Which Davis Is The Real One?

I don't own Digimon or anything in common with it. Only the digimon named
Chameleonmon is my own idea.

Author Note: This occurs after the Digimon Emperor is defeated but before Ken joins up with them. Also it somewhat doesn't follow the original story line.

"Come on. Lets get a move on to the digital world," spoke Davis when he and
Kari were in the computer room after school. "We will Davis but we have to wait for and the rest so just relax." "All right Kari I will relax but they should hurry up
already. I am getting bored." After a will Davis had started to be a little bit more nice to T.K. and even back off in trying to make Kari like him. However, he still had a strong feeling for Kari but respected her space.

As he was thinking T.K., Yolei and Cody came in. "Sorry were late. Our teachers keep us in a little pit longer after class." mentioned T.K. who was holding Patamon in front of him. "Why? Is it because you got in trouble?" smirked Davis who was now sitting in one of the computer chairs. "Were not like you Davis. We don't get in trouble all the time like you." replied a somewhat angry Yolei.

"What is that suppose to mean?" questioned Davis. "It means what it suppose to mean." answered Yolei. "You get yourself in trouble all the time because you act before thinking."

Davis was about to open his mouth and say some kind of comeback but quickly
realized that Yolei was right. He didn't always think before acting. Because of that he got himself in trouble many times and even got his friends in trouble a few times in the digital world. So instead he kept quite and looked down with somewhat sadness in his eyes for a few seconds before putting back on his usually face and said "What are we standing around here for? Shouldn't we be helping clean up the digital world?" The other DigiDestined agreed and quickly went to the computer.

As everyone pulled out their D3s Davis thought no of the others saw the
momentary sadness in his eyes but he didn't know that Kari did see it. It might have been for only a moment but she could tell that what Yolei said got to Davis in a way but she was not going to say anything about seeing that Davis didn't want to anybody to know about it.

When they arrived in the digital world everyone was ready to start in the clean up
from what the Ken had left. Everyone expect one. Davis stood back with his head
slightly lowered still thinking about what Yolei said. He was also wondering if he even deserve to be a DigiDestined. He thought that they would be better off without him screwing things up. But he couldn't let the others see him like this, not when he still had to consider whether to remain a DigiDestined or to quit and get out of their way.

Not too far away from him Kari saw that he was in deep thought. To her it
seemed that Davis was in a war with himself wondering about something. She was started to get a little worried about Davis. Ever since Davis had decided to back off from her and gave her own space she had to admit that Davis was kind of charming in his own way. Also in a way he was kind of cute when he didn't force himself to her but she would say this to him. She just hope that Davis makes the right decision in whatever he was deciding on doing.


In another part of the digital world a figure in the shadows was watching the
DigiDestined in what like a crystal ball. As the figure was watching them he saw Davis and could tell that he was in a battle with himself. With that realization the figure gave evil laugh and turned towards his men and said "men prepare yourself to fight the DigiDestined. Whatever you do don't hurt them to badly and at all cost bring me him" as he pointed to Davis.


While this was going on five of the DigiDestined and their digimon split up to help
clean sections of the digital world. As they split up Kari followed Davis because the
section she was to help clean up was on the some way as Davis' section. She also
followed because she wanted to know what was wrong with Davis.

As the two walked down a path with both their digimon ahead of them neither one talked to the other. Davis didn't talk because he was still trying to make a decision on whether to stay as one of the DigiDestined or not while Kari didn't know what to stay to Davis that wouldn't offend in anyway. Finally after she couldn't stand the silence no longer Kari decided to ask Davis something.

"Davis." "Yeah Kari, what is it?" replied Davis who didn't even turn his head
towards her. "I was just wondering is their something wrong, and if their is do you want to talk about it?" "No their is no problem Kari. Don't worry about me. Besides aren't we suppose to help clean up?" With that he started to head off towards his clean up section leaving Kari behind wondering what was bothering Davis and was their anything she could do to help him.

Unknown to either of them at in the shadows were a few pairs of eyes looking at
them, but mostly at Davis and a faint evil laugh could be heard.

Nothing really happen for the next couple of hours for Davis. He and Veemon
were helping the Gazimon repair their village as well as get rid of the ruble that was
around thanks to X-Veemon. As they mostly done cleaning up went to check around the area of the village while Veemon relax after working so hard. After a while he came to a edge of a weird forest. Davis was wondering was in the forest but decided that he should properly head back but for some strange reason he felt like he was being pulled into the forest and he couldn't help himself as he started to enter the forest.

When Davis got into the forest he like their was someone or something watching
him and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't shake it off. Too bad that his feeling was right along.


In her clean up section Kari and Gatomon were helping the Otamamon clear up
their pond and helped the Yokomon village by fixing up their crops. As she was doing this she still couldn't get Davis out of her mind. The reason though was that she was still wonder what bothering Davis for most of the day. *Was it because what Yolei had said to him earlier? Or is their something else bothering him?* Another reason why she couldn't get him out of her head was because she was kind of thinking about how cute he looked which caused her to blush slightly. As she was trying to get rid of the blush Gatomon came up and was wondering what she was doing.

"Kari." "Yes Gatomon, what is it?" asked Kari who was able to stop her blushing
to look at her digimon who was now by her side. "Why are your cheeks red Kari?" "Its nothing Gatomon. Nothing at all." replied Kari was again trying to hide her light blushing from her. "You can't lie to me Kari. You are thinking about him are you Kari?" asked Gatomon with a little smirk and one eyebrow up slightly. "Okay, okay so if I was. Is their something wrong with that?" "Not at all. Its just that its the fifth time in the past three days that you spaced out while thinking about him. Is this becoming a hapid for you?"

This time Kari didn't even try to hide the sade of pink that was on her face now
"I'm just worried about him, he hasn't been himself since we came to the digital world
today." "What do you mean Kari?" "I mean that he hasn't been his usually cheerful self today. It looks like their is something on his mind and he doesn't want no one to know about it, not even Veemon." "So what do you think he is thinking about?" "I don't know Gatomon, I just hope he knows what he is going to do about it." Gatomon was standing with Kari for a bit longer before going back to work. As she was leaving she thought to herself *She really does care about him. Its too bad that she won't tell him about this.*


Davis continued his trip in the forest and it now seemed that he was middle of the forest and couldn't see anyway to get out, not even the way he came as it seemed that the path he came through was now gone. With no other choice he decided that he use his D-terminal to tell the others where he was at but was interrupted by laughter. "Who's there? So yourself." demanded Davis. "Every well DigiDestined I'll show myself." replied the owner of the laugh but Davis couldn't tell were it was coming from as it seemed that it was coming from all around him.

Suddenly, a dark figure came out in front of him. Both of them just stared at one
another until the figure stepped into the light that was shinning through. Davis looked at the strange digimon. It had slight dark green scaly body smaller than him, a long tail, sharp nails on both his hands and feet and his face he had huge mouth with dozens of sharp teeth and two black eyes, black as night and scales sticking out of its back all the way to the end of his tail. (AN: All right I suck at describing things. Besides you kind of tell what it looks like because of the name.)

"Who are you and what do you want?" asked Davis who was still standing in front
of the digimon without looking worried or concerned at the least.

The digimon just gave a smirk and a small laugh before answering. "I am
Chameleonmon. I am a changeling digimon. I am able to change myself to anything or anyone I want and you DigiDestined, I will use you to help me finish off the other
DigiDestined once and for all."

"I would never help you hurt my friends you over growed lizard. Besides, how are
am I going to help you?" questioned Davis who looked like he got the digimon their.
"Like this." With that the digimon crying out and as he was doing so a light covered him. Davis couldn't really see what was happening but he could see the outlined of the digimon and he could tell that the digimon was changing. He got bigger, his face got smaller and his tail looked like it had disappeared.


The other DigiDestined were now done with their clean up and now all together,
expect for Davis. "Where is he? We have to go, its getting late?" asked T.K. while
leaning by a near by tree. "He properly went somewhere and goof around and forgot to tell us. You know him, he hardly thinks of anyone but himself." replied Yolei with a bit of anger in her voice. "Come on Yolei relax. Davis knows that he is not suppose to go anywhere in the digital world without telling any of us." said Cody trying to defend Davis even though he thought that Yolei may be right. "Yeah right. Knowing him he's properly was having fun while we were working all day." Kari who was by T.K. was listening to what Yolei was saying and was starting to get angry with what she was saying.

T.K. could was also watching and could tell that Kari wasn't liking what Yolei was saying as her eyes slightly narrowed and her fists were clenching. For a while T.K. had realized Kari like Davis more than a friend. The way they talk to one another recently, her willingness to go hangout when he asked also at sometimes he can see a slight shade of blush when he was around. Even though she like Kari very much he knew that she like Davis more and wasn't going to get in the way of their happiness.

"Yolei stop it. You know how Davis is, he is properly-" before T.K. could finish
Yolei spoke again "That's what I mean, we know how he is. He is thoughtless,
self-serving and most of the time only cares about him self. Sometimes I wonder if was a mistake for him being a one of the DigiDestined."

After hearing that last statement Kari couldn't stand it anymore. "What's is wrong with you Yolei? So Davis can be absent minded but when it came down to it he has come through for us. He has save each one of us at least once and that includes even you." Everyone was shocked by Kari's outbrust, even Gatomon who thought that Kari was unable to be this angry with someone about anything.

Yolei realized that she might have gone too far about Davis "I'm sorry about that
Kari but you have to agree that Davis is not always thinking. But why else would he not be here right now unless he was goofing around?" "You don't now that. For all you know he could be in trouble."

As if on cue came Veemon running towards them. "Guys have you seen Davis
anywhere? I haven't seen him anywhere for over a hour." All the DigiDestined were
shocked by this. Sure Davis sometimes left without telling them but he never left this long before without telling them. Kari seemingly was a bit more worried about this then the other. "Where was the last time you saw him Veemon?" "He was checking around the Gazimon village and for what I know he seemingly was heading for the forest nearby forest." "So what are we waiting for? Lets go see if anything happen to Davis." With that said Kari, Gatomon and Veemon went to the forest that they thought Davis was in leaving the other behind.

"If I didn't know any better I think she is more worried about Davis than we are.
What do you think Cody?" "We all are worried about Davis. However, you are right, she is more worried than usually." "Forget it for now you guys. Lets hurry up and find Davis." replied T.K. as he went off to follow Kari with Yolei and Cody not far behind.


As the light dimmed Davis could now see that Chameleonmon was no longer look the same. Instead he look just like Davis did.

"So how do I look DigiDestined?" asked the impostor Davis. "All I got to say is
that a least look better than you did before." "Very funny but with me looking like you I will be able to get near the rest of the DigiDestined and get rid of them one by one."

"Their is only two problems with that plan." said a somewhat angry Davis. "And
what may I tell what are they?" "One my friends would be able to tell you are a fake and two is that I am going to stop you before that."

"That is were you are wrong. I have studied how you have act so I can prepare
for this and for the second" with that said Chameleonmon snapped his fingers and out came four Floramon who surrounded Davis. "What are they suppose to do to me you fake?" "You will see." with that said the Floramon shot out some sort of powder at Davis and when he breathed in he started to feel a little bit sleepy and no matter how much he tried he couldn't shake it off. After trying his best to stay awake he finally some come to the powder and fell to the ground asleep.

"Excellent now take him back to my layer and don't let anyone see you. Now as
for you." said Chameleonmon/Davis as reach into Davis's jacket and pulled out his D3 and his D-terminal and then turning to the path that Davis had taken that was blocked by trees which were revealed to be a bunch of Woodmon "I want you to chase me and make look like you are about to capture me so that the other DigiDestined think that I am in trouble and come to help me and think I am not really Davis. And just remember don't hurt them too badly" As Chameleonmon/Davis and the Woodmon heading off to meet with the other DigiDestined the Floramon when dragging Davis back to Chameleonmon's layer.

(A.N.: For now, when I refer to Chameleonmon when he looks like Davis I will just put 'Davis'. I hope you don't get confused by this at all.)


"Hurry up you guys. We have to get a move on, were almost there." said Kari as
she, Veemon and Gatomon who were only a few minutes away from the forest. "Come down Kari, we will be there shortly. Besides, Davis can take care of himself. So just relax." replied the feline digimon. *She must really care about Davis. I knew that she care about him but not this much.* "Your right Gatomon. I know that Davis can keep himself out of trouble if he wants to." *I just that he isn't hurt or even worse. No I have to think positive. Besides, I haven't told him how I feel about him let.*

As they were able to see the forest they could see something coming out. "Hey.
What is that coming out?" When they got closer they could tell what it was. "Oh my, its Davis and behind him are a bunch of Woodmon chasing him."

"Kari, Veemon, Gatomon. Help me." cried 'Davis' as he was just exiting the
forest with the Woodmon not to far behind.

"Don't worry Davis were coming. Gatomon is time to armor digivole." replied
Kari as she held out her D3.

"Gatomon armor digivole to...Nefertimon: the angel of light." cried the flying
digimon as Kari and Veemon climbed on her back.

*Excellent, this is the perfect opportunity to deceive the bearer of light as well as
the two digimon.* With a quick look to the Woodmon that told them to make this real as possible. The Woodmon simple nodded to each other understanding what to do as they quicken their charge to 'Davis' who seeminally trip over something their by falling.

"Now we got you." yelled one of the Woodman but before they grabbed 'Davis'
two beams of light shot right in front of the Woodmon which caused them to stop in their tacks. Both Woodmon and 'Davis' looked up to see where the blast came and realized that it was Nefertymon's cat's eye beam.

"Back away from Davis and no one will get hurt." cried Kari as she climb off
Nefertymon who landed just a few feet from Davis but was prepared for a fight. "What
are you going after Davis for? He hasn't done anything to you."

The Woodmon looked at one another and gave a small chuckle as one of them
stepped forward "That's simple. We want to destory him, as well as the rest of you
DigiDestined. And their isn't anything you can do about it." Kari stood there, somewhat angry for these digimon attacking 'Davis' and wanting him, her and the others to be destroyed.

Without warning one of the Woodmon jump at Kari and was prepared to finish her off. Still upset by what the Woodmon wanted to do and shocked about the Woodmon coming at her Kari couldn't get out of the way. Just as the Woodmon was about to hit her she closed her eyes, ready for it to end, but nothing happen. She finally opened her eyes to see the Woodmon seemingly frozen in place. Then a second later it came apart and became millions of digital bits. Kari was curious about how it happen but turn towards her side to she it was Nefertymon who have saved her.

Shocked by what happen to their fellow digimon the Woodmon prepared to attack them but stopped when a few blast shot in front of them. It was revealed that it came from Angemon and Aquilamon that were flying towards them while Anklyomon with the rest of the DigiDestined riding on his back was right behind him.

Seeing that they were outmatch the Woodmon retreated back into the forest, but
no before the leader cried out "This isn't over let DigiDestined." No of the DigiDestined bothered to chase after them. Checking to see if Davis was okay was more important

"Are you okay Davis." ask a somewhat worried Kari as she was now kneeling at
the side of 'Davis'. "I'm okay Kari. You know me, I always seem to be able to get out of stuff basically unhurt." he answered while scratching the back of his head innocently. The others were now standing by 'Davis' seeing if he was All right.

Before 'Davis' could say anything else Yolei stepped in front of him with an angry
look on her face. "All right Davis, tells how you got yourself in trouble. Again." 'Davis' was a little upset about Yolei's attitude but decided that he better keep it cool and ignore it for now.

"Well before I was so rudely interrupted I was about to explain what happen to
me." 'Davis' stopped to see if everyone was listening, after seeing that they were he
continued. "After me and Veemon finished our work at the village I decided I should to check around to see if their was anymore damage nearby to clean up as I let Veemon get some rest. When I came to this forest. I was wondering if I should go in or not but I choice to not go in. As I was started to head back I heard something. It sounded like someone was hurt and it sounded like it was coming inside the forest. So I went in to see it was but as went in the sound seemingly kept going farther into the woods. Finally after a while I came to a opening in the forest and also the voice simply disappeared. When I was wondering what was going on I heard a sound coming from nearby. I quickly turned around to see nothing. However, when I turned back around I notice in the corner of my eye I saw a tree move. I didn't believe it at first but decided to check it out by going to the spot I saw. When I get nearer I felt like I was being watch but ignored it but for something reason I couldn't. As I looked back at the spot I realize that one of the trees seemingly was alive and was walking towards me. I took a few steps back but realize that most of the other trees were alive to so after realizing I didn't have a chance against them I ran quickly back the path I came in with the Woodmon right behind me. And thats when you came along." The other were a little surprise by how calm 'Davis' explain what
happen. It was like it was no big deal.

"Sorry guys. I know I should of called you guys when I was in trouble. But with
all action with the Woodmon I didn't have to think. I hope you can understand." All the DigiDestined were willingly to forgive him but Yolei had to put her two cents in. "You didn't think? Well, that certainly new." she said sarcasm in her voice. "Yolei, stop it." yelled Kari as she put a hand on 'Davis'' shoulder. "Don't worry we forgive you. Besides, we know you didn't mean to get yourself in trouble." She got up and stuck her hand out to him to help him up. "So lets forget it. All right?" 'Davis' looked at her for a second but grabbed her hand "Right."

"So if you two are done chitchatting, we should head back home now." replied
T.K.. The other nodded in agreement. *Good. They don't suspect anything. This my be easier than I thought. They won't suspect anything until its too late.* thought 'Davis' as he and the other were sucked through the TV and back into the real world.