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SUMMARY: When Alex is killed

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Evy watched her son fondly as he sat quietly on the floor making a small sandcastle in the Egyptian desert, he was dressed in his normal dark grey trousers, white t-shirt, yellow and brown striped tie, his brown jacket and matching hat that he wore whenever they went out on a dig. Alex smiled up at his mother through innocent hazel eyes.

"Mommy it's the temple!" He grinned, pointing to his small mound of sand that looked vaguely like the Temple of Armac.

Evy smiled softly at him and nodded. "It's brilliant, darling" She told him, as her husband, Rick squatted beside their six year old son.

"Daddy, I can make a pyramid too!" Alex said. "You can see it when you come back!"

"I'm sure it will be great squirt!" Rick ruffled Alex's blond head affectionately as he stood up.

"Now remember Alex-" Evy began.

"I know Mommy" Alex rolled his eyes, even at this young age he had almost perfected the art and grinned. "Stay out of the temple, if you don't come back in five hours I have to take one of the camel's back to the village and find Ardeth, don't talk to strangers, and if somebody I don't know comes along I have to hide outside of the temple" Alex recited the words carefully as he smiled at his mother. "I'll be fine Mom" He exchanged a quick look with his father. "Unless I can go with you-"

"Not on your life little man" Rick stated, smiling at the blond haired, hazel eyed boy in the sand.

"Drink plenty of fluids, don't stand in the sun for too long, remember you have food in your bag-" Evy began again but Alex cut her off again.

"I'll be FINE Mommy" He said, pushing her playfully towards the large temple that was mostly hidden under the sand.

"We'll be back soon!" Rick called to his son as he and his wife descended slowly into the temple, leaving their son behind them.

Rick moved gingerly through the narrow corridor, he held a large torch in front of himself and his wife, guiding the way into a large chamber with Egyptian symbols covering the walls.

Evy's eyes widened with curiosity as she took her own torch and moved towards one of the walls, gently running her fingers along the inscriptions, murmuring the words under her breath.

Rick looked away from his wife and around for anything he would find interesting, like a mummy. But to his disappointment there it was nothing but an empty tomb, the cobwebs showing there had been something there not long ago, but it was obviously gone now.

Alex glanced into the temple where his mother and father had disappeared into and bit his lip. He wanted to have a look around sooo baaad.

"Just a quick look" He muttered to himself as he climbed to his feet and went over to the entrance of the temple, it was two large stone slabs that had opened on their own accord a few days ago and the temple had been untouched since being sealed in Ancient Egyptian times.

Curiously Alex stepped down the stairs and into the first main chamber, it was quiet large, but underground so from above the temple seemed small and insignificant compared to the others that were scattered throughout the Valley of the Kings.

"Alexander" A voice whispered in his ear, Alex turned to find that there was nothing there, he frowned. Something about the room made him feel uneasy and scared.

"Alexander" He shuddered and looked around again.

"Who's there?" He stammered fearfully. "Daddy?" He asked, hoping it was merely his father trying to scare him.

"Come to me Alexander" The voice whispered.

Alex shook his head and tried to step back, aiming to escape the strange voice and find his parents, but he never did.

It was as though someone had taken control of his body, because his legs began moving on their own, taking a shaky step towards the large wall as it began to slide away, revealing a large coffin that was standing behind it.

Alex's screams were muffled by whatever had taken hold of his body and he tried to struggle against it, his heart was thumping wildly in his chest as adrenaline surged through his veins.

The coffin in front of him opened slowly to reveal a very real and very alive mummy, its decayed hand reaching out and grabbing his arm.

"Come to me Alexander" It hissed.

Suddenly a large jewelled knife appeared in the Mummy's hand and at the same time the restraints on Alex's voice were released.

He screamed as loud as he could as the wall closed again, locking him in with the mummy but still not allowing him to move his limbs or body.

Rick looked over at Evy, who was struggling to read the Egyptian writing on the walls.

"What does it say Evy?" Rick asked, moving towards his wife.

Evy shook her head. "Something about a Dagger" She said, slightly annoyed. "These markings are incomplete, I can't read them-" She was cut off by a blood curdling scream from above them.


Evy's eyes widened as she turned to her husband. "Alex" She murmured as the two parents sprinted through the corridors and back up the steps of the temple.

"ALEX!" Evy cried as she looked desperately around, there was a small sandcastle lying a few feet from her but her son was nowhere to be found.

"ALEX!" Rick called; there was no answer for a few seconds before another scream erupted through the air.

Evy's heart clenched in her chest; that was her baby screaming.

"MOOOOOOOOOOOOM!" Alex's voice echoed from inside the temple.

Evy spun around quickly, about to dive back down the steps when she realised that the doors were closed.

Rick brought his gun out from his hip holster and began shooting at the door, desperately trying to reach his son. But the doors were sealed again, and there was nothing they could do to open them.

"DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!" Alex's screams were growing weaker, being replaced by a choked sob.

"ALEX!" Evy screamed in dismay. "ALEX! HOLD ON!" Tears filled her eyes as she thumped her fist on the door to the temple, knowing it was useless.

Another scream hovered in the air, the cry of a child in pure agony and pain.

"Momma! Please make it stop!" Alex's small voice pleaded.

"ALEX!" Rick called.

"Daddy help me!" Alex begged.

Alex's screams were cut off abruptly by the sound of a knife swishing through the air before everything was silent.

"Alex, can you hear me?" Evy sobbed. "Alex talk to me please!"


When there was no reply Evy let out an agonised sob, throwing herself into Rick's strong arms, the two parents sunk to the ground, crying for the child they had just lost.

It was only a few minutes later when Ardeth Bay arrived that the parents moved from their spot at the gateway and were brought back to the local village. The Mejai leader had heard Alex's screams and come as fast as he could, but even he wasn't fast enough to save the six year old from his horrible fate.

Evy buried her head in her husband's neck, her tear streaked cheeks were smudged with dirt and sand but she didn't bother to wipe it off.

Ardeth let the parents grieve for their only child, as he sent word ahead of the terrible news to Britain, and that the O'Connell's were not only coming home early, but there were once again only two.

Jonathan met them both at the airport his usually sparkling eyes were grim and full of grief for his nephew.

After taking one look at Evy's still tear-streaked he pulled her into a comforting hug.

"I can't believe he's gone" She whispered miserably.

Jonathan didn't know what to say; instead he kissed the top of her head and allowed her to bury her face in his shirt.

Alex's funeral was large, although they had no body of the child, and both of his parents had virtually no other family when people heard that famous author Evy O'Connell had just lost her son, they flocked to support the mother who was a role model for most women.

There were a few neighbours and friends that crowded into the small church to farewell the boy they had seen running around in the O'Connell's yard only a few weeks before.

Evy felt numb as the priest spoke about her son, how he was quiet and curious, his knack for literature and history, and the huge amount of time he spent, locked away in the library and museum, researching foreign cultures.

My little boy is gone.

That was the only thing that Evy was thinking about as the service ended, she allowed Rick to hold her as they drove quickly back to their manor, where it was years before either parent could bring themselves to enter Alex's bedroom.

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