So my lovely beta, Redfaerie, is an amazing writer and I just read her story Of Silence and Skittles and holy shit guys. Holy shit. I'm not sure if many people actually know this but I don't typically read fanfic stuff, I mean just not like religiously, but fer rizzle guys, go read it. Go read it now cuz it's awesome. Anyways back to the actual story you're here to read right? Well get on with it!

"You lucky bitch!" Kairi squealed as she squeezed his hand, practically crushing his fingers as she forced him closer. "I can't believe you're engaged! And you have a ring! What the fuck, Xig is never gonna marry me." She frowned as she let his limp hand fall again. Riku rolled his eyes as he pushed past her. Roxas only smiled, too consumed by his own glee.

"Kairi, for once, let's not try and make this about you or your weird relationship."

"It's not weird!"

"He was your teacher, and now he's your live-in boyfriend." Roxas noted with a raised brow.

"I don't think it's weird," she pouted gently, ambling along behind the two men.

"Well it is. Anyways," Riku said, successfully pulling the attention back to the man and his engagement ring. "Congratulations, this is really exciting for both of you." He smiled, trying to look sincere but it was easy to see through. It wasn't that he wasn't happy for Roxas, it's just that he was more unhappy for himself. The blond nodded in thanks, empathetically smiling at his love-suffering friend. Roxas knew it was difficult for Riku, he had tried to hide it even, but that damn Kairi and her gossiping ways... "So have you guys already started making plans or anything?"

"Riku, we just got engaged last night."

"Well I don't know how this works, don't you just start planning as soon as you get the ring on your finger?" Roxas only scoffed as he turned his attention to a store window.

"I have no idea what we're gonna do about a wedding or anything...this was a complete surprise on my end. I don't think we can even get legally married here," he sighed gently as he stared into the bakery. Would it be considered fate or simple coincidence that they had walked past a window filled with wedding cakes?

"That's because this place is filled with ignorant fuck-heads." Kairi rolled her eyes as she approached him from behind, wrapping her arms around his neck, smiling at him in their reflection. "You wanna go someplace where you guys can legally be husband and husband?"

"I still don't know, I haven't thought that far ahead."

"Stop bugging him," Riku said as he pulled the girl off, swinging her onto his back. He casually began walking down the street, the giggling redhead hung over his shoulders. Roxas sighed once more before prancing after them. "Try not to worry about it so much right now, just be excited to be engaged. Plan later. I mean engagements don't have to span like two months right?"

"I have no clue honestly. Before last night I hadn't even really considered that two guys could be engaged. I'm progressive as hell right?"

"Not your fault we were raised in a close minded society." The other man said with a smile. "But I'm just saying relax about it. It's exciting so just marinate in the excitement."

"Yeah yeah, I get it. Jesus." He groaned but he couldn't keep his smile down. Riku was right, why wasn't he just busy being utterly ecstatic over the fact that his boyfriend loved him enough to want to marry him? To break all sorts of conservative, social rules to actually put a ring on his finger in eager anticipation of the day they would be wed? He was excited, he was blessed, he was a lucky man, but something inside him wouldn't let him completely enjoy it. And he hated that. "Do you ever feel like your alters sort of...keep you back?" Riku stopped to simply stare blankly, Kairi's eyes peeking over his shoulder in the same deadpan manner.

"Are you kidding me?" Kairi asked as she let her brow furrow.

"Roxas, of course they do. They make everything just about a million times more difficult."

"Especially for you! You have like three of them!" She exclaimed energetically as she slid down her friend's back. "Me and Rik are lucky we've only got one," she added with a nod, watching Roxas patiently as she and Riku slapped their hands together.

"Did you really high five right now?"

"It's mandatory. Anyways," she rolled her eyes as she tried to progress. "We're your friends, not the therapists. We're not gonna feed you some crap about learning to love the alters, we live it. We realize how crappy it can be, how much of a struggle it is. Is that why you're not super stoked?"

"I suppose it's them right? I mean, I love Axel. So much. And I really am excited to marry him, but there's just...something. There's something in me that won't let me go nuts about it."

"Again, try not to worry about it."

"I'll try," Roxas agreed with a deep breath.

"Well good, now that you two have all this working out, I'm gonna go."

"I thought you were getting dinner with us?"

"Nah, it's been fun, but I'm gonna head home to Xiggy. All this wedding talk got me all hot and bothered."

"Jesus you're weird."

"Girls got needs," Kairi said with a shrug as she started towards her car. "You two wouldn't get that. Except maybe Roxas," she added with a wink and a wave.

"Lame!" Roxas called after her, but it was too late, she was already climbing into her car. "Do you still wanna get some food?"

"Sure, I could eat."


"Don't do it."

"Do what?"

"We both know where you were going."

"I don't think you have any idea where I was going."

"Really, then go ahead."

"So..." Roxas bit his lip, gazed up at the sky, kept walking down the road. "Have you talked to Zack?"

"Gee, I did know where you were going."

"I'll take that as a no then."

"He left me Roxas, why would we talk?"

"I don't two were together a while. I guess it's just-"

"Yes, it's hard to just not talk to him. It kills. But it's for the best. If he can't handle it, then it should just end now." Roxas nodded in understanding. He was right after all, it was just nearly impossible to imagine what his life would be like without Axel. "You want chinese?"


"What if something goes wrong?" Roxas asked as he tapped his chopsticks against his plate, one of many nervous habits he had developed over the years.

"What could possibly go wrong?"

"I don't know, a lot of things. What if one of the alters come out when I'm doing my vows or something?"

"Have you considered going back on the meds?"

"I hate the meds," he sighed and rested his cheek against his shoulder, pouting at his friend. "They make me nauseous and jittery all the time."

"I know, not right now. But for the wedding? If you go on them like a month before, you should be fine. Then you can drop them again and go back to being crazy." Riku smirked as he lifted his glass to his mouth. Roxas sneered and rolled his eyes, showing his discontent. "I get it, but it's probably for the best."

"I don't like thinking about this. Maybe I should just let Axel plan the wedding. But what if he does something wrong?"

"It's Axel, of course he's gonna do something wrong."

"Oh god," he groaned as he rested his forehead on the table, only listening to the sound of Riku's chuckle. "This is gonna be bad isn't it?" He breathed out, trying to let everything go before it mounted up. Breathe, breathe, but it was too late. Everything was piling up and now he knew it was coming. "Sorry," he whispered as he felt his eyes get heavy.

"No no, just calm down." Riku begged quietly, looking around the restaurant. Roxas sat back up, taking a deep breath and turning his head side to side, cracking his neck. "Shit," he sighed and watched Roxas' eyes open. "Please be Ventus, please be Ventus." He whispered as he waited for some sort of indication of who it was.

"Who are you?" Roxas' persona asked, his body leaning back in the chair, his brow cocked.

"Who are you?" Riku asked back, surprised at the hostility.

"Sora. Never met you before."

"Ah, Sora." Riku nodded. "I've never had the pleasure of meeting you."

"Well aren't you charming," he said with a smirk. "But you never answered, who are you?"

"I'm Riku, I'm a friend of Roxas."

"Ah, Riku." Sora nodded with a smile. "I've heard about you. I didn't know how cute you were though."

"Charming. Aren't you the slutty one?"

"Ouch, that's a little harsh don't you think?"

"No, not from what I've heard."

"What exactly have you heard?"

"That you're slutty," he replied simply.

"I have...a sexual appetite, and when I get the body, I like to satiate it."

"You realize that's Roxas cheating on Axel?"

"Neither of them count it, and besides, it's only Roxas' body. It's me doing it."

"Don't you think that hurts them though? Don't you think it hurts Axel to find out his boyfriend is sleeping with other people, even if it's just you?"

"Hey, you can't blame me. I've tried, multiple times, to sleep with Axel, but he won't touch me. I can't just sit around patiently waiting for Roxas to decide to stop being such a wimp and just come back." Riku listened to the man explain, growing angrier with each word. "So isn't it bad enough that I don't have my own body? That I'm just stuck as a fucking background character in Roxas' mind?"

"I suppose you could think of it like that."

"You're from his therapy group right?"


"And you have...Terra? Your alter is Terra." Sora smirked as he laid his elbows on the table. "Have you ever thought about what it's like for Terra?"

"No, I don't see-"

"We get that it's hard to have these other people living inside you, sharing your space, popping in from time to time, but you never think about what it's like for us. For you, we're an occasional inconvenience, but for us, you guys are the constant. Everyone else sees us as just an annoying little quirk, just another part of you guys. But we see ourselves as separate people. Separate people who, for some reason, weren't allowed to have their own body." Riku sat silently, listening to Sora explain his side of the story, all the alters side of the story, and he could honestly say he had never thought about it. He had never taken into consideration that the alters ever thought about things like this. "And now you feel sort of guilty, I can see it in your face."

"I wouldn't call it guilt, I'm just taking things into consideration."

"Things that you've never considered before." Sora nodded, a smile still on his face. "Well at least I got you to think about it," he shrugged and picked the chopsticks up. "Never done that before."

"Maybe it's because you spend all your time with the body trying to get laid instead of talking to people."

"I'm not trying to get laid now, am I?"

"I'm not sure, are you?"

"Not even a little bit." Sora grinned as he took a bite, his eyes rolling in elation. "God, food is good. You know this is all Ven does when he gets the body?"

"Eats?" Sora nodded as he hummed affirmatively.

"We've all got something that needs to get done when we get the body. Ventus eats, Xion sleeps, and well, I guess everyone knows what I do." Sora finished with a chuckle. "But I have to admit, it's sort of nice just sitting here with you, talking, not expecting to sleep with you." It was Roxas' face, but there was something different about it. Roxas never smiled like this. "Unless of course you wanna have sex." He added with a wink as he took another bite. "But you won't because you're Roxas' friend and you'd feel like you were sleeping with Roxas and blah blah blah. I get it. I have some standards, some things I won't even try. Like Cloud. Because that is disturbing as fuck, and even though I don't consider Cloud my brother, and even though I can see that he's attractive, that's just a big ol' no in my book. Just..." He shivered, shaking his head as he tried to push the image out of his mind. "It's just creepy."

"Well I'm glad you have standards, even though for some reason those standards don't count Axel as off limits."

"I always sorta figured it wouldn't matter with Axel. I mean, I look like Roxas, it's his body. And Axel is sort of crazy sexy. But alas, it won't happen."

"Have you heard they're engaged?"

"No...they're engaged?" Cautious surprise slowly took over his smile.

"Yep, happened last night." Sora stared at him with an arched brow, obviously not completely convinced. "If you'd look at your hand, you'd know." And so he did. He raised his hand to his face, letting his jaw drop when he saw the ring on his finger.

"Well," Sora said as he tried to compose himself. "I guess I'll be showing up more often. Roxas is gonna be stressed as hell about all this. I suppose I should tell the other two."

"How exactly does it work in there?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" He smirked before his eyes fell, an obvious sign that he was gone now.


"Oh god," he shook his head as he ran his fingers through his hair. "Who was it?"

"It was Sora."

"Jesus, did he hit on you or anything?"

"Uh no, don't worry about it."

"Can we get outta here?"

"Absolutely," Riku said with a glance around the room, noticing the odd stares they were getting.

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