Stolen Moments

By: ParamoreXO

A/N: I just saw the movie "Tangled". 'Nuff said.

A swift, skin numbing breeze whispered through the blades of emerald vegetation, rapidly hushing upon finding its prey. The slumbering beauty wrapped up in her own mane of golden hair that crowned her head at seventy feet trembled at the sharp contact. Melodic breathing of sleep corrupting into a staccato as chills shot through her system. Her orbs of brilliant jade pierced the night air once she lifted her tired lids. Silver slivers of moonlight peeped through tufts of cotton candy clouds, shedding on the handsome and finely chiseled figure of Flynn… or Eugene, as she was growing to call the dashing man. The sight of his silhouette curled up on a solid rock instantly warmed her like a teeming cup of sugary sweet hot chocolate. However, it wasn't enough to chase away the biting breezes that threaded around her as it weaved through her thick hair like stinging sewing needles. Groggily unwrapping herself from her impossible mane of golden locks, they shed from her thin frame; a silent, golden cascade of fluid strands. Unsure footfalls led her to the man she found herself growing fond of as their enticing adventure raced on.

Curious eyes draped over his sweet, slumbering form. His defined chest shifted from the nadir and apex of his quiet breathing. How she wanted to bury her face there, atop his wonderful plateaus of distinguished muscle, a nest of human warmth. With a ginger touch of the pads of her eager fingers, she reached out to skim his smooth, guy-gorgeous complexion. In a daze, she marveled at the feel of him under her fingertips, catching herself kneeling beside his amazing body. Stubble scraped her fingerprints, tickling her nerves as she cupped his heated cheek. She could feel her own sprout a red rush of torrid blood at the tender contact.

"Enjoying yourself, Blondie?"

Squeaking in surprise, Rapunzel nearly jumped back five feet, landing with an "Ooof!" as she plummeted into the rustling patch of emerald grass. Her already warm cheeks became red hot with embarrassment at being caught. "Oh! Flynn…I mean Eugene! Sorry! I was…er—"

Chuckling, that glint of roughish charm drizzling over his captivating voice, Rider smirked as he sat up from his not-so-comfortable position on the stony boulder. Rapunzel spotted the teasing glimmer in his deep, chocolate brown orbs of dazzling allure. Not daring to break their gaze, the royal thief's calloused hand patted down the patch of vegetation beside him, offering her a spot. "Couldn't sleep?"

His soul shattering eyes bore into her very soul. Genuine concern flooded their intense chocolate depths, drawing her slim figure even closer to his lean build. Settling down beside the dashing con, Rapunzel curled her arms in as she gathered her knees, resting her delicate chin on the silken fabric lying over her knee caps. Sighing, the runaway twirled a strand of hair, numb fingers jittery in the playful grasp.

Gazing down at the unique, gorgeous girl before him, Eugene couldn't help but gulp back what his watering mouth had collected at the sight of Rapunzel. The innocent bombshell was different, that was for sure.

"Hey," the brunette broke into her nervous fit, slinging a buff arm around her thin shoulders. Rubbing soft circles on her farthest shoulder, he managed to keep his tone light, "You can tell me…Shhhh…it's okay, Blondie. I'm here." Skimming a quick finger under the creamy flesh of magic hair crowned maiden, Flynn's heart melting charm gushed into her throbbing veins. "Hey, there…it's okay…"

Her protuberant orbs of rich emerald engulfed his attention, the sincerity in her black depths smoldering with…something. What was she thinking of…?

Wearily leaning against the handsome man, a heavy breath blew past her pursed lips. "I…I had a nightmare."

As soon as the lie escaped her lips, the words soured her taste buds bitterly. She had been dreaming a quite lovely dream, actually… One with Eugene involved…

His warm, rough hand gingerly tilted her clear face towards his handsome one, their eyes conflagrant with knowing.

"There's no need to lie, Blondie."

At a loss for words, Rapunzel realized just how close they were to each other.

Fingers that longed to lace with others just a skim of skin away…

Charming lips just a breath away…

"I'm just…cold…and you were really…"

"Warm?" He smirked, blazing her bloody veins to gushing lava. Snuggly hugging the charismatic runaway, tucking her securely against his broad chest, Flynn couldn't have felt more humble. "I'll always have my arms open for you, Rapunzel."

A/N: Well, I tried. I totally suck at Flynn's dialogue. More one-shots to possibly come! I just LOVE this movie! Squeeee!