (just putting a chapter up as I write). I tend to write quite a bit before posting, but I just really wanted to get this one out here. Hope you enjoyed it.