Authors Note: Written for a friends birthday. Looked over by the wonderful janna_hawkins. Disclaimer: Doctor Who and its characters are owned by the BBC and sadly not by me.

Lines run deep across his brow like the trenches of war he has seen through the centuries. Years may pass but some things never change. There is always another war and Rose knows now that not all of them can be won. Acceptance comes hard, but eventually she does. The Doctor however does not.

She knows that look, the one he wears when he's brooding. It is the one he gets after waking from his nightmares. He's never told her much about them but she has gleaned enough from his words and the screams during his unsettled sleep to know about a different kind of war. Not just the one that took away his home and people but a war that rages within him, a mind racked with guilt that no one can absolve.

Losing one more soul is always hard for him. He will not talk about today until he is ready. Rose knows this from experience. In the early days of their friendship she tried to push him. It was a mistake which made him back away from her and run the other way. She learnt her lesson well so now she waits but she will not let him be alone.

She leaves her space near the door and walks towards him noting the softening of his features as he spies her. Warm arms reach out to hold him close as she places a soft kiss on his forehead. As he buries his head into her shoulder, accepting her comfort she realises that words are not always necessary; not when you have a hand to hold