It was a little bit after seven in the morning on a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun was shining brightly through the windows to Megumi's apartment/studio not too hot just the perfect temperature. She was currently sitting at her desk still into the editing process of the pictures she took of both Shana and Nodoka yesterday. She wanted to make sure that both girls were completely unrecognizable so that other people who were into the whole ABDL theme would not walk up to the two of them out of the blue asking questions, that would surely cause problems for her two newest workers.

Megumi had actually wanted to get all of her work done last night but her womanly and maternal instincts would not let her leave Marta to be depressed for whatever reasons she was. She had spent over half the night trying to comfort the girl and ask her what was wrong but Marta wouldn't budge an inch she just kept crying until her tear glands were blood shot and she was wheezing.

In the end Megumi knew the best comfort method because it always worked for other girls who came to her with with problems but not for Marta. Even though she modeled for an ABDL magazine Marta did not see the comfort in wearing diapers and being treated like a baby, but Megumi somehow convinced Marta to allow herself to be diapered and put into some pajamas. The only reason why Marta agreed to become a model was because her mother wanted her to start off somewhere in the working world and be more independent from her over controlling father. The only comfort that Marta could get out of staying with Megumi that night was being able to cuddle underneath her like her mother Martha would do whenever Marta was hurt or scared.

Megumi had just finished changing Shana's facial features by giving her blond hair and large green eyes when she looked over and saw Marta sleeping soundly in the bed next to the computer desk she was working off of. She gave off a warm motherly smile as she ran her fingers through Marta's soft light brown hair minus the flower like accessories she keeps in her hair. Finally finishing her work Megumi left her room and headed straight for the kitchen to fix herself a cup of coffee to shake off the fatigue of the overnighter she pulled.

"I wonder…How long will these peaceful days last?" Megumi took a sip of her coffee. "Julia still hasn't told Shana the truth yet and the longer she waits the harder it will be for Shana to handle the news." Megumi knew that the secret that Julia was hiding from Shana was really huge and world be upsetting once she found out, so many times she just want to come out and yell it into Shana ears but then she might seriously be killed by Julia if she even tried it. Hearing a soft crinkling sound behind her, Megumi turned around to see Marta standing wobbly still half asleep. "Good morning sunshine!"

"Good morning." Marta replied back in a half depressed and half sleepy tone, she walked to the table and sat across from Megumi staring out the window with her chin resting on her arms.

"So how'd you sleep for the first time while wearing a diaper?" Megumi smiled.

"I don't know, I fell asleep so suddenly last night I expected to wake locked in a crib like you did Chizuru that one time."

"You mean Chizuru Honsho?" Megumi choked on her coffee. "I feared for you girls virginity at that time so that's why I did what I did, or would you and the other girls rather have fallen victim to her Hyper Erotic mode?"

A hot blush appeared across Marta's face remembering the first time she was introduced to Chizuru, she was greeted with a long ten second kiss on the lips, Megumi actually had to use her super human power to pry the older girl off of Marta, and keep her contained so she would not go after the other girls.

"No and I thank you for that, and as for sleeping in a diaper it wasn't too bad I guess….. but not being able to place my legs together while sleeping was a bit uncomfortable."

"Don't worry you'll get used to it, you're pretty good a adapting to things quickly."

"Sorry I don't see sleeping in diapers in my future unless it's on camera so can I have my clothes back please?"

"Sorry but you'll have to wait, you weren't really all that corporative when I tried to get you to eat last night, remember I ended up spilling food on your clothes? I put them in the wash this morning so they should be ready in about another couple of hours."

"So you mean I'm stuck wearing a diaper for the next couple of hours?" Marta whined. "Come on their has to be something you can do about that."

Megumi took another sip from the cup and sat it down on the table "I spilled the food on your skirt and your panties got dirty in the process, I have other clothes you can wear but the fact will still stay the same that you're going to be stuck in that diaper for a while so suck it up."

"You got to be kidding me." Marta sighed sinking down in the chair, her stomach then made a loud rumbling sound.

"No wonder why you're so fussy this morning your just hungry, you didn't want to eat anything last night."

"Yeah I guess you can say I'm a little hungry, just stop it with the baby talk already will you? When you say fussy it makes me think you're referring me to being a fussy baby." The doorbell rang sending Marta into a full panic. "S-someone's at the door, what do I do, I-I have to hide!" Marta ran franticly around the room.

"Oh sit down!" Megumi stood up from her seat. "As long as you keep still then no ones going to notice, and plus only people who know about the magazine only come to this address, so stop panicking before you fa-"

"Ahhh!" Before Megumi could even finish her words Marta lost her balance thanks to the fluff between her legs and fell and hit her head against the wall next to her.

Megumi face palmed herself. "Before you fall, and hurt yourself." Marta was on the floor rubbing her head. "Are you ok?"

Marta was able to pick herself up and crawl into the couch. "I'm good just get the door."

Megumi walked over and opened it, she stepped back allowing and young looking woman in. "Ah Mrs. Sanae Furukawa I was expecting you."

"Hello again Megumi is nice to see you again." Sanae smiled. She looked over Megumi's shoulder and saw Marta sitting on the couch. "And who is that young lady she's adorable!"

"Her name is Marta Lualdi the daughter of both Brute Lualdi and Martha Lualdi." Megumi answered. "Her mom is away at the moment and her father…..well you know being the mayor of a city he can never find the time to interact with his daughter, so I'm watching her for the time being."

"Ahh! You poor dear." Sanae suddenly walked over and hugged Marta out the blue. "I know that it must be hard on you for your parents to be constantly away at work but just remember that they will always love you no matter what."

"Thank you." Marta smiled warmly wrapping her arms around Sanae's neck hugging her back.

After letting Sanae in her house, somewhere along the way Megumi had disappeared because she walked back into the room carrying a large box. "So how's Nagisa doing, is she feeling better?"

"Well her sickness come and goes, she had to miss the entrance ceremony and the first week of school but she's doing a whole lot better now."

Megumi sat the box on the table "That's good to hear, you haven't been buying as many diapers as you usually do, but that's a good thing it means she's getting healthier."

"I know, when she's sick like that she can't walk on her own to use the bathroom, so putting her in diapers is the best method so not to make her sickness worse."

"Well if you and your husband ever need help looking after her while she's sick or if you ever want to have a night to yourselves then just call and I'll be more than happy to look after Negisa for you, I'm already taking care of one diapered girl, another one will be no problem at all." Megumi pointed at Marta.

Marta gasped and shot up blushing. "Oh my god I can't believe she just said that!"

"I think she needs to be changed." Sanae giggled patting Marta on the head, she soon walked out the door. "Hopefully theses should last a bit more longer than last time, but I'll call if I need some more."

"Ok good bye." Megumi waved Sanae off then closed the door behind her. She turned around to find a very angry Marta glaring holes through her forehead looking like she was ready to lose it any second. "So what would you like to eat?" Marta stomped out of the room and into another and slammed the door shut locking her behind her. "Well at least she's throwing a tantrum and not being depressed anymore."

Little Miss Shana Akai was sulking at the moment….why you asked? Not only had she been dragged out if bed by Julia, but she was forced to get up and go grocery shopping at eight in the morning, so at the moment Shana was not too much of a happy camper. After being forced to go on a date with Yosuke and do the photo shoot with Nodoka, Shana was dead tried and through about resting for the day probably watch some TV or sleep all day but that's not what Julia had planned for the once boy now girl.

"Mrs….er…. mom?" Shana asked blushing.

"You'd think after two days you'd be used to calling me mom by now." Julia asked pushing the shopping cart in the huge super market. "So what is it, do you need anything?"

"Yeah I want to know why I'm being pushing around in a shopping cart, this is so embarrassing and everybody keeps staring at me." Shana whined.

"You're just being self-conscious Shana." Julia stated as she rolled the cart down the bathroom aisle. "You don't necessarily look like a high school student so the people looking at you might be thinking that you're cute!"

"Yeah well don't I want those kinds of stairs, it creeps me out, but what I want to know is why I'm sitting in a shopping cart in the first?"

Julia ignored Shana's rambling and looked on the shelves for different brands of toilet paper and paper towels, finding the top quality brands to her liking, Julia threw the items into the basket next to Shana and once again began wheeling the cart towards the back of the store.

"Now I know I looked through your memories and saw every single event that had happened to you in your life but I'm going to let you make your own choices in certain things ok."

"What does that have to do with me sitting in a shopping cart?" Shana growled kicking the paper towels away from her feet. "Why did we have to go shopping this early in the morning anyways?"

Julia made a mental note in her head. "Note to self, she get verys cranky if woken up when she doesn't have to." She then turned to look at Shana. "What I meant was that I was going to let you choose what foods you want to eat, and as for why you're sitting in a basket, you did keep going on and on , on how tried you were and that you wanted to go back to sleep, so now that you sitting in a basket and not walking you can sleep all you want."

"Question why can't you speak normally and ask me what kinds of foods I like, instead of putting words in a rocket scientist way?"

Julia sighed. "OK…..sweetie what foods do you like to eat?"

"Hmmmm." Shana had to think for a second. "Well I like seafood, hamburgers, I eat a lot of bread and potatoes, not too big on the diary category."

"OK….not the most healthiest foods on the menu but I think I can work with that, you did enjoy the pasta I fixed you the other night so maybe I can create a whole new dish for you to eat." While pushing the shopping cart Julia walked past the produce section. "Any allergic reactions to fruits or vegetables or anything in that case?"

"Not that I know of, and plus it really wouldn't matter if I did have one since this body is make from your DNA. So unless you're allergic to certain foods then I should be fine."

"Ok I get your point Mrs. Smarty pants." Julia laughed. "Just tell me what kinds of fruits you like to eat?"

"I don't know anything bite sized? I won't eat whole fruits like apples unless there cut up, but I have no problem eating bit size fruits like grapes and strawberry's."

After filling the basket with Shana's list of favorite foods and other basic foods like milk, sugar different meats like pork, fish and beef, Julia wheeled Shana over to the checkout line mush to the small girls relief, the cart was so full that Shana was literately buried under all of the groceries and saw could have sworn she was sitting on something cold not even knowing how it happened in the first place.

After the checkout line was done with Julia drove her car around to the front of the store and a bag boy neatly placed the bags in the trunk with some assistants from Shana who just wanted to not be crushed any more. After tipping the bag boy a five dollar bill Julia was ready to hit the road when she looked over in amusement of Shana struggling to get out of the basket without falling, the fact that the basket had wheels on it made it so Shana could not keep her balance when trying to jump out.

"Want some help?" Julia extended her hand. Shana groaned and took the older woman's hand and allowed herself to be lifted out of the cart and placed into solid ground.

Shana gave Julia a diapleasing look. "Please don't ever do that again, I don't mind you treating me like a child sense I can't help it at some times, but don't do it in public."

"I'll remember that." Julia said slipping the key into the ignition and starting up the car. "So it's still early what to grab some breakfast?"

Shana's face lit up as she faced Julia like an excited kid on Christmas day ready to open her presents. "That sounds great where should we go?"

"Let see….. I know a place where we could get some good pancakes and after we drop off the food at the house we could do some more mother, daughter bonding like getting our hair and nails done."

"Food sounds great, and I don't know if I like the idea of getting my hair and nail done."

Julia sighed. "Still a tomboy but I guess I shouldn't be pushing femalely on you, It may back fire later. So what would you like to do."

"Teach me how to use my powers!"

Julia looked at Shana. "It's too soon, remember the last time you used them you tired yourself out and dropped dead after you found out I wasn't going to punish you."

"I know but I want to learn just for a little bit, please mommy?" Shana begged giving Julia a puppy dog look.

Julia heart melted and gave in. "Fine we will do some light training, but don't expect to be a master after one lesson."

After eating some light food at the pancake shop and stopping at some other shops along the way home, Shana quickly dashed out of the car and put all of the bags in the house and put all the food in its proper place in a matter of seconds. Shana then dashed upstairs to her room and changed into a shirt and some shorts and met Julia back down stairs.

"Wow looks like someone eager to get started?" Julia stated. She led Shana to a door that led to a basement. "Watch your step it's dark." Flicking on the light switch and brightening up the room Julia led Shana down a long flight of stairs that seemed like a mile long until they reached another door. Julia open the door leaving Shana totally amazed of what she was witnessing.

"What the… what is all this?" Shana was looking at a field of green grass and beautiful flowers, the field seemed endless as if they stepped into a whole other world.

"Welcome to the training hall."

"This is where you train?"

"Well not in this scenery but Megumi and I always come down here and have picnic's, isn't it beautiful?

"Yeah but how does all this fit into your basement?"

"This door leaded to other spaces created by Megumi or myself, whenever you desired to be babied I can create a nursery room for you."

"This is incredible!" Shana was astounded. Julia placed her hand on Shana's back and gave her a light push inside the room and the door vanished behind her. Shana could feel the cool breeze brush against her body blowing her hair, she could smell the grass and pollen the flowers gave off, she felt trickles of water as she saw that she was standing behind a waterfall.

"So shall we get started?" Julia asked taking a fighting stance. "Come at me with everything you got, don't hold back unless you want to get hurt!"

"But wait what about my power, I still feel normal."

"We first need to get your adrenaline pumping, it's the key to activating your power." Julia explained. "Tell me when you fought those two boys at school the other day what were you doing when you noticed your power activate?"

"I was being chased by them, suddenly I felt my body getting lighter and before you know it I had the speed of a car."

"Yes because your brain sent messages to your body telling it to get ready to defend itself so your power activated. Now I'm about to make your brain do it again."

"Right!" Shana stated. She took a deep breath and stared Julia down looking for and opening or an unguarded spot. Shana chose a spot and dashed ford towards Julia until she was within kicking range. Shana lifted up her foot and swung it aiming for Julia's kidney area, but her foot was caught by the older woman.

"Too sloppy, as you can see you just left yourself wide open." Shana was too stunned to speak she went wide eyed as Julia had ahold of her ankle. "Remember what I told you before, yes you are strong, but take a hard enough hit-" Julia thrust the palm of her hand against Shana's chest knocking the wind out of her and throwing her back a great distance, her body hit the grass and rolled. "You won't get back up!"

"ACK!" Shana hacked up traces of her own saliva and her breakfast as she used her shaky arms to lift herself up off the ground, she was gasping for air in entire time trying to keep her balance and not fall over the being dizzy from lack of oxygen. "Ok so mother Julia is strong, she caught my kick like it was nothing, and that hit….I thought my chest would be caved it."

"If you can still move try again, you should feel you power by now, I'll tell you what if you can get me to move from the spot I'm standing in right now I'll let you do something I'd normally wouldn't let you do, but If you can't get me to move then your next day off from school you have to do what I want, deal?"

"Then get ready because I'm coming!" Shana ran at Julia again, she this time leapt into the air and delivered a bike-cycle kick, both of Shana's kicked were blocked and Julia extended her arm again trying to use the same thrush move she used earlier. Shana caught Julia's blow and threw out the right knee towards Julia's stomach and connected, be Julia seemed unfazed.

"That kind'a tickled!" Julia taunted grabbing Shana by her shirt and throwing her across the grass again. While rolling Shana threw herself back up and charged again this time running behind Julia, bad choice sense Julia threw back her leg and it connected with Shana's right cheek this time she was laid out on the grass not moving. "Whoops I think I went too far that time, but if she were to actually hit me with those moves of hers I'd be the one in trouble."

"I'm not done yet!" Shana panted out, her entire body began to pulse and felt an unknown power source coming from somewhere in her body.

Julia sensed the increase in energy coming from Shana's body and took guard. "She's progressing faster than I thought, is she…..?" Shana ran at Julia again this time charging straight, Julia threw a punch, but like she was expecting it Shana dodged by jumping to her left and countering by kicking upwards. "Just as I thought, this can get dangerous!" Julia blocked the kick and countered with a kick of her own but once again Shana completely avoided it like she saw the kick coming. Julia looked up to see that Shana's eyes were now a bright golden color and had the shape of a bladed tome in the shape on rose leaves. "Hey what do you saw we stop for the day and call it a draw?"

"No way, I think I'm finally getting the hang of this!" Shana cheered. "I'm not stopping until I move you from that spot!"

Julia sighed. "Fine suit yourself, but you have one more chance before I end this!"

"Try it then!" Shana charged at Julia running full force when suddenly she felt the pressure of Julia energy crushing her and started to slow down until she was just standing still in front of Julia completely shaken. Shana felt as if she were being crushed by a whole ocean of water and the image of death holding a scythe with her name engraved on it popped in her sight.

"Little girl's need to know their place and do whatever mommy tells them to do." Julia balled up her fast that was surging with so much energy that it was visible. She threw her fist out, purposely missing Shana just by a few inches but destroyed the land behind her leaving a giant scare in the ground.

Shana stood there still shaken, her mouth was hanging wide open and tears were streaming down her face with the realization that she would have been killed if that punch had connected with her face, she never through she could be so scared in her life even after coming so close to deaths door many times in the pass. Her legs gave out on her and fell to her knees and a dark spot was on her crotch area and warm urine trickled down her legs. Finally Shana blacked out altogether.

"Looks like you lose, but if the battle would have continued then… It's too soon for you to be using power like that Shana, you can kill you're self if you're not careful." Julia snapped her fingers and the scenery around her and Shana changed into a simple bed room, Julia carried Shana over to the bed and sat her down and began using her healing power to treat the on conscious girl.

Shana stirred up lying on Julia's lap. "What happened to me?" She asked weakly.

"You just over did like I feared so I had to use a scare tactic on you."

"What was that power I used…feel really weak."

"A power that you don't need to be using at the moment, it was called aura sight, it allows you to see a person's aura moving before the actual person moves, it's how you were able to dodge my blows. But it takes up a lot of energy to maintain. Anyways we're still in the basement and not a lot of time had passed from the outside world I'm going to give you a bath and put you to bed for the rest of the day, I can't have you being tried at school tomorrow."

"What do you mean not a lot of time has passed?"

"For every hour that passed in here and minuet passes out side." Julia explained.

"Wow this house never ceases to amaze me." Shana smiled.

Marta had just stepped out of the shower and was now drying her body off with a dying towel, She grabbed her clothes that were sitting on the counter that Megumi had laid out for her and out them on. She exited the bathroom and went back into the living room where Megumi was just reading a newspaper. Megumi began reading out loud.

"Notorious vigilantes group Rolling Stars beat's up boy and is now in intensive care in the hospital. Sources say that the boy that goes by the name Tatsuya Himekawa was found on the streets last night nearly beaten to death. He was once a student at Shinswe high school when we was recently expelled for sexually harassing girls."

"If you weren't here with me last night I'd be questing you right now." Megumi stated not looking away from the newspaper, Marta remained silent. "I don't why you're part of some group like that but-"

'Shut up… wouldn't understand." Marta shouted.

"Of course, all you do is push those who are trying to help you away, you crave attention from those who love you but sadly they always can't be around am I right? Is that why you're part of the Rolling Stars?"

"Their more of a family to me then my own parents, all they do is work, work, and work. Do you know when was the last time I actually sat down and had dinner with them? Daddy thinks he knows me because he tries to control everything I do and thinks I follow it, and my mother is never around for a single second to know if I'm doing ok or not, I'm…I'm just so sick of it."

"So it that why you and your group go around doing stuff like this, just to get noticed."

"You'll never understand!" Marta shouted bolting towards the door when in a quick second Megumi grabbed the girl by the arm, turned her around and had her pinned against the wall.

"You listen to me and you listen to me good." Megumi said sternly. Marta was taken back because she had never seen that side of Megumi before. "Your mother and I have been friends for a long time and you're like the niece I never had, I will drag you away from that group kicking and screaming if I have to, I'm not going to let you destroy your life like this!" Megumi released Marta and allowed her to run out of the apartment.

OC: Shana, Megumi, Julia, Martha

Tales of symphonia dawn of the new world: Marta, Brute

Clannad: Sanae, Nagisa

Bleach: Chizuru Honsho

Beelzebub: Tatsuya Himekawa

Authors Notes: Had to make an extra chapter befor starting the Gang War Arc, me as a writer wasn't staified with just skipping a day and plus now we all know why Julia she so scary and why many fear her. Well look foard to the next chapter with lot's of drama and possible blood.