Author's Note: This is not an update, obviously, as the fic has been long finished, or an announcement for a sequel, but it is an announcement about a fic.

Back when I was finishing this fic I did promise a few of you (and I hope you're still around to see this now) a Wavid one-shot or fic set after the end of this fic and last night I don't know why, but I was inspired to write one.

If you haven't seen it already it is called: The First Date.

I am actually currently on a hiatus from fic but I couldn't help but write that one-shot and after my hiatus (or before if I get inspired again) I am considering the possibility of a collection of one-shots Wavid and Klaine alike.

So, check out the fic. Hope you like it. I missed writing these characters like this. If you haven't already also check out my newer fics, and stop by the newly acquired tumblr where I do update about my writing (although I am currently hiding from tumblr until after Tuesday's episode (the spoilers!), who's excited?


Thank you for reading in particular to everyone that's picked it up more recently and hope you like the Wavid.