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Casually walking into the apartment, tossing the keys onto the bookshelf at the entrance, setting the bags down on the tile floor of the kitchen; they were all good feelings, all making him feel like he belonged there, was more than welcome. He wouldn't have a key if he wasn't he reassured himself constantly.

"Hi Axel," the redhead had to admit he didn't notice the other man in the kitchen prior to this moment.

"Hi..." He paused a moment to inspect. The big smile, ass planted firmly on the counter top, legs swinging back and forth as he gazed back happily. "Sora." Axel finished with a grin as he picked up the bags, setting them down on the counter next to his companion, beginning to empty the contents and put them in the proper places.

"How was work?" Sora asked as he slid further down, still smiling.

"Work was fine," he nodded, focusing on putting groceries away. "How was uh...hanging out? How long have you been here anyways?" Sora shrugged and grinned a little wider as Axel was forced to linger between his legs to reach up into a cupboard.

"Not long. Maybe half an hour?" Sora said as he took advantage of his position, locking his legs together behind his back, pulling him closer. Axel only rolled his eyes as his feet reluctantly shuffled closer to the boy on the counter top.

"Where's Roxas?" He asked, looking down the hallway though he knew damn well Roxas wasn't anywhere in the apartment.

"Where do you think he is stupid?" Sora laughed as he laid his hands down on Axel's tall shoulders, pulling him down, looking into his bright green eyes and desperately trying to kiss him, but as always, Axel groaned in frustration and pulled back. Sora frowned as he managed to wriggle out of his entwined legs and put the rest of the groceries away. "Come on Axel..." He whined quietly as he watched him walk into the living room. "Roxas never even has to know! I won't tell!" He argued as he pushed himself off the counter and followed him, plopping down onto the sofa on his knees, practically on top of the other man. "And I know you want to. I can see it in your face." He smiled as he delicately ran his fingers across Axel's temple and into his hair, watching him suffer as he closed his eyes and sighed.

"No Sora." He said firmly and turned on the tv. He automatically retracted his hand and glared at the redhead. Axel cautiously turned to look at the boy next to him, taking a breath of relief as he saw his eyes close and his head shake. "Hi," he said with a grin as he watched the confused look on his boyfriends face fade away slowly, just as it always did.

"Hey," he replied with an exhausted smile as he sighed and nestled himself against his chest, an action that was gladly accepted as his arm wrapped around his shoulders and pulled him closer. "Sorry, I wanted to be here when you got home but..."

"It's alright. It was just Sora."

"Oh good, because you know I love when the one that wants to fuck you comes out." Roxas scoffed as he focused his attention on the television.

"Hey, you know I'd never do anything," Axel said as he tucked his finger under his boyfriends chin, forcing his gaze up. Roxas rolled his eyes but couldn't contain his smile, especially when Axel leaned down and gently kissed him. "I love you, and they're not you."

"They're kinda me." He argued with a grin but now Axel rolled his eyes, planting his mouth over the other man's in order to make him shut up. He laughed as he felt thin fingers traveling down his torso to the edge of his pants, breaking the kiss in giggles as he tugged at the button and pulled the zipper, simultaneously kissing at his neck. "Aren't you tired? You just got off work."

"Well I was but then you got me all hot and bothered."

"I didn't, Sora did," Roxas corrected with a grin, biting down on his lip to stifle a moan as Axel's thumb dug down into his hip.

"And how can I possibly contain myself for long after you get back? He looks just like you." He smirked as he forced his boyfriends small body down on the sofa, quickly stripping his pants away and tossing them across the room, grinning wider as Roxas threw his head back to laugh.

"So why don't you just fuck him then?" The blond asked with a cocky smirk that soon diminished with a moan.

"Because I want you." Axel said with a smile. "I only want you."


The room was quiet as always as Roxas walked in, the empty chairs placed in a small circle, not many people had the need to show up for something like this. The blond looked around and leaned against the faux wood panelling, crossing his arms over his chest as he aimed his face at the ceiling and closed his eyes. He was alone, perfectly and beautifully alone in this room. There were no voices, no one trying to overcome him, no feeling of being slowly suppressed, pushed down into himself until he was non-existent, only surviving in the darkness within him. The dark where he would lay in wait to be retrieved or pulled back in a flash.

"I don't think I'll ever understand why you get here so early." His rare moment of solitude, the instants where he felt truly alone were few and far between, and now one was shortened by an interuption. However, Roxas didn't mind as much when his eyes slowly opened and he saw Riku standing before him.

"Well I enjoy the quiet time, but you seem intent on ruining that every time, don't you?"

"Ruining things, it's what I do best," Riku said with a smirk as he dragged chairs into the room, placing them in a tight knit circle.

"You are extraordinarily good at it." Roxas quipped with a smirk as he sat himself down, patiently awaiting the rest of the small group. "So how's life Riku?"

"Life is...alright." He decidedly stated as he took a seat.

"Alright? How's Zack?"

"Fine, uh I'm sure he's fine."

"Oh Riku..." Roxas frowned as he laid his hand on his friend's shoulder in sympathy. "What happened? You guys were so good together."

"He couldn't handle it," he shrugged as he leaned back, smirking at the ceiling. "He said he's sorry, he loves me but it's too much. You know, typical crap. Like it's not you, it's me. I just can't handle something like this, I'm not secure enough or some bull like that. Which we all know is total shit because he's the cockiest mother fucker I've ever met." Rox nodded in understanding though he didn't really understand, or didn't know how it felt at least. He had never been dumped because of this before. It had never seemed to be a problem.

"I know how you feel," he tried to empathize anyways, but knew it wasn't truly appreciated when Riku scoffed and arched his brow at him cynically. "I mean, kinda. I can imagine."

"No, you can't. But that's fine, I don't need you, nor really want you to know, what it's like anyways."

"Well isn't that big of you."

"I'm just a good person and an amazing friend," he leaned forward onto his knees, looking through his silver bangs at the man next to him. "But I have to admit, I don't understand how it hasn't been a problem before." Roxas shrugged with wide eyes aimed across the room. He didn't get it either. Riku had a cakewalk compared to what Roxas had to deal with, yet everyone Riku had been with claimed that it was too much to deal with his one little quirk.

"Don't ask me, I'd take Terra any day over Sora. He's killing me."

"Is he still hitting on Axel?"

"Apparently non-stop and I can't make him quit it which is, of course, aggravating to no freaking end."

"What does Axel do?"

"Ignore him to the best of his ability then pommel me the second I come back, it's exhausting honestly." Riku chuckled and shook his head.

"I feel no pity for you my friend."

"Yeah yeah, I know. Poor Riku and his super straight alter-ego that can't stand him being happy."

"Well it's true! I swear to god Terra is sabotaging me and any relationship I try to cultivate. Now that is both aggravating and exhausting."

"Why can't Zack just ignore it?"

"You know? I really have no clue."

"He seems like the type who would let shit like that roll right off his back."

"He usually is, he lets everything slide but for some reason when Terra comes around, he's like ballistic when I get back. It's kinda weird, and he won't ever tell me what happened or what Terra said. Sometimes I feel like he thinks I'm faking it or something, like just to piss him off."

"Riku, that's insane."

"I know that and you know that, but I don't think he does," Riku sighed again and watched as people began to enter the room. "Doesn't matter now anyways, we're broken up."


"Hi baby, how was your meeting?" Roxas shrugged as he collapsed onto the sofa, clasping his hand to Axel's as his arm wrapped around him.

"It was ok I guess," he leaned against the redhead and blankly watched the television, listening to the chomping sound of popcorn being crushed between teeth. "Zack left Riku."

"Really?" Axel asked in saddened disbelief. "Damn I really thought Zack would stick around, he seemed like nice guy."

"He is a nice guy, but this kinda shit is difficult. I get it." Ax looked down, already knowing what was coming. He would reassure Roxas for the millionth time that he wasn't going anywhere, that nothing he, or rather someone else, could do would drive him away, that he loved him more than anything. He didn't mind saying it over and over, he kind of liked it weirdly enough. Rox was needy but Axel liked being needed. "I just wanna make sure you know I get it." He said, still watching the television though they both knew neither was paying attention.

"Not leaving," he said simply, throwing another handful of popcorn into his mouth and kissing the top of his lovely boyfriends head. "I like your crazy, I love your crazy. Think of how boring my days would be without you. At this point, no other man could ever compare because he'd be too sane." He smirked but kept his eyes on the tv, chuckling lightly when he felt an elbow nudge his ribcage.

"Shut up," Roxas smiled regardless. "I love you." Eyes still glued to the screen.

"I love you too." Axel forced his lovers gaze on him and smiled as he pressed their lips against one another.

"You taste salty." He said with a smile as he pulled away, laughing when Axel flicked popcorn to his tongue and tried to kiss him again.

"There's something I don't get though."

"Hm?" Roxas hummed as he nestled against the bony chest behind him.

"I mean, what's not to handle? Riku has one, Riku has Terra."

"Well not everyone can be as understanding and kind and wonderful as you."

"Suck up." Axel smirked as he chewed.

"Damn straight," he smiled again as he sighed and let his head fall back. "But I mean, you've met Terra. He can be a little tough to handle."

"I guess, but I mean it's like with me and Sora. If he starts bugging me too much, I just leave and that's that."

"I dunno, Riku said something about how Zack would be all flustered once Riku got back, like he thinks Terra was saying things that maybe he shouldn't be saying. Probably something about Riku or Zack being gay."

"Just because Terra is straight doesn't mean he's a homophobe."

"Well we'll never really know because Riku has no idea what was happening and Zack would never tell him anything."

"How disappointing, another mystery left unsolved."

"And he said something weird earlier, he said he felt like Zack thought he was pretending or something, just like faking it? Zack never said anything like that, but I mean...that's just how Riku felt, like that Zack thought he was faking."

"That's insane," Axel said and downed another handful. Roxas looked up at him, waiting to see if there was more. "Why would anybody fake this?"

"God I love you."

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