Victory and a
Romance Blooms

Same old. I don't own Digimon.

"What makes you think their is anything wrong Davis?" asked T.K.. "Well I heard
Yolei say 'that's enough proof for me that their is indeed something wrong' and it looked like you were all agreeing with her. So I'll ask again. What is wrong?"

Kari stood up and walk over to 'Davis'. "Davis what happen to you in that forest
two days in the digital world?"

*I think they are catching on to me. But I better play along.* "What do you mean Kari. I told you guys what happen to me. Don't you guys trust me enough to believe me at all?"

"We do Davis but, ever since that occurred you have be acting well...different."
exclaimed Cody who was now standing up and walking over to 'Davis'. T.K. slowly
stood up and joined them with Yolei right behind him as he walked towards 'Davis'. "We don't mean anything about it we are just worried about because we are your friends."

"So what you are saying is that I can't acted differently? That I can't change
myself if I want? Is that what you are saying?"

DemiVeemon walked over to his 'partner' and tugged on the end of his shorts,
"Davis are you being a little rough on them. They are your friends. They are just worried about you."

'Davis' looked down at the digimon with a cold stare. "Stay out of this. This has
nothing to do with you. Besides, how side are you suppose to be on anyway?" "I am your side always, but you have been acting different lately."

*My trick isn't going the way I wanted. I better finish them off now. I'll start
with the bearer of light.* 'Davis' slowly stepped away from Demeveemon and walked
towards Kari and placed a hand on her shoulder. "You trust me. Don't you Kari?"

"GET YOUR HAND OFF HER THIS INSTANT." yelled a voice from the
shadows. All the DigiDestined, including 'Davis' looked to see were it had come from. And to everyone's shock it was Davis.

(From this point I will refer 'Davis' as Chameleonmon/Davis so that no one gets confusion by wondering which Davis is which.)

T.K. couldn't believe his eyes. He was seeing two Davis at once. "Davis? But if
your there, then whose that?" as he pointed towards Chameleonmon/Davis who was still had a hand on Kari.

*Blast, how did he escape. I thought he wouldn't be able to escape. Besides, I
thought you needed a D3 to open a portal and I have his. How did he get here. But this might be useful after all. I'll make his friends believe that he is the fake one and after they destory him they will once again turst me again. Then I could continue with me plan.*

Before T.K. could get his answer from Davis, Chameleonmon/Davis answered,
"T.K. he a fake. He is trying to trick you in believing that he is the real one and I am the fake so he can get rid of you." "Its a lie. I'm the real one. He really is Chameleonmon, a shape shifting digimon and he took my place back in the forest. You guys have to believe me." pleaded Davis.

Yolei looked at both of them wondering if she could tell which one was the fake
one. "T.K., Cody who do you think is telling the truth?" "I don't know, both of them
looked the same to me. I can't tell which one is which. What about you Cody?" "Don't look at me I am just as confused as you two are."

*Their not falling for it. But maybe the bearer of light will be fooled.* "I'm telling
you guys I am the real Davis, he's the impostor." he looked at Kari, "Kari you trust me, do you?"

Kari looked at him then looked over Davis who had his hands together pegging her to believe him then looked back. "I...I..."

Chameleonmon/Davis noticed the hesitation, "Don't you believe me?" he asked as he tighten his grip on her shoulder. Kari winced in pain that was being put on her
shoulder. "Davis, your hurting me. Please let go." But all she got was a cold stare from stare. "Not until you say that you trust me."

Davis was seeing what was going on and couldn't take it any longer. "Let go of
her right now or your will be sorry." Chameleonmon/Davis just turn his head towards
him, "Or else what? Their is nothing you can do." Without wasting another second Davis tackled Chameleonmon/Davis down which caused Chameleonmon/Davis to let go of Kari.

The others quickly ran over to Kari. "Are you all right Kari?" questioned T.K. as
he was helping Kari up. She just simple nodded her head in response, "Yeah, I am okay T.K.. But what about Davis?" "He's fighting the fake one right now. Apparently the real Davis was the one who saved you from the phony." All DigiDestined looked at the fight between the two Davis but couldn't tell which one is the real one.

As the fight between the two went it seemed that the real Davis was gaining the
advantage which didn't seem to sit well with Chameleonmon/Davis. *This boy is more tougher than I thought. I have to end this quickly. But how?* As he was dodging the punches that Davis was throwing Chameleonmon/Davis felt something on his side, he looked down and saw that it was Davis' D3.

Davis was charging towards Chameleonmon/Davis to hit the final blow when he
saw that Chameleonmon/Davis was just standing there with a smirk on his face. "What are you smirking about?" Chameleonmon/Davis let out a small chuckle and responed just loud enough so only Davis could hear him. "Oh just that you were able to stand toe to toe with me. But how would do against your own digimon?" Davis had a look of worry on his face with the thought about that he might have to face his friend Veemon. He got even more worried as he saw Chameleonmon/Davis reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out Davis' D-terminal then reached for his belt and pulled out out his D3.

"This should prove very interesting. I wonder what would happen if a
DigiDestined's digimon would attack his fellow DigiDestined partner." "I'll tell you what would happen. Veemon would never hurt me. And their is no way you can make him do it." "We shall see boy. We shall see."

Chameleonmon/Davis then pointed the D3 at Veemon, "Digi Armor Ener-"
Before he could finish someone tackled him down which caused him to drop both the
D-terminal and the D3. Davis was wondering who would do that for him. He looked
who had done it and was shocked that it was Kari. "Kari? What are you doing?" Kari didn't answer Davis' questions she quickly grabbed his D-terminal and D3. "Here, catch Davis." she tossed them to Davis which he catch both of them in each hand. "But how did you know?" Before Kari could answer Chameleonmon/Davis stood up and started charging towards Davis. "Give me those right now." Without anytime to prepare Davis put his hands up to protect himself. But before Chameleonmon/Davis could grab him Davis' D3 went off.

Everyone was wondering what was going on as they saw Davis' D3 give off some
kind of light onto the other Davis. When the light faded away their was only one Davis and were the other Davis was was now just some kind of digimon. The strange digimon opened his eyes to see that he looked like his real self. "How can this be. My plan was fool proof." He turn to Kari who was only a few feet away from him. "It was you. This was all your fault. I would of succeed if wasn't for you." he took a step towards her, "But I'll get you for this." he sudden ran at Kari ready to kill her with his claws.

T.K., Yolei and Cody were too far away to stop them in time, "Kari get out of
there before its too late." tried T.K. but she was too scared to move. Yolei and Cody had their hands full trying to keep Gatomon back.

Kari just stood there knowing that she couldn't get away. *I just wish that I could
of told Davis how I felt about him.* She closed her eyes and prepared for the claws to come at her but before they could someone put themselves in front of her and took the attack. Due to the force both Kari and her protector were sent flying back to the ground. When Kari open her eyes and saw that the person who sacrifice themselves for her was Davis.

Kari quickly knelt down besides Davis and saw that on his chest was three deep
claw marks from Chameleonmon's attack. "Davis? Are you okay. Speak to me." Davis opened one eye and looked up at Kari and let out a little moan, "Yeah Kari I am all right. Its just a scratch."

Chameleonmon was just watching them as they lay there and looked on with a
look of confusion on his face. *Why did he stood in front of her. I doesn't make sense. All he did was hurt himself and spare her for moment.* He then started walking towards them. Kari saw him coming and grabbed Davis put his head on top of her knees trying to protect him. "I could never leave anything halfway done. I better just put you out of your misery." He pulled his arm back and was prepare to finish both of them off when Davis' D3 activated.

As the D3 was going off DemiVeemon started to glow, "What is happening?"
T.K. and the others looked at the little blue digimon was engulfed by the light.

"DemiVeemon digivole to...Veemon." "He digivoled in the real world. But I
thought that couldn't happen." exclaimed Cody. However, Veemon was still engulf by the light. "Veemon digivole to...X-Veemon." The light finally faded away as did Davis' D3.

Chameleonmon looked at the champion digimon with complete shock. "How
could this have happen. Its impossible for him to digivole to champion in the real world. Their is no possible way this could be happening."

Davis fought to stay conscious at he saw X-Veemon standing there ready to fight. "Great X-Veemon is here. Now that walking leather bag won't stand a chance." he coughed out. Kari looked down at Davis with worried eyes, "Davis keep still. You need to save your strength." "Don't worry Kari. Like I said before, I am fine."

As X-Veemon and Chameleonmon stood face to face Chameleonmon could see in the corner of his eye what was going on between the two and discovered something. *So it is the bearer of light that causes the bearer of courage and friendship to fight so hard. If I get rid of her, he would lose the will to fight on.* He quickly turn towards them and fired a huge fireball towards them.

Davis saw the fireball coming and knew that it was heading straight at Kari. *I
have to do something or Kari is going to become a cooked hot dog.* (Sorry for the bad example.) With most of the strength he had left Davis shoved Kari to the ground and stood up and spread his arms out preparing to be hit by the fireball.

Kari couldn't do nothing but see what was about to happen. "Davis don't do it."
Davis looked over his shoulder towards and gave her his usually silly girn showing her that everything would be fine. The fireball was now a few feet away. *This is so going to hurt.* thought Davis as the fireball hit him in the squarely in the chest.

And indeed the fireball hurt. To Davis it felt like someone had hit him with a
sledgehammer but burned. Due to the force behind it that Davis was blasted over Kari and landed a feet behind her. Kari crawled over to him and let out a small cry. What she saw was that where the fireball hit was burn marks all over his chest, some blood was dripping out of his mouth, some part of his arms were burn as well and she could still see the three claw marks that he got earlier.

X-Vemmon looked at his friend and partner with a look of saddness. He had
never seen Davis like this and he certainly didn't like it. He then looked over to
Chameleonmon who had his arms folding on his chest and was laughing at what happen. X-Veemon bottled up his fist and looked at him with pure hatred. "You think this is funny? For what you did to him you are going to pay." He folded his arms to a x shape on his chest then started to be surrounded by a blue light. Chameleonmon couldn't believe what he was seeing. "No don't. I am sorry." "Your sorry. Sorry doesn't cover what you have done to us. You shouldn't even exist." Suddenly a yellow light was showing through X-Veemon's arms. It looked as if he was going end this one way or another. "Vee Laser." He throw out his arms and beam shaped like a laser came out of his chest and headed straight for Chameleonmon.

The beam quickly engulfed Chameleonmon and the DigiDestined could hear the
cries of Chameleonmon as he was now disintegrating into data. With the sun now starting to set X-Veemon dedigivoled all the way back to DemiVeemon and quickly ran over to Davis and the others who were now surrounding him. When he got there he saw that Davis was still laying on the ground except for his head which was back on Kari's knees. He could also see tears forming in her eyes and others look on with panic and fright for their hurt friend.

Kari who was trying to hold back her tears was slightly shaking Davis, trying to
wake him up. "Davis? Open your eyes Davis." But Davis just layed there, not moving. "Come on Davis, this isn't funny. Wake up. Please Davis wake up." cried Kari as tears were coming down her checks as well as the others. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. Kari continue to let the tears flow and even bothering to stop them. As she continue to weep one of her tears landed on Davis' face. A second after it hit Davis started to stir a little and moaned as he opened one of his eyes. "Hey Kari why are you crying?" he voice was kind of hoarse.

Everyone looked down and saw that it was Davis who had spoke and was in fact
alive. DemiVeemon ran to his partner and grabbed his arm, "Davis your all right." Davis let out a little moan after DemiVeemon grabbed his arm, "Ah, not so ruff buddy. I am a little hurt here." Kari whipped the tears from eyes to see if it was true. "Davis your alive. But why did you sacrifice yourself to save me? Not just once, but twice?" Davis looked up at her and trying to stay awake as he was losing consciousness, "Because I wanted to Kari. It was my fault that Chameleonmon was able to get close to you guys, so I felt like I should have done something. Besides, I care too much about you Kari to let anyone hurt you." With that Davis closed his eye and went to unconsciousness.


Slowly Davis opened his eyes and saw that he was no longer in the park. He was in a bed in a white room. From what he could tell was that he was in a hospital room from all the equipment in the room and that he had his arm hooked up to a unit of IV. Also that his other arm was in a cast, properly because it was broken and chest were wrapped up in bandages. As he was trying to get up he finally noticed that someone was by the side of his bed. He looked more closely and noticed that it was Kari. She was sitting on chair that was near his bed and had fallen asleep on his bedside and apparently was wearing the same clothes that she was wearing when he lost conciseness. *Was she here with me all night?*

He put his hand on her shoulder and shook her so she wake up. "Hmm, please
mom, five more minutes. I want to sleep some more." Davis couldn't help but chuckle at what she said but tried again to wake her up. She opened one of her eyes to see who it was and when she saw it was Davis she quickly woke up and got off the side of the bed looking somewhat embarrassed.

Davis could barely keep himself from laughing at what he was seeing so not to
embarrass Kari anymore than she already felt. "Good morning. Had a good night sleep?" he asked with a silly girn. "Yes I did. But I should be asking you that. Your the one in the hospital bed." "Actually I never sleep so peacefully in my entire life." "It might have been because you lost consciousness." "Oh. That is properly it." Their was a few seconds of uneasy silence between them until Davis decided to break the silence.

"So, how long was I out for and how did I get here?" "You were out for about
fifteen hours. Me, T.K., Yolei and Cody brought you here to help you get better. We
told the doctors that you got injured while we were camping. I think they didn't believe us but they didn't asked anything about it. They just took you and fixed you up." "Does my parents know that this? As well as Tai and the rest of the DigiDestined?" Kari nodded, "We told your parents what we told the doctors, they believed us. But we told Tai and the others what really happen." How did they take it?" "Tai and Matt were surt of made at us for letting you get hurt. But they let it go. Mimi and Sora cried a while, Tai and Matt were there to comfort them. Izzy was of worried about you but found it interesting about how Chameleonmon could change himself to look like you." Kari suddenly let out a small chuckle about something. Davis look at her, "What is so funny?" Kari stopped and cleared her throat, "I just remembering the look on Joe's face when we told him how you look after being hit with that fireball. Of course everyone was somewhat disgusted about it. Joe however, he looked as if he was going to throw up. First he looked white as a ghost, then the next he was more greener that Chameleonmon was." Davis smiled as he pictured Joe looking so green. "I just that is funny." Both of them laughed about it and continue to laugh a while longer.

After they both were done laughing their was another moment of silence. Davis
decided to ask Kari a question that was bothering him at the moment. "Kari can I ask you one last question?" Kari turned her head towards him so he could listen, "Sure Davis. What is it?" Davis moved around the hospital bed a little. He didn't know how to ask her but he needed to know, "Were you here the entire night watching over me?" Kari quickly looked down towards the floor and from what Davis could see it looked like blushing slightly. "Well y-yes I d-did." "May I ask why?" Kari didn't say anything for a while and Davis could see that she was having trouble in how to say what she wanted to say. "You know what Kari? You don't need to answer that question. I'm just glad that you did. I thank you." "Your welcome Davis and thank you." Davis looked at her confused, "Thank you? For what?" She giggled a bit from this and moved her head up to look at him. "For saving me Chameleonmon, twice." "Oh yeah, that." with his free hand he scratched the back of his head and did one of his usually goofy grins.

Kari didn't laugh though. She looked seriously at Davis, "Davis, is it all right that
I ask you a question?" Davis could see that Kari wanted to ask something serious. So he settled down, "Sure Kari, what's on your mind?"

"Well its about what you said to me before you lost consciousness. You said that you had to protect me." "That's right Kari. It was my fault that Chameleonmon got closed to you and the others." "But that is not all you said. Don't you remember?" Davis thought back to what he had said to Kari, then he remembered, "Oh yeah, that. I do remember." "You said you cared too much about me to let anyone hurt me. What did you mean by that exactly?"

Davis started to tense up. He did me what he said to Kari. But, he didn't know
the right way to her. "Well, what I meant by that was that I really do care about you Kari. You are very important to me. You been important to me ever since I met you. That is why I stopped being such a bother to you. I mean, I used to always follow you around and acted like I knew everything so you would be impressed. Then I decided that I shouldn't force myself on you. I should give you space and stop acting like a jerk. Let you decide if you care for me in the same way I did. And if you didn't I would be still happy for you. Because whatever you decided on I would be behind you all the way."

He turned to Kari to see her reaction. And what he saw surprised him. She had
tears in her eyes. She wasn't even trying to hold them back. "Hey, if I said anything to upset you Kari I am sorry." Kari just the tears continue to flow as he looked at him, "Does that mean you love me Davis?" Davis was startled about she had ask. He always wanted to said it to Kari but didn't know went he should. *What the heck, just tell her how you feel about her Davis.*

"Yes Kari. I do love you." Kari just looked down at the floor again, "I just I
should tell you how I feel about you." Davis prepared himself for whatever she was going to say. He was already to accept that she didn't love him like he does. But like he told her, he would behind whatever she decided and he meant it. "I love you Davis."

Davis was shocked, he thought he heard what she said but wasn't sure, "Did you
just say that you loved me?" "Yes Davis, I love you with all my heart." She then looked back up to Davis and Davis could see more tears in her eyes. But they weren't tears of sadness. Instead they were tears of joy. Davis could now feel tears coming down his eyes. "Oh Kari. You don't know how happy I am right now." Kari slowly stood up from her chair and went to where Davis head was. "Yes I do Davis. Because I feel the same way you do."

She lowered herself down and gave Davis a tight hug. Davis let out a small shout
of pain. "Oh sorry Davis, I forgot. I am so sorry." Appartenly she had momentarily
forgotten about Davis' hurt chest. "Don't worry Kari, it doesn't hurt that much. Besides, it was worth it to see your smiling face.

They looked into each others eyes and seemingly were in a trance. With each
lowering their head to the other. They were now basically nose to nose, each one holding their breath as they finally touch their libs to the others. The kiss seemingly lasted for hours, but really it only was a few minutes when they finally separated because they needed to breath.

When they came apart Davis felt like he was in heaven and way Kari looked, it
looked as she was to, because she had a spaced out look her face and looking at nothing in particular. "So was it good for you as it was good for me?" joked Davis as he was trying to snap Kari out of her trance. "DAVIS." cried Kari as she came back to reality and looked mad at what Davis had said. "Hey, I was just joking. I was just trying to make you snap out of your trance." Kari relaxed and blushed with embarrassment, "Oh. I just I was out of it, wasn't I?" "I don't mind Kari. In fact, I am kind of glad you did." Kari looked confused, "Why is that Davis?" "Its means that I am a excellent kisser." replied Davis.

"Why you." Kari looked as if she was ready to pound on Davis. As Davis had his
hand up in defense for Kari's assault, he was surprised as she just bent down and gave him a quick peck on the check. "You know what Davis? I'm glad your a good kisser." For a while the only thing Davis could do was blush a deep red, "Your not bad yourself Kari." said Davis as he grabbed her hand and kissed it. Now it was Kari's turn to blush madly, "Well um...I uh...thank you." Davis just couldn't hold it. He let out a laugh as how seeing Kari all lost for words. Kari thought he was making fun of her but realized that it was pretty funny how she was acting, so she joined in and she and Davis laughed.


Epilogue (The rap up)

Davis stayed in the hospital for another week. Amazingly his injuries were healing faster then the doctors predicted. Everyone came to see him at the hospital. But their were four visitors that came to see him all the time. His parents, Kari and DemiVeemon who had to be snuck in by Kari. After being released from the hospital life went back to normal for Davis and the rest. Except now Davis had a new will to protect both the real world and digital world and he had the love of his life to share his life with.